It’s Here: A Better Best-In-Bags

I have a secret to tell you all. I’ve tried to keep our “Best in Bags” feature on the down-low until we had time to improve on it. We launched it as a quick, simple idea: ‘wouldn’t it be cool if Mr. Robot could look at all the stuff in your bags and tell you what is best to equip?’ It was the BiS version of what you had available, aka, BiB.

And then it grew… people used it for offspec (which was a bit of a hack). And then people wanted it to take Valor upgrades into account. And more, and more, and more. These are all super fantastic ideas, and we’ve been working on implementing them. And now they are live!

Dual Spec

The entire site (free users too) got a new dual spec function. We will be reading your primary and secondary specs from the armory and let you switch between them easily. Now your gear, stat weights (and other settings) will be saved with each spec! Hoooray!!!

BiB & Dual Spec

The dual spec functionality was necessary to handle BiB more elegantly. The old method of locking in items between specs, and other things ended up a bit confusing. So if you’ve figured out how to handle dual spec with our current BiB, and you haven’t pulled out all of your hair in frustration, good for you! If you’re bald as a result, send your rogain reimbursement requests to Mr. Robot at… oh hmmm… he’s telling me he can’t remember his address right now…

Rest assured, we are making this super easy and amazing!

With dual spec mode, you can now tell Mr. Robot which spec is your main. Then you can hit the “Find Best in Bags” button and Mr. Robot will find the best stuff for you main spec and offspec at the same time. Here’s the fancy part: he takes the best main spec items and locks in their modifications behind the scenes. He then uses any main spec items (without making new modifications) and any leftover pieces to find the best set for your offspec.

Here’s an example: let’s say he picks the 522 Sword of Robotic Power for your main spec weapon, and puts in 2 Int gems and does a mastery > haste reforge. Now, let’s say Crit is your best offspec stat – if Mr. Robot uses the Sword of Robotic Power for your offspec, it will keep the 2 int gems and Mastery > Haste reforge: he isn’t allowed to change those for the offspec. He might also choose a different weapon in your bags instead – because he’ll be allowed to change the gems, enchants and reforges on it. But it’s all up to him and his crazy mathy ways.

Simplified Locking

Our new BiB locking is much simpler. If you lock an item, Mr. Robot isn’t allowed to change its gems, enchants or reforges for any reason. It’s just locked – plain and simple.

Valor Upgrade Matching

We had a bunch of users request that items in the bags match the upgraded equipped items. The idea is if you have a 522+8 item equipped and a 522 in your bags… the non-upgraded 522 may never look better unless it also gets upgraded. So we put in auto-upgrade matching already: if your equipped item is upgraded, any items for that same slot are auto-upgraded when figuring out your BiB.

But that caused some problems: what if you don’t have the valor to upgrade. What if it’s for offspec and you don’t want to upgrade it? So the new version will have a few options (yay!).

  • Auto: will act similar to how it was in the past. If you have an equipped item upgraded for a particular slot, Mr. Robot will update all other items in your bags for that slot.
  • Off: never upgrade, leave everything as it is.

These will likely be options on a per-spec basis. For example, you may want to always upgrade for main spec and never upgrade for offspec.

Stuff to know about the BiB Setup

Lastly, to those of you who use BiB as a premium member, thank you. We really appreciate it and allows us to continue to do this as our day jobs, which allows us to continuously improve on the site.

For those of you who haven’t tried it, just click the Best in Bags button – you get a 1 week free trial (no, we don’t ask for a credit card during the trial… we think tricking people into paying is the wrong way to do business). If you later decide to upgrade to premium, it’s $12 a year.

  • Tyler Butler

    This sounds great! There is one thing that concerns me:

    “If you lock an item, Mr. Robot isn’t allowed to change its gems, enchants or reforges for any reason. It’s just locked – plain and simple.”

    Please please please let gems, enchants, and reforges be locked separately. Or at least let reforges be separate. Reforging is inexpensive compared to regemming (usually, anyway) and it can be done in outdoor raids thanks to the reforge mount. I reforge for encounters all the time, and today I have to do a lot of insane things to get AMR to not regem my gear but still reforge it if needed. I can’t believe I’m the only one who does this…

    • zoopercat

      We may add a ‘reforge only’ option in :) Since that is the case most people are trying to do! Would that cover what you want?

      • Tyler Butler

        Yeah, that sounds like it would fit the bill nicely. :)

    • Ahlaina

      That’s exactly what I was thinking when i read about he changes too. I’ve been using the BiB for all 3 of my specs so I’m reforging till the cows come home. While I’m less likely to change enchants and gems for the occasional night when I need to tank I’ll reforge everything for sure. An option to lock the gems and enchants but still have robot dude calcluate my reforges for me would be brilliant.

