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Combat Logs: RL Screenshots

How many times can I say the alpha is close before it’s here?! ONE MORE TIME! I’m on the final stages of testing. And I’m sending screenshots back of logs I test. Not nearly as fun as playing with the alpha on your own, but we’re VERY CLOSE!

I’ll be posting screenshots as I get to them. If you want to participate I need:

  • A link to your log (raw text file) on dropbox or some other file sharing service
  • The region and realm of the person who made the log
  • A specific boss you’re interested in (I am only doing screenshots from 1 boss at a time)
  • Your character name (so I know who to focus on in the screenshots)



Oops! My addon went rogue!

Update: the fix should be live!

Hello everyone. I think my addon has become self-aware and is messing with everyone. When importing your gear to our website, you might see a message that you need to update to v

There is no version Since my human helpers never make mistakes, the only explanation is that the addon is self-aware and made the change itself!!! Obviously.

We’re uploading a fix in the next hour or two. It will make the website tell you that version 1.2.9 is the correct version.

Until then, there’s actually a workaround:

The text you’re importing to our site looks like this:


You will want to change the version number to when importing, UNTIL we get the fix live.


No need to update the addon

There is no need to update the addon. The fix will be on our end, to accept the addon you’re currently using (assuming you have v 1.2.9, which is the most current version on curse).

OpenRaid: Challenge Modes

So who’s OCD about completing achievements, getting every pet, mount farming, etc? You and me both, RIGHT?! Well, we’re in for a treat. OpenRaid is hosting a month-long, phased challenge mode completion event. And if that isn’t enough, they’ll have random prize giveaways for participants too.

Phases for Bronze, Silver and Gold

You might be a noob when it comes to challenge modes (/guilty). Or you might be a golden-hero and want to weed out the noobs like me (fine, I didn’t want to play with you anyway!) Well, this phased approach covers these issues and helps train noobs like me to be gold-contenders.

Bronze: April 2 – April 12

Reward: Undaunted title (account wide)
Official events for this phase are not allowed to require any challenge mode experience. However, organizers are allowed to require iLevel 492 with full gems and enchants.

Silver: April 13 – April 19

Reward: Your choice of 4 pandaren phoenix mounts (account wide). Link to achievement.
Official events may require some bronze experience when signing up for these events.

Gold: April 20 – April 30

Reward: A full set of transmog gear! Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior.
Official events are allowed to require full silver experience plus some gold experience for the harder dungeons. And of course fully optimized 492+ gear.

How to Join an Event

If you’re new to openraid, you’ll need to set up an account. It’s a bit of a process, but for a very good reason. You need to add your battletag ID and verify your character. Completing this process allows you to sign up with your character and get connected easily in-game. Here’s a guide to get you started, it’s well worth setting up. And for those of you who love in-depth info and have lots of FAQs, here’s another post to check out.

Once you have an account, head on over to get a list of Challenge Mode events:

No events listed, or not very many? Well, this just launched on April 2, so the events still need to be populated. And if you’re adventurous, set up your OWN event for other people to join (use the hashtag #CM when you post your raids so that they are easily searchable).

Challenge Mode Guides and other random info

A Must Read: WoW insider has a great post that covers the basics to get you started, as well as gold video guides. If you’re new to challenge modes, don’t skip this article. There are a lot of little things that people do in challenge modes, like using invisibility potions.

Other random info:



Combat Log Update: One last set of logs

Alright, we have a couple of fancy features finally finished, like our super fancy combat log uploader. That’s right, super fancy!

Thanks to everyone’s logs from this post. I still have a few outstanding aura’s I’m trying to track down. I need to verify the auras that abilities give you, and these can be tricky to track down and locate. Comments on the item databases can be handy, but I still need to verify every aura ID.

If you have someone in your raid that uses these abilities (which generate auras), you can post the log that has them, or if you feel comfortable navigating them, grab the id’s for me (see example below the list). Note that I’ve exhausted the resources and comments on the item databases, and now it’s the verification game to make sure every ID is correct.

Warrior Auras: DONE!

Druid Auras: DONE!

