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Rune of Re-Origination

The Rune of Re-Origination is perhaps one of the most irritating items created in all of human history.  But never fear, Mr. Robot handles it for you!  Go into Edit Weights, then choose the proc that you want.

Here are some important notes on how we handle it and provide you with all of the flexibility that you need to do your crazy rune optimizations.


Your stat weights take priority.

If you say agility is super good, Mr. Robot will not sacrifice agility to get a bigger proc; if you say hit is really good, Mr. Robot will never sacrifice accuracy around the hit cap to get a bigger proc; etc.  After your gear is properly optimal with respect to your weights, he will maximize the size of your rune proc.


Your score might go down when you optimize for the rune.

This is not an error, it is expected.  In order to get the biggest proc possible, you will very likely need to pick up more of a worse secondary stat.


Sometimes you might get a message saying that Mr. Robot couldn't optimize for your chosen proc.

This can happen if your weights don't make sense with your proc.  For example, if you have to reforge all of your gear to meet your expertise cap, and then there's not enough room to pick up extra mastery and pump it up above crit and haste... you're stuck!  So Mr. Robot will give you a suggestion on how to fix that.  Usually lowering agility so that more gems can be used to get secondary stats will solve the problem.


Relative list ranking is a bit tricky.

Relative lists and the upgrade finder can be a bit tricky with the rune because it requires such a specialized optimization.  Thus, when doing relative ranking, we always disable the rune (equivalent to setting it to "ignore" in the weight editor).  This allows us to do much more meaningful relative rankings if you have the rune equipped, or are comparing the rune to other trinkets.  This isn't just Mr. Robot "cheating" -- this is how you really want to do relative ranking.  Generally, people want to improve their overall stats with upgrades, then optimize for the rune.  They do not do it the other way around -- try to get a gigantic proc at the cost of everything else.

Note that we have also increased the estimated value of the rune for the purposes of absolute ranking and the such, so it should appear to be a more valuable trinket in the ranked lists now.



A lot of people do wacky things with the rune that other programs out there have gotten them in the habit of doing... for example, always using orange gems to drop some agility and get a bigger proc.  You can do this with Mr. Robot too, and you don't even need to cheat!  Just use your stat weights and some maths: set your agility weight to be exactly 2x your highest rune stat weight.  You can then tweak agility above or below that break-even point to get different gem combos and consequently different sized rune procs.


Custom Caps

If you have a custom cap on haste or mastery, the rune optimizer will obey it and never go above those caps.  The extra secondary stat budget will be split between the other rune stats.  The rune optimizer always ignores crit caps due to complexities with its interaction with agility though.  Sorry, you cap-crazy humans.  Even robots have their limits.