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Best in Bags: Our most popular feature just got better

  • Update June, 2015: We added even more in-game support for Best in Bags!
  • Get the in-game mod on Curse!
  • Mr. Robot will find the best set from items in your bags. It’s similar to a BiS list… so we call it BiB (Best in Bags).
  • This is very handy for offspecs and alts!

Video Tutorial

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That’s right, Mr. Robot’s gnome-powered number crunching is available for just $1 a month. We keep the price as affordable as possible so you can spend more time playing the game instead of playing in spreadsheets. Mr. Robot generously passes the money along to his 3 human helpers, who spend it mostly on video games and food.

One price, $1 a month, or ALL of the premium features!

  • Best in Bags (#1 most loved premium feature)
  • Bonus Roll helper
  • Team Optimizer (better loot decision = better team progression)
  • Upgrade finder
  • No ads

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(FYI: Optimizing and all Combat Log features are free)

How to get started:

1. Open the Ask Mr. Robot addon in game. (Don’t have it? Get it from Curse). To do that click on the Ask Mr. Robot minimap icon, or type /amr show in the chat window.
2. Open your bank and bags so the addon can scan the inventory.
3. Go to the Export tab and copy the text in the box. CTRL + C to copy in game, or Apple + C on a mac. SS_Addon_ExportTab

4. RETURN TO THE WEBSITE! Click the big green arrow above your character, and select the “Best in Bags” option in the upper left.




5. Paste the text in the box that appears. Click the green “Import Now” button right below the box. On repeat visits, you can choose to view a previous import if nothing has changed since your last import.


6. Choose your main spec. On repeat visits, Mr. Robot will remember your choice.


7. After you choose a spec, you can click the next button at the top. Take notice of the ‘progress bar’ at the top – you can use this to move between different steps.


8. View your results!!!
You can also export these results to the addon, click the blue “Export to Addon” button found in the “Now What?” Section. Or if you want to look at your offspec, click the green “Next” button toward the top of the section.


9. Sending the data to the addon!
Click the blue “Export to Addon” button you see in the picture above (on the website). Copy the text in the box. Then go IN-GAME and open our ADDON. This time, go to the “Gear” tab. Click the orange Import button.


10. Paste the text in the window that pops up. And get your results!


Fancy Extras:

IN-GAME FEATURE: Mr. Robot will equip all of the gear for you. Just click the green “Activate spec and Equip Gear” button.


IN-GAME FEATURE: Shopping list for main and alts: You can click the blue “Show Shopping List” button to get a list of materials for any (or all) of your characters that you’ve run Best-in-Bags for. It doesn’t matter what character you are on, we will show them all 🙂


WEBSITE FEATURE: You can click on any item to bring up a gear list of only items you own for each slot.






  1. one question comes up. what if you have duplicates of an item. i.e. 2 pairs of raid finder gloves? can you lock one but not the other ?

    • Good question. Yep, you can lock just one of them, and Mr. Robot will play around with the other one 🙂

      • I’m running as a fire mage atm, and frost is my alt spec. I’m trying to determine whether 2pc tier with mythic warforged or 4pc tier would be best. When in WOW I equip 4 pc tier, and export to BiB, it suggests 4pc tier is best for main and for offspec (frost). But if I equip 2 pc tier and export to BiB it tells me 2 pc tier is best for main and offspec. In the past, as a fire mage 4pc is supposed to be best, but for frost 2pc is. It’s not clear if this is still the case according to BiB. Thank you

  2. Question. How would you go about -resetting- your bag contents? For example, if I want to find the best use of VP for upgrades on my tank, but exclude off-set items from consideration so that I can maintain tier set bonuses?

    • Let me see if I understand what you want: you want to maintain set bonuses for one or both of your specs, right?

      Have you tried the locking feature, which saves gear on a per-spec basis (covered toward the bottom of this post).