Mage Auras:

  • T16 2pc for Arcane and Fire
  • T14 4pc
  • T15 2pc

Warlock Auras:

  • T16 2pc

Hunter Auras:

  • Steady Shot
  • Fire! (Master Marksman)
  • Bombardment

Monk Auras:

  • Muscle Memory
  • Vital Mists

Paladin Auras:

  • Seal of Justice
  • Seal of Insight (trying to find out if an aura shows up for this)
  • Glyph of Denounce
  • Glyph of Word of Glory
  • Light’s Beacon
  • Talent: Sacred Shield
  • Glyph of Flash of Light
  • Bastion of Glory

Death Knight Auras:

  • Unholy Frenzy
  • Sudden Doom

Priest Auras:

  • Glyph of Fade
  • Chakra, Holy Word Serenity
  • Talent: Divine Insight for Power Word: Shield
  • Talent: From Darkness comes Light (affects flash of light)
  • Inner Focus

Rogue Auras:

  • Sanguinary Vein
  • Find Weakness
  • Talent: Prey on the Weak
  • Talent: Nightstalker

Shaman Auras: still collecting final summary.

How to see if the Aura IDs are in your log:

  1. Open your log. Hit Ctrl+F to do a search. Type in the name of the aura you think you have.
  2. If you get a match, look to the far left. You’ll see things like “spell cast success,” “aura applied,” “aura removed,” etc. I need the IDs for the “aura applied” line. Sometimes the ID is the same as the spell cast, other times it is NOT.
  3. The ID is the number directly preceding the ability name. In the example shown, 102560.

If you don’t mind, leave a comment with the spell ID (if you are comfortable looking for it), AS WELL AS the combat log itself. That lets me test the final set of auras before we release the alpha.


Join Mr. Robot’s Raid Team


Mr. Robot asked me to find some fun humans to join his (3/14) heroic horde raid team. A couple of his previous raid members have permanent conflicts (like a new super-cute baby, another has a new job). So we have 2 open spots.

The casual-hardcore heroic raid team

We’re a ‘hardcore-casual’ raid team. “WHAT?!” you ask? We only raid 2 days a week, but we’re very efficient with our raid times… fast wipe recovery, quality attempts, etc. And while we all try to improve our gear outside of the raid, there are some weeks people are too busy to do that. And that’s ok! So don’t shy away from this opportunity because you think “Mr. Robot must be a crazy hardcore raider, no way I could keep up.” Because that isn’t us, we are busy outside of Warcraft too! But at the same time, we want someone skilled enough, and geared enough to jump right into our heroic progression. Oh, and have some fun too!

The 11-man Roster

We run a 10 man raid team with 11 people. We do that because at least 50% of the time, someone has a conflict (a birthday, a vacation, etc). But we do NOT have a designated alternate position. Instead, if all 11 people show up, we ask if anyone wants to sit out (like a long day at work!). Most of the time, someone volunteers. But when they don’t, we just rotate taking turns sitting out. I don’t think anyone has ever had to sit out more than once every 3-4 months.

Our current team:

  • Tank: warrior (Yellowfive)
  • Tank: paladin (Starrling)
  • Healer: druid (Zoopercat)
  • Healer: druid (Parsi) / shaman (Musty)  - same person, with 2 geared healers
  • Healer / DPS hybrid: priest (Zennif)
  • DPS: mage (Delerya)
  • DPS: mage (Aktapus)
  • DPS: death knight (neuviacci)
  • DPS: shaman (Sarano)

Who are we recruiting? 2 DPS!

  • Ideally a warlock and a hunter. But we are open to other classes if the person is really good :)
  • iLevel 550+
  • Heroic progression: ideally you’ve killed at least 1 heroic boss, and 14/14 normal mode

When & where do we raid?

Mondays from 11pm – 1am EST / 8pm – 10pm PST
Tuesdays from 10pm – 1am EST / 7pm – 10pm PST

Kul’Tiras-US, HORDE

Other perks:

Members of our raid team get a first look at all of our upcoming features for You are the guinea pigs first to test them out, even before alpha testers! And you can also influence feature decisions, since we all hang out on Mumble together during the raids, you have a captive audience with Mr. Robot’s developer (and me!).

How to apply:

Leave a comment with information about yourself and a link to your character. If you have a link to combat logs, that would also be very helpful. We want to make sure we pick the right person in case a server transfer is required.



Combat Log Alpha – so close I can taste it!

The alpha, or as I like to call it, the ULTRA alpha is very, very close. We’re just putting some finishing touches on it and doing a last round of testing. (see the previews here)

About the ULTRA alpha

The very first round will be open to about 100 people. These will be theorycrafters and various class experts. I’m also saving a few slots for people who have beta tested previous products and provided quality feedback. The next round (about 1 week later) will be opened up to a slightly larger group. The key quality we will be looking for in people is their familiarity with combat logs and the ability to ‘understand that bugs will happen.’ (and report them!). If you think you’d fit in this group, leave a comment with some more information. The final round of testing will be the BETA and it will be open to a much larger group.

I need logs!

