Armory API is LIVE!

You can now import your upgraded items automatically from the armory – Blizzard released the updated API today. Woohoo! You will have to hit the “Update from Armory” button right under your name.

There’s still 1 thing that won’t work: the upgraded versions of “random” items don’t show as upgraded in Blizzard’s API. We made a post, hoping it gets fixed soon.

Random items are things usually named Something OF THE something. For example, Greenstone Vambraces of the Landslide. Most of these drop from the caches after completing a daily scenario. And you can’t upgrade it on our site either, because we don’t know what the upgraded stats should be (no one knows yet). We’re working with WoWDB, who is collecting that info via in-game mods, so once their lists are complete, we’ll be able to add that functionality to our site as well.


  1. I still can’t upgrade my 25 man raid items to 4/4..

    • Can anyone help me?

      • Hey, items can only be upgraded to a level of 2/2. Do you have a screenshot of the item tooltip in game that says X/4?

        • Have no idea whether the last comments being posted or not, so here I post again.. link:

          • Thx. One more question. Do u know the name of the item in English so I can investigate furher? Sorry about that.

          • Yes sure! It’s Regail’s Crackling Dagger, Normal Elite mode.

          • According to some posts I’ve found in Google, the ilvl difference between 10man and 25man raid drops are only applied in Asia servers, so I guess that’s why you guys didn’t know..

          • Ha, interesting!! Well, we’ll see what we can do 🙂

          • Thank you so much!!!! <3

          • Any news? Do you plan on adding this feature to beta?

          • This could take quite a while… there’s a big problem – we don’t have a source for these items. And if we don’t have a source, we don’t know what stats the orginal item should have, as well as the upgrades. We’re seeing if there’s something we can do, but it looks like it would be a ways off 🙁 I’m really sorry.

          • OK no worries. It should have the same stats as those in other regions (besides Asia), only that they have 2 more ilvls for players to upgrade. If there’s anything I can do just let me know!

          • Yeah, we don’t know what those other 2 levels of stats should be. And we also have a problem with randomly enchanted items – we only have the english names for those, so we need a mapping for other languages. Bah – wish this was all in the blizzard api! But they are busy too!

          • Is it anyway possible that the stats scales up instead? If so they can be calculated.. And for the randomly enchanted items, if there’s a list I can refer to, perhaps I can map them to Chinese for you guys.

  2. what a troll

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