Blizzcon Art Gallery!

We had over 100 artists donate art for the fan art exhibit at our Blizzcon party. We had about 200 pieces of art on display, and about 3,500 people browsed the exhibit (including a few people from Blizzard!)

And we gave ALL OF THE ART AWAY at the end of the night. Visitors were able to submit a raffle ticket that listed their favorite pieces. Art is personal so we wanted viewers to be able to pick the ones they wanted to win. When winners were being announced, I lost count of the number of people who came up to me, with huuuge smiles, thanking me that they got one of their favorite pieces.

So now it’s my turn to thank all of the artists for making this possible!


To see a full list of the donated art, visit our deviant art favorites page (note, some of them didn’t have a high enough resolution to print, so about 40 of them didn’t make it into the gallery). If you really like something, take a moment to leave a comment on their deviant art page. Consider it today’s daily quest!

We’re hoping to do it again next year and will be scouting for more art again 🙂

Here’s some more pictures!


Art is all packed up in 3 boxes and on the way to the airport.


The boxes got inspected, but the art was untouched.

Setup took about 3 hours – there was quite a bit of strategy to make the art line up nice, not have too much white space all in one area, and so on. Some serious love went into this 🙂



The art took up 3 walls in the room.



This is what art winners look like 🙂


Thanks for stopping by Nite_Moogle 🙂

Want to participate next year?

  • If you’re an artist, leave a comment, pm me on deviate art (AskMrRobot) or email feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com.
  • If you’re a fan and want to help organize, reach out too!


  1. The gallery was epic. I was floored by how awesome it turned out! I can’t wait for next time!

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