      • zoopercat

        Good news: we are working on a ‘reforge only’ option :) Your’e right that a quick reforge is easier and more affordable.

  • djthomp

    I really like the look of the planned BiB & Dual Spec improvements. If I wasn’t already a premium user, those changes alone would probably tempt me into signing up.

    • zoopercat

      Thanks for upgrading btw, we really do appreciate it :) Glad you like the new features coming up.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been trying to see where to upload my .lua file at under the new interface and can not find it. Without that I’m not able to look at best in bags.

    • zoopercat

      Sorry about that! Look to the right of your character name. There are 3 links, refresh, import and install. Click the import button and choose the manual method.

  • BlueRidge

    Still buggy but has potential. When attempting to use it, it still advises reforges and gem changes for primary gear (not a lot, but I did have to manually lock two items it wanted to change). If you get it working, it will be a great tool.

    • BlueRidge

      …additionally the gems it wanted to change, but could not due to me locking the item, remained in the shopping list.

    • zoopercat

      Blueridge, I’m hoping to clarify a few things.
      1) Best in bags will select the best gear for your main spec first. It might change a few items if something in your bags is better.
      2) After finding BiB for your main spec, Mr. Robot finds the best off spec stuff. Keep in mind, he might use an item you previous had equipped on your main spec, but he might have replaced that item on your main spec, making it available for regemming on your offspec.

      Also, make sure you have the main/off option (in the blue box to the right of the primary/secondary tabs) set correctly.

      If this doesn’t clear it up and it still seems wrong, can you email me your askmrrobot.lua? Feedback at askmrrobot dott com.

  • h4n4

    so… am i stupid or what? since the interface remake i cant find that damn “manage my bag/gear” button anymore … would be cool to find that somewhere again as a premium user

    • zoopercat

      look to the right of your character name. There are 3 green buttons that control the Best in Bags now. If you are manually uploading the askmrrobot.lua file, click the import button.

  • Cheryl Schaefer

    This all sounds great :) I really appreciate all the features you add!
    I was wondering if you are considering doing a challenge mode feature using this BiB 2 spec coding? Could be from the build style drop down – pve – pvp – cm.
    I play a frost mage in a primarily normal ToT (We did 3 heroics) guild. We have recently started doing CM’s and all I was doing is swapping my helm out for an old one with the old metagem. Then I got the IQ ring with a socket, so I was swapping it too.
    2 things happened that got me thinking about this. 1. Frost is scaling bad so I’m probably going to swap my main spec/optimization to fire 2. Lei Shen pants dropped and one of the raiders that I do cm’s with was furiously whispering me to take them! take them! Extra socket! zomg! CM BiS!! I didn’t realize that was a thing.
    I wonder if I’m not missing other easily obtained upgrades. Swapping 3+ pieces of gear starts to hit the point where I want to automate instead of clicking manually. I also wonder how much of a difference does it really make, objectively.
    I imagine using this feature to set – main spec fire pve – off spec frost cm and optimize that way, how cool would that be! I guess it’s possible to set that up myself with custom weights ^^ ouch! Your maths are superior to mine.
    Thanks for reading!

    • zoopercat

      Cheryl, we really wanted to do challenge mode, really! But it suffers from a unique and complicated problem: the stat scaling is based on your final stats, not the stats for each piece of gear. This happens so Blizzard can preserver your hit rating (and possibly for other reasons).

      So the minute you do ONE reforge on ONE item, all of the other stats change, on every item. So you end up in these loops. It’s solvable, but it’s very complicated and likely wouldn’t be fast enough to run on our web servers without crashing them :(

      • Cheryl Schaefer

        Thanks for the great explanation Zooper!
        I’ll just stick with a regular pve off spec for it then

  • Nicholas Orr

    I have my season 11 gear still and have been picking up new items in dungeons, however all my season 11 gear is still BiB. Surely the new gear if it were gemmed and enchanted would be better?

    • zoopercat

      Are you looking for a PvE set? Make sure you have PvE weights selected in the drop down menu (found in blue, right under your name).

      • Nicholas Orr

        Yeah, pve is selected and what I’m looking for. It is like gear is being compared as is, my equipped gear is gemmed and enchanted and thus is better than the new ungemmed/enchanted gear

        • zoopercat

          Are you using best in bags? I’m guessing so since you posted here. Mr. Robot assumes full optimizations when picking BiB. Also, try turning the ‘upgrade’ option to ‘always.’ You can find it in the lower right of the options menu.

          Lastly, if that doesn’t fix it, save what you’re looking at to a profile (green save button to the left of your name). Send me that, ALONG with the askmrrobot.lua file you are using. (Found in the WTF > account > account name > server > char > saved variables folder).

          • Nicholas Orr

            hmm seems to be working now. perhaps there was nothing better in my bags before.

