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Patch 7.0 Armory

Is your character not updating? Or are your crucible traits not loading?

The armory usually takes a bit to update when new features are added, like the Netherlight Crucible. That means there are currently some armory crucible trait loading issues.

Oct 3, 2017 update: since the maintenance on Tuesday, it looks like the Armory often gets stuck / won’t load a character at all.

We have to wait for Blizzard to fix this, it isn’t something we can do.

BUT!! We always have a workaround for this. You can use our addon to update your character.

How to use our in-game addon to update your character:

All steps are part of the FREE site. No need to subscribe.

1 – Update the Ask Mr. Robot addon. Don’t have it? Get it from Curse.

2 – Optional: activate each spec one time, in game (this lets the addon read everything for each spec if you’re already playing multiple specs).

3 – Open your artifact weapon as if you were spending points in it. This lets the addon pick up any points you’ve spent. Also, whenever you preview a relic, the addon will also see your available traits.

4 – Then open the Mr. Robot addon (click on the minimap icon or type /amr show). Go to the “Export” tab in the addon. Copy the text in the box on that screen.


5 – Go to the Ask Mr. Robot website. Click on your character’s name to open the character picker.  Paste the text in the addon section, as shown below.

Armory Artifact Error

6 – After you paste it, your character automatically loads with all the right gear.

Best in Bags

You can also use that text string to have Mr. Robot find the best gear in your bags, so you are always equipped with the best stuff while leveling. Just scroll down on the character page and follow the instructions!

Best in Bags

 Kicking the API into gear

Sometimes when the armory has issues, the API gets ‘stuck’ on some characters. One way to jumpstart the API again is to login to WoW. Change something on your character, like a piece of gear, etc. Logout. That sometimes forces an update for your character on the blizzard API. Also, since this is untested, it’s possible we have to update something on our end. I will update this post as we find things.


  1. Pressing the export button on the add on is just causing my UI to reload. It isn’t generating any code that can be copied. Already tried 3 times.

    • Have you updated the addon? What version are you using?

      • Yeah I realized my issue when I looked more closely at the screenshots. My version of the add on was extremely out of date. Everything’s working exactly as described now.

  2. +16 upgrade is not visible

    • Agreed – I can’t see the 4/4 upgrades on AskMrRobot – just the same old 2/4 upgrades 🙁

      • Did you try the workaround with our addon?

        • I did. No luck. Now when I try to load my character (Jóckina/Eu/Silvermoom) I get an error:

          Status: InternalServerError, Reason: Internal server error.

          I’ll give it a go later on 🙂


          • Are you getting that error on our site? Can you post the text you’re trying to paste into the site? And do you have the latest version of the addon?

          • Ah all seems to be welll now – thanks 😀

  3. Why can’t you add another +8 for china server? It turned out to be easy for you to implement but you still ignore people’s demand….

    • We don’t have access to the same level of gear data as we do for the US and EU servers. Sorry about that – with a team of 3 people and only 1 is a developer it’s hard to find time to do the datamining on our own (we don’t even datamine the US/EU items, we get them from database sites).

  4. seems like armory is working now 🙂

  5. I’ve been logging out in SW to force the armory to update itself, which in turn helps Mr. Robot update.

  6. My addon frm WoW is not working there is no information under the best in bags even if i press update.

  7. Zoopercat is the best almost as awesome as Mr. Robot

  8. ok so i cant get the askmrrobot desktop add on to install, i have it on curse but not desktop to show in my in-game-mod, i installed it on curse logging into wow and not askmrrobot icon 🙁 is there a link for me to be able to DL the in-game-mod?

    • You can click the green ‘install’ button to the right of your character name (on our site) to get the addon.

      When you log in to wow and you’re on your character screen, click the ‘addons’ button in the lower left. Is askmrrobot there? If it is there and the minimap icon isn’t showing, you have another mod interferring with it. Try disabling all other mods and see if it works then.

  9. No need to get the addon from our ‘install’ button – it’s the same on that you find on curse. So it sounds like you have the most up to date version, right?

  10. Have been having an issue for about a week or so now (that i noticed). The ingame AMR client isn’t actually exporting anything. The armory is showing my gear correctly (upgrades and all), refreshing from armory shows my upgrades correctly. But the browser “refresh” for AMR client doesn’t update and still shows the last refresh as god-knows when. I’ve tried not “refreshing” after getting a new piece of equipment that is most definitely an upgrade and just export from AMR client, but still no difference. I’ve re-installed the client from curse.
    I’ve been doing it manually via copy-paste function. Sort of works, but a bit annoying for my preference. However, by doing it this way, AMR tells me to equip an item that i supposedly have +8. That item is still +0 as it’s not been on priority list to upgrade.
    Where am I going wrong? Been a premium user for over a year and never had any issues like this before.

    • mizfreeze, we stopped supporting that client program and instead put a copy/paste option in that people like a lot better (it doesn’t require a UI reload). If you have the new version of the addon (, on the BiB tab you’ll see a copy/paste button at the top. Make sure that is selected, then copy the text in the box. Return to our site, and click the ‘import’ button (next to the refresh button), paste it, and you’re all set!

      • Thanks for the reply 🙂
        I was sure i went through all the posts before posting, but guess not thoroughly enough lol. Yeah I managed the copypaste function easily enough, feels tad cumbersome but probably just due to me being used to the old one.
        But how do you explain the copypaste function telling me to equip an item with +8 upgrade when it’s only 0? And no, I don’t have or have had doubles of thatsaid item

  11. Thank you ZOOPERCAT, I found out what I was missing, thanks for your time in reply although in figure out the this was all my fault cuz I wasn’t looking where I needed to look for the info. You really helped out a lot.

    although there is one for thing when doing the BiB, you do the whole process once, after your at 100% optimized in-game, you copy and paste your info on the AMR site and paste it and sometimes it’ll tell me to put on previous gear and regem some items and the thing u noticed is that the gear scores change on the website every time. Anyone else having this issue or just me? Any help would be awesome

  12. Hi, i dont really understand your reasoning for the recommended reforges when it comes to hit/expertise. At the moment i am hit and expertise capped but the “Optimized” reforges put me well below the cap.

    • Can you save what you’re looking at – click the green save button to the left of your character name. Post that link and I’ll take a look 🙂

      • My apologies 🙂 after looking at it the number i was being shown was after the gear was “optimized” lol it was saying 7.5% but the -1.5% beside it threw me off. Didnt even realize i was over hit cap before.

  13. Dear zoopercat, can we have the 6/6 iLv support on Asian severs please? I have 591 iLv in game as well as on CHN armary, but Mr.Robot thought I was 575 iLv and incorrectly reforged extra hit/exp on my gear. This is troubling me a lot.

    • We don’t have access to a database with the data we need for asian item levels. But we’re hoping with WoD the items will be the same. If we’re lucky!! 🙂

  14. How can I add a trinket thats not on the list? Prismatic prison of pride for protection paladins for the haste+mastery amp. I did the math myself but I need to see if I hit the caps by doing so.

  15. Is there anything that I can do if the armory is not showing my character, period? Saurfang recently had extended maintenance, and no characters are showing up on the armory. I have the in-game addon, but it won’t let me use it, because I can’t load the correct character from the armory.

  16. i can not see the mr.robot addon button on the mini map…

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