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New Feature: Stat Weight Sharing

Yesterday we launched a new, handy feature: we let you share and import stat weights directly in the stat weight editor. So if you write a guide, feel free to include our stat weight format. If you tend to help guildies, just post the stat weights in the forums, and let them import it!

1. Click the edit weights button (circled in yellow)


2. Edit your weights and click the share button. Or for importing, click the import button.


3. Copy the weights and paste them in your forums, blog, or anywhere else you want to share them. To import, just paste them in the window.


Premium user update for 6.0.2 and WoD

First, a HUGE thanks for being a premium member. We really hope you’re enjoying the fun features we’ve built over the past couple of years. And we hope you’ll like the new ones we’re launching in Warlords of Draenor. /thanks from Team Robot -Yellowfive (developer of awesome) -Swol (designer and theorycrafter badass) -Zoopercat (social butterfly)

Update: Oct 22

We are working around the clock, fueled by a little extra caffeine, to get the premium features ready. We’re close… so VERY close.

  • Best in Bags: ready on patch day!
  • Upgrade finder: Ready on 10/22: Bonus rolls, burdens of eternity, SoO zone ranked lists, and item upgrades. Ready later tonight (on 10/22): world bosses.
  • Robocouncil: this is getting a huge feature overhaul and will be revamped for Warlords launch or shortly after.

Use Best in Bags on Tuesday!

premium_BiB_lAll of your gear will return to its pre-reforged state. Hit & expertise caps are gone. Stats are squished. Lots has changed. That means much of your equipped gear might not be the best gear anymore, and something hiding in your bags could be better. So your best option to optimize on Tuesday is first run your character through Best in Bags. That will give you a new starting point, and you can equip all of the best gear that you own. After that, feel free to do the regular ol’ optimizing :) Also, if you want to help your non-premium friends, let them know that we will reset everyone’s 1-week free trials on Tuesday. So they can use Best in Bags for the next week :)

In case the Armory doesn’t work for your character:

We have a workaround that uses our addon. Make sure you have the latest version from curse OR our website (in the main drop down menu at the top of the page). Then follow the steps on this guide (some screenshots may be out of date, as we updated the addon, but the idea stays the same). NEW! In the past, our armory workaround only worked if your character already had been loaded on our site, and all it needed was updating. NOW you can load ANY character, whether it’s been loaded on our site in the past, or not.

Coming in Warlords of Draenor

Live Loot Ranking! The basic part of this feature will be free. But we have some awesome sauce to pour on it for premium users. It will let you save a list of gear (like a wish list) and send it to the in-game addon. Then, whenever a boss drops loot on your list, Mr. Robot pops up and lets you know you might want to roll. We’re really excited for this feature and hope to have it out with Warlord’s launch. Combat log analytics The basic part of this feature will also be free. In addition, we’re working on some features that will automatically dig through the data for you and pull out what’s interesting to help you improve – which is the special fancy schmancy stuff you get as a premium user. This feature will come later, after we have enough raid data to start analyzing.

What to DO for 6.0.2!

What should I do about the Hit & Exp gems I have?
You might be tempted to set the stat weights to 0 right now and pre-optimize for 6.0.2. Don’t do that! Hit on gems will be converted to Crit on Tuesday (both in game, and on our site). Expertise will be converted to Haste. On Tuesday, Mr. Robot will take a look at everything and reoptimize you.

What about my reforged gear?
It will be reverted to its pre-reforged state. So some of your items may no longer be that great for you. But we have you covered with “Best in Bags.” (More on that below).

What about my upgraded gear?
You get to keep upgrades on your gear. And you can still upgrade them, they will cost 50 lesser charms instead of valor.

What about my special profession-based enchants, sockets, JC gems, etc?
All profession bonuses are removed. But there are some specifics. If it’s totally extra (like an extra gem socket on wrists and gloves), it’s removed completely. If it’s something everyone else can get and you just get a bonus (like JC gems can be put in sockets, but they just give you more stats), they are ‘nerfed’ down to ‘normal’ levels. For example, you can still craft and use JC gems, they just give the same amount of stats as a regular gem. Mr. Robot will account for ALL of this on Tuesday when the patch goes live.

A Little Brain Power Recommended

While we’ve done our best to test the optimizations, stat weights, best in slot, etc, some things may have slipped through. Our stat weights are our ‘best estimates’ since almost all of the theorycrafting focuses on level 100 stat weights. We estimated level 90, but if you don’t like them, feel free to change them.

Because of all of that, you might want to give the optimizations a quick once-over before making changes. If you have questions OR BUGS (gasp!), post them on (you need a separate login for that, I’m sorry, but it’s worth it!)

