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Nosgoth: Open Beta Starts Today

2015 is the year we’re showcasing cool stuff. So far, we’ve brought you some really cool Warcraft resources: Healiocentric, Bad WoW Videos, and Master Plan. But we’re gamers and play more than just Warcraft. We spend too many hours playing League of Legends too. Even still, we’re always on the lookout for new games. Today’s spotlight is on a new free-to-play team shooter, Nosgoth, since I have a bunch of friends pinging me to get in the open beta with them today!

One thing you may know about me, I’m bad at this thing called… aiming. Mr. Robot, on the other hand, is an all-out aim-bot. So the two of us teamed up together evens the playing field. Still, I’m hoping to try out some of the special abilities, like raining down arrows for some AoE.

Or maybe I’ll love some of the vampire skills. “The best part of my entire experience with Nosgoth is probably the ability to run up walls as a vampire, and get just about anywhere you need to go. I was in many tense situations where I dropped in on a human only to find that he had friends at the ready to ambush me, and quickly retreated up a giant castle to disappear into the darkness.” -Destructoid

The other thing that makes me excited for this game is the developers are focusing on the community. I’ve mentioned this in a few podcasts before: one of the reasons World of Warcraft is so successful is their involvement with the community. Nosgoth has a few blog posts and an open letter in appreciation of the community. And since I’ve seen some official Nosgoth people post on the Nosgoth reddit, I have a feeling they really are taking the right approach.

It hit open beta today on Steam, so I’ll be trying it out later tonight for sure. If you want to check out some gameplay, Swiftor on Twitch streams for 6-8 hours a day. I’ve been watching him, it looks like a lot of fun (you know, assuming I can aim!)

Spotlight #3: Garrison Mission Management

Are you on the HYPE TRAIN?! I am!

I’m very excited for Blackrock Foundry, which means I’m saving all of my follower armor/weapon upgrades. The max iLevel for followers will increase to 670, with a 660 requirement for BRF missions.

If you want to figure out which followers can help get you to 100%, get the addon, Master Plan by foxlit. There’s a tab, “Missions of Interest” that show you BRF mission success chances. And yes, the addon already does this, even though the missions aren’t out.


See the follower icons that are red? That means they don’t have a high enough iLevel yet. And see the skinny red border around the ability icons? The red ones mean I don’t have it countered, so it looks like I need to level up some other followers!

Mission Auto-Complete

It also has another feature that will make your life a whole lot better: mission auto-completion. No more going through each window. They all complete quickly and automatically. I even took a video, because I think it’s so cool :)

Get the addon, Master Plan

Tank Metrics

What should a tank look at as a simple metric on a combat log?  Damagers have DPS, healers have HPS, tanks have… what?

Our logs will give you three easy numbers, and this post described how useful they might be.

Damage Taken

Total damage taken seems like a natural way to compare or rank a tank.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work so well for a variety of reasons:

  • Most fights require tank swapping or different jobs for each tank, which can lead to big differences in total damage taken.
  • Some tank classes just take more damage by design.

So while not a useless number… it isn’t all that helpful either.


This is a metric created by some theorycrafters, and you can read full detail about it here.

TMI was created primarily as a theoretical metric to be used in simulation and mathematical modeling to help determine the relative value of different stats on gear.  We use TMI and simc to help us create our tanking stat weights on AMR and find it to be very cool and useful.

We calculate it on combat logs… but it is of pretty limited value on logs.  In theory it should tell you how spiky your damage is — do healers see your health bouncing all over the place and go into panic mode, or is it steady and predictable?  Good concept and metric, but the numbers you see on combat logs don’t translate into actionable information usually.

At lower difficulties where the damage spikes just aren’t that dangerous (basically anything below Mythic), the metric can be skewed and give a number that is hard to interpret.  Even at Mythic difficulty, you only really want to use the number as a relative comparison of tanks on the same fight and probably of the same class.  You don’t want to use TMI as an absolute metric where value X is “good” and value Y is “bad”.

New!  Healing Required / Second

We have created a new metric with our latest log update. We just call it “healing required per second.” It’s THIS easy: when a tank is “main” tanking a boss, how much healing does he require outside of what he can do on himself?

This is NOT a one-size-fits all algorithm, trying to smush each fight into a metric. We code each boss individually so you are only looking at what’s important for tanks in each fight. Every boss is customized :)

This metric is live for NEW logs. Go to the Damage Taken report to see it. If you want to test it out with a log you’ve already uploaded, you can change the file name and upload it again. NOTE: It will show duplicate logs if you do this though.


