So Blizzard announced some pretty big changes! No more hit, expertise, parry or dodge. No more reforging! Gems and enchants are also being simplified. So how do we feel about that over at Team Robot? WE LOVE IT!

What? Doesn’t this mean you’ll be irrelevant, you ask? Actually, it’s the contrary! First of all, the average player had between a few billion and a few quadrillion number of gem, enchant and reforge combinations… that’s getting a little out of control, and much too hard for a human to do. Our algorithm to make sure we guaranteed your optimization is getting very beastly, and it takes a lot of time to maintain.

Now, instead of maintaining a complicated optimization algorithm, we can spend time making much cooler features. And we have a long list of features that we’ve wanted to make for a really long time, that will really impact the WoW community.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Robot currently does:

  1.  Optimize modifications on a given set of gear (gems/enchants/reforges)
  2.  Calculate best-in-slot sets of gear
  3.  Show ranked lists of gear for each slot
  4.  Search your bags and bank and find a best-in-bags set of gear for either main or off spec
  5.  Help you spend your resources and time efficiently by answering specific questions with the upgrade finder, like how to spend valor, or bonus rolls, etc.

So obviously, the first item in the list, optimizing your gems, enchants and reforges, is going to be much, much simpler, and not needed as much (or possibly at all).

But now that gear isn’t as modifiable, picking the right loot will be very important – you know, like back in the days of vanilla! So all of the other features we have, like BiS, ranked gear lists, Best in Bags and the upgrade finder, will be even more useful. And now that the number of combinations will be much, much smaller, it means we can do even more robust things with the other gear features because the simpler algorithm will be lightning fast.

Mr. Robot’s role in the Expansion, Warlords of Draenor:

Mr. Robot will continue to help you choose the right gear. Since choosing the right item will be even more important, we’ll be expanding on both the free and premium features for finding upgrades.

But the new project we’re working on is really exciting. One area that we’ve really wanted to improve for the WoW community is helping you play better. And how on earth do we plan to do that, you ask? Combat logs.

There are great combat log sites out there right now, but we plan to take your combat logs one (or two or three) steps further. We want to provide analysis (more than just raw data) for how you play. And then we want to tie that into various things about your character to provide even more analysis. We’re experimenting with what is possible, and once we have some concrete answers, I’ll share those possibilities with you.