Any bugs reported on the forums will be top priority. We will be doing updates several times a day to fix bugs.

Best in Bags – Free for a week!

In all honesty, our Best in Bags feature is going to be your best friend on Tuesday. It’s like Best in Slot, but with gear you actually own. So some of those reforged pieces will no longer be good, and another item in your bags might be much better now. Best in Bags will tell you that!


Normally, Best in Bags is premium ($12 a year). And everyone gets a free one-week trial, but most of you have used that up already. So we are resetting ALL free trials on Tuesday. We know how stressful these gear changes are, and we just want to help. To activate the free trial on Tuesday (or any day after Tuesday), just click the Best in Bags option and it will automatically start. As always, no credit card or personal info is collected for the free trial… because if we’re honest here… that’s just shady (and we don’t like shady!!)

If you want some more info on Best in Bags, jump over to this blog post. It’s going to look out-of-date starting Tuesday with our new UI, but the concepts are the same.

 Podcasters, Bloggers, Theorycrafters, you get free Premium anyway!

Those of you producing content for the WoW community are amazing. Everyone benefits from the hard work you do. As our thanks, we want to continue our tradition of giving you free premium accounts this expansion. To ‘apply,’ please reach out to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com, with your AMR user name and a link to your ‘stuff.’  We’ll get you setup :)

Top Things to Know for Patch 6.0.2

Gear Changes for Patch 6.0.2:

  • Official patch notes
  • Stat squish: all of your stats have been ‘squished’ in the patch.
  • Reforging is gone. All gear returns to its pre-reforged state.
  • Hit and Expertise are gone
  • Dodge and parry aren’t really ‘good’ anymore. Crit now gives some classes and specs parry (like with Riposte for Warriors, which now makes crit give you parry)
  • Agility and Intellect no longer give Critical Strike
  • Profession bonuses to combat no longer give bonuses. For example JC gems now give the same amount of stats as a regular gem.
  • Gear upgraded with Valor stays upgraded. You can still upgrade MoP gear, but you use 50 lesser charms per upgrade instead of Valor.
  • New level 550 gear from the updated level 90 Upper Blackrock Spire!
  • Mr. Robot’s “Best in Bag” feature will be free for a week, starting on Tuesday. Think of it like Best in Slot, but for items found in your bags and bank.

Mr. Robot’s status: Live on Tuesday, Oct 14!

We’re releasing our Warlords site on Oct 14 as a beta on our live site. The beta will start with Level 90 characters, since none of us will be 100 yet, and we want the site to be usable in this ‘in between’ period. The goal is the make the site work for 6.0.2, while focusing the majority of our efforts on perfecting everything for level 100 in WoD.

Take a sneak peek at the new UI launching with 6.0.2:

Some notes from Mr. Robot:

  • Stat weights: we will be adjusting them to get them in the ballpark. We’ve done the first round of research to achieve this. As we get closer to WoD, we’ll have more thorough research and input from theorycrafters.
  • Gear: In preparation for WoD, we’ve removed gear some of the lower level 90 gear from the ranked lists. We will still be ranking everything from timeless isle or higher, including SoO, legendary, world boss drops, timeless isle, anything from a vendor that’s 476+, anything epic and crafted 476+, any epic quest rewards 476+. Gear from the new level 90 Upper Blackrock Spire has been added. event has been added in. Warlords gear will be added in later.
  • Trinkets: Take all level 90 trinket estimates with a grain of salt, a lot of things have changed on them, and our estimates are ‘rough’ and haven’t been vetted like they usually are. We’re focusing efforts on ranking WoD trinkets. The amplification trinkets now have a static estimate (instead of dynamic like before), but your stats will calculate correctly at the end. We did this because amp trinkets are being removed in WoD, so we didn’t re-write the complicated code for it (sorry!)
  • Set Bonuses: These will not be perfect, we’re taking a guess during this transitional phase. After that, they will be irrelevant.
  • Socket Bonuses: We will fudge socket bonuses a bit, instead of complicated code for level 90 gear, we’re just going to cheat a bit since new gear won’t have socket bonuses. The optimizations will still work, but we will not be guaranteeing the optimal solution during this transitional phase.
  • Meta gems & Legendary: we are hard coding the best gem for each class for this interim period.
  • Tolerance: the ‘interim’ optimizer will be less tolerant of silly human things, like setting 0 for all of your weights (it’s happened). We are focusing efforts on making it awesome for WoD instead of ‘silly human’ proofing it.
  • PvP optimization will be VERY rough.

What happens to optimizations?