How it’s Calculated:

  1. For each boss encounter, we define what constitutes “main” tanking.  The goal isn’t to necessarily capture every point in a fight where a tank is taking damage, but instead to define the “main” and more consistent parts.  For example, on The Butcher both tanks are considered “main tanking” for the entire fight.  On Mar’gok, a tank is only considered “main tanking” when Mar’gok is hitting them.  A tank will certainly take damage from the different adds in the intermission phases of Mar’gok, but it is highly variable depending on which adds and what kind of strategy your team uses.  So we cut it out for the purposes of this metric.
  2. For the time where a tank is “main” tanking, we total up how much damage they took, and subtract self-healing and self-absorbs.
  3. What you are left with is how much healing your healers would have to do to keep the tank alive during the more consistent tank damage phases of each fight.

This metric does not tell the whole story of course, just as HPS does not tell the whole story for healers.  But we think that it is far more useful than total damage taken and for more practical than TMI when looking at a log.

Here are a few potential uses for this metric (assuming it works out over the next couple weeks, we’ll be keeping an eye on the log data):

  • Rankings.  We think this number is a decent candidate for tank rankings and percentiles.
  • Actionable Benchmark.  A damager can look at DPS on a fight and try to improve it the next time he does the fight.  We think this number can function similarly for a tank: try to reduce it each time she does the fight.  In general a tank who uses active mitigation and times cooldowns will take a lot less damage during these main tank phases.
  • Adjust Tank Assignments.  If you notice that one of your tanks is requiring a lot more healing than another on a fight, but they are of equal gear and skill… it is a good indicator that maybe your strategy for the fight is off.  Maybe a more even tank swap would result in a better damage split?  Depends on the fight.

Want to see a log of it in action? Any log uploaded in the past 2 weeks shows it. And here’s an example from our raid’s mar’gok’s attempts last night:,d=2

Jan 12 Hotfixes: Class Tuning and 10% Haste Buff

Blizzard did a bunch of class tuning and buffed haste across the board (by 10%).  And that will all be live when the servers come up today (Jan 13). A LOT has changed. So stat weights will definitely be affected. We’re working on updating the weights, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can change your weights manually if you know what you want them to be. Click on the ‘edit weights’ button.



You can also share or import weights, right from the stat weight editor:



Just copy (or paste) from this section!



Spotlight #2: Bad WoW Videos

“Hi Everybody, my name is Never. I’m not an elite arena master. I’m not a world renowned heroic raider. I’m really just kind of a normal guy who likes to play World of Warcraft and make videos.”
-Never’s intro

This guy is awesome! Sure, mythic raiders give really great advice – it’s high level information you keep in the back of your mind as you improve. But it’s also invaluable to have advice from someone who may be a bit closer to your level – they usually have tips that are immediately actionable.

Never is just getting started and it looks like he released content often. Here’s a couple of the videos that I liked:

How to find him:


Join Mr. Robot’s Raid Team!


Mr. Robot asked me to find some fun humans to join his (6/7) heroic horde raid team.We’ll be working on Heroic BRF when it comes out, then jump into Mythic as soon as possible.

The casual-hardcore mythic-bound raid team

We’re a ‘hardcore-casual’ raid team. “WHAT?!” you ask? We only raid 2 days a week, but we’re very efficient with our raid times… fast wipe recovery, quality attempts, etc. And while members try to make it to every raid, real life happens… work meetings, anniversary dinners, beer pong. And that’s ok, that’s why we want a larger roster. So don’t shy away from this opportunity because you think “Mr. Robot must be a crazy hardcore raider, no way I could keep up.” Because that isn’t us, we are busy outside of Warcraft too! But at the same time, we want someone skilled enough, and geared enough to jump right into our heroic progression. Oh, and have some fun too!

Speaking of Fun!

Maybe I’m biased, but our raids are fun. We don’t yell, we don’t get snippy… it’s a game and everyone is here to have fun. Let’s take a recent example of how we handle ‘problems’ in our raid.

The other night on Margok, the mines were a problem. Our trusty hunter always called out to move left as a group when the mines spawned. She also called out to watch your backs for knockbacks. For the first 3-4 attempts, every mine was blown up shortly after being placed. Then our raid leader had an epiphany: “Obviously, they don’t look like mines. Let’s call them arcane death traps. Stay out of the arcane death traps and we’ll be good.”  After that, our hunter told everyone to move out of arcane death traps as they spawned, and mines death traps were no longer a problem… in fact, not a SINGLE ONE was detonated :)

We like to think that’s a much more fun approach than yelling at people. But we do expect people to pay attention and learn, so time isn’t wasted.

