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We’ll be updating this post with changes to the site. Check back often to find out what’s going on. You can also read our overview of 5.2 changes and how they affect your gear. When you’re ready, Mr. Robot is waiting to optimize your character! Thunderking_Robot

Quick list of what’s done (and what’s not)

Issues being worked on (and resolved)

  • DONE 3/6/13: Ghostcrawler posted new trinket estimates. We are updating them, re-simulating them, and will have new scores in the optimizer shortly 🙂
  • DONE 3/6/13: Ghostcrawler posted new legendary meta gem information. We are updating those and will have new scores in the optimizer shortly. Note, you can turn the legendary metas on/off in the options menu.
  • DONE: 3/6/13: Fixed the Nimble and Confounded Jade gems
  • DONE 3/7/13: Some trinkets have restrictions, like Gaze of the Twins will only proc for STRENGTH users. We are updating these restrictions.
  • DONE 3/7/13: Added in new thunderforged items (and other items) as they show up in game
  • ONGOING:  Most recent stat weight updates: 3/7/13. Get updates on all of our stat weight changes here. (note, the blog post is slightly ahead of our next update, these changes will take effect later today).
  • 3/6/13: We are separating out Mogu Runes of Fate from Elder Charms.

Stat weights

We’re running new stat weights for every class and spec, and we use SimC to do this. Here’s an in-depth look at how we generate stat weights and specifics about 5.2 stat weight updates for each class. Anyway, a lot of the classes don’t have updated weights because there are some kinks in SimC that are still being worked on. They have a LOT of classes/specs to maintain and they are doing their best to get it all updated.


We have all of the LFR, Normal and Heroic 5.2 trinket procs simulated, scored, and ranked. We have the Thunderforged items scored and ranked if the item is showing up in-game – most of the Heroic Thunderforged trinkets aren’t live yet. If you’re wondering how we score them, you can read this blog post. Some trinkets, like Rune of Re-origination, are dependent on your personal stats. When you look at them in the ranked lists, Mr. Robot is using your stats to score the item. Be sure to brush up on how relative vs absolute ranking works in Mr. Robot’s gear lists.

It looks like a lot of the 5.2 trinkets are struggling to beat out the 5.0 trinkets, so you might see a level 502 or even a 489 outscore a new 522 trinket. That’s definitely possible – be sure to read the notes on each trinket if you question Mr. Robot’s ranking. If you still think something is suspicious, post on our forums and we’ll dig into it. If you need a little help to understand why a particular trinket is ranking high or low, hit us up on the forums too. Math is Mr. Robot’s strong suit, so we’re happy to translate math into words 🙂

Set bonuses

We simulate set bonuses in SimC and then turn the procs into relevant stats (much like we do with trinkets). However, since most of the set bonuses are not implemented in SimC yet, we just guestimated the set bonuses right now. We will update these with better estimates as more data is available.

If you want to ensure you have a 4pc bonus in your BiS list, you can lock the item in. Just click on the item you want to lock and it will open a gear list. Select the set piece and click the save button. That item will have a gray dotted line around it in the gear list now, which indicates that it is locked.

Thunderforged items

There’s a new mechanic in 5.2: Normal and Heroic bosses can drop Thunderforged items, which are 6 iLevels higher than usual. That means they are level 528 (instead of 522 for normal) and 541 (instead of 535 for heroic). You will see it on the tooltips.

We are working with WoWDB on grabbing all of the items – both of us are scanning daily to get new items from the game. Most of the Heroic-Thunderforged items are currently missing from the game data. We will add them in as they show up.

Find upgrades for 5.2!

We have the “Find Upgrades” feature updated with all of the 5.2 content. If you’re wondering what to spend valor on, we’ve got you covered. If you want to know what LFR Queues have the most upgrades, we’ve got that too. And of course, since there are new crafted items, Mr. Robot will also tell you which crafted items are upgrades.

Just click the ‘find upgrade’ button to get your lists. I’m sure you’ll find Mr. Robot to be VERY helpful! It’s like having a personal shopper – it never turns out bad!





5.2 Filters in the options menu

You can now select T15 Heroic gear, include/exclude Thunderforged items, and include/exclude the Legendary meta gems. This is in addition to all of the other neato options, so be sure to check out that menu.



Ready? Get Optimizing!

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  1. Hey, Confounded Wild Jades are coming through now in the formula for optimizing my spec. I haven’t been able to find out how to get these gems in-game. Are they new with Patch 5.2? Do you know how to get them? Is there a way I can remove them from the formula?

    • Hey there – Blizzard added the Confounded Wild Jade with 5.2 They also change the Nimble Wild Jade’s stats. The gems might not be on the AH yet – if you can’t get one, you can lock in a different gem and let Mr. Robot optimize around that. To lock in a gem, just click on the gem in in the main view and a menu will pop up. At the top, you can click on the gem to change it, then lock it in place.

  2. Hey, i’m trying to make the plugin to “find best in bag” work. It is not working for me. I installed it via curse, and i go to my bank, open it, click on mr robot’s eyes, it does save it, but then i go to the folder where it is supposed to save the .lua file, and its not there.

    anything i’m doing wrong? (i’m looking on the right folder, that’s for sure 🙂 )


    • Daniela, I have something that might make it easier for you. We launched a program (like the curse client) that runs on your computer. It will auto-upload your gear once you click the mr.robot eye minimap icon. Here’s a blog post about it: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/2013/01/amr-client-program/ Let me know if you still need help after setting that up 🙂

      • Hi, I’m having the same problem. Also, the program is only for Windows and I have a mac. I can’t find the .lua when I press the button in the WoW UI. It doesn’t show up in my files, so I can’t update my Bag on the website. HELP! I’ve found the file in the past, but now I don’t see what folder it’s being saved in …

  3. The banner ads are fine, but they often pop up directly over the gear I am most interested in and you can’t close the banner. I have to close Safari, then when I come back in the banner ad is likely in a different place allowing me to see what I need to. Can’t you add a closing X?

    • Can you send me a screenshot?! Ads should not be covering up gear or popping up windows. I need to see what’s going on, thanks 🙂

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