Garrison Guide: everything you need to know in one place

Lots of guides have lots of good info. I compiled all of the basic info to get you started, leaving out all of the extras and big lists, that just clutter your brain. For more info, you can visit the guides I used as references. They are all quite excellent!

Click the image to make it larger. Garrisons1

  • Xima

    Nice guide

  • Cinder

    This is absolutely brilliant and just what I needed. Thank you! :D

  • stargatingit

    Outstanding guide! Thank you so much. Just one question….I box 5 accounts and have been wondering for a while which buildings will be accessible by my other toons while in a group? I haven’t been able to find anything definite on any of the other guides anywhere and was hoping you might know the answer and be able to add that to this extremely helpful guide! Thanks

  • Wiebbe

    Looks great! But is there an Alliance version?! ;)

    • zoopercat

      This is the same as alliance, other than how the buildings look :)

  • Meryk

    This is amazing, thanks so much. There’s a typo in the trading post description – ‘visa versa’.

  • star

    awesome guide so impressed and really helpful! simplified the whole process for me!

  • Aurae

    The image died? :(

  • Harpin

    Great guide. One error that I found – I discovered the the Alchemical Catalyst aren’t BOP, but the Hexweave cloth are. I built the Tailoring Emporium so I could feed my tailoring alt cloth but the Hexweave cloth is soulbound so I can’t send them to my alt. My friend was able to give me the Catalyst he made in his Alchemy Lab so they aren’t soulbound. I wouldn’t have built the Tailoring Emporium had I’d known the cloth wasn’t tradable. I do love visiting friends with Enchanter’s Study to DE my own soulbound items.

  • Elsen


    You’re completely wrong on the unlocking of Tier 2.

    To unlock Tier 2 you need to only complete freeing from Yrel from Shaz’gul, and complete drinking Velen’s clarity drink thingy.

    I’m sitting on 3 extra (4 including my main) Tier 2 garrisons right now, and all characters have only done those quests to trigger it. That is literally it.

    • zoopercat

      Thanks! Will update!

  • Tejay

    This is an awesome infographic, thanks!
    Now if we could just see something similar for stat weights for all specs….

  • XanderGryphon

    Just FYI: The 20% rep boost from the Level 3 Trading Post is -not- account wide. It is specific to the character(s) that have the Level 3 Trading Post.

  • afroza

    this is lame

  • afroza


  • afroza

    sorry about that

  • ismishe

    Yeah super guide tnx for taking the time big thumbs up :)

  • Raphael Vilaça

    Great guide but why not Suggestions for PvP players?