The 25-man Roster

We want a full 25 man team so that when we get to Mythic, we have the right people for the job. WE don’t want to have a 30 man team, because too many people would sit out. Once we get to mythic, we’ll rotate people in and out, assuming everyone is amazing. And if some people aren’t performing well enough, we’ll work with you to get up to par so you aren’t benched.

Who are we recruiting? DPS! AND A TANK!

  • We are full on healers, but have a couple DPS spots open and a Tanking/Dmg hybrid spot.
  • iLevel 650 (roughly)
  • We want one plate, mail, leather and cloth DPSer. No more warriors (sorry!)

When & where do we raid?

Mondays from 8 pm – 11pm CST (server time) / 6pm – 9pm PST
Tuesdays from 8 pm – 11pm CST (server time) / 6pm – 9pm PST

Kul’Tiras-US, HORDE
Here’s a link to our logs (look for the “Team Robot” label on the right).

Other perks:

Members of our raid team get a first look at all of our upcoming features for You are the guinea pigs first to test them out, even before alpha testers! And you can also influence feature decisions, since we all hang out on Mumble together during the raids, you have a captive audience with Mr. Robot’s developer (and me!).

How to apply:

Leave a comment with this info:

  • About yourself and a link to your character.
  • If you have a link to combat logs, that would also be very helpful. We want to make sure we pick the right people in case a server transfer is required.
  • Your Bnet tag so I can add you tonight. You can also email that to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com, if you don’t want to post it in the comments.

We will be bringing applicants in for trials tonight, Tuesday Jan 27.


Spotlight: Healiocentric

In 2015, Mr. Robot’s New Year’s Resolution is to make it an awesome year for other people. To help him do that, I’m working on a series of fan spotlights. Healiocentric’s healing post is a perfect way to start the series.

If you are trying to squeeze out a little more healing in your raid team, take 15 minutes to read Healiocentric’s post (@Healiocentric) and I’m confident you’ll come out with a few ways to improve. While it looks like a long post, I promise it’s a very easy read that makes points in a logical order.

A few insights I gleamed from it and will use for our own raids:

  • Healing Tonics do NOT share cooldowns with DPS potions or Rejuvenation Potions (healing pots). They DO share a cooldown with healthstones, but heal for a fair amount more than healthstones. We plan to call for tonic use like we would a raid-heal-cooldown.
    They cost 10 scorpion segments. I fished up 15 in my level 2 shack in 5 minutes, which yielded >20 meat. That is enough to create 2 sets of potions which yield 4+ depending on first aid skill (yes, you can make them at level 1 first aid).
  • Aspect of the Fox (a Hunter ability) lets you cast while moving for 6 seconds. Our team plans to use this in conjunction with a tranquility, on Twin Ogron during the quake, since our team members love playing in the fire.
  • Amplify Magic (a Mage ability) increases healing from all sources by 10%. We’re going to take Healiocentric’s advice and time it up to specific mechanics, like infesting spores on Brackenspore.

And thanks to folks on Twitter… we have some Healing Tonic macros

Note, Rejuvenation potions share a cooldown with your DPS and mana potions. But if your team decides you need to use both, these macros are helpful. Healing tonic is the first choice, to keep the dps/mana potion use available.

  • @LyfaTheDruid has a ‘cast sequence’ macro. This will use the first item in the list the first time you press it. If you press it again, it uses the 2nd item, and so on. So you can set it up to use a healing tonic and later in the fight a rejuvenation potion. It resets when you leave combat.
    /castsequence reset=combat Healing Tonic, Draenic Rejuvenation Potion
  • @DaikatsuCTR has a different version that modifies the macro with another key. For example, in this one if you press ctrl and your hotkey (or button), you use Healing Tonic. If you just press the macro hotkey (or press the button), it uses the Rejuvenation Potion.
    /use [mod:ctrl] Rejuvenation Potion; Healing Tonic
    DaikatsuCTR is also a co-host of the Monk Meditation podcast


Mark of the Shattered Hand


You may have seen Mark of the Shattered Hand as a recommended optimization. If you have “Exclude Expensive Enchants” turned on, that’s the only choice Mr. Robot has to give DPSers. If you want the other ones recommended, just uncheck that filter and you’re all set! However, it still might be the best one for you – even if you are ranged, it still procs (despite the tooltip).

For Tanks and Healers, Mr. Robot uses Mark of Black Rock and Mark of the Shadow Moon as the cheap enchants.


