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Get Ready for ULDIR – for FREE!!

Mr. Robot wants to make sure you are ready for Uldir and help evaluate all of the new drops you’ll be getting. So he’s making all of his premium features free Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Sept 3-5, 2018.

When we say free, it’s simple & fair. You get to use every premium feature without ever entering a credit card.

You will need an account so we can save settings (which is necessary for some of the features), but we will never email you marketing stuff. Ever. Not even after the free stuff is over.

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BfA updates for Ask Mr. Robot

We have some exciting updates and new features launching on Monday. If you have any questions for feedback, visit this forum thread.

One trend stands out in our BfA site: all gear and stat recommendations are based on simulations we do for you ahead of time, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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Stat Analysis – automatic “stat weights”

I put “stat weights” in quotes, because there’s a lot more to stats than just a simple set of weights. Stats seem simple, but they are actually quite complex if you want to “min-max.”

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Join the GloNet for BfA

If you’ve ever wished you didn’t have to run ‘stat weights’ every time you changed talents or gear, you’re reading the right article.

We’ve been doing it for you throughout most of Legion. That’s what our “Adaptive Gearing Strategies” do – they use simulation data that’s customized to your character. That’s possible because we’ve already simulated the required talent and gear setups for you, ahead of time. Continue reading

AMR will be ad-free for BfA, even for free users

No one likes ads.

Just ask the 75% of gamers who run ad block. Or ask any web designer who grumbles about ads interfering with pretty site designs. Or ask any developer who has had to deal with slow page load times.

But at the same time… we all kind of like ads because we understand that they help keep websites free. And that’s worth a lot.

People don’t mind ads unless…

When ads on a site start to get out of control, people notice. I wanted to quantify this, so I ran a survey to gather people’s opinions about ads. I know, it’s probably not surprising to most of you – we’re data driven – even when it comes to ads! Continue reading

BfA Beta Simulator: status update

The simulator is ready for BfA for all specs, including tanks and healers, and all of the Azerite powers. It’s still on because it hasn’t been tested enough. So don’t take results as concrete “facts”!

It’s also worth noting that Artifacts and Legendary effects are disabled in the BfA simulator since they won’t work for level 120 characters.

What’s ready?

“Single Simulations” are fully functional. That includes all of the following:

  • All Azerite powers are implemented.
    • You can see each one on the Theorycraft wiki. (choose your spec, then look for the “Spec Azerite Powers” section, and the “General Azerite Powers” section)
    • If an Azerite power needs more testing or something looks odd, we make a note at the top, like Lunar Schrapnel (Balance Druid).
  • All trinkets are implmented, except for a couple pet-summoning ones where we need more data.
    • Trinkets also have notes at the top, including a note if it isn’t implemented (like the pet ones).
    • Some trinkets need more testing to verify how they work. For example, the splash damage from Briny Barnacle, indicated by a note at the top.
  • All class talents and spells are implemented.
  • Every class has a ‘base’ rotation – it is intentionally simple, which also helps find bugs.
  • Healers are fully functional, measuring HPS and Ally Deaths. We’ll have an article series soon that walks you through the in’s and out’s of healer simming.
  • Tanks are fully functional, measuring TUF (replacing NPS), and Death Chance. We’ll have a writeup soon on TUF – the short version: it measures how TOUGH you are (yep, that’s what it stands for. Smile, it’s fun!)

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Azerite guide & infographic: fully explained

This Azerite guide is for all of you data junkies out there. For those of you who can’t get enough information about Azerite gear and need to know more, more, more! While I’m at it, I’m going to overachieve the heck out of this, and share it all in an infographic.

So here it is: your BfA Azerite InfographicAzerite guide infographic

For those of you who don’t like infographics (do you hate puppies too???), or if you want longer explanations, keep reading for the text version. Continue reading

Pre-patch issues & how to fix them

Around expansions, so many systems change that sometimes things get a bit out of whack. Here are the things we know about and how to fix them:

Caching Issues on Ask Mr. Robot

If you do Best in Bags or an optimization and see a giant increase to your score, you’d be right in assuming… that’s probably not right 😉 I mean, Mr. Robot is really good at his job, but even he can’t get you a 47,000% increase. Continue reading

Mr. Robot’s pre-patch advice and details

If you do Best in Bags and see a giant score % increase, it has to do with caching. Also, your Artifact weapon might not show as the right iLevel until you reimport from the addon when the game is back up. I have instructions on how to fix these things here.

Pre-patches… oh how things always seem like they’re spinning out of control!

Players are dying to know what’s good and what’s bad. Content creators want to provide the answers, but struggle with the problem that the power of individual talents and spells are still in flux.

A few early opinions start to form which get morphed into black-and-white statements like “This class sucks,” and “This class is so overpowered.” People start switching mains and worrying if they’ve made the right decision.

I think a lot of the stress everyone feels comes from the uncertainty. As players, we are used to having so many tools to evaluate every little thing about World of Warcraft, from simulators, to combat logs, to expert opinions.

We really have none of that right now, we’re flying blind. Continue reading

Mr. Robot’s BfA Timeline

All of the new BfA talents are here with the pre-patch, and our shiny new gear is soooo close.

You’re probably wondering when you can play with those on our site. Or maybe not.  Maybe you are in game having too much fun to worry about optimization (that’s my advice!).

Still, it would be nice to know what to expect on our site, and when, right? Here’s a TLDR and image that covers the basics. Continue reading

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