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Blizzard now allows fansites to integrate with their logins. It uses that same technology that the Facebook logins useย 3rd party sites. This opens up a lot of cool options for us and other fansites.

How does this work?

Click the ‘load character’ button on our site and the normal character selection window will open. Click on the far right tab ‘my characters.’ You’ll see the login button.

BattleNetLoginWhen you click it, you are redirected to You login on Blizzard’s webpage – the credentials are never entered into our site. Then you are given the option to let us see various information. Right now, we can get a list of characters, but Blizzard plans to allow for more things, like which Blizzard games you own, etc.

Once our site gets the ‘ok’ from, we are given a random token that we can use to get that data. The token can only be used to get the data allows us to get. So there is no way for us (or anyone else) to get your account name, password, or any other information that is not allowed.

I mentioned these use the same technology that Facebook logins use, but unlike Facebook, the permissions don’t give out personally identifiable information (no name, no geo-location, etc). So no one has to worry about that at all!

Why is this cool?

Right now, we will list out all of the characters you own on the ‘load character’ menu. We can do a lot of interesting things once we can verify the WoW characters you own: ย here’s a few things we have planned (they are not currently implemented):

  • Combat logs: we can provide you a list of logs that any of your characters show up in, no need to search or anything.
  • Offspec gear: right now, people can only view the gear for your active spec (same with on the armory). Once we know which characters you own, we can show your offspec setup to anyone who loads your character (not just you).
  • Gear preferences: You’ve probably changed at least a few settings on our site to get your character to gear how you want (stat weights, item level thresholds, etc). But when someone else loads your character, they don’t see what you see – they see the default, non customized version. Once we know you OWN that character, we can keep your settings and show that setup to anyone else who loads your character.
  • Robocouncil: For those of you playing around with Robocouncil for loot – this will allow us to link someone’s stat weights and preferences to their Robocouncil profile, no more relying on the defaults.

Our Warlords of Draenor Plans

We have a lot of cool features to build for Warlords, and we’ll be able to make use of this API as well.

There’s a lot more we can do, we are pretty excited for this feature. So give it a try and let us know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚






  1. I love it!!!!! This is genius!

  2. Where can I do this??

  3. So I added my account, but now I can’t log in using my AMR account, says my password/username is invalid, and I pay for premium.

    • I checked and logins still work. Just to be sure, you’re on NOT the site, right? Try the pw recovery option.

      • Ah, that might have been it, I was also having same issue logging into the new combat log client, is login not supported yet for that?

        • Logins work for the combat log client too – but you have to make sure you have the right login (live vs beta). We keep the beta logins separate so nothing messes with your main account settings.

  4. Looks like something went wrong…
    I see an empty list and the following message: “You do not have any characters. Weird!”

  5. me too.. like Pthor…

    • Did you select the right region when logging in? Can you post more information on – we have people there looking for bug reports ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It sounds great, but does this mean I’ll need my authenticator to logon to the AMR site? I don’t want to lose it, so I leave it on my desk at home..

  7. I’m a little concerned by this:

    How long until this becomes the only way we can authenticate?

    How long until I can’t use any wow fan sites or cool sights like Mr. Robot without telling you things you have NO BUSINESS NEED TO KNOW – like whether or not I also own Diablo III? (To use your example of other things they’ll eventually add.)

    I actually trust Mr. Robot, don’t have a problem with you guys at all.. but when this goes far and wide, I see the potential for trouble. I *like* having separate logins for everything.
    Take for example this discussion thing – not the same account as my Ask Mr. Robot account, at all.

    • Let’s use facebook logins as an example: some sites require a facebook login because they want your data. No one likes those sites, and in my opinion, they only do it because they don’t have a good enough offering to make you WANT to login with facebook. It’s cheezy and annoying.

      I don’t think fansites fall into that category – all of the sites I use for WoW are just excited to be involved in WoW stuff. For us, we will always give users the option to login by making an account on our site, OR choose We will always give users the choice.

      As for features: some nice-to-haves won’t be available unless you link your account. But it will be BECAUSE we need to know that info, not because we’re trying to be cheezy or annoying. For example, if you want to take ‘ownership’ of your character and make sure everyone sees your characters with the settings you’re using – then we’d need to see your bnet info.

  8. Can we have a privacy setting, so our characters do not get exposed out there. I don’t want everyone to know that I have all this characters, nor do I want them to know the stats weightage I have chosen etc.

    • No one else will see your full list of characters, only you ๐Ÿ™‚

      When we implement things like stat weights being tied to your characters, we’ll think about privacy settings. Can you tell me why you wouldn’t want other people to see what you’re using?

      • Just want to avoid unwelcomed comments from people not in my usual
        raid group. Like why am I putting so much weightage for haste when so and so should be mastery heavy etc. Having to explain again and again is exasperating.

        Kudos to Ask Mr Robot, your site do provides a lot of actionable information and advice for general person like me to improve on. On the filp side it also provide several coins for people to dispense their 2 cents worth of advice. Already I am having people commenting on our reforge and geming,

        At least in armoury, I can change my spec or just change my armour before I logout and no one would be able to reliably tell anything from what I am currently wearing.

  9. i had 2 of my characters change realms now i get a error message saying it cant find my character is there anyway to reload the download from wow, would this fix it?

  10. This addition to AMR is by far the worst, not only it invades the privacy of other users. AMR provided feature rich content, aprox last year etc, when members were capable of adding characters we wanted to add, now we’re plagued by the uninventive idea of having to provide our information to you.

    None of your members should have to provide you their account information. Period.

    • You can still use all of the same features without adding bnet ๐Ÿ™‚ The recent characters you loaded are still in the recent tab! We have a NEW tab that reads all chars from the armory, so you never have to search for them in the first place, if you want.

      And we have other cool features we can do with it, for example, we know YOU own the character, and if you change the default stat weights, we could make those show for anyone else who loads your character.

      Also, we don’t get any of your bnet login informaiton, that’s all very secure. And the only info we get is what Blizzard opens up, like your character list.

      Nothing on the site requires bnet info. Everything can be done without it ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. my son entered whit his account on askmrrobot, now i can’t see my characters anymore, can someone help me to return to my Character list?

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