Mr. Robot’s ADDON & Combat Logs

Why should you install Mr. Robot’s addon for Highmaul and upload logs? Because… COOL STUFF! Once we collect enough data from you and other smart, talented, beautiful players like you, Mr. Robot can do a LOT! Besides just buttering you up with compliments, he can tell you…

For each player:

  • Talents: The popularity of talents & glyphs from players in the 95% percentile for each boss. This helps you decide if you should talent switch for another boss.
  • Damage & gear: When looking at different gear sets, Mr. Robot can tell you what players in the 95th and 50th percentile are doing for DPS (for each boss!). So you can see what the best (and average) players are doing with various levels of gear.
  • Performance over time: For each boss, we can graph your performance over time (on successful kills).

For your team:

  • iLevel: We are tracking the average item level of each team and can tell you fun things with that. My favorite: what is the average iLevel of the worst 5% for each boss kill? These are the people barely scraping by, probably everyone but a hunter died who got the killing blow :)  Anyway, this will give you the ‘gear check’ level of a boss, so you know where your team stands.
  • Team Composition: We can tell you if teams with extra shamans tend to have higher kill ratios, as an example.
  • DPS & HPS: We can correlate damage and healing to successful boss kills, so you can see how your team compares.
  • And more!

Log comparisons

We will be able to find people just like you, who perform a bit better, and help you compare the logs. Instead of looking at the top 1% who have gear 30 iLevels higher, look at the top percent of people who have gear just like yours.  AND we will auto-compare a lot of the data for you, so you don’t have to sift through logs.

Get the Addon & Get Started!

On the main menu of our site or on curse. In the addon, check ‘always log Highmaul‘ so you never forget to start or stop! Then upload and browse your logs!

All of these cool features require someone from your team uploading logs, and as many people as possible having the addon. The only way we get accurate gear, talent and glyph data on your character for EACH boss attempt, is if you have the addon installed. You don’t have to be the one logging the raids, just have it installed and enabled. As long as someone from your team is using the addon to log your raids, their addon will talk to your addon (behind the scenes, without disturbing you), and collect your gear, talent and glyph data.

So let’s upload your log!

1. Go to and click “upload a log.”UploadLog

2. If you don’t have the desktop program installed yet, you’ll see a big green install button. Click it! This is what our desktop program looks like.



3. Process your logs with our desktop program. You’ll see a nifty section that shows you who Mr. Robot collected gear, talent and glyph data for (and who he didn’t). That data is automatically collected for everyone who has our addon installed. They don’t need to do ANYTHING, other than have it installed.



 For people who’s gear was collected, you will get a view like this on the combat logs:


Video Preview

This is only a preview of the basic parts of the combat logs. The fancy features will be coming as soon as we have enough data.

Warlords of Draenor: Pre-Raid BiS

Mr. Robot is excited to help you find your pre-raid BiS gear! All you have to do is go to the BiS view, then edit the filters. Below is one example of pre-raid filters.


I’ll go through the filters, starting at the top left, and going down through each of the 4 columns.

  • Target Level: this affects things like the boss debuffs, like crit. Set it to +2 (5-man dungeon)
  • Raid Gear: uncheck both of these options
  • World Bosses: if you’re doing them, check those boxes.
  • Legendary Quest Progress: you can get the 680 ring without ever stepping foot in a raid. So it’s best to get that, pronto!
  • Default Item Enhancements: this tells Mr. Robot if you want him to assume extra gem sockets, etc. Note that starting with 5man heroics, you can start to get extra gem sockets, warforged gear and minor stats.
  • Apexis Crystal Items: check any of the boxes you are ready to afford
  • PvP Threshold: set this to none
  • Crafted Threshold:  You can choose the level of crafted gear you have access to or can afford off the AH. Remember that you can upgrade the gear as well.
  • Mission Gear Threshold: missions start rewarding 615 gear when you (and/or your followers) reach level 100.These rewards can get higher, so as you start seeing those missions, you can adjust this option.
  • BoE gear: These are items you can buy off the AH. It is NOT restricted to items that drop out of Highmaul or Blackrock foundry (it’s just there for item level reference).
  • Thriftiness: up to you!
  • Min / Max Item level: no need to adjust these since the other filters will take care of it. But you can if you’d like.
  • Other Items: The heroic daily dungeon rewards decent gear if you’d like to check that box. The rewards you get are random.

Best in Bags:

As you are trying to get your BiS set ready, remember to use Best in Bags. Since you won’t likely get every piece on your pre-raid BiS before you start raiding, Mr. Robot will help you pick out the best items that you DO have :)