Mr. Robot is giving away 1,000 SWTOR beta keys for the stress test coming up! If you’ve already been invited to the beta, these codes won’t give you anything extra, but if you haven’t gotten invited by Bioware yet, we’ve got the hookup.

Did I just hear you just Ask Mr. Robot if he’ll be building SWTOR tools? Yes he will! He’s working on the product plans already.

The first 1,000 people to sign up for Mr. Robot’s SWTOR email list get a beta key (and if you sign up for his other news items, he’ll give you +5 to stealth when the Robot Apocalypse starts).

IGN hooked us up with the free SWTOR codes to give away to our community. You’ve probably seen a lot of sites giving away this beta access, but IGN thought of us and wanted to share in the goodness. Pretty badass, right? We encourage you to check out their Prime membership since it comes with all sorts of perks, kind of a grab basket of what they have at that time. If Bioware gives them a ton of SWTOR codes, they pass it on to you. Right now, IGN Prime gets you some sweet hookups in addition to a guaranteed SWTOR closed beta spot, and they keep the surprises coming week after week!

  • SWTOR Beta key (priceless!)
  • Free Orcs Must Die download, a $14.99 value (by Robot Entertainment, total coincidence)
  • Free Bastion Soundtrack, a $10 value (we love this game!)
  • Free Uncharted 3 DLC (also an awesome game)
  • A free IGN Tshirt (US only)

So check it out now!

We’ll leave you with this star wars video from IGN: