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Russ Petersen, rewards system designer (items) at BlizzardRuss Petersen, rewards system designer (items) at Blizzard

How to upload your logs:

  1. Get the desktop application here.
  2. Optional: If you want gear data tied to the logs (you should, silly), get the addon here.
    You can  if you want. No need to do ANYTHING else with the addon, other than have it installed.
  3. IN YOUR RAID: you need to start a combat log. You can do this by typing /combat log   in the chat window. OR, use our addon and either check the box that auto-logs (my favorite) or click the ‘start logging’ button. When you are logging, the Mr. Robot addon icon will be green.
  4. After your raid, upload your logs with the desktop application.
    (Start an upload / Fight selection & gear data step)
  5. When you’re done, click the big button to view your logs, or just load your character on our site and the logs will show on the right side.

Then check back Wednesday to see your infographics. Remember, we need at least a day to gather enough data to make the infographics meaningful. This is a one-time waiting period when new bosses come out.

Here’s a quick video about our infographics:

We’re making data available to us raiders that we’ve never had before. It puts everything in context – you think you are doing awesome or less-than-awesome on different mechanics… but do you REALLY know what’s good or not? Now you will! We aggregate a lot of data and bring it to life in the infographics.

We also tie in gear information, a unique feature we offer for all of our combat log data and infographics.It’s a pretty handy metric when comparing how you are performing. And long that note, we a history of your logs for nearly forever (for free), so you can see how you’re progressing over time 🙂

Cory Stockton, Lead Game Designer at Blizzard
Cory Stockton, Lead Game Designer at Blizzard


GRUUL: How’d you do?

We ran Heroic Gruul Tuesday night. Our raid team has an average item level of 666 (spoooky!) and apparently 97% of all attempts end in wipes at that level. So our 22 wipes to kill the boss – turns out to be not so bad 😉

Our team did decent on Shattered: We got 35% extra shatter hits from people standing too close. The median is 62% right now.

But we did really, really bad on avoidable damage while learning the fight. Honestly, we’re learning a fight, and so was everyone else raiding in warcraft Tuesday night. So I thought our avoidable damage would have been average-ish. NOPE! 14% of our damage taken was avoidable, compared to less than 1% for the top performing teams. And for me.. (Zoopercat)… I was at the top of the damage taken charts for Overhead Smash and Cave In.

We all focused on cleaning up our avoidable damage, and look what happened on our kill! We reduced it down to 2% of all damage taken was avoidable. AND I didn’t get hit by any of it!

We also greatly improved our healing from the wipes to the kill. For example, I (Zoopercat) had almost 32k HPS on the kill but averaged only 20k HPS across all attempts.

Did you upload your logs yet? Once you do, you’ll get infographics for Gruul and Oregorger. More bosses will be live each day this week.

OREGORGER: How’d you do?

I wasn’t able to get to Heroic Oregorger Tuesday night, but I did do Normal. At our team’s iLevel, 86% of all attempts end in wipes.

I remember getting rolled over by Oregorger a lot, and honestly I thought I did worse than the report tells me. Our team as a whole did decent on avoidable damage, where 27% of all damage taken was avoidable, a score of 8.3 out of 10.

There’s lots of fun data, check out your own logs 🙂

Want even more data?

You can click the ‘data’ tab at the top to get to more informaiton. And for those of you who LIKE digging through it (and don’t fall asleep like I do), we have all of the data you could ever want. Here’s a quick video tutorial on that data.



  1. Myself and my guild are LOVING these new Infographics! Keep up the great work AMR!

  2. Gruul’s hook is on the wrong hand.

  3. It does not record my potion use. Shows a 0 everytime even though i use mana potion. Also i think the Potion ratio is to strong. Pre-flask as a healer is useless, since there is hardly any damage on the beginning. But it downgrades my rating from a 10 to 6,7 average. Due to not recording potions and preput being overvalued for healers. Any inprovements on this?,be=overview,c=8

    On the graph data you can clearly see the mana spike from using a pot

    • Came here just to post about this. Penalizing healers for not using potions doesn’t seem to make sense. Prepotting is almost always useless, and some fights don’t need a mana potion.

      • Healers and tanks don’t get penalized for not pre-potting. If you look at the potion usage for one of our team’s fights… mataleo was one of our tanks. Mouse over the ‘potions’ circle at the top and you’ll see the right-most number says 100% for him, even though he only used a combat potion and no prepot.,be=potion,c=364

        • I see what you are saying, but he did use a combat potion (as a tank should, in almost all cases). But in for a healer, a lot of times a combat potion isn’t needed. Sometimes there isn’t a clear time to use an Int potion, and on almost all fights, especially progression fights, I like to save my potion usage for a mana potion, if needed.


          In that fight, I didnt need a mana potion, had plenty of mana, never needed an int potion because the damage wasn’t high enough to warrant one, yet I get a 0.0 for potion usage, which drags my performance score down to 6.8. In my opinion, potion usage should be left out of the calculation for healers, which would have brought my score to 8.5.

          Its possible it is just a difference of opinion, and mr robot believes a healer should always use an Int potion if a mana potion isn’t needed, which I could understand (even though I don’t agree). I can also understand the way it is done now from a development perspective, as it would require a specific case just for healers.

          Perhaps give healers a 5, rather than a 0, if they don’t use a potion, or reduce the weight the potion usage value carries in the individual performance calculation. I don’t really have a great solution to catch all situations, but I don’t think the current methodology is correct.

          Overall really amazing, well presented tool. I use it all the time now. It is really helping my raiders be motivated to improve, since there is a clear metric for them to go by.

    • When did you upload this? We should have this fixed as of thursday or friday of last week. If you just uploaded it, can you dropbox the combat file to me so I can see what might be going on?

  4. I raided on Monday AEDT as I also had most of my pre potting as not showing even though I know I did it b4 every fight

  5. (Looks like my comment got lost in the ether so I’ll post again)

    Can we leave feedback, feature requests and improvements here?

    If so, for the Iron Maiden fights it currently says there is no avoidable damage (when we all know there is!!). So let me suggest avoidable damage abilities:

    Most important
    – Detonation Sequence
    – Penetrating Shot (not enough people in the line)
    – Blood Ritual
    – Rapid Fire

    Less important or not a big cause of deaths/damage
    – Shadow Explosion after stacks have been dispelled
    – Corrupting blood pool

    There are probably more, but those are the most important ones I believe.


  6. I’ll start this by saying “I love you guys”, however I still prefer warcraftlogs live action replay with live feeds. With that being said your on a decent track, but it’s not the same as being able to see where people are standing and how they were interacting to certain mechanics. Continue to improve and maybe one day you might just make this the one stop site for all my raiding needs, your just not there yet.

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