      I have a feeling that isn’t what you’re looking for tho – I feel like I missing something. So if you can elaborate, I can help 🙂

      • Well, I’ve got two sets for my tanking spec. One uses the LFR 4pc set bonus, while the other uses normal mode off-set pieces (in my case, chest and shoulders, but I hope you get the idea.) I’d like to be able to exclude either the off set pieces OR the LFR tier pieces from use when checking for optimized VP usage.

        I’ll give the locking feature a try, that may give me what I need 🙂

        • We edited the stat weights to put STR just below Mastery in an update an hour ago. Try again – you should now have the mastery enchant suggested.

  3. If I’m working on my Retribution set and I have pieces locked from my Protection spec, will Robot suggest a different item for that slot that main have better stats if able to respect? For example Mr. Robot says my protection legs are best in slot for my retribution set but I locked it. Mr. Robot says that item is still best in bag with no reforge/gem/chant but is it also looking at my other legs in my bags that are eligible for a reforge/gem/chant?

    • Yes, Mr. Robot is looking at all of the legs in your bags/bank. So if an item is locked and he still suggests it, that means it’s the best one 🙂 Good question!

      • We’re working with Theck from on all of the pally stats weights. We’ll definitely be accounting for these things 🙂

  4. Would love the ability to lock gems and enchants, but allow Mr. Robot to suggest reforges.

    Lets define:
    “soft-lock” = allow reforges, don’t change gems/enchants

    “hard-lock” = don’t change anything.

    As a monk tank occasionally we single tank specific fights and I get to go DPS. I don’t mind paying ~100g in reforge to tweak my gear but I don’t want to deal with regemming and re-enchanting.

    By using a combination of hard-lock and soft-lock I should be able to adjust how much I’m willing to spend on reforging vs. how optimized I want my gear.

    • Just to make sure you’re aware: you can currently lock any gems, enchants and reforges. You can do this by clicking on the gem slot and clicking the lock icon toward the top of the window.

      Assuming you already knew that: I wanted to let you know we are working on a ‘lock all’ type of feature that will help scenarios like you describe 🙂

      • Hi Zooper!

        I can lock gems/enchants when I’m looking at “My Gear” but when I’m looking at “Best in Bags” that feature is disabled. I can no longer lock specific gems/enchants.

        • Ah, I see what you’re saying. You can lock an entire item so gems/enchants/reforges won’t change. But if I understand correctly, you want the ability to lock any ONE of them, not just ‘all’ or ‘none.’ We’ll look into this.

          • Exactly.

            Thank you.

          • For what it’s worth, I’d really like to have the “lock gems/enchants/reforges” all separate locks. In my case, I’m willing to reforge items for a specific fight in my offspec, and in ToT in particular, the mobile reforge mount is available to use in much of the instance. I am less willing, however, to regem completely for a single fight unless it’s progression. As it is right now I do a bunch of awkward gymnastics by first using the best in bags feature with no items locked, then logging out in that gear, refreshing from armory, and manually locking just the gems (and enchants, though that is less often an actual problem) in place then hitting optimize. Basically, the workflow kind of sucks. Granted, this may be a somewhat unusual case, but I’d definitely love to see the feature. 🙂

          • Tyler is basically describing exactly what I was attempting to articulate a month ago, as well.

  5. I recently installed the Best-in Bags program and then clicked on the AMR toolbar icon while in-game with all of my bags open. I then logged out of WoW and reloaded my profile in AMR. When I went to the Manage Bag tab the My Gear list only included items that I was wearing. Not all of the other viable gear in my bags. Any idea what is going on?

    • Can you send me a link to your character? A few things could cause it:
      1) Are you below level 90?
      2) Did you click the AMR icon in-game to grab the bag/bank data?
      3. Are you using the client program (the one that runs on your computer and uploads the data for you)? Have you tried manually uploading the .lua file?

      We’ll figure this out with you 🙂

      • I have the same issue. New user as of today. Not sure if I’m just doing it wrong.

        In answer to your previous questions:

        1) No

        2) Yes

        3) Yes, yes

        4) Yes, old tier shoulders for lvl 70, in my bank.

        I’m looking at a neck piece. It shows as an upgrade to me in the gear lists. When I use the BiB it doesn’t try to use it as it sits in my bag. It check marks what I have on as best. If I equip the new item it than it tweaks my reforge and gems and check marks it as best.

  6. Today in LFR I grabbed 2 x T15 pieces on my rogue but already had 4 x T14 set bonus so was unsure whether it would be an upgrade to replace them.

    I updated my bags and put the results through the BiB scanner and it said what I already had equipped was best. But then to check I logged out of the game in the new pieces and tried again and it then said the new pieces I had equipped were BiB – This makes me think something may be bugged with it? Now i’m not sure what to use! 🙂

  7. Hi all , the amr addon is working fine on uploading one of my characters items but doesnt work on the others… Keep saying “Error your gear could not be uploaded”.Any solution for this?

    • Can you email me your .lua file and AMR user name (feedback -at- I’m wondering if an item in your bags is causing an error. Also, note it only works for gear iLevel 300 or higher (in case you’re trying it on an alt).

  8. Is there a way to just make 2 different sets like for example in outfitter and just use different items for each slot.

  9. I want to know how can I change the lua variables on AskMrRobot.lua to trick AMR into thinking the gear in my bag is +8. The purpose is to see if AMR would suggest to equip the item if it had been upgraded with valor.

    • Just in time! We released an update yesterday that will match your bag items to your equipped upgrade levels. So if you have a +8 neck equipped, Mr. Robot will upgrade that +0 neck in your bags to +8.

      Note, if you have a +0 neck equipped and a +8 neck in your bag, it isn’t working in reverse yet (the equipped neck won’t be upgraded). We will have that updated in a day or two.

  10. I’m getting an error message when I try to use the Best in Bags function all of a sudden (previously worked fine). The error is:

    Could Not Optimize

    With your current settings or inventory data, there are not enough items available for slot Ring 2.

    I did not do anything to change any of my gear so I would like this to know what to do to possibly fix this. Thanks.

    • Can you email me the askmrrobot.lua file? Also, are you playing on an english verison of wow or a foreign language? We recently launched an update to help with foreign lang installations and that may have messed up something else.

      email: feedback at askmrrobot dot com

  11. I would like for the BiB feature to truly be “Best in Bags”. Right now it suggests BiB by matching my current gear’s valor upgrade level, which then makes the BiB feature a “Best in 3 weeks when I have earned enough valor to upgrade everything.”. Is there a way to make it completely ignore the current valor upgrades on my gear? I have a few normal pieces that even fully upgraded aren’t as good as my heroic pieces.

    • Muffin, there are actually 2 camps on this (and we’ll be able to accommodate everyone soon). We added the ‘match upgrade’ feature because users would get a new item and if it didn’t get auto-upgraded it would never look like an upgrade. Make sense?

      Also, since it only costs 500 valor to upgrade an item it seemed likely that people would be able to upgrade 1 or 2 pieces here or there.

      However, this doesn’t really work when using BiB for offspec, or if you’re out of valor. So we’ll be adding in an option to control this.

      In the meantime you can trick Mr. Robot. Either equip all non-upgraded items in each slot, or just remove all of your gear. Update on the site, and run BiB again. As long as you don’t have an upgraded item EQUIPPED, Mr. Robot won’t try to auto-upgrade anything else in your bags.

      • Totally makes sense and that is an acceptable work around. 🙂

        I guess the only final point I would have is that getting an upgrade and then upgrading “1 or 2” pieces of gear with valor kinda makes me giggle as a Monk tank. I can get 1 piece of gear, and because of balancing around 15% exp, 7.5% hit, and an 8000 buffed haste cap coupled with a bag full of “floater items” my BiB can swing 5-6 items with 1 upgrade. Sometimes the items I end up swapping out are lower ilvl either because of N/NTF/H/HTF or because of valor upgrade differences, so forcing the “match valor level” ends up being a HUUUUGE pain… that is until you told me about the work around. Thanks Zooper!