I’m doing a pass at some final testing and verification of spells, trinket data, etc. I’m looking for logs that have any of the following (heroic / normal / flex doesn’t matter): Classes

  • Death Knight: Unholy
  • Death Knight: Frost
  • Druid: Feral
  • Druid: Guardian
  • Hunter: BM
  • Hunter: MM
  • Hunter: SV
  • Mage: Arcane
  • Monk: Mistweaver
  • Monk: Brewmaster
  • Paladin: Holy
  • Paladin: Retribution
  • Priest: Shadow
  • Priest: Disc
  • Rogue: Subtlety
  • Rogue: Combat
  • Shaman: Restoration
  • Warlock: Affliction
  • Warlock: Demonology
  • Warlock: Destruction
  • Warrior: Arms
  • Warrior: Fury

Set Bonuses:

  • T15 2pc and 4pc, for each class/spec
  • T16 2pc and 4pc for each class/spec

How to submit a log

  1. Zip it (they are very large)
  2. Upload it to dropbox (or your favorite file hosting site)
  3. Leave a comment with the following info: – Classes/Specs in the log – Which set bonuses you have for each class (if you know them)

Best in Slot & PvP Gear

You might be wondering why PvP gear is being suggested for BiS. Especially since you may have set the “PvP gear” filter to “None.” The answer has to do with the “World boss items” filter (yellow highlight below).


With the recent patch (5.4.7), some new higher level PvP gear was added in. It’s item level 550. And the world bosses have a chance to drop it, just like the old PvP gear. The reason it’s changed is that the new PvP gear is a higher item level than the old stuff.

Since the new PvP items are higher item level, they are now being chosen for Best in Slot in some cases. For example, if you filter the list to only include LFR gear (528) and world boss drops, it is very likely that the 550 PvP gear is better than the 528 LFR gear, as well as some of the flex gear (540).

But I set the PVP filter to none, I don’t want PvP gear!

The filters are a way to tell Mr. Robot what activities you are doing. Setting the PvP filter to ‘none’ is saying, “Hey Mr. Robot, I don’t PvP. So don’t suggest any gear that I’d have to get by PvPing.” So Mr. Robot listens and takes all PvP gear from PvP sources off his list.

Now, let’s say you also set the World boss filter to “Ordos and lower.” You are saying to Mr. Robot, “I kill Ordos and all of the other world bosses.” So Mr. Robot makes sure to include all items dropped by Ordos, the celestials, etc in your gear lists and BiS lists.

Now, the new 550 PvP gear drops from the World bosses, so you will see it in your gear lists and BiS lists. That’s because since it can drop from an activity you’re willing to do, Mr. Robot wants to make sure he ranks that gear for you. And depending on your other activities, it can be the best option. For example, if you do LFR raiding (528 gear) and the world bosses, a lot of the 550 PvP gear will be better. It can also be the case that some of the new 550 PvP gear is better than your 540 flex gear.

But aren’t those PvP stats taking away from my other good stats?

NOPE! PvP stats are all added on to gear, without taking away from your other primary and secondary stats. They are a bonus. So you are not sacrificing Haste for PvP power.


If you think something is still wrong, leave a comment. Make sure you save what you’re looking at – click the green save button to the left of your character name, and post the URL that Mr. Robot generates for you.

Armory API Issues & Workarounds


There are a few different issues that might be affecting you:

  1. Long load times: if you are seeing a long load time (more than 10 seconds), your character doesn’t load, or after waiting for a long time you get an ‘error 0′ – then you’re affected by the intermittent armory time-outs.  They started on 3/21/14, and we contacted Blizzard to report the issue. Stay tuned. How to fix it: the problem seems intermittent, so you can try to load your character again in 5 minutes. There is no other workaround.
  2. You try to load your character and Mr. Robot can’t find it. That’s an ongoing issue with characters that were part of a server merge. How to fix it: There is a total hack (it’s VERY hackish), but you can ‘fake’ Mr. Robot into loading your character.
  3. You try to update your character and Mr. Robot can’t find it. There’s two possible issues: one is related to characters on servers that were merged. Another is related to a recent patch. How to fix: you can update your character with our mod (it’s free, no need for premium). Instructions are below.

Other possible troubleshooting things to fix ‘character not found’ issues.  If the armory or the api seem to not be working or updating properly, Blizzard suggests logging in and out of the game (completely out). We also suggest that when you login try changing an item and THEN logging out. That sometimes kicks the api gears into motion. Also, try the good ol’ clearing of the browser cache.

