About Team Robot

Peter Coley: Founder and Guy Who Writes Code
Peter was previously a founder at Virtual Chemistry, a biotech software company that supports several major pharmaceutical companies. Over the past 7 years, he’s been the primary software architect, overseeing everything from databases to UI integration.

Mr. Robot met Peter when he was theorycrafting about World of Warcraft and convinced him to be a Founder of Team Robot. Now he manages our growing engineering team while he continues to investigate new technologies to improve our products. He's moved our hosting to Windows Azure cloud service, used PhoneGap to bring our mobile app to both the Android and iPhone, and written API's for 3rd parties to build off of our products.

Eric Coley: Founder and Guy Who Makes the UI
Eric is a licensed Architect in the State of Illinois and has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Illinois. He spent almost 6 years working for an architectural firm in downtown Chicago, designing schools, hotels, condos, and anything in between. He is an expert in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the software packages used to implement the concept, such as Autodesk’s Revit Architecture.

Eric and Mr. Robot both like modern, clean, minimalist designs, which is why Mr. Robot recruited him out of architecture and into UI design. Eric also has a background and experience in computer science and web design from his pre-Architect days, so he is no stranger to the technical aspect of creating web sites and mobile applications.

He also teaches Tae Kwon Do to kids in his spare time.

Veronica “Vee” Tegen: CEO and The Money Girl. Vee earned a Masters in Advertising at the University of Illinois (who does that, right?) She also co-founded and taught the University’s inaugural interactive advertising course, volunteered at several after-school programs to help high school students make money on the web, and spoken at conferences to help teachers incorporate technology in the classroom.

Mr. Robot likes getting paid to build gaming websites as his day job, so he talked Vee into managing the revenue strategy. Mr. Robot recruited her because of her strong history in gaming and startups... see for yourself:

  • Xfire, later acquired by MTV: Veronica worked with CEO Mike Cassidy, a startup veteran with a talent for success.
  • Slide (a facebook game producer, the company behind SuperPoke!), later acquired by Google: Veronica joined Max Levchin’s team (Co-Founder and CTO of PayPal) to integrate advertising revenue into Facebook game sponsorships.
  • Digg: Veronica joined Digg (founded by Kevin Rose) to lead their ad product strategy for "Digg Ads" - an in-stream ad product.


  • ClareLane

    Hi! After reading the bios above, I’m really impressed with team robot -way to go. I’m also interested in learning more about Vee, and any possible plans for education outreach. I learned of Mr. Robot from a guildie and it’s helped my game quite a bit (as much as anything could lol!). The thing is the entire guild is comprised of educators and others who’s jobs are in the educational field. We have an assistant superintendent as a guild master, various administrators, teachers from all levels, IT people, and so on. The guild is Cognitive Dissonance (http://cognitivedissonance.guildportal.com) -this year we were nominated for a 2011 EduBlog award for best use of a social network -WoW in the classroom. I don’t know where you’re located, but it would be great to have one of you talk to students in order to broaden their horizons about gaming careers.

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      @ClareLane Hey Clare, sorry I didn’t see this message. I normally don’t check up on our bio page! I’ll stop by your build and hope I can catch you either here or there (this is Vee, btw).

      • ClareLane

        @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat Also, I’d really like to know more about what Team Robot employees do on a regular day, and how changes come to fruition.

      • ClareLane

        @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat Also, I’d really like to know more about what Team Robot employees do on a regular day, and how ideas and changes come to fruition. BTW, my WoW toon is Clarevoyant, and “Clare” is my Second Life name. hehe! The scoop on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ClareLane

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  • mwaymaintenance

    I am quite impresed by the site. I discovered I’d forgotten to re-enchant some of my gear and missed out on my crafting bonus. However, using it on my mage Phalcore, did throw up a couple of issues. Mr. Robot was determined to get me over hit-capped, rather than risk my current set up which involves .01% chance to miss. So perhaps some kind of tolerance on capped stats would be good. Additionally when I changed my spec to look at arcane, the reforging strategy was insane. hit->crit, crit->hit, hit->mastery, mastery->crit, haste->crit, etc. I’m not sure exactly what mr. robot was trying to achieve, but it certainly looked delusional. I know the stats for the build are almost equivalent, but i would still suggest working to a priority. And trying to avoid circular reforges where possible. But then I am not 1337, so I might be completely wrong. It just needs some kind of humanising gloss to make it a 5 star site imo.

    • ClareLane

      @mwaymaintenance I noticed the same thing, and have ended up pending too much gold on reforges. If we can get correct (and consistent) stat levels for our toons and specific builds, then we should be able to reforge then as we replace pieces, decide where the numbers need to be.

    • ClareLane

      @mwaymaintenance I noticed the same thing, and spent too much gold on reforges for awhile. If we can get correct (and consistent) stat levels for our toons and their specific builds, then as we replace pieces, we should be able to reforge based on where our stat numbers need to be.

      • http://www.schoolanduniversity.com/ SchoolandUniversity.com

         @ClareLane Help Me Find a University SchoolandUniversity.com

  • magyarmedve

    ok I am lost where do I find ruthless gladiator’s battle staff for weapon

  • http://netti-kasinot.net nettikasinot

    nice motivation stories, keeps me going. Thanks.

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      @nettikasinot Working on a gaming venture yourself? We love hearing about those!

  • millerad

    hi, im wondering why i cant see my reforges for wow, they show up under my best in slot is there a way to fix this??


    How do I help straighten out the issues with the Death Knight Mastery Build?


    I noticed while scrolling down that people have trouble understanding the revolving reforges so let me explain being as I understood what it was doing the moment I saw it. It does this because its trying to find a balance. It may seem like your wasting gold but its actually UN-avoidable. See every time you add a new weapon or piece of gear the over all stats change so the robot tries to compensate for it and balance them out. Yes some measure of capping out specs would solve a lot of the issue it wouldn’t stop it all. Like for instance a friends hunter whom I’m helping gear got a new staff. then had to reforge 6 items. If spec caps was to be added he would have only had to reforge half at best Unless it was changed to a cap limit on everything based off class and build style some reforges would always be needed.

  • KathleenAzar

    Help – i have been able to log on but not load any of my WOW toons for at least a month. What needs to happen? Guidance please?

  • http://www.facebook.com/perlund.bt Perlund BT

    yeah for the past 2 months i have been trying to use the site but keep getting errors. well now i go on and try to upgrade my account and it says the server is down anyone able to help me?

  • http://hardik.practutor.com/ Hardik

    Great site. Lots of helpful information here. I¡¦m sending it to some friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you in your sweat!

    • AskMrRobot

      Thanks, glad you like it. Mr. Robot also welcomes all new friends (he wants to be a famous movie star some day)

  • shaun

    i cannot enter my name in mr robot armory. its on stormrage us server. the name is magneto (the o is alt 148). and i cannot find where to contact anyone from mr robot

  • shaun

    i cannot enter my name in mr robot. its on us stormrage server. name is magneto (alt 148). plz help i cannot find where to contact anyone from mr robot

    • zoopercat

      Can you give me a link to your character on the blizzard armory? That will help.

  • tburton

    I can’t enter my characters name anymore. I used to be able to but not anymore I have 2 characters that in there name i use (alt 0233) for the e. One is thebatdad and the other is Massmurderer (first e uses alt 0233) Would you please check on this? Thank you very much I love your site!

    • zoopercat

      Hey, can you give me a link to this character on the armory? That will help me make sure I get the name right and see what’s up.

  • KatB

    Mage question: Why does the gear optimizer keep requesting that I reforge or gain more exptertise? What do I have to gain from this? “Expertise (also known as Exp and Ept) is an attribute introduced in Patch 2.3.0. One point of expertise decreases the chance that melee attacks made by the player will be dodged or parried by 0.25%.” How in the world does this apply to mages? Please help, or change the problem. I would really like to continue to use the gear optimizer and trust that they have recommendations that make sense.

  • mrsky

    I have seen a trend on amongst the top rated and geared enhancement shaman in my realm, and most other realms, in which they have changed the reforge priority to place haste before crit, yet Mr. Robot continues to have crit as the favored stat in its default pve build. Could you comment on this and the reasoning behind it. Has Mr. robot just not updated the default build, or are they all the top players wrong in their builds?? I have tried to SimC this to determine the answer myself, but alas, I do not have the technical knowledge to complete this task. Mr. Robot, what do you have to say?? TyVm in advance from a player who wants the best dps and confidence in a well loved web-site.

    • zoopercat

      I’m doing a little research to make sure I have the right answer for you. Stay tuned.

      • mrsky

        I have all the patience in the world, right up until 745pm on Tuesdays, lol. Seriously, thank you very much for the quick confirmation that you got my post, I have all the faith in the world in you, human or otherwise,,

        • zoopercat

          Hey, I’m trying to dig into this before your raid tonight! Hang in there – I have a lot of stats to look at today, ha!

          • zoopercat

            Sorry I missed your Tuesday raid, but we ran a bunch of simulations through SimC and wanted to get you the right answer. This is from the guy who runs our stat weights:
            “I checked it out. I don’t see any consistent evidence that you get a DPS increase by doing this. Haste and Crit are the two weakest stats – so most of your secondary stat budget is going towards hit/exp/mastery anyway – flipping the two weights won’t have much impact on your gear.

            With some sets of gear I was able to find a DPS increase by favoring haste over crit, but on some sets I was able to find a DPS increase by favoring crit over haste. We could probably revise the weights to say that crit=haste, that might be the most accurate thing to do.”

          • mrsky

            Thank you so much for taking my question, and doing the number crunching to find a solid answer. I, as I am sure most of your readers, appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work. ps, the fist weapon didnt drop anyway! lol

  • tburton1120

    I was able to log into Massmurderer with an e that i use alt0233 but I still cant use my mage thebatdad that i use alt0233 for the e?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ross.kinlaw Ross Kinlaw

    I went and optimized my gear to the stats specified for my wind walker monk and when i hit optimize after changing them it shows an increase of my expertise by .36% but there’s no actual changes to the listings.

  • Protego

    All the Shado-Pan Assault items you list for Warlock are NOT the items offerred to a Warlock! Stats are significantly different. Please correct your database.

    • zoopercat

      Can you give me an example? What does the armory show – is that different than in game? We’ve seen a few cases where the armory has one version and in-game has another. If we get a list of these items, we can correct them to match in-game :)

  • DK

    I love AMR. For my Frost DW DK, this site is perfect. I am happy that I paid for the $12. It is totally a worthy upgrade. I see a lot other posts in here that claims about how AMR not doing the good job. I don’t see the problems on my other toons at the moment. I could tell most of the possible issue is: if you didnt REFRESH your toon after your change spec in wow that will screw up AMR to determine your gear stats; even you Click on the load character. So make sure you click on the Update from Armory even you just load it up your toon.

  • TomL

    would like to know why the site doesn’t recognize masters spellthread, it wants to me to put sanctified on my legs to get to hit cap. sorry the masters is already there and the change you recommend, changes nothing. this leaves me almost half a point short of the cap.

  • kear

    why when i update from armoury dose it not update my new piece half the time? it takes like a day or two for it to show up mean while im unreforidged and ungemmed

  • Johan

    I love askmrrobot and am a happy paying customer! One questions though, the “which bosses should I roll on” feature is great but I need an option to select multiple wings. Often I do all thunderking lfrs in one day for example. Since I only have three coins I will most likely not spend them all in one wing.

    • zoopercat

      Johan, we just updated the site with a few changes – one of those includes grouping the LFR wings together :)

  • Cîelnoîr

    Dear askmrrobot, very nice n helpfull website. BUT: Hunter(BM): Your calculation due to pvp-resi is unfortunately wrong. 440 pvp-resi gives on your site about 2% resi but ingame its only about 0,65%! So it might be much better after 5.3 NOT to go on the yellow ones not with 80agi/80resi! Take 80agi/160crit or 160pvp-power/160crit – couldn’t test it yet…. :-) Please check it out! ;-) Thanks anyway for all the help we can find on your site! Cheers, Cîelnoîr

    • Cîelnoîr

      Of course we are talking about the greens with 80pvp-power/160crit:-)

  • Majjickk

    Help, forgot my password!!!

  • Jeremiah Arnett

    I am wondering if I might make a suggestion. I love mr. robot and use it often but when I look at the which bosses might be best to use my bonus rolls on the only way to keep them in front of me is to either write them down manually or do a print screen and print it out from my printer which is fine but it would be of great help just to have an option to be able to use a printer friendly version right from mr. robot so I am not having to print the background of the webpage. I hope this helps and I really hope it gets put into the mr. robot program.


    • zoopercat

      That’s actually a popular requested feature. It’s on our to-do list but we won’t have time to do it for a while since we’re working on patch 5.4 right now.

  • oneofmany

    I can’t get my transferred druid from Horde to alliance who’s name was smilies and is now ripantaresaz in the Kil’jaeden pvp realm to load in the optemizer. It says the the name names can not be found. I could use a littler help here please. :-)

    • LOL

      It’s because your name is god awful. Please bleach yourself.

  • Gracies

    I cannot find an answer to this.. Mr robot is still showing that I have not followed through with the optimization that it recommended, even though I have. I have already cleared my cache, and am using Google Chrome. It’s been like this for about 2 weeks now. Help plz.

    • zoopercat

      Did you click the ‘update from armory’ button to the left of your name? Also, give me the link to your character on battle.net – I can see if our gear matches battle.net’s gear (which is where we get your character info).

  • ricprospero

    I got the legendary cloak, but it is not showing on my char!

  • Smogg1234

    Hi There im a destroy warlock and ive just got the new legendary cape but when I run my new gear through MrRobot it tells me to reforge losing 2.3k Int and 2.5k SP in favour of +10% crit and +653 proc Int,is this right? I thought our number 1 stat was Int above anything else.

    • zoopercat

      Hey – so a couple of things. 1) You can’t reforge to int, so that isn’t an issue. 2) Int is your best stat, but there’s a catch when it comes to gems. Secondary stats (like haste or crit) have twice the amount of a stat on them, so 320. Int only has 160 on a pure gem. So Int has to be worth more than 2x Crit in order for pure int gems to make sense. So Mr. Robot factors in socket bonuses and all sorts of stuff when figuring out the right gems for you :)

  • Bruce L Secrest

    Ok. I have downloaded your addon for Wow. Its a great addon by the way. I’m having a problem with my feet. I received a pair of 535 boots for the isle of time and it keeps telling me to re-equip my old 510 boots. Is it because the addon or ask my robot doesn’t have the new gear on it yet??

    • zoopercat

      Check one thing for me if you don’t mind. Go back to our website – which boots do you see equipped? If you see the 510s, click ‘update from armory’ to get the new gear (note, that only works if you’ve logged out with the new gear on).

      Once you see the 535 boots equipped, click optimize and grab a new text-string to bring into the mod.

  • Dråkning

    Hey peter did you play on The venture co i think when you started Askmrrobot ?

    • zoopercat

      I don’t think we were ever on that server. Been on a few different ones, but that one doesn’t ring a bell.

  • Tig

    Hi, sorry if I missed it somewhere – but does the Best in Bags feature see non-redeemed tier tokens and take those into account as the various tier pieces they could be? Or do you have to go purchase the tier piece and then fiddle with the options?

    • zoopercat

      It takes the tier tokens into account :) So you’re good to go :)

  • Vikitori

    The browse folder button on the manual import screen is grayed out. I made sure that the file is in the correct folder in the WOW directory. I simply can’t select it to update. I am on a Mac.

    • zoopercat

      Can you send a screenshot of that?! That’s odd, and I’d like to look into it more.

  • sam

    dooo I have to pay for ask mr robot gear optimizer now?

    • zoopercat

      Nope! The optimization, BiS, and in-game mod is all free. Everything that has been free is still free :)

  • http://prestonsells.com/ prestonsells.com

    Very nice and beliveable discussions going on here.. nice!!

  • Airborne

    Question: Is AskMrRobot the only in-game addon?

    • zoopercat

      That’s the only addon we have, yes.

  • Velestra

    One of my items states that I need to equip a lower item in the gear slot, but I haven’t had that piece for quite a while. I want to complete the optimization, but I can’t do to that.

    • zoopercat

      It sounds like you need an updated ‘text string.’ Return to the site and click the ‘update from armory’ button found to the left of your character name. Click the optimized button, then click the ‘export to addon’ button to get a new text string. Paste that into the mod.

      You need to update your gear on the site and get a new text-string every time your gear changes :)

  • Kroddish

    Oh, wow. I’ve been a user of this site for a while, and only now realized some of the founders are UIUC alum. I am as well!

    • zoopercat

      Nice! ILL! What years did you go? I graduated in 02 and masters in 03.

  • Jakathera

    Love the site – especially the gear optimization. One bug I found – on my elemental dranai shaman, the optimizer said at the end of it i should have 15.09% hit, but I had 16.49%. I did all the normal troubleshooting stuff to make sure it’s correctly optimized before sending you all a quick note. I hope this helps to make askmrrobot an even better site! Thank you for all your hard work!

    • zoopercat

      Can you save what you’re looking at (click the green save button to the left of your character name) – and send me the url it generates. Then I can see exactly what you see.

      One thing to check: do you have cogwheels/tinkers? If so, look very closely to see if they are highlighted in green and need a change. You can also check the shopping list (gray button above your reforge column) to see what Mr. Robot thinks you’re missing.

      It’s possible it’s none of those though, so once I have your link I can see what’s going on.

  • PsyonicReaver

    Is Mr. Robot available for hire? I’d love to talk if so.

    • zoopercat

      We have our hands full with sooo many cool features. But happy to talk, it’s worth connecting. And you never know what comes from these things :) Email me: feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com

  • Di

    I am wondering about something – and I am not a pro let’s figure out numbers by any means… but I used AMR to see what to spend my Burden of Eternity on and it said bracers. OK cool .. I do that, get exactly the bracer that comes up on your upgrade page – go to your page to equip it and it says it’s a downgrade. I’m updated from the armory etc. I’m confused.

    • zoopercat

      Can you save what you’re looking at – click the green save button to the left of your character name and send me the URL it generates.

  • jon

    yo how do I start the game?

  • jon

    ummmmm ^.^
    I want to play with your mystical armor paaalease ;)

  • Dan6669

    Hello guys quick note optimizer gems , tells me to use a precious ruby required level item 417 when my item is 415 so I got it and wont fit off coarse lol

  • inthere

    My optimizers said my attack power is 47’000 and my character info said 41’000 after the buffs is this ok?

  • gothggod6969

    hey i just got 1 yr renew and i didnt want it i cacel it will i get my money back?

    • zoopercat

      yeah, email your ask mr robot user name to feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com.

  • David

    I think yall need to look into the 502 set thousandfold hells for locks how is your addon saying its better then a 528 or a 535 peace just because of the set bonus??? plz get back to me hadrian1987@gmail.com

  • Numbersnumbersnumbers

    Thx for a super awesome site, really helpful and keep up the good work.

  • Wade Bronson

    I think I recall a post some time back, about dropping SWTOR support, but I cannot seem to find it. Is the AMR team still supporting development for SWTOR?

    • zoopercat

      Nope :( We try to keep the data updated, though many of the items might be ‘junk’ since it’s very hard to even get at the data. We’re keeping the ‘build a character’ portion of the site live since there isn’t any other good way of talking about your character outside of the game.

  • Cheryl

    I am receiving the message “Could not load character” when I try to update from armory. This happens on every charater I have. Please help.

  • Gerrit Leusink

    Hi, i have been playing wow now for a week. when i try to load my character it only keeps saying loading and it wont load my character. can u help me with this?

  • Jayceen

    Hi all.. I am having a problem getting the Mr. Robot add on to export my back piece (cape) to the add on. It is the 608 cape & the name of the cape Fen-Yu.Fury Xuen. Mr Robot keeps trying saying that I have on the wrong cape and says I should put on the old cape (which is this one but without the celestials upgrade). Mr Robot is calling it the Tiger Fang wrap. Can someone help me with this situation please. Thanks

    • zoopercat

      Just to double check, did you grab a new export string to paste into the addon? To do that, make sure you click the ‘update from armory’ button to the left of your character name. Once you see the right cape, click the gray ‘export to addon’ button, which is found just above the stats section. Get that new text and paste it into the addon in game.

  • Ommtaydet

    Im pretty sure yall have stop paying attention to this website / addon . So many errors occuring between both. aWhen will you be updating or getting back to working on this place. I pay for a guild sub, but if i dont see some changes ill be forced to cancel my subscription . Yes i know how to copy and past the info back and forth yes i am following what your addon ias saying based off what your site is saying, but why the hell do i need to change everything each time i update…i update info then do all the changes it says ..then it tells me to put a (agi enchant ) on heal gear and change all the gems i just put in to some other gem …and no i didnt change any of my gear..yes i have my primary spec selected. Id like to think its something on my end but ive been using this site / addon long enough to know what im doing..so i know yall are the ones at fault. Please fix the on going issues and restore my faith in this great addon and site..or else ill stop paying for it as will any other of my guild members.

    • zoopercat

      Can you do 2 things so I can troubleshoot:
      1. Save what you’re looking at – click the green save button to the left of your character name. Post the URL that is generated.
      2. Paste the text you get FROM the addon (the one you’re pasting into the site). Once I have that, I can duplicate what you see.

      • zoopercat

        A note when you paste this stuff, the comment might not show up (it might get auto-flagged as spam). But I can see it in the admin for comments and approve it.

  • Timothy Barr

    Hello, I want to contact someone there regarding my account and there is no phone # listed and also I am unable to email you because I do not have outlook installed on my pc (I do not use outlook). How can I call your service department? It’s not technical assistance that I need

    • zoopercat

      If you’re using a webmail program, you can configure that as your default email so that when you click on the email link it works in your regular mail program :) You can also just email us at feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com. You can also send me a PM on forums.askmrrobot.com (pm zoopercat).

  • John Baggett

    would love for someone to discuss with me why this service is so shitty. call me 614-813-2680

  • lulabells

    I need help. I dont have log in information anymore so can not use anything on your website, I quit playing and canceled my Mr. Robot a year ago yet your company charged my account last month. I want to know how to get that money returned and why that was done without my consent. You have stolen money from me charging for an account terminated a year ago, there is nothing on your website that allows me to contact you privately about this matter, no email addresses or phone numbers for customer service, so I have no choice but to take this issue to public forums unless you can respond privately and resolve this issue. Please advise, if I can’t get in contact with you here I will keep trying on every public forum I can find. Again, I canceled my sub a year ago, you charged my account last month for a CANCELED account without my consent. I would rather not get the bank involved and go the fraudulent charge route as I’m betting this is just because of poor customer service, bad communication and hopefully an oversite instead of a blatant coding trick to allow someone to terminate an account yet keep billing active so your company can keep charging them even after they stop using your service, after all, it’s only $12 people wont go to the trouble of chasing you down for $12 right? Wrong. I find it upsetting you have so few ways to get into contact with your company, that access is so gated and finding a way to resolve something like this is so well hidden I couldn’t find it and had to come here. “Contact us” isn’t useful when all you do is provide links to public forums.

    • zoopercat

      I sent an email to the one registered with this commenting account. I assure you, when people cancel, it’s cancelled :) We don’t do ‘blatant coding tricks,’ that would actually be illegal and 3rd party payment providers don’t allow it.

      Once I have your AMR username, I can look up your account and get you a refund. I haven’t ever seen an unauthorized charge go through, it’s usually a human memory glitch (hey, we’ve all done that, I know I have!) Even if that’s the case, I’m more than happy to refund it, since we don’t want people to pay for something they aren’t using :)

  • kaboof69

    I have just reset my password three times in a row and still can’t log in, this needs to be fixed.

    • zoopercat

      Are you logging in with your username (not your email)?

  • Timothy

    I need to contact your company in regards to a billing complaint but ALL of the links to contact you aren’t actually links. Sooo how can I get in touch with yall?

    • zoopercat

      You might have to configure your web mail to handle ‘mailto’ links to open in your webmail :)

      Or, email us at feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com

  • Sue

    I’ve had a $12- charge put on my checking account by Ask Mr. Robot. I’ve never heard of you before, and I certainly never ordered anything from you. HOW did you get may banking information!!!!! Said (I assume this is what it is) order number was 65-0762. I DEMAND this to be refunded to my account, or I’ll spread the work about your company on all social media sites, the BBB and newspapers etc.

    • zoopercat

      Does anyone in your household play World of Warcraft? If you give me the name and last 4 digits of your credit card, I can look it up. Send that info in an email to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com.

      We have a 3rd party payment service and follow all the rules, including fraud detection. But we also don’t want you paying for something you didn’t want (for example, if someone else plays warcraft and paid for our site), so once we find the account we can refund the charge. No problem!

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