        • Muffin, glad we have a workaround for you! I know it isn’t ideal, but we’ll be adding in options for upgrade matching soon (a few weeks… it will launch with our 5.4 stuff).

          Thanks for sharing your scenario – I can see that happening now… so you’re right… swapping out 5 items, you just can’t upgrade all of them at once! I am glad you took the time to stop by – there are so many ways to use the tool, we don’t always think of them all. So when we hear from users, we can improve on the site 🙂

  12. Sorry about that muffin, you are correct. You’ll need to turn the beta off when you want to use BiB in order to do the workaround.

    We’re working on adding options for this, so the code we pushed had changed how it currently works on the backend… we just don’t have the options for you to see yet. Sorry about that. The update should happen sometime next week (cross your fingers).

  13. i absolutely love everything about AMR – thank you for all your hard work, what a fantastic tool for WoW!

    as of the new 5.4 patch and the inclusion of all the new gear, i am a little confused about the BiB results i am seeing that i didn’t notice before. i might just not understand exactly how it is being calculated so i would really appreciate some

    – when i have updated my profile from the armory and refreshed the current data from the AMR addon, some of the BiB choices don’t seem so obvious to me. when clicking on an item and comparing it to all the current items in that slot in my inventory, the item clearly IS the best often by a long shot. but am i right that this is
    looking at the current state of the items (upgrade level, extra sockets, reforges, gems)? i am unsure whether this is the BiB at the way it is now or it’s potential.

    – then when i go to the “my gear” section and click on the same slot and look at ALL
    the possible choices for this slot, and then look for the item that was chosen as BiB, often it is considered a downgrade. so then i am confused as to which item to use. i would like to know what item is the BiB for that slot considering ALL upgrade potential. to double-check a few times i have upgraded and spent gold on reforges and gems, then updated the data, which then gives me a more accurate comparison. i must be doing something wrong, as i know i shouldn’t be spending gold or points on items just to compare them.

    any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. i’m sure i’m just overlooking something simple or not having the correct option selected. thank you very much.

    • it’s too bad i haven’t received a response yet, perhaps posting on the forums would be better. after messing around with all the settings and doing some experimenting, i think i have a better grasp of things, but i still am seeing some BiB suggestions that have me stumped. i’ll review the tutorials again and check out the forums.
      perhaps you should lock this thread down relating to BiB if you are not planning on responding to any issues brought up here. thanks.

      • Oh no, I’m super sorry!! Missed this comment 🙁 Send me your askmrrobot.lua file via email: feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com. And let me know what specific items are in question. Then I can take a look and figure out what is going on 🙂

        Again, so sorry I missed this one!!

        • thank you zoopercat! you have been so fantastic at helping everyone get up to speed on your wonderful tool for wow, i couldn’t help but think it just slipped through the cracks. much appreciated!

          now that i’ve taken a much closer look at things, i’ll make sure i have it straight and maybe i will send you a quick message, as i’m sure i’m just missing something really simple that will make complete sense once i see it.

          thank you so much! talk to you soon 🙂

  14. Previously, there was a button where “Best in Bags” had the option to calculate gear in bags at the same upgrade level you were using. Is there any way to get this feature back again? Or at the very least give us the ability to set a BiB upgrade level like we do with Best in Slot?

    • Open the options menu, at the bottom on the right side you’ll see an option to manage BiB upgrades. Smart and Never. That should do it 🙂

  15. BiB is giving me a glove option that I do NOT have.. in my bags, bank or elsewhere.

  16. so i have a new computer, why cant i see and download the amr desktop client program that i installed on my old computer all i see under then install button is the ingame addon

  17. I have an odd thing happening in BIB. If I am wearing [Flameslinger’s Fiery Cowl] BIB tells me to use [Hood of Swirling Senses] instead. So I change it and it tells me that what I was wearing was better…

    • I bet this is happened because of one of the options. Open the option menu, on the lower right there are some BiB options. One of them controls the valor upgrade levels, try setting it to always or never (instead of ‘smart’) if you don’t want it to change.