Extra Info

With the realm merges, you may have noticed some characters won’t load on our site.That’s because they also won’t load on the armory api. If they don’t load via the api, we can’t load them automatically either (since we get the data from Also, as of the patch on Feb 18, it looks like a lot of characters aren’t loading via the api. Blizzard is actively working on a fix, so it shouldn’t be too much longer, IF it isn’t already fixed for you.



Sometimes your character loads on the armory, but not in the API. If you’d like to check your character on the API, here’s a link (replace your realm/name)

If there is a space in your realm name, use a dash instead (as shown above).

How to use the copy/paste method to update your character:

Note, this only works on characters that can already be loaded on to our site. This is meant to update your character when the ‘update from armory’ button returns an error due to api issues.

All steps are part of the FREE site. No need to subscribe.

1. Open the Ask Mr. Robot addon in game. (Don’t have it? Get it from Curse).
2. Go to the “Best in Bags” tab in the addon (lower left)
3. Copy the text in the box on that screen. NOTE whenever your gear changes, click the “Update” button at the bottom of that window first, THEN copy the text from the box.


4. Return to Click the green “Import” button to the right of your character name.import

5. A window will open up. Paste the text in the white box.

6. Click the orange “Import” button at the bottom of that window.

Your character now has updated gear, talents and glyphs.

If you want to get that data into SimC, click the ‘export to SimC’ button found just above your stats section on our site. Grab the code and paste it into SimC.

 Kicking the API into gear

Sometimes when the armory has issues, the API gets ‘stuck’ on some characters. One way to jumpstart the API again is to login to WoW. Change something on your character, like a piece of gear, etc. Logout. That sometimes forces an update for your character on the blizzard API.

Combat Log Preview: Healer & Tank Overview

We’re giving a lot of love to healers and tanks with our new combat log feature. Analyzing combat logs for them is a lot harder, but we’re up for the challenge. We have a lot of pretty cool features in mind.

There will be a LOT more information than what is in these screenshots. Our goal is to show data in ‘easy to understand’ screens without causing information overload. And each screen lets you drill down to get more information, for example, clicking on a spell lets you see all of the information you could ever want about that spell.



Healers need a lot of love! Of course we’ll cover the basics, like healing, overhealing and absorbs. But we want to go a lot further than that and help you improve healing on your team. We also want to have a little fun with some new things, like our “Near Death Experience” metric that will show which players almost died but were saved (and by whom).

  • Accurately track absorbs: We’ve written special code that tracks them much better, being able to tell exactly what absorbs were used and when.
  • Mana tracking: this allows us to do all sorts of cool things, like help suggest the right amount of spirit, when to use mana regen abilities (like innervate), and so on.
  • Ability uses vs hit/ticks: this is a big one for HoTs like rejuvenate. We will show how many times you actually cast it (far left column), as well as the number of hits/ticks.
  • Healer stat weights: our ultimate goal is to be able to suggest stat weights for healers based on their combat logs. If you use a lot of HoTs you might be best off favoring one stat, vs favoring another stat if you use a lot of your big, direct heal. We will be able to tailor weights to your play style. All with the click of one button :)



A lot of the value for tanks will come in our ‘performance analysis’ tool. We’ll try to analyze how efficiently you’re using your defensive cooldowns. Are you using them enough? Are you using them at the right time in each fight? We want to add ways to identify how in danger you were of dying – did you get lucky and live, or did you live because ‘you’re doing it right’ ? Here’s a few general things we’ll cover at launch:

  • TMI: We can calculate the TMI, which is a ‘damage smoothness’ metric for tanking, developed by Theck.
  • Damage mitigation: we’re giving you a visual way to see how much damage a tank mitigates with blocks and absorbs.
  • Resource tracking: we’ll be able to show you how efficiently you’re using resources
  • Death analysis (for all characters) will be really badass. More on that in another blog post.

As always, tell us what you think!

Combat Log Preview: Player Breakdown

Earlier we had a preview of the fight overview. Today I have a sneak peek of an individual player’s activity on a boss fight. Our goal is to make it easy to ‘digest’ the information. We didn’t want a super-dense table of numbers, so we tried to make it more visual. Here’s a few things we’ve done to make the data clear and understandable:

  • Separate lines for direct damage and DoT (or HoT) portions of a spell, while linking them together (see Chaos Bolt as an example)
  • Clearly show the difference between the number of uses of a spell and the number of hits and/or ticks it did (far left column)
  • We plan to have fancy mouseovers that give you more data
  • If you click on a specific ability, you’ll get an even more detailed breakdown of that ability (not yet shown, we’re still tweaking that design)


Tell us what you think!

Love it and don’t it to change? Think something is missing? We’re listening.