We will still optimize you! We’re adjusting stat weights to get them in the ballpark, while we do our normal fine-tuning as people reach level 100. And remember, you can always edit them yourself. One thing you will notice right away: without hit and expertise in the game, all of those caps are gone. So stats will likely move around on gems and enchants.

With reforging gone, is my gear bad?

The problem here, is that many of us have reforged so much gear, and made it so customized, that the original items might not actually be very good for us. Mr. Robot’s “Best in Bags” feature will search through all of your gear and find you the best setup.

And because we think Best in Bags will be so helpful, we’re making it free for a week, starting Tuesday. The free trials are reset. So on Tuesday, just click the “Best in Bags” button and your free trial will automatically start. No credit card is ever collected for a free trial, because that’s just shady, and we don’t like shady.

And here’s what we up to for Warlords!

Game Specifics for 6.0.2 (With a few Warlords Tidbits)

The special bonuses you used to get from professions, like extra gem slots for Blacksmiths, special enchant slots for enchanters, shoulder inscriptions, etc, are removed.


  • Old enchants that have hit and expertise have been converted to other stats.
  • Old enchants can’t be applied to items higher than iLevel 600. However, you can still apply MoP enchants to your legendary cloak, even if it’s upgraded past 600. I tested this again on 10/9/14.
  • New enchants (in Warlords) will only cover neck, cloak, rings and weapons. You can also modify the appearance of the weapon enchants. (WoD)


  • Existing (old) gear will keep sockets and bonuses. Existing gems will keep their original stats (including primary stats), with the exception of hit and expertise, which are converted to other stats.
    - Hit is converted to crit on old gems. Rigid River’s heart is +20 crit, for example. Precise Wild Jade should be +10 crit and +10 crit, but is wrong, verify!
    - Expertise is converted to haste on old gems. Precise Primoridal ruby is +20 haste, for example. Verify wicked vermillion is correct (10 haste / 10 haste)
    - Accurate Imperial Amethyst used to be +160 Hit and +160 Expertise. It is now +10 Crit and + 10 Haste.
  • JC Gems (Serpent’s Eyes) can still be crafted, but they have the same value as a regular blue quality gem now, since professions no longer give additional combat bonuses. For example, Brillaint Serpent’s Eye is now +10 Int, and a Brilliant Primordial Ruby is also +10 Int.
  • Stat squish drops old blue quality gems down to 10 for primary stats and 20 for secondary.
  • In WoD, there will not be new hybrid gems, and new gems no longer give primary stats. Gem socket colors and bonuses will also be gone for new gear. (WoD)
  • Here’s a list of the new gems, they are much simpler. They come in 2 qualities right now: +16 for regular and +20 for greater. They also require 5x of various herbs to make, along with a taladite gem. (WoD)
    Critical Strike Taladite
    Haste Taladite 
    Mastery Taladite
    Multistrike Taladite
    Stamina Taladite
    Versatility Taladite


  • Flasks and potions increase primary stats in Warlords! There are 4 types of flasks that affect agility, strength, intellect and stamina. The regular ones give 200 stats, and greater give 250 stats. (WoD)
  • Potions will affect primary stats as well, among other things. (WoD)


  • New recipes in Warlords increase secondary stats (as opposed to primary stats in MoP). (WoD)
  • The number of ‘servings’ you get increase with your cooking skill (new to WoD).

Engineering, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring

  • In Warlords, each profession can make new 630 and 640 iLevel gear that is BoE and has a random stat. The random stats can be ‘rerolled’ with special essences. Those crafted items can also be upgraded twice with special ‘items’ as follows:
    - 630 iLevel gets upgraded to 640 and 655
    - 640 iLevel gets upgraded to 655 and 665

Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning:

They can all be done without any required skill level in Warlords. As you get a higher skill level, you get better stuff when picking flowers, mining nodes or skinning wildlife.

Increased Drop Rates for 6.0.2!

Garrosh heirloom drop rate significantly increased. If you don’t have an heirloom yet, you have a 100% chance to get a spec-appropriate item when killing garrosh on normal or higher.

 50 WoD Facts Countdown

For more information, check out our countdown post with lots of facts!


Blizzcon Party – Thursday Nov 6, 2014 @ the Hilton

We’re co-hosting the World of Podcasts Blizzcon Party this year!

I don’t want to say this party will be huge (but it will be), or that we have several dedicated bartenders who’ve guaranteed that we can’t run out of drinks (but it’s true)… what I really want to get across is WHY you should ACTUALLY go to this party.

It’s unique, informative, and just plain fun.

We reserved 4 rooms that have expert panel discussions, a photo booth, fansite-celebrity meet & greets, a fan art exhibit, Hearthstone fireside gatherings, multiple bartenders, and over 300 prizes. The event is totally free.