      However, ‘smart’ mode is smart. What it does is looks at the item you have equipped. Say it’s +16 helm. Then it looks at other helms in your bags, and if they are +0 or +8, for example, it will upgrade them to +16 to get a fair comparison.

      The reason this is helpful is say you have a 553+16 helm, and win another 553 helm… the new helm might never look better if it doesn’t also get a +16 upgrade.

      So if you change it to ‘always upgrade’ or ‘never upgrade’ you won’t get the varying results. But smart mode is ‘smart’ – so it’s up to you 🙂

  18. how much is it to upgrade?

  19. Orlando Muschamp Jr.

    October 15, 2014 at 9:23 am

    When i do Best in Bag it keeps giving me my garrosh Heirloom weapon and item lvl 620 to be my best for weapon, which is only 569 and i have a 588 weapon on atm… will this be fixed? or thats just how it is?

  20. I tested the trial of best in bag, I dont think the outcomes can be trusted. I updated and relogged a lot to prevent other issues playing a role in this.
    My example: on my lock, best in bag “sais”: do NOT use your 4 (now heroic) tier items, but use 2 higher lvl shoulder and head item in bag. When I equip those, best in bag sais that I am OK. By the way I had to upgrade the items involved, as it seemed to me they level was taken absolute and not relative.
    Now when I equiped several combinations, upgraded from armory every time and did the optomize section of mrrobot several times, my tier set had a much higher score then my ‘best in bag’. Long tests on dummy clearly showed that this mrrobot optimized score is correct and that the ‘best in bag advice’ is wrong. So I use my tier now and do better.

  21. As a druid, I kind of wish that I could select more than just my MS/OS… I technically have 2 off-specs with very different gear req’s, resto & guardian, and swapping between them for the sake of the addon is 31g just for the first time that week… Not that 31g is bank-breaking in WoD, but it’s more than I would like to spend…

    I realize that spec might change gear setup, but I can manually enter the talents I normally pick for that spec… Is this possible?

  22. Ahhh… I love the smell of updates in the morning.

  23. Gerald K Campbell III

    June 15, 2015 at 8:21 am

    is there an option to tell me what is safe to D.E.?

  24. I don’t know why, but the Overwolf ‘plugin’ for AMR should be advertised more, it’s brilliant, but I can’t find anything about it on the site or forum.

    Sure it needs some more features implemented, but what’s there (best in slot) works perfectly.

    • Ha, you found our sneakly little trick with Overwolf. We are doing more testing before promoting it. But that should be soon. Pretty handy, right?!

      If you don’t mind me asking, did you have overwolf before? Or did you download it just for the AMR integration?

    • Ha, you found our sneakly little trick with Overwolf. We are doing more testing before promoting it. But that should be soon. Pretty handy, right?!

      If you don’t mind me asking, did you have overwolf before? Or did you download it just for the AMR integration?

      • I’ve been using Overwolf for quite a while and since 10 (?) days the AMR plugin popped up in it. Figured to give it a try.

        Would say, make an option in the ingame addon that you can tick on or off, saying you’re using the plugin; with it ticked, you’ll get more help text (like CTRL+= for export) and maybe some other things.

        Hope to see the other features integrated as well soon(tm), our second team uses team optimizer, so that would be brilliant.

        If you need more testers, just contact me, happy to give beta/alpha things a spin.

        Keep up the good work

  25. I can’t seem to change from PVE default build to PVP. Not sure how to fix this?

    • we don’t have pvp default builds right now. Couldn’t get good weights, since there isn’t much theorycraft for them.

  26. Is there a way we can purchase subscription through MoneyOnline ( as I do not have a credit card

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