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Combat Log FAQ

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Q: Can I upload more than 1 log at a time?
A: Yes! If you do that, you’ll need to pick the time zone for 1 log only, and Mr. Robot will figure out the rest of the time zones auto-magically. However, each member can also upload their own logs and still merge them together.

Q: Do I need to share a raid ID with my friends to merge the log?
A: Nope, it’s all automatic with some robo-smarts that find related logs.

Q: Why do you ask for the time zone and server?
A: Mr. Robot uses those to make sure he merges the right logs, and not merging with someone else that has your name on a different server. That would be bad! After you enter it once, he remembers it next time, so the process is faster 🙂  *Note, you need to enter your time zone, not the time zone of the server.

Q: Mr. Robot needs my time zone, is it the server time zone, or mine?
A: Enter the time zone of the computer you are using, so your time zone! If you are travelling, just make sure it’s the time that you computer is on. It is NOT THE SERVER’S time zone!


Q: Mr. Robot didn’t find any logs to merge with, help!
A: You might be the first person to have uploaded the log. As other group members upload, they’ll be added to a group log, not to worry! If you’re sure people have upload logs already, check to make sure the server, timezone and date are correct. If that doesn’t fix it, contact us!

Q: Why do I see way more fights than we did?
A: There are a few things to check:

  • Do some of the fights only have 1 person in them? If so, it’s likely that log has the wrong time zone associated with it. The person who uploaded that log will need to update their time zone, so go poke em. Until they fix it, you can remove them from the group log.
  • If the time zones all look right, it could be a special case with that particular fight. We should be handling vanishes, deaths & rezzed, and other special cases just fine. However, some fights have mechanics that make it look like combat ended. Although we believe we have them all coded, maybe we don’t. Hit us up with a link to your log and the problem you see. We’ll fix it if it’s broken!

Q: One of the logs won’t merge, how do I fix it?
A: Check the log to make sure the server, date, and time zone are correct. Mr. Robot won’t merge logs across servers (since it isn’t possible to raid across servers). If the date is wrong, Mr. Robot won’t merge it, because that’s also not possible 😉 If that still doesn’t work, send us a note with a link to the individual and group logs in question.

Q: There are random players in my guild’s group log, I don’t like intruders!
A: Mr. Robot has a pretty heavy screening process before he merges logs, to keep these scoundrels out of your playground… 99% of the time. But sometimes they sneak through. This can happen if someone was questing or PVP’ing with strangers before or after the raid, then uploading their log. You can kick them out of the group log though!

Q: I removed someone from the group merge, and they are back, can I stop them?
A: They will only get remerged if someone wanted them remerged and it passed Mr. Robot’s tests. This can happen if someone has the wrong time zone and still didn’t fix it right. So find that ‘someone’ and show up at their door with a bat if you want it to stop getting remerged if it doesn’t belong.



Q: Can I search for a player by name?
A: No, but you can search for their guild, then click on the ‘individual log’ tab to look for their logs. We do this to keep the searching snappy.

Q: I searched for a guild and Mr. Robot didn’t find any logs.
A: That means that guild hasn’t uploaded any logs in the past or current month.

Q: When I search for logs, why does it only show the past 2 month’s logs?
A: Right now, all logs are stored indefinitely, and everyone who has a link can look at them at any time, even a year from now. However, our search feature limits searches to the current and previous month. We do this so the list doesn’t get to 10’s of thousands of items, it keeps searching quick, and keeps costs down so the service can stay free 🙂

Q: Can I search by server? Pretty Please?
A: No, right now we don’t have a server search because the list would get to be really large.


Q: We killed a boss, but you list it as an ‘attempt’?
A: Only one person in the group has the boss death in their log (we think it’s the person with the killing blow). So until the person with the killing blow uploads their log, Mr. Robot will consider it an ‘attempt.’ He’s not hating… he just need proof, robots operate best with cold, hard facts.

Q: Why does my group report show 10 boss attempts, but my individual log shows 12?
A: An individual player may have 12 attempts on a personal log if they died and got rezzed twice. When the log is merged with other group members, Mr. Robot can tell that there were really only 10 fights. The merged log will show the updated info for that player. However, Mr. Robot doesn’t want to mess with your personal log, in case you want to keep it in tact and separate.


SWTOR Reverse Engineering Luck Caculator

Frustrated by your reverse engineering luck in SWTOR? Mr. Robot is here to do math on your behalf.

Find out how bad or GOOD your luck really is. His calculator will tell you the chance of getting a pattern, if you tell him how many tries you have to RE an item.

Enter your own values in the 2 yellow highlighted blocks.

SWTOR Item Tooltips for WordPress

Item tooltips are here! And they are really easy to use. We have a little snippet of code to include in your blog, then any time you link to an item, a tooltip automatically shows up. Yeah, it’s that easy: it grabs any item that is linked to Mr. Robot’s database, and displays a tooltip and automatically colors the item for you as well. You can also configure it to display the icons as well, we’ll get to that at the end of the post.


How does it work?

It’s pretty simple, you put a little code on your pages, and we will do fancy things when you link to items from our database. If you have trouble installing it, leave us a comment, we’ll help!

The tooltips automatically show up when you link to an item, for example I can link to crafted variants like Endowment vs Commando’s, all mods / hilts / enhancements / etc like advanced aptitude mod 26, and of course, all of our 1.2 items like this infected companion customization or this.

There are two places you can put the code, you just need to pick your favorite. You can put it in part of your theme (setup A), and then any post you make with a link to an item in our database, will automatically have a tooltip. Or, you can put our code snippet at the end of any post that you want to have tooltips (setup B), and you’ll have to do this for each post.

Setup A: Edit your theme functions (functions.php) file.

  1. Click on the appearance menu on your left-hand navigation bar in WordPress. Click on the editor sub menu.
  2. On the right hand side, there should be a long list of files. Find “Theme Functions” and click on it.
  3. Once the file is open, scroll to the bottom of the file. Add the AMR code snippet (see below).
  4. Click the Update button.
* Add askmrrobot swtor tooltip script and font

function add_amr_scripts() {
wp_enqueue_style('ubuntu_font', ',italic,bold');
wp_enqueue_script('amr_swtor_tooltip', '', array('jquery'), '2');

add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'add_amr_scripts');

That’s it! Now every time you link to an item from Mr. Robot’s database, a tooltip will automatically show up.

Setup B: Add a code snippet to the bottom of your post

  1. Open the post you want to have tooltips in. Click the HTML tab.
  2. Paste the code snippet at the end of the post.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Viola! Easy peasy. You’ll have to paste this code to the bottom of every post that you want to have tooltips on.

Additional Options: Item Icons & More!

You can configure another piece of script to turn various options on or off. You can add it to one of two places: in the ‘footer.php’ of your theme editor (follow setup A but go to the footer.php file instead of functions.php), or at the end of your blog post (follow setup B).

You do NOT have to install this script. If you do NOT install it, you will have colored links with tooltips (no icons, and no automatic names). However, if you want icons or the name of the item automatically inserted into your post, you’ll need to add this script.

<script type="text/javascript">var amr_options = { color: true, icon: true, iconSize: 18, name: true };</script>
  •  color: true  – when you install the first script under ‘setup A’ or ‘setup B,’ your links will automatically be colored. If you do NOT want them to be colored, set the value to ‘false.’ It would look like this: color: false
  • icon: true  – this is off by default. If you want to turn the feature on, you will need to use this script.
  • iconSize: 18 – this changes the size of the icons. By default it will be 18 pixels. You can change this number if you want them to be bigger or smaller.
  • name: true  – this option is off by default, however if you want to turn it on, you will need this script, and set it to true. When this option is turned on, any text that is linked to an item will be automatically replaced with the item name. For example, the last word of this sentence is “this,” and I added a hyperlink to it, then the item name automatically replaces “this” with the actual name: this. However, note that if you do not type in the real names, google will not index the item name. So if you’re concerned about search rankings, you either don’t want to turn this feature on, or you still want to link the real name of the item.

SWTOR: Avoid the Slow Loading Screen from Alt-Tab

So you want to alt-tab out of the game to look something up? Unheard of! Or maybe you want to fill out your gear on Mr. Robot’s handy dandy character builder and get in the armory? That load screen in SWTOR is a killer, isn’t it? It totally prevented me from alt-tabbing until a friend figured out the trick.

Load up your game. Hit the escape key to bring up the logout / quit / preferences menu. Select preferences. Go to the graphics sub menu. Right at the top there is an option to select windowed mode, or full-screen windowed mode.

SWTOR Alt Tab window modeFull-screen windowed mode will make SWTOR look just like before, it’s full screen! Windowed mode will leave your task bar at the bottom of the screen, which covers up part of your character bar, so it’s up to you if you prefer that option.

Enjoy! Please use your spare time to bake cookies for Mr. Robot – he likes chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin the best.

SWTOR Armory Guide

Mr. Robot's SWTOR Armory[—ATOC—]

What is Mr. Robot’s SWTOR Armory?

It’s a public database of characters and guilds, that anyone can search to find their friends, or compare gear to other people of the same advanced class. Mr. Robot gives you an option to add each profile you make to the armory. You can add or remove any profile at any time.

Here’s a list for Mr. Robot’s guild, GH-AMR.

How do I add my character to the Armory?

If you haven’t already made a character on Ask Mr. Robot, go ahead and build one, there’s a walk through of that process here. On the first screen in the wizard, be sure to select ‘build my in-game character’ as ‘generic characters’ cannot be published to the Armory. The last screen gives you an option to publish the character to the Armory (the option is checked by default).

If you have an existing character, click on the edit icon next to your character name in the menu strip.

A window will pop up, and the first option is a check box to publish your character to the armory. If you do not see this option, you probably made a generic character, and at this time you cannot publish it.

How do I remove my character from the Armory?

You can remove any profile you own from the armory. If someone else made a profile, for example, your friend set up your character, they will have to remove it from the armory. To remove it, click the edit icon next to your character name in the menu strip. The first option is a check box to publish the character to the Armory. Uncheck that box and click apply.

How do I update my character on the Armory?

Every time you save your character by clicking the blue save button in the menu strip, your character is updated. It’s that easy!

I want to use someone else’s profile as a starting point, will it publish to the Armory?

Say a friend started a profile for you, or you’re looking at a BiS list from a blogger and you want to use that as a starting point for your character. It’s easy. Load the profile you want to start from, then click the blue ‘save as’ button on the menu strip.

Name it how you’d want it to appear in the Armory. It’s recommended that you follow the naming convention we use for new characters, so it’s easy for people to search for you. Character-Name of Server (Region). So my character is Zoopercat of Juyo (US).

Note, by default the ‘publish to Armory’ option is unchecked by default when you click the ‘save as’ button. We recommend leaving it unpublished until you have updated it with your character information, including your name, guild, server, and gear.

Once you have the character the way you want it, click the edit button next to your character name. The first option is a check box to publish to the Armory. Check the box and click apply. Note that you can change your profile name from the edit menu at any point. Viola! You are now in the Armory!

Can I publish more than 1 profile per character to the Armory?

In general, we recommend that you only publish one profile per character to the armory. However, there are a few cases you might want to publish more than one, and we recommend giving very clear names to the profiles if you do this.

One example might be if you have a PVP and PVE set that you want to show off. In this case, we recommend naming the profiles with your name first, followed by the server name, then  -PVP or -PVE. So my character would be “Zoopercat of Juyo – PVP”

How do I find people in the Armory?

You can type a character or guild name into the search box on any character page on Mr. Robot’s SWTOR website. Or you can navigate to the search page from the main navigation. If the character your guild return no results, that means the person doesn’t have their character in the database yet, or no one from that guild has created a profile. In which case, you should tell them to GET ON IT!

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