Armory Work-Around

With the realm merges, you may have noticed some characters won’t load on our site. That’s because they also won’t load on the armory. If they don’t load on, we can’t load them automatically either (since we get the data from

But never fear! We have a workaround :

How to use the copy/paste method:

1. Open the Ask Mr. Robot addon in game.
2. Go to the “Best in Bags” tab in the addon (lower left)
3. Copy the text in the box on that screen. NOTE whenever your gear changes, click the “Update” button at the bottom of that window first, THEN copy the text from the box.


4. Return to Click the green “Import” button to the right of your character name.import

5. A window will open up. Paste the text in the white box.

6. Click the orange “Import” button at the bottom of that window.

Your character now has updated gear, talents and glyphs.

If you want to get that data into SimC, click the ‘export to SimC’ button found just above your stats section on our site. Grab the code and paste it into SimC.



  1. The work-around didn’t work for me, sadly.

    • It isn’t working for me either. New chest from last night’s Flex raid shows up blank as if I wasn’t wearing one.

      • Can you tell me what steps you took (be as specific as possible) and what part didn’t work? Also, you can email me the askmrrobot.lua file that you uploaded and I’ll take a look at it.

        feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com.

    • Can you tell me what didn’t work? And what steps you took to update your gear from our mod please 🙂

      • Hiya Zoopercat 🙂 I followed the directions as given; except for the new look of the in-game mod, all of it was fairly familiar to me (I used to have to manually load my lua file for BiB). However, the Timeless Isle pieces remained invisible.

        Now, of course, it works fine, since Blizz fixed their end of it. And with all the random enchants it reminds me all over again how much I appreciate your work 😀

  2. neither my legendary cloak, nor my 553 T16 hands are showing up………the work-around isn’t working for me either

    • Can you send me the askmrrobot.lua that you were uploading to the site? I’m hoping to get to the bottom of this! feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com.

  3. website will not load any of my Chars – even left it “loading” for 45 mins with no Joy

    • Send me your character name/realm and I’ll see if it loads. A lot of ppl are having problems (I think a lot of ppl got stuck in a funky state when the patch launched). Try using a different browser or clearing your cache too.

  4. buddhawrath vek’nilash, won’t load at all, tried 2 browsers and cleared cache

  5. Christopher Cotton

    September 13, 2013 at 7:55 am

    w00t to legendary cloak loading for my healer (disc priest for reference) love you guys.

  6. it sems kinda funny that it is telling me to reforge all my hit and mastery to crit as an assasination rogue

    • Because with the 2piece of t16 crit becomes better. Please don’t be a mong

    • Can you save what you are looking at (green save button to the left of your character name)? Send me the url it generates so I can see what is going on with your case.

  7. What if your addon isn’t picking it up either? I got Do-tharak: the Swordbreaker in a drop yesterday off of Primordius. It should be in the armory, because it’s Primordius in ToT. But the armory doesn’t have it. I also have the askmrrobot addon and it’s not importing either. I know I’m relying on addons too much, but I feel I can’t respec. It even dropped my ilvl when I equipped it instead of raising it. Such a headache. I was going to use the pawn addon, but pawn also doesn’t see it, so the respec suggestions it gives ignore the item’s stats.

  8. I tried this and it says “The loaded string is for the wrong character”

    • Can you post the text you tried to paste, along with your character name and realm?

      • $;Uther;Tojaks;7;2;90;9:600,12:1,3:600;1;64;332321;56377,3,4,6706,26659,57227;6948;26522;0;0;5884;151;2089;1533;30;469;1958s19;7426;5475;5917;736;72;2;7776;0;0;3073;78;3110;5;1;2;474;702;982;1026;4141;978;70;7;142;1333;528;1;129;2068;1390;993;1;4940s7a4618b0e4825;413s10u2a26b-11e-392;83s5u2a11b0c-26e-14;358;136;411s8a0e10;50;7;997;629s15u2a26e-6;221;1823;4;8;10;18;345s14;19s3u2a-11b7e492r25;2s12u1;22s2u1r25;10s16u2a0e-473r54;23s11r24;71s6a4b-26;22s9e-28;198s13u2;673;93s1u2a415b-393$

        Toon: Tojaks

  9. how can I bring up a character name for armory work around that is not saved

    • If the character hasn’t been loaded on our site before, the workaround won’t work 🙁 It only works for cached characters. What is your character name/realm? I’ll see if I can work any magic.

  10. weli i can load my character on Eu – maelstrom on armory – but the eu – maelstrom aint on the list on ur page, so i cant load my character ?
    what to do ?

    • Crazy!!! Can you link me to your char on the armory? Is this a new realm, or did it fall into the nether in our list somehow?

  11. New character, armory broken for our realm. I’m a premium user with the addon, is there a way to import if my character has never been loaded on the site?

  12. I copy then paste on the MrRobot addon, but the “import” button will not work. It worked int he beginning, but now it does not. I have removed/added the addon, but does not good

  13. Hi all, I’ve been off wow for a few months, and have tried to catch up on the threads etc. I have characters on horde on Ragnaros and they load fine, but I can’t load any of my Alliance characters on The Maelstrom. I had them loaded on AMR before I stopped playing… any thoughts or tricks would be most welcome!

    Alliance characters are Kegromancer or Kegasaurus (The Maelstrom)
    Horde characters are Discokeg or Kegberry (Ragnaros)

  14. hii have a problem cant copy and past as no text in any of my character boxes

    • Make sure you have the most recent version of the addon, it sounds like you have an old version.

  15. Hi there, I tried to get on Mr Robot for my Warlock Vuraxxus-Frostwhisper but I physically can’t get onto it on the AskMrRobot website, It just says character not found. How do I load it up so I can get my reforges and everything fixed via the import tab of the addon?

    • If the character won’t load at all, that’s a different issue – we’ll have to wait until blizzard fixes the armory so your character loads up. Sorry 🙁

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