  • Solvaran

    I have two transmog sets, so mixing (moggable) items across specs can leave me looking a bit fashion challenged. Any chance you might add the ability make certain items “exclusive” to one set or the other, particularly helm/chest/hands/belt/legs/boots/possibly bracers?
    Great service btw, I’ve told all my guildies about it and they love y’all too!

    • zoopercat

      Hmm. I see what you’re saying. And Mr. Robot definitely appreciates fashion, but can’t optimize for it. What you could do is this: while on the BiB tab, click an item slot. Select the item you want to equip instead and that will lock it in. However, it might not be the best option, but Mr. Robot will then choose other items around that one.

  • Horussmx

    So I purchased the premium after trying the one week free trial and I need to say you guys do an amazing job. Now, for the BiB I have a question. First of all I am using the desktop app and syncing all the items I have in my bags and updating my armory etc.

    Now I have 2 items in my bags lets say head and shoulders and mr robot tells me I need to use those to get an improvement. When I do that and gem and reforge as he wants I go ahead and update the bags, the armory etc and do again a search just to be sure he is not suggesting anything new.

    So this second time he wants me to put the items in my bags (head and shoulders) he previously told me to take off.

    I do it update all the information and now he tells me to put the 2 items again (head and shoulders) I just took off… Can you please tell me what is the correct way to use this feature.

    Thank you.

    • zoopercat

      Horussmx, can you send me the askmrrobot.lua file you’re using, along with a saved profile (click the green save button to the left of your character name, copy the url it generates). Email it to feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com.

      A little background: you’ll notice when you optimize (not BiB, but just straight up optimize), you probably get the ‘guaranteed optimal’ message in the stats area. Mouse over that – you’ll see how many combinations of gems, enchants and reforges Mr. Robot had to go thru to find the single best optimization (usually trillions or quadrillions).

      Now, when you run Best in Bags – you’re adding several items per slot, which also need to be optimized when looking for BiB. So now you made those trillion options turn into bajillion. It’s too many options to guarantee the best combo of gear + gems/enchants/reforges.

      So, it’s possible that the items get swapped around if 2 BiB solutions are super close. Does that make sense?

      Here’s what I’d like to know: what is the BiB score for each BiB solution? Is one higher than the other? (The score is found under each green button). You can compare by taking your current gear (which is optimized based on the FIRST BiB solution, right?). And compare it to what the BiB says now. Let me know what those 2 numbers are.

      Also, thanks for upgrading, we do really appreciate it.

  • zoopercat

    Setting it to ‘never’ should do the same thing as having all of your items unequiped. That ‘never’ setting is for BiB only, it won’t affect other stuff.

  • Nezzar

    By the way, I have a question about how “best in bag” works …. I just got a 502 ilvl staff that can be upgraged to 510, which I swapped for the 510 (502+8) MH weapon (wand) and a 483 off-hand. AMR is saying go with the 2 separate weapons but I dont know if it is comparing to the 502 staff or the 510 staff that it could be when it does “best in bag” …. thoughts?

    • Nezzar

      Never mind – if I had just read this page, I would have known the answer to this. Sorry!

    • zoopercat

      It definitely compares 2H to 1H options :) It’s possible the 2 separate weapons have better stats, plus they can get the extra enchant on the OH (and depending on the weapon, perhaps the sha-touched gem too).

  • louiscypher

    BiB is a cracking idea but for some reason it keeps suggesting an item that I don’t have equipped and isn’t in any of my bags. I’ve checked/cleared my browser cache etc. but all to no avail?

    • zoopercat

      Can you send me your askmrrobot.lua file (go to warcraft / wtf / account / account name / realm / character / saved variables. Send it to feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com.

      And be sure to tell me the item in question :)

      Also, if you haven’t uploaded an updated version of the askmrrobot.lua file recently, you can try that too.

      • louiscypher

        Thx for the reply – most oddly it appears to have fixed itself ;-)

  • gonzo

    Can you tell me if best in bags takes into account set bonuses? I have tried the feature out and it is suggesting removing gear that will cause me to lose my 2pc set bonus – yet when I click those individual slots those set bonus items are scoring 3000 points higher than the best in bag recommendation. Thanks.

    • zoopercat

      BiB does account for set bonuses :) When you click the individual slots, while on the BiB view, those use an absolute scoring, as is (no re-gems or reforges).

      If you switch over the ‘my gear’ or ‘optimized’ and open a gear list: you can rank them as absolute (which chooses the best gem/reforge/enchant based on stat weights), or RELATIVE rank them.

      To see if BiB is right, you can equip the other pieces you think are better. To do that click on them in the gear list. You’ll see a gray dotted line around any locked item. You can then compare the BiB scores for each setup.

      Here’s more info on relative vs absolute:

      • gonzo