Mr. Robot has a lot of advice to share, from specifics (when to get in line), to pro-tips (get a holster for your goodies) and even money saving tidbits (250 free guild cards). There’s a lot of obvious (boring) stuff too, let’s get that out of the way first.


Thank You, Captain Obvious! Mr. Robot optimized the obvious list, shortening it to 5 words: water, comfy-shoes, deodorant, cameras & cash. Now, on to the good stuff…

The Art of Waiting in Lines:

  • Rumor says you should get in line Friday morning at 6am. There have been reports that if you’re in the back of the line, it will take 1.5 hours to get into the con. But Mr. Robot wonders… would it be more efficient to show up at 9 or even 10:30 and miss most of that line? Well if you want a good seat at the 1pm opening ceremony, you should get in line early. If not, maybe you can get there later.
  • Another rumor is that lines to play games are longer on the second day, so deal with the lines on day 1.
  • The Blizzcon merch store has reportedly sold out of items in past years, so if you really want something, consider visiting it early. But the line is 3+ hours long, even with their efficiency (they give you a paper with pictures and you check off what you want while waiting in line).
  • We heard that lines for food and soft drinks can be long, but the line for alcohol is short. That’s where we’ll be!
  • Download fun cell phone games before the con to keep you entertained in line. And of course, download Mr. Robot’s app (Android, iPhone)! Mr. Robot’s fav Android games: Hex Defense, Plants vs Zombiesminecraft, Robo Defense, Frogger, PacMan , Angry Birds. And his favorite iPhone games: Angry Birds, Robokill, PacMan, Frogger, Plants vs Zombies.
  • Get a portable stool to throw in a backpack for line waiting. People will be jealous. This stool is 24 inches long when collapsed, so it should fit diagonally in the 20×10″ bag restriction from blizzard.
  • Pro Tip: If you really want to see a panel, get there 15 minutes before the previous panel ends so you can get a good seat. Thanks @JT_Chicken for the tip!
  • Pro Tip: Mr. Robot is ordering his minions to run around and entertain people standing in lines and hand out goodies. So keep your eyes peeled.

Tech Toys Require Power & Lots of it! Mr. Robot may also end up snarfing your leftover power to charge his processors, when you aren’t looking, of course.

  • Bring extra batteries for your cameras, go eco-friendly with rechargables.
  • Android users can get really cheap backup batteries for their phones on ebay. I’ve done it for my Droid X Global, it works, and cost me $5 per battery. Then, pre-charge your spare battery and swap it out when your phone gets low at the con.
  • iPhone users can also check out for spare batteries, which was recommended to us by a friend who works at Apple and bought this for himself.
  • If you’re playing games on your phone, it will run out of power fast. Bring your chargers to the con and find a socket. Power outlets are often prime real estate and already being camped, so bring a mini-power strip like this one, which even has usb charger sockets. Or get ready for some RL PVP.

Prepping for the Con, What to Buy Now!

  • Printing your character realm & name, twitter, your blog, or your podcast on business cards is not only popular, but smart. Get 250 cards for free from Vistaprint (order now and pay $10 for 14 day shipping, if you wait it will cost more!). You can get even cooler designs at Zazzle, but it will cost you about $25 for 100 cards, plus shipping.
  • Be sure you have a good backback for the con that meets the 10×20″ restrictions. Mr. Robot has a pretty awesome alternative, the goody holster. But if you want a backpack, he highly suggests getting one with spikes. (Use code 1K300 for $5 of $30 or $10 off $60 at ThinkGeek)
  • If you think Blizzard employees are awesome celebrities, bring something to get signed! Like your original box for Cataclysm, a WoW TGC card, a Diablo poster, the back of a white iPhone case, you know, anything, really. If you don’t have something, buy it now!
  • Check out Square – this neat little smartphone accessory lets you accept payments from friends. So if someone doesn’t have cash on them or you pay for their taxi, they can pay you back with their credit card. It’s easy. Mr. Robot has one and likes it!
  • Print your Blizzcon barcodes out at home, just in case your hotel doesn’t have printers, or they don’t work.
  • Add your character to the realm meetup list!

Humans are Advised to Avoid Germs! Mr. Robot is very concerned to learn that humans are also susceptible to viruses… he thought it was a uniquely robotic malady. Ever since learning this, he’s dedicated an entire processor to researching human sanitation. He hopes this year everyone can avoid ‘the Blizzcon Flu.’

Travel Like a Pro! And finally, Mr. Robot, being the travel guru that he is, compiled a list of his favorite pro tips while hitching a ride across the world in the luggage area (he said it has better leg room, and you travel for free!)

  • GateGuru – This app gives you a map of the airport so you can find the nearest starbucks, tech store to buy the earbuds you forgot at home, etc.
  • Share music with your travel buddy, get a headphone splitter (Mr. Robot uses this one and loves it)
  • FlightTrack (Android, iPhone) – Get updated info on your flights as well as cool data, like the average number of times that flight is on time, early or late.
  • – A website (not an app). Mr. Robot never picks a seat without consulting this site first, since it tells him which rows are bad, noisy, or are cheated out on an inch of legroom.
  • Getting from the Airport to your hotel: If you’re staying near the convention center, in what they call the “Anaheim Resort Area” – then you’re in luck. You can catch a Disney shuttle for $20 a person one way or $30 round trip. If you are traveling with a bunch of friends, you might be able to get the family package price. The shuttle goes direct from LAX to the hotel area and takes about 45 minutes (depending on traffic). They do not stop at other airports like some of the shuttle services do. Here’s some info on how to use the shuttle service, more info on the details (and return trip), and you can book it here (although reservations are NOT required).

Coming Soon: Mr. Robot’s Guide to Food and Parties.