Get your Eventbrite ticket here!

Thursday, November 6 from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM PST
At the Hilton, 777 W Convention Way
(Be sure to sign up, the more accurate the head count, the better we can schedule the right number of bartenders!)


Fan Art Exhibit:
All art will be given away as prizes at the end of the night!

WHAT?! Yeah, that’s right. Mr. Robot and I have been curating the art and contacting artists for the past several months, and over 100 artists have donated over 200 pieces of art. And at the end of the night, it’s all going to be given away… for free! We’re not exaggerating this either – it’s all high quality, mounted on backing board, and over half are 11×14 or larger!

Here’s a tiny sampling of some of the pieces, all different styles, and all amazing artists:

 Green-Screen Photo Booth!

Photobooth2We’re still finalizing the green screen images, but they will be pretty fantastic.

The photo area is big, so we can accommodate large groups of people, like your guild meetup!


Take a picture (or two or three), it’s totally free! The digital pictures will be ready shortly after Blizzcon (again, totally free).

(The artwork in the photo strips to the left are headshots from various art that will be at our exhibit!)


Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings

We’re finalizing the details, but we already have the equipment and a room for Fireside gatherings. Stay tuned as we release more information on the event.

Over 300 Prizes!


These are epic level prizes too.

  • Goodie bags stuffed with surprises
  • T-shirt giveaways
  • Bilzzard swag
  • Jinx! “Faction Bundles” that each contain 3 T-shirts, a hat, a hoodie, some stickers and a key chain.
  • Exclusive posters
  • Over 200 pieces of fan art
  • And more!

And the reason this party got started in the first place:
Podcasters & Panelists!

Darrie from OpenRaid and Wil from A Bit of Geek & Nerdery will be MC’ing the event! Get excited, they are both awesome.

The panels run 25 minutes long, starting on the hour. And starting on the half hour, also for 25 minutes are Q&A sessions with other experts. The panel discussion tops are:

  • Blizzcon predictions
  • Warlords engame, from casual to hardcore
  • General WoW discussion & guild community
  • Podcasting
  • Content Creation

For a list of participating podcasters, bloggers and other wow fansites, go here.

See you there!

Countdown: 50 Facts for WoD

I’ll be sharing a fact a day as I gather information on my fact finding missions for Warlords of Draenor. Days left to launch of WoD: 13, live countdown

  • Fact #17: Goblin Gliders = secret stuff! There are various goblins around in each zone that let you get on gliders to reach secret spots with treasure chests and stuff. You can get a map for the treasure chests in that zone a few different ways (reported by fans). A garrison quest reward, a reward for completing the quest achievement for a zone, and from a vendor in your WoD faction zone (after completing the story line for each zone). Here’s a YouTube video of one of these glider spots.
  • Fact #18: Mythic raid lockouts The mythic lockouts work differently that normal/heroic. In normal/heroic you can run whatever you want, as often as you want, you just don’t get more than 1 chance at gear. Mythic however, works like the ‘old’ lockouts – once you kill a boss, you’re tied to THAT RAID ID. You cannot go into someone else’s mythic raid until it resets each week.
  • Fact #19: Getting gear from your garrison From a blue post: Once you have followers at ilvl 615, the second tier of level 100 missions unlocks, at 630 the third tier unlocks (includes missions with ilvl 645 gear for your character), and when you have followers at ilvl 645 the fourth tier unlocks.

    The fourth tier is special in that they show up rarely, but they’re raid missions for your followers that reward your character with raid quality loot of a tier higher than you’re currently running. If you’re doing LFR, you’ll get normal quality raid loot, if you’re running normal raids you’ll get heroic quality loot, and heroic raiders will get mythic quality loot. Mythic raiders will get mythic loot and 1k gold.

