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Blizzcon: business in the front, party in the back!

Mr. Robot is teaming up with World of Podcasts and OpenRaid to host a Blizzcon event you won’t want to miss. We’ve reserved 2 party rooms at the Hilton: one will be hosting panels on hot topics and the other will be for the par-tay!

* Disclaimer: Mr. Robot’s translation algorithm did not compute that the title of this article refers to the best hairstyle known to humans… the mullet. You do not need a mullet to get into the party 

Panels (we love to talk!)

Since we’ll have so many of the top theorycrafters and podcast personalities in one room, it would be a waste if we didn’t get them to share their knowledge! So we have a separate room for panel discussions on various topics.

Want to hear on something specific? Have a good idea? Don’t be shy, tell us in our survey and don’t be afraid to get crazy and creative. We already got a couple of cool ideas from fans that we’ll be doing. We’re reading each and every response… it’s handy having a super-powerful robot on your side to process gobs of information :)

Meet your favorite fansite celebrities!

So this party room we reserved, the “RL Chat Room,” will be flooded with fansite celebrities who are excited to meet you. That’s right, they love connecting with fans (honestly, who doesn’t love getting gushed over? It’s a natural behavior for humans). There will also be a bar, prizes, autographs, and plenty of photo-ops.

Dying to meet someone in particular? Be sure to take our survey and tell us WHO, you know, so Mr. Robot & friends can e-stalk ask them for an RSVP :)  We’ll be posting a master list of celebrities that are locked in as the event gets closer.

* Disclaimer #2: While glomping will be allowed, please use only rank 1 glomp to avoid serious injuries

See you there!

Where: Hilton Anaheim
When: Thursday, Nov 6, 6:30 – 11:30 PM
Stay updated:



Combat Logs: Deaths, Resources & The Kitchen Sink

To continue with our mission to make combat logs easier to understand, we’ve ironed out a few more report views. Hopefully this help make the data actionable, so everyone can improve in their raids.



Our goal with the death report is to have you quickly understand what happened, and how to prevent it. The death report starts with a few key metrics:

  • The time it took you to die (measured from the last time you were at 90% health to death)
  • The last time you were healed (did you receive no heals for 2 seconds before death? Or were you healed a split second before death?)

The next most important piece of information is how much total damage you took (from the last time you were at 90%), what ability actually killed you, and how much total healing you received in that time frame.

After that, we want to show any defensive buffs that you used (or were used on you). You can see that I used Barkskin in the example below. But there’s something interesting to note: I went from 90% to death in 4.4 seconds, but Barkskin was only up for 2.2 seconds. That’s because I cast it as I saw my health drop, but then I died.

The last, but not least, we show how much damage you took from each source, and how much healing you received (and from what abilities).


Death Detail View

We hope that most of the information you want is contained the regular death report – we don’t want you spending 30 minutes looking for the info you need. However, sometimes you want to look through death events in greater detail, so we provide a detailed view. And to make it as easy as possible, we give you some filters on the left so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.



We track your mana, rage, energy (and so on) to help you understand how you manage them. Here’s some views for a healer’s mana (top) and a tank’s rage (bottom).



Want to know how well the team interrupted specific abilities? You can get it all with one quick report view:



Along the same lines as interrupts, how well did the team dispell those dreaded debuffs, like Shadow Word: Bane on The Fallen Protectors? We even tell you the average time from debuff application to dispell :)



Tooltips are finally here! We wanted to provide extra information so you don’t have to leave the report view if you don’t want to. If you think we left any important information off, let us know!

The player tooltip gives you more information on their gear, which is captured at the start of each boss attempt.


Damage taken tooltips are pretty awesome, if I am allowed to compliment my own site! Take a look at the example below, you’ll see a clear breakdown of damage taken, the blocks and absorbs.


Healing tooltips show a breakdown of healing that was done as absorbs (hi Disc Priests!) and overhealing.


Up Next

We’re currently working on the graphing system and will have that ready for our next alpha update. Stay tuned! To see past feature highlights, check out this blog article.

Want in on the closed alpha? Fill out this form with your email.



Valor Upgrades & The Armory

Upgrade levels not showing up?

It looks like the armory isn’t updating for some people – it isn’t reflecting the new upgrade levels you just did. First, make sure you’ve logged out of Warcraft and return to our site to click the green ‘update from armory’ button to the left of your name. If that doesn’t fix it, the workaround below will!

Update: Blizzard suspects it’s a caching issue. You can also use their fix, outlined here.

How to use our in-game addon to update your character:

Continue reading

Patch 5.4.8 Valor and YOU!

NOTE: The armory isn’t showing upgraded gear, but we have a workaround.

What should I upgrade first? It’s different for every character!

There’s a lot of generic advice out there, like weapons should always be upgraded first, chest and leg upgrades are equal, etc. But in reality, it’s specific to each character and depends on a lot of variables. Mr. Robot will tell you exactly which item upgrades give you the most bang for your buck valor. Here’s a few questions he can answer, specific to each individual character:

  • Should I upgrade those warforged bracers or the normal helm?
  • Should I upgrade the 553 weapon or my heroic pants?
  • How much of a boost do I get by upgrading an amplification trinket? Is it better than upgrading my weapon, helm or warforged items?

Mr. Robot uses ‘teh mathz’ to tell you exactly how big of an increase each upgrade will get you… taking all of the guesswork out of your decision. And in some examples below, you will see that seemingly sound advice, like upgrading your weapon first, doesn’t always hold true. 

How to get started

  1. Load your character into Ask Mr. Robot.
  2. Click the purple “Find Upgrades” button.
  3. Choose the “Currencies” option, then select “Valor Points.”





4. Review your item lists. A lot of advice leads you to believe you should always upgrade your weapon, legendary cloak and trinkets first. In this example for Yellowfive, you can see that only 1 of those 3 things is correct: the cloak. The trinket is #9 on the list and the weapon is #11. That’s why the math is helpful – it’s different for every character and every role! For example, tanks tend to not fall into the ‘weapon first’ category.


5.  Decide if you want to show the “Largest Improvement” or “Most Cost Effective” for sorting.

  • Note that items not upgraded at all, which are eligible for +16 item levels will show up as a larger upgrade under the “Largest Improvement” sort than an item that can only be upgraded an additional 8 times because it was already 2/4.
  • Whereas the “Most Cost Effective” sort will show you the best bang for your buck valor. The score in the “Most Cost Effective” column is calculated as the increase to your optimized score per 100 Valor points spent.
  • In the example below, you can see how the shoulder (upgraded 0/4) looks like a huge improvement under the “Largest Improvement” sort. But once you factor in that it would cost 1,000 Valor points to get all 4 of those upgrade levels, that score increase isn’t very effective (as shown in the 2nd column under the “Most Effective” sort).


If all of your items were already maxed out at +8 before the patch, you won’t see a difference between “Largest Improvement” and “Most Cost Effective.” When “Largets Improvement” is selected, you can see direct score comparisons, for example, the Main Hand will give this player a +1000.42 score increase, compared to the legendary cloak with a 434.33 score increase.


Load your character now!

Bags full of gear and wondering what to upgrade? Best in bags can help you with that too! Be sure to choose the “always upgrade” option.

Want to upgrade? You can do that here.

Wondering what we’re up to for WoD?

Check out our Combat Logging (currently in alpha)

Combat log alpha

Alpha is LIVE

If you don’t have access and want it, we need your email address (PM us on twitter, the forums, or send an email to feedback -at – askmrrobot dotz com) and I will add you to the next wave of users.

Our philosophy:

Our goal with combat logs is similar to our goal with gear optimization: make it usable for everybody. Back in the day, gear optimization was limited to a small part of the community who took the time to do all of the research, or learn how to use complex programs created by theorycrafters.  We changed that by making a high-quality tool that was also very easy to use.

Combat logs are still somewhat in the “complex programs” category.  Sure, it’s easy enough to go to WoL and see your rough DPS or ability breakdown… but it’s hard for the average player to get much actionable information out of it.  And there’s a lot of “junk” even in the basic reports that is hard to sift through.  We’re here to change that!

This initial alpha is just the tip of the iceberg — we have tried to make reports that are bold, readable, and less data-dense while being more informative at the same time.  We have applied an extra layer of polish and cleanup to the actual log data to display particular spells in more useful ways, divide fights into useful “phases”, and so on.

Unique features:

We wanted to get the basics right and improve on things that we’ve all ‘just accepted.’ For example, a lot of spells have duplicate appearances in a log, so you’re spending mental time adding them up to get ballpark damage (or healing) numbers (see mind flay before and after). Or maybe you spend time googling that random buff name you don’t recognize, only to find out 10 minutes later that it’s a proc from your trinket or set bonus. Mr. Robot firmly believes it is his job as a badass calculating machine to do that grunt work for you.

Whenever we review logs, we also found ourselves wondering if someone was dominating the damage charts because of their gear or skill. We also wanted to know what gear, talents and glyphs someone was using when we comparing them to ourselves. So we added in a way to capture accurate gear data through the addon.

Those are just the beginning of what Mr. Robot has in store for his combat log analysis. And thanks for testing it out for us, we know there will be a few kinks to work out.

We want your feedback!

Post bug reports on the forums.
We have a lot of people reading the forums and responding, whereas it’s just little ol’ me on the blog comments and I’m multitasking on all sorts of things. Note, if you don’t have a forum user name, you’ll have to make one as they are unfortunately not tied to your regular AMR accounts).

First, the best way to get invited to other alphas is to take time and give feedback :)  There’s always a handful of people who give excellent feedback and they are on my ‘perma-invite’ list. We want to know all sorts of things – here’s a list to get you started, but it isn’t limited to this:

  • Usability: we try really hard to make everything on our site intuitive and user-friendly. If something was confusing, we want to know. Some of the things we specifically want to know about:
    - Using the in-game addon to start/stop logging and gather gear data
    - Using the client program to upload a log
    - Searching for uploaded logs by player/guild and browsing rankings
    - Viewing basic reports for a log
  • Ability data:  I know we didn’t catch all of the spells for all of the specs. If you see duplicates or anything else that isn’t ideal, tell us.
  • Buff data: we have sources and categories for all of the buffs. If something is missing a source (trinket, set bonus, etc) or a category, let us know. We also have a ‘junk’ category that removes unimportant buffs like blingtron’s shirt from last year or hunters’ track humanoids. If you see a ‘junk’ buff, let us know.
  • Accurate data: if something looks off, like a spell did a fraction of what you expected (for example), let us know!
  • Favorite feature: we want to know what you like the best. Something that wow’s you or something you can’t live without. That helps us prioritize which features to focus on. It also makes Mr. Robot feel warm and fuzzy, which he needs sometimes… living in a cold, metallic body.
  • Feature request: we have a lot of cool features on our to-do list. But we want to hear from you too – what can we add that would make combat analysis better. Don’t be afraid of thinking big or worrying if it’s too complicated. We want to hear it all!

Coming soon:

Our first priority is to fix any bugs before adding new features. Once that’s done, here’s what coming next:

We know that the site is far from complete!  We have put placeholders where things will be added in the future, and here are a few more things on our plate:

  • Add mouse-overs on most of the data reports with more detailed numbers.
  • Add a private log upload feature.
  • Build our super-fancy log comparison/analysis tool — this will come a bit later, but is one of the major features we’re working towards after the basics are functioning well.



Combat Logs: RL Screenshots

How many times can I say the alpha is close before it’s here?! ONE MORE TIME! I’m on the final stages of testing. And I’m sending screenshots back of logs I test. Not nearly as fun as playing with the alpha on your own, but we’re VERY CLOSE!

I’ll be posting screenshots as I get to them. If you want to participate I need:

  • A link to your log (raw text file) on dropbox or some other file sharing service
  • The region and realm of the person who made the log
  • A specific boss you’re interested in (I am only doing screenshots from 1 boss at a time)
  • Your character name (so I know who to focus on in the screenshots)



Oops! My addon went rogue!

Update: the fix should be live!

Hello everyone. I think my addon has become self-aware and is messing with everyone. When importing your gear to our website, you might see a message that you need to update to v

There is no version Since my human helpers never make mistakes, the only explanation is that the addon is self-aware and made the change itself!!! Obviously.

We’re uploading a fix in the next hour or two. It will make the website tell you that version 1.2.9 is the correct version.

Until then, there’s actually a workaround:

The text you’re importing to our site looks like this:


You will want to change the version number to when importing, UNTIL we get the fix live.


No need to update the addon

There is no need to update the addon. The fix will be on our end, to accept the addon you’re currently using (assuming you have v 1.2.9, which is the most current version on curse).

OpenRaid: Challenge Modes

So who’s OCD about completing achievements, getting every pet, mount farming, etc? You and me both, RIGHT?! Well, we’re in for a treat. OpenRaid is hosting a month-long, phased challenge mode completion event. And if that isn’t enough, they’ll have random prize giveaways for participants too.

Phases for Bronze, Silver and Gold

You might be a noob when it comes to challenge modes (/guilty). Or you might be a golden-hero and want to weed out the noobs like me (fine, I didn’t want to play with you anyway!) Well, this phased approach covers these issues and helps train noobs like me to be gold-contenders.

Bronze: April 2 – April 12

Reward: Undaunted title (account wide)
Official events for this phase are not allowed to require any challenge mode experience. However, organizers are allowed to require iLevel 492 with full gems and enchants.

Silver: April 13 – April 19

Reward: Your choice of 4 pandaren phoenix mounts (account wide). Link to achievement.
Official events may require some bronze experience when signing up for these events.

Gold: April 20 – April 30

Reward: A full set of transmog gear! Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior.
Official events are allowed to require full silver experience plus some gold experience for the harder dungeons. And of course fully optimized 492+ gear.

How to Join an Event

If you’re new to openraid, you’ll need to set up an account. It’s a bit of a process, but for a very good reason. You need to add your battletag ID and verify your character. Completing this process allows you to sign up with your character and get connected easily in-game. Here’s a guide to get you started, it’s well worth setting up. And for those of you who love in-depth info and have lots of FAQs, here’s another post to check out.

Once you have an account, head on over to get a list of Challenge Mode events:

No events listed, or not very many? Well, this just launched on April 2, so the events still need to be populated. And if you’re adventurous, set up your OWN event for other people to join (use the hashtag #CM when you post your raids so that they are easily searchable).

Challenge Mode Guides and other random info

A Must Read: WoW insider has a great post that covers the basics to get you started, as well as gold video guides. If you’re new to challenge modes, don’t skip this article. There are a lot of little things that people do in challenge modes, like using invisibility potions.

Other random info:



Combat Log Update: One last set of logs

Alright, we have a couple of fancy features finally finished, like our super fancy combat log uploader. That’s right, super fancy!

Thanks to everyone’s logs from this post. I still have a few outstanding aura’s I’m trying to track down. I need to verify the auras that abilities give you, and these can be tricky to track down and locate. Comments on the item databases can be handy, but I still need to verify every aura ID.

If you have someone in your raid that uses these abilities (which generate auras), you can post the log that has them, or if you feel comfortable navigating them, grab the id’s for me (see example below the list). Note that I’ve exhausted the resources and comments on the item databases, and now it’s the verification game to make sure every ID is correct.

Warrior Auras: DONE!

Druid Auras: DONE!

Mage Auras:

  • T16 2pc for Arcane and Fire
  • T14 4pc
  • T15 2pc

Warlock Auras:

  • T16 2pc

Hunter Auras:

  • Steady Shot
  • Fire! (Master Marksman)
  • Bombardment

Monk Auras:

  • Muscle Memory
  • Vital Mists

Paladin Auras:

  • Seal of Justice
  • Seal of Insight (trying to find out if an aura shows up for this)
  • Glyph of Denounce
  • Glyph of Word of Glory
  • Light’s Beacon
  • Talent: Sacred Shield
  • Glyph of Flash of Light
  • Bastion of Glory

Death Knight Auras:

  • Unholy Frenzy
  • Sudden Doom

Priest Auras:

  • Glyph of Fade
  • Chakra, Holy Word Serenity
  • Talent: Divine Insight for Power Word: Shield
  • Talent: From Darkness comes Light (affects flash of light)
  • Inner Focus

Rogue Auras:

  • Sanguinary Vein
  • Find Weakness
  • Talent: Prey on the Weak
  • Talent: Nightstalker

Shaman Auras: still collecting final summary.

How to see if the Aura IDs are in your log:

  1. Open your log. Hit Ctrl+F to do a search. Type in the name of the aura you think you have.
  2. If you get a match, look to the far left. You’ll see things like “spell cast success,” “aura applied,” “aura removed,” etc. I need the IDs for the “aura applied” line. Sometimes the ID is the same as the spell cast, other times it is NOT.
  3. The ID is the number directly preceding the ability name. In the example shown, 102560.

If you don’t mind, leave a comment with the spell ID (if you are comfortable looking for it), AS WELL AS the combat log itself. That lets me test the final set of auras before we release the alpha.


Join Mr. Robot’s Raid Team


Mr. Robot asked me to find some fun humans to join his (3/14) heroic horde raid team. A couple of his previous raid members have permanent conflicts (like a new super-cute baby, another has a new job). So we have 2 open spots.

The casual-hardcore heroic raid team

We’re a ‘hardcore-casual’ raid team. “WHAT?!” you ask? We only raid 2 days a week, but we’re very efficient with our raid times… fast wipe recovery, quality attempts, etc. And while we all try to improve our gear outside of the raid, there are some weeks people are too busy to do that. And that’s ok! So don’t shy away from this opportunity because you think “Mr. Robot must be a crazy hardcore raider, no way I could keep up.” Because that isn’t us, we are busy outside of Warcraft too! But at the same time, we want someone skilled enough, and geared enough to jump right into our heroic progression. Oh, and have some fun too!

The 11-man Roster

We run a 10 man raid team with 11 people. We do that because at least 50% of the time, someone has a conflict (a birthday, a vacation, etc). But we do NOT have a designated alternate position. Instead, if all 11 people show up, we ask if anyone wants to sit out (like a long day at work!). Most of the time, someone volunteers. But when they don’t, we just rotate taking turns sitting out. I don’t think anyone has ever had to sit out more than once every 3-4 months.

Our current team:

  • Tank: warrior (Yellowfive)
  • Tank: paladin (Starrling)
  • Healer: druid (Zoopercat)
  • Healer: druid (Parsi) / shaman (Musty)  - same person, with 2 geared healers
  • Healer / DPS hybrid: priest (Zennif)
  • DPS: mage (Delerya)
  • DPS: mage (Aktapus)
  • DPS: death knight (neuviacci)
  • DPS: shaman (Sarano)

Who are we recruiting? 2 DPS!

  • Ideally a warlock and a hunter. But we are open to other classes if the person is really good :)
  • iLevel 550+
  • Heroic progression: ideally you’ve killed at least 1 heroic boss, and 14/14 normal mode

When & where do we raid?

Mondays from 11pm – 1am EST / 8pm – 10pm PST
Tuesdays from 10pm – 1am EST / 7pm – 10pm PST

Kul’Tiras-US, HORDE

Other perks:

Members of our raid team get a first look at all of our upcoming features for You are the guinea pigs first to test them out, even before alpha testers! And you can also influence feature decisions, since we all hang out on Mumble together during the raids, you have a captive audience with Mr. Robot’s developer (and me!).

How to apply:

Leave a comment with information about yourself and a link to your character. If you have a link to combat logs, that would also be very helpful. We want to make sure we pick the right person in case a server transfer is required.