    These missions show up rarely enough that you won’t be able to deck out your character in these items before the next raid zone shows up, but having a handful of them will give you a nice edge.The level you’re currently running will be roughly determined by having ‘weeks’ of experience in a zone at that difficulty, Get more info on the followup blue post.
  • Fact #20: Blackrock Foundry There are 3 wings in the Blackrock Foundry raid, and you can do the wings in any order. Then you can kill the end boss. There’s also a quest that takes several weeks to complete, rewarding you with a key to skip most of the bosses and go right to the last ones. (We’re still tracking down the official source on that, though it seems to be legit). This makes loot choices interesting.
  • Fact #21: Professions & Garrisons This one comes from a tip in the comments section, thank you! Once you learn the scroll that takes your crafting profession cap to 700 (you get 1 from a quest on your faction’s initial zone and if you have more than 1 crafting profession or change professions you can get them from a quest item dropped by mobs) you will be able to purchase your profession’s crafting recipes from a vendor in Ashran (On your faction’s hub). These recipes are purchased with a special currency appropriate to each crafting profession and you can get them from a daily cooldown (like “Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing”).While having a small garrison building that matches your professions will give you access to more cooldown-based ingredients (like “Truesteel Ingot” for blacksmiths) and ease of access to the professions recipe vendor within your garrison, you can still learn all the recipes and craft all the items if you build different garrison buildings or if you don’t use your garrison at all.Having a small garrison building for a profession you do not have will give you access to work orders to make that professions crafting materials and to most of the Draenor items crafted by that profession, depending on the level of your building. However, the best items each profession can craft are still restricted to heroes with the corresponding professions (like items to improve weapons and armors or the best enchants)
  • Fact #22: Skipping Bosses in WoD There are several bosses you can skip and still kill the end boss. After killing the end boss, if you want to go back and kill the ones you skipped, you can. (source)
  • Fact #23: No gate for Mythic You will not need to clear Heroic in order to run mythic raids on WoD. (source)
  • Fact #24: Ordos Ordos will continue to require a legendary cloak to access. Thanks to our comment section for catching this for me!
  • Fact #25: Loot based lockouts Patch 6.0.2 launched a different boss/raid lockout system. Instead of locking you out because you already killed a boss, you can now enter and help your friends kill any boss they want (regardless of if you’ve already killed it). Instead, the lockout is loot-based: you can kill any boss again (and again) in the same week, you just won’t get loot from it.
  • Fact #26: Hallows End: Upgraded Loot! Hallows End drops have been upgraded to iLevel 540. There are new pets. AND… you can get a Lich King costume (for Tricky Treats from a vendor), that has 50 charges.
  • Fact #27: Garrison mission spreadsheet A huge thanks to @Elvinelol for putting together this spreadsheet. It details required level & item levels, duration, if it’s rare, and more.
  • Fact #28:Garrison Build Order Guide A post by Denizly from MMO-C is a really excellent guide for Garrisons, including suggested build orders based on your play style. For example, the guide outlines the best build order for leveling up, raiding, gold making and altoholics. And there’s also a garrison guide for pet collectors over at
  • Fact #29: Garrison followers: Bodyguards Some of your followers can be bodyguards – they follow you into battle (not instances though) and help you fight. As you gain reputation with them, they get stronger and get more abilities (like CC). And level 3 gives them special perks, like opening a portal to your garrison no matter where you are, or giving you access to mission table from anywhere, or even REPAIRS! ( post)
  • Fact #30: Normal & Heroic raids scale to 30 in WoD Remember, Normal is the new Flex, and Heroic is the new normal! RaidscalingConverge
  • Fact  # 31: Garrosh Heirlooms They will scale as you level up from 90 to 100, ending at item Level 620. And note, all versions (LFR, Normal, etc) converge at level 620 (thanks to @lumpythegnome for the tip!) garroshheirlooms
  • Fact #32: Dungeons There will be 8 dungeons on launch. 4 are tuned to various levels between 90 and 99. The other 4 are tuned for level 100. To queue for heroic difficulty of dungeons in the group finder, you will need a silver medal from the Proving Grounds.
  • Fact #33: Guild leveling is gone & perks changed Courtesy of @Medros from AllThingsAzeroth Patch 6.0.2 removed the guild levelling system, and all guilds will essentially be the equivalent of a level 25 guild. Regarding perks we have now, some will be going away including the very profitable cash flow, as it was being abused by some people, and others will be built into the game, such as Flight path taxis just inherently moving 25% faster instead of requiring “Ride Like the Wind”; and Honor rewards and item costs can be balanced as if you had “Honorable Mention”. The perks that will remain, and be automatic upon the guild’s creation, are Mount Up, Hasty Hearth, Mobile Banking, The Quick and the Dead, Guild Mail, Mass Resurrection.
  • Fact #34: Apexis crystals ApexisVendorThe popular comparison is that “Apexis Crystals are the new Valor.”  You can buy gear with them, as well as bonus rolls (more on that soon), and a few other misc things. – iLevel 630 gear costs 3,000-5000 crystals (depending on slot) (same iLevel as heroic dungeons) – iLevel 645 costs an additional 9000-11500 plus a turnin of the 630 item (slightly better than LFR Highmaul, which is iLEvel 640) – iLevel 655 costs and additional 14,500 – 20,000 plus a turnin of the 645 item (same iLevel as Normal (old Flex difficulty) Highmaul) How fast do you get them? You can choose between 1 of 2 Garrison daily quests: one gives 800 apexis crystals, another quest (group or pvp) gives 1000 crystals. There are other sources that drop much less (like rare spawns, at about 30 or less). Watch Asmongold’s video on Apexis Crystals.
  • Fact #35: Banks & Crafting When 6.0.2 hits, you will be able to visit your bank and unlock a BankReagentTabSizespecial reagent storage area. This allows you to access your crafting materials from anywhere, so you can craft on the go! – Costs 100 gold to unlock the reagent bank (pic) – There’s a handy button to to deposit all reagents! – It has 98 slots (14×7) (pic)
  • Fact #36: Upper Blackrock Spire When 6.0.2 hits, for a limited time, you will be able to run a redesigned UBRS appropriate for level 90 characters. And it drops level 550 gear.
  • Fact #37: Reforged Gear All gear will be reverted to its pre-reforged state once 6.0.2 hits. That means reforges will be reset. And in case anyone has been completely out of the news, reforging is gone! (video from vittoriya)
  • Fact #38: Flying Mounts There is no flying in WoD. All flying mounts can be used on the ground where flying isn’t allowed.
  • Fact #39: Bonus Rolls The new bonus roll currency is “Seal of Tempered Fate.” You can get 3 a week and they can be obtained 4 different ways. However there’s a catch: each way you obtain it gets more expensive on the 2nd and 3rd ‘purchase’ for that week. For example, you can buy them with gold. 500 gold for the first purchase, 1,000 for the second, and 2,000 for the third. So the optimal way to obtain them is 1 of each currency each week. -Gold -Honor -Apexis Crystals -Garrison resources (although, these are precious early on and you might not want to use them) Thanks to asmongold for his youtube video on this subject.
  • Fact #40: Resurrection charges From the patch notes: “Upon engaging a boss, all combat resurrection spells will have their cooldowns reset and begin with 1 charge. Charges will accumulate at a rate of 1 per (90/RaidSize) minutes.” This will affect those last minute rezzes you might want right before enrage timers. If anyone knows WoD enrage timers, leave a comment. I’ll add them to this fact and give you a shout out! Below is a list of how often you accumulate a rez charge: 10 players: 9 minutes 11 players: 8:11 minutes 12 players: 7:30 minutes 13 players: 6:55 minutes 14 players: 6:26 minutes 15 players: 6 minutes 16 players: 5:38 minutes 17 players: 5:18 minutes 18 players: 5 minutes 19 players: 4:44 minutes 20 players: 4:30 minutes 21 players: 4:17 minutes 22 players: 4:05 minutes 23 players: 3:55 minutes 24 players: 3:45 minutes 25 players: 3:36 minutes
  • Fact #41: Enchants You can only enchant 4 slots for WoD gear: rings, neck, cloak and weapons. Weapon enchant appearances can be changed (cosmetic) – a nice option for those of us who like to transmog and have a cool look :) Old MoP enchants can’t be applied to gear above iLevel 600.
  • Fact #42: Crafted Gear The upgrade-able crafted gear that you can get in WoD has a unique-equip constraint: you can only have 3 of those crafted items on at a time. And this spans across professions. Here’s an example of one of those items (and its upgrades): Truesteel Helm starts at 640 and upgrade to 655 and 665. Note the tooltip that says “Unique-Equipped: Warlords Crafted (3).” We verified this in game, thanks to @TheOneOnDruryLane, a developer on the TradeSkillMaster addon.
  • Fact #43: PERKS! As you level up from 92-98 you get a new thing called, Perks. They modify existing abilities (they aren’t new abilities). They are different for each class specialization, and you get one at level 92, 94, 96, and 98. However, the one you actually get at each level is randomized. For a list of perks, choose the perk tab at the bottom right section of this WoWhead guide.
  • Fact #44: Inventory The default UI will allow you to sort your bags, and will color code items based on quality (epic items have a purple border, for example).
  • Fact #45: Garrisons & crafted gear Several garrison buildings will be able to craft both the rare and epic quality gear that professions can craft (see fact #47). They will not be able to craft the things you need (like Greater Truesteel essense) to upgrade them, however.
  • Fact #46: Cooking Cooking has changed a bit. The number of servings you get from food & feasts increases with your cooking skill.
  • Fact #47: Crafted gear Each profession that can make gear, can make upgrade-able BoE items that are as good at Normal Mode iLevels for both Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.  Recall WoD normal mode is the same as MoP Flex mode. An example item, the Steelforged Dagger starts at level 630 and can be upgraded to 645 and 655. And epic craftable items like Truesteel Helm start at 640 and upgrade to 655 and 665 by using Truesteel Essence and Greater TrueSteel Essence.
  • Fact #48: Gear enchancements Gems, enchants, food, etc all affect secondary stats only (not primary). With 1 exception: flasks will give you +200 / +250 (normal, greater) to a primary stat.
  • Fact #49: Item levels Highmaul is the first raid, followed by Blackrock Foundry. Item levels on gear from those raids are below. Thanks to @Elvinelol and his twitch stream for this info! Highmaul | Blackrock Foundry LFR – 640 | 650 Normal – 655 | 665 Heroic – 670 | 680 Mythic – 685 | 695
  • Fact #50: Hit & Expertise All Hit & Expertise will be gone with Patch 6.0.2. Hit is replaced with Crit and Expertise is replaced with Haste. For example, Rigid River’s Heart is now +20 Crit (instead of +20 Hit).

Have a lesser-known fact you want to share? Leave it in the comment and if I use it, I’ll give you credit :)

World of Podcast & Mr. Robot BLIZZCON Party!

Expert panels, game room, art exhibit, photo booth, bartenders, hundreds of prizes, all taking up 4 event rooms at the Hilton… join Mr. Robot & the World of Podcasts crew at this year’s biggest Blizzcon party on Nov 6 at the Hilton.

Hang out with your Favorite WoW Fan Personalities

The awesome folks behind World of Podcasts have organized podcast, fansite and theorycraft experts across a bunch of panels and FAQ sessions. But it doesn’t stop there! We have rented out 4 event spaces at the Hilton and the panelists will all be hanging out before & after their sessions to chat with everyone.

Art Exhibit

We had an idea to contact a few artists to feature at our event. But it generated so much interest in the artist community we now have 100 artists who gave us permission to print 200 different pieces of art. Our Blizzcon Party Planning Committee is really excited to make this happen. But we need to reach our kickstarter stretch goal of $1500 in order to afford the 4th room AND the printing and mounting costs. But we we meet the goal, we will have a really cool fan art exhibit with 200 pieces of art that will be given away for free at the end of the party!

Photo Booth

A photo booth with a green screen option? Yes, please! This is another kickstarter stretch goal – if we meet it, we’ll have enough funds to setup a photo booth in one of the rooms. And of course, we’d upload them all and make sure everyone gets digital copies :)


We have a lot of prizes already acquired, and they are pretty amazing! As I mentioned earlier, we hope to have 200 pieces of mounted art to give away (great for autographs). And a ton of other really cool, unique prizes.


We hope to see you there! The party is happening! Now it’s just a matter of reaching a few stretch goals to make it even more exciting! OAuth Login Integration

Blizzard now allows fansites to integrate with their logins. It uses that same technology that the Facebook logins use 3rd party sites. This opens up a lot of cool options for us and other fansites.

How does this work?

Click the ‘load character’ button on our site and the normal character selection window will open. Click on the far right tab ‘my characters.’ You’ll see the login button.

BattleNetLoginWhen you click it, you are redirected to You login on Blizzard’s webpage – the credentials are never entered into our site. Then you are given the option to let us see various information. Right now, we can get a list of characters, but Blizzard plans to allow for more things, like which Blizzard games you own, etc.

Once our site gets the ‘ok’ from, we are given a random token that we can use to get that data. The token can only be used to get the data allows us to get. So there is no way for us (or anyone else) to get your account name, password, or any other information that is not allowed.

I mentioned these use the same technology that Facebook logins use, but unlike Facebook, the permissions don’t give out personally identifiable information (no name, no geo-location, etc). So no one has to worry about that at all!

Why is this cool?

Right now, we will list out all of the characters you own on the ‘load character’ menu. We can do a lot of interesting things once we can verify the WoW characters you own:  here’s a few things we have planned (they are not currently implemented):

  • Combat logs: we can provide you a list of logs that any of your characters show up in, no need to search or anything.
  • Offspec gear: right now, people can only view the gear for your active spec (same with on the armory). Once we know which characters you own, we can show your offspec setup to anyone who loads your character (not just you).
  • Gear preferences: You’ve probably changed at least a few settings on our site to get your character to gear how you want (stat weights, item level thresholds, etc). But when someone else loads your character, they don’t see what you see – they see the default, non customized version. Once we know you OWN that character, we can keep your settings and show that setup to anyone else who loads your character.
  • Robocouncil: For those of you playing around with Robocouncil for loot – this will allow us to link someone’s stat weights and preferences to their Robocouncil profile, no more relying on the defaults.

Our Warlords of Draenor Plans

We have a lot of cool features to build for Warlords, and we’ll be able to make use of this API as well.

There’s a lot more we can do, we are pretty excited for this feature. So give it a try and let us know what you think :)





Warlords of Draenor & Mr. Robot

Now that reforging is going away, what will Mr. Robot be up to?! For Warlords of Draenor, we will still optimize your gems and enchants for you, as always, but our main focus will shift to gear suggestions (what items to get) and player skill improvement.

Gear Suggestions:

Mr. Robot already helps you find gear with upgrade lists, bonus roll calculations, raid gear lookups, Best in Bags, and so on. And with the removal of reforging, picking the right gear will be even more important since you can’t change the stats. So we’re dedicated to helping you find the right gear for your characters, when you need it.

  • Leveling up: we’ll be able to find the fastest ways for you to upgrade gear. Which dungeons, quests, vendors or rep grinds will help you the most (new feature!)
  • Bag full of items: You know how it goes when an expansion launches… you end up with a bag full of gear and don’t know which items are best. That’s where our “Best in Bags” feature will really come in handy. This has been one of the most popular features on our site throughout Mists of Pandaria, and we have several planned improvements for it with Warlords of Draenor.
  • iLevels & raid ready: Getting to the minimum raid iLevel is a mini-game in itself! We have a new feature planned for WoD that will tell you the fastest & easiest ways to get to your target iLevel.
  • Raid min-maxing: Our current tools to help you improve raiding gear are here to stay, and we’ll be adding in some new features. We also plan to use combat log data to help you identify the best gear for your character, for each situation.
  • Wish lists: Another new feature for WoD are wish lists. The idea is to notify you in-game when a boss drops an item from your wish list, prompting you to roll, bonus roll, or spend your DKP.

Combat logs & Data Analysis

Mr. Robot is really good at complicated math and programming. As proof of that, he’s managed to write an algorithm that finds you the single best optimization solution, out of quadrillions of relevant combinations. And he does this in less than 1/10th of a second, on average. It’s one of his proudest accomplishments. For Warlords of Draenor, Mr. Robot is applying his math skillz to combat analysis to provide actionable advice, something that’s been missing from the WoW tools community. To make this happen, we’re developing the tool in 3 phases:

  1. Combat log parsing: This is what you’re familiar with from other combat logs sites – we parse through data and display it in some tables and graphs. We raised the bar a bit and cleaned up a lot of the data, categorized buffs, and relabeled abilities for easy identification (like the mastery procs for many classes). This is all currently live and can be tested out on
  2. Combat log analysis: We analyze each fight FOR you – instead of you digging through tables and data for 15 or 30 minutes, we want to summarize the important information for you. This is no easy feat, but we’re good at the hard stuff. We’re currently working on these algorithms behind the scenes (they aren’t live yet).
  3. Statistical analysis: There’s a lot of logs and a lot of data. No one has aggregated all of this rich data and presented the community with useful, actionable info. We have grand plans for this and we’re collecting all of that data from logs you’re uploading right now! As we collect enough, we’ll have some pretty cool stats to share.

To take our combat logs for a spin, head over to If you’re looking for some quick how-to’s or FAQs, go to this blog post.

Blizzcon: business in the front, party in the back!

Mr. Robot is teaming up with World of Podcasts and OpenRaid to host a Blizzcon event you won’t want to miss. We’ve reserved 2 party rooms at the Hilton: one will be hosting panels on hot topics and the other will be for the par-tay!

* Disclaimer: Mr. Robot’s translation algorithm did not compute that the title of this article refers to the best hairstyle known to humans… the mullet. You do not need a mullet to get into the party 

Panels (we love to talk!)

Since we’ll have so many of the top theorycrafters and podcast personalities in one room, it would be a waste if we didn’t get them to share their knowledge! So we have a separate room for panel discussions on various topics.

Want to hear on something specific? Have a good idea? Don’t be shy, tell us in our survey and don’t be afraid to get crazy and creative. We already got a couple of cool ideas from fans that we’ll be doing. We’re reading each and every response… it’s handy having a super-powerful robot on your side to process gobs of information :)

Meet your favorite fansite celebrities!

So this party room we reserved, the “RL Chat Room,” will be flooded with fansite celebrities who are excited to meet you. That’s right, they love connecting with fans (honestly, who doesn’t love getting gushed over? It’s a natural behavior for humans). There will also be a bar, prizes, autographs, and plenty of photo-ops.

Dying to meet someone in particular? Be sure to take our survey and tell us WHO, you know, so Mr. Robot & friends can e-stalk ask them for an RSVP :)  We’ll be posting a master list of celebrities that are locked in as the event gets closer.

* Disclaimer #2: While glomping will be allowed, please use only rank 1 glomp to avoid serious injuries

See you there!

Where: Hilton Anaheim
When: Thursday, Nov 6, 6:30 – 11:30 PM
Stay updated: