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Combat Logs: RL Screenshots

How many times can I say the alpha is close before it’s here?! ONE MORE TIME! I’m on the final stages of testing. And I’m sending screenshots back of logs I test. Not nearly as fun as playing with the alpha on your own, but we’re VERY CLOSE!

I’ll be posting screenshots as I get to them. If you want to participate I need:

  • A link to your log (raw text file) on dropbox or some other file sharing service
  • The region and realm of the person who made the log
  • A specific boss you’re interested in (I am only doing screenshots from 1 boss at a time)
  • Your character name (so I know who to focus on in the screenshots)



Combat Log Alpha – so close I can taste it!

The alpha, or as I like to call it, the ULTRA alpha is very, very close. We’re just putting some finishing touches on it and doing a last round of testing. (see the previews here)

About the ULTRA alpha

The very first round will be open to about 100 people. These will be theorycrafters and various class experts. I’m also saving a few slots for people who have beta tested previous products and provided quality feedback. The next round (about 1 week later) will be opened up to a slightly larger group. The key quality we will be looking for in people is their familiarity with combat logs and the ability to ‘understand that bugs will happen.’ (and report them!). If you think you’d fit in this group, leave a comment with some more information. The final round of testing will be the BETA and it will be open to a much larger group.

I need logs!

I’m doing a pass at some final testing and verification of spells, trinket data, etc. I’m looking for logs that have any of the following (heroic / normal / flex doesn’t matter): Classes

  • Death Knight: Unholy
  • Death Knight: Frost
  • Druid: Feral
  • Druid: Guardian
  • Hunter: BM
  • Hunter: MM
  • Hunter: SV
  • Mage: Arcane
  • Monk: Mistweaver
  • Monk: Brewmaster
  • Paladin: Holy
  • Paladin: Retribution
  • Priest: Shadow
  • Priest: Disc
  • Rogue: Subtlety
  • Rogue: Combat
  • Shaman: Restoration
  • Warlock: Affliction
  • Warlock: Demonology
  • Warlock: Destruction
  • Warrior: Arms
  • Warrior: Fury

Set Bonuses:

  • T15 2pc and 4pc, for each class/spec
  • T16 2pc and 4pc for each class/spec

How to submit a log

  1. Zip it (they are very large)
  2. Upload it to dropbox (or your favorite file hosting site)
  3. Leave a comment with the following info: – Classes/Specs in the log – Which set bonuses you have for each class (if you know them)

Addon Beta Testing – New upload method

The copy/paste method to bring your AMR optimizations into the mod has been working really well. So we decided to let you export your gear back to the website in the same manner. This means no more UI reloads 🙂

But I need just a handful of beta testers to make sure it’s working. There’s a catch – you can’t put the string into the website, since that isn’t live yet. I can test it on my computer however.

So I’m hoping to get a few volunteers to help:

  1. Install the beta version of the mod.
  2. Open it and go to the “Best in Bags” tab.
  3. Copy the string in the box – note, it’s reallllly long.
  4. Post your character name and realm in a comment, along with the copy/pasted string (note, you can put it on pastebin if you’d like, or email it to feedback -at – askmrrobot dott com as well.

I’ll take that info and test it on my end, make sure it works 🙂

Thanks as always, beta testers!

Mr. Robot’s Role in the Expansion

So Blizzard announced some pretty big changes! No more hit, expertise, parry or dodge. No more reforging! Gems and enchants are also being simplified. So how do we feel about that over at Team Robot? WE LOVE IT!

What? Doesn’t this mean you’ll be irrelevant, you ask? Actually, it’s the contrary! First of all, the average player had between a few billion and a few quadrillion number of gem, enchant and reforge combinations… that’s getting a little out of control, and much too hard for a human to do. Our algorithm to make sure we guaranteed your optimization is getting very beastly, and it takes a lot of time to maintain.

Now, instead of maintaining a complicated optimization algorithm, we can spend time making much cooler features. And we have a long list of features that we’ve wanted to make for a really long time, that will really impact the WoW community.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Robot currently does:

  1.  Optimize modifications on a given set of gear (gems/enchants/reforges)
  2.  Calculate best-in-slot sets of gear
  3.  Show ranked lists of gear for each slot
  4.  Search your bags and bank and find a best-in-bags set of gear for either main or off spec
  5.  Help you spend your resources and time efficiently by answering specific questions with the upgrade finder, like how to spend valor, or bonus rolls, etc.

So obviously, the first item in the list, optimizing your gems, enchants and reforges, is going to be much, much simpler, and not needed as much (or possibly at all).

But now that gear isn’t as modifiable, picking the right loot will be very important – you know, like back in the days of vanilla! So all of the other features we have, like BiS, ranked gear lists, Best in Bags and the upgrade finder, will be even more useful. And now that the number of combinations will be much, much smaller, it means we can do even more robust things with the other gear features because the simpler algorithm will be lightning fast.

Mr. Robot’s role in the Expansion, Warlords of Draenor:

Mr. Robot will continue to help you choose the right gear. Since choosing the right item will be even more important, we’ll be expanding on both the free and premium features for finding upgrades.

But the new project we’re working on is really exciting. One area that we’ve really wanted to improve for the WoW community is helping you play better. And how on earth do we plan to do that, you ask? Combat logs.

There are great combat log sites out there right now, but we plan to take your combat logs one (or two or three) steps further. We want to provide analysis (more than just raw data) for how you play. And then we want to tie that into various things about your character to provide even more analysis. We’re experimenting with what is possible, and once we have some concrete answers, I’ll share those possibilities with you.

Beta Test: Auto-Gemming

Thanks to all of our testers – we’ve released auto-gemming to the world! Get it on Curse.

Beta test contest has ended.

  1. Download the beta version of the mod. If you’re new to the mod, read this post.
  2. Take a screenshot of your shopping list and gem tabs in the mod.
  3. Click ‘auto-gem’ on the gem tab. If it worked, tell us. If it didn’t take a screenshot of the gem tab.
  4. Post all of your screenshots in a comment on this post.

We’re asking for human volunteers to test it out. Make sure you have enough gems or gold that any gemming errors won’t ruin your day! 

Language Translation

I feel odd writing this post in English, since it’s targeted to non-English speakers… I will try to get some folks to translate 🙂

One of our users wrote a Chrome browser extension that translates parts of our site, including item lists, Robocouncil and our trinket pages. The extension is called “fragmrrobot” written by AlexL. You can find it here and here. If you install it, please take a moment to rate it and pass some love over to the author. If you have feedback for the author, please leave it here or on his thread in our forums.

Site Outtage – Microsoft SSL Certificate

Hi. First, I’m really sorry that users could not log in and optimize. What a way to start your weekend – thinking that you’ve been abandoned by your robot BFF. He’s back and still loves you, I promise!

You see, we use Windows Azure to host our site. It’s a great service, 364 days out of every year. It auto-scales our servers with our traffic, hosts all of the cached item lists, and all sorts of good stuff. But just like every boss thing you encounter, they have a weak spot: SSL Certificates.

Friday afternoon (2/22), the SSL certificate they issued for us (and all of their clients) expired. They didn’t renew it, so all of the sites who use them couldn’t access secure databases. That means we couldn’t process users’ logins and let them access logged in settings and features. This happened last year too, on leap day (2/29) because Microsoft’s SSL Certificates didn’t include leap day. Read the ZDnet article about this.

Well, it’s fixed now. About 11 hours after it went down… but those were PRIME gaming hours, weeks before a big patch too! Mr. Robot is very, very sorry this happened. He’s also very sorry that so many people were trying to reset their password, thinking that was the problem. If you had tried resetting your password during the outtage, you might need to reset it again. Once you do that, the login should work. If you did NOT try to reset your pw during the outtage, there should be no need to reset it – just log in as normal.

He is on a bus to visit some friends in Seattle to make sure this doesn’t happen on a random day in February, 2014! (ok, he isn’t on a bus… he’s just using internet channels, but thought a road trip sounded more hip.)

Thanks again for visiting Mr. Robot optimizer as often as you do. We really appreciate it.


Why Mr. Robot Loves WoWDB!


I saw this thread last week, where one of the WoWDB creators was asking for feedback. I wanted to share why WoWDB is awesome, which is especially relevant with 5.2 coming so soon.

We started working with WoWDB in August, right before MoP came out. You see, we don’t get the data ourselves, we partner with databases to get it. WoWDB’s data for MoP was really accurate, and we needed that.

As you know, the databases mine data from the game, so it’s often not totally accurate before the patches come out, since the data is still in flux. Even after the patch comes out, a lot of the items need manual updating. Here’s where our partnership comes in, to help both sides.

We get data from WoWDB through a handy dandy API. Thanks WoWDB! Then we use their item data to categorize each item – we show if it costs VP, what reputation you need, what boss it drops from, etc. Then we run lists of gear to ‘fact check’ the data. Anything that seems wrong gets sent right over to WoWDB. Here’s the awesome part: They usually fix it in under a day!

For example, I emailed them yesterday about the Thunderforged item lists on WoWDB. The item lists didn’t have all of the data in them and tier pieces were showing as Thunderforged (when they can’t be Thunderforged). The guys at WoWDB got back to me right away. They told me they re-scanned everything in the client and the items are still missing. They said they are scanning daily to pick up new items. And, they manually removed the Thunderforged flag from the tier pieces. This all happened in less than a day.

Looking at the thread I linked at the top, you see a lot of people complaining that WoWDB isn’t any better than Wowhead, so why bother? There are 2 big selling points for us: they have an API, and they are very fast to fix inaccurate data. Sure, several weeks after the patch, data from both databases is pretty solid so most people don’t notice. But for Mr. Robot to optimize correctly ON patch day, he needs that solid data right away!

Wowhead has a lot of comments, and those comments are incredibly useful. No doubt about that! They also have some really awesome people (like perculia) writing some great information roundups (like this one on the new 5.2 factions). We like Wowhead, in fact, I visit there all the time to read Perculia’s stuff!

I really wanted to shed some light on how big of a help WoWDB has been for Mr. Robot. And the warm fuzzy side of me would really like to get quality comments on WoWDB for 5.2 data. Take some time to write in a comment or two on WoWDB and spread the good karma. Mr. Robot is watching you.

Mr. Robot Site Update on 11/29 – Will Be OFFLINE for 1 hour

We have a big update going out tonight that’s needed in preparation for some of the cool new features coming soon. All of our sites (wow, lol, swtor) will be offline for about an hour. We plan to start this update later tonight. (This was delayed from 11/28’s announcement).

UPDATE #1! (Noon, PST, 11/29) Maintenance has been delayed until later tonight (11/29). We delayed this from last night (11/28) because some of the database tables we needed to copy would have taken too long. We are figuring out a faster way to do it, so we don’t take the site down for a long time.

UPDATE #2! (2:25pm PST, 11/29) We figured out a better way to update the tables. The site will still be taken offline late tonight (around midnight), but only for about an hour.

This will be the first time we’ve had to take the site down to do an update! But it’s very necessary. As you know, Mr. Robot is protecting humans from the evil Robot Apocalypse. He’s getting his CPU encased with spidersilk armor to ensure he can withstand a large attack force. His CPU needs to be offline during the installation.

For the World of Warcraft players out there – this update will not include the valor items. But we will have that coming soon (targeting end of the week). We are working on a feature that will let you play with the upgrades to see which one is best. Then let Mr. Robot optimize around it before you even buy it to see how your stats change.



Mr. Robot’s New Site FAQ

Having trouble with the new site? Can’t find your favorite feature and secretly think Mr. Robot removed it to torment you? No need to worry, Mr. Robot is a FRIENDLY robot, and is here to help. First, here’s a site tour if you are not finding the features you want:

Q: I owned the old version of the mobile app, what’s up with this new stuff?
A: Let me redirect you to the mobile FAQ.

Q: I can’t login
A: Try quitting your browser and restarting it. This should fix the problem (make sure you completely quit the entire thing). You shouldn’t have to do that more than once (it’s a one-time thing with the cookie)

Q: The site seems slow, but you said the new design would be faster, is it opposite day?
A: Nope, not opposite day! We just have to wait until the caches are all rebuilt (millions of BiS lists get cached on our server and we had to wipe them with the new launch). If it’s slow for any other reason, we’ll be fixing it asap! Update, on 12/22 1:20 am PST, we launched an update that should make it faster, and our caches are getting nice and built up. 12/23: the site should be very snappy, if it isn’t, post on our forums and let us know.

Q: The page looks broken, I have text overlapping and all sorts of baddies. Why do you do this to me?
A: If you are using IE8, we no longer support that browser 🙁  If you are using a different browser, please let us know so we can look into it. Is Mr. Robot now evil and hates IE8 users? No, he really likes all of you, but he already supports a lot of browsers, smartphones and tablet devices.
–Also, make sure you aren’t zoomed in or out, in your browser, and that you aren’t forcing larger fonts.
–It could also be a font issue with your browser. Read this thread, there are several things to try. Note, if you have noscript, you might be blocking custom web fonts.
–Update, as of 12/22 1:20 am, we now put in LIMITED support for IE8. It should function, but it isn’t pretty and doesn’t have tool tips. At some point in the future we might make it a bit nicer, but we won’t officially be supporting IE8.

Q: How do I create a link to my character now?
A: Once you save your character (requires a free account), we save the character and give you a URL that is shareable. We will be adding the feature back in that changes the URL for your character without having to save a profile.

Q: I can’t find the gear list, did you take it away?
A: Nope, it’s still there, but better! Now, just click on the item name and the list shows up. No more trying to click the “…” button, which btw, was a pain in the ass on a tablet device!

Q: I used to look at the talent build sources on the old site, but I can’t find it now.
A: We’ll put those back up after the holidays. We didn’t have time to get them in the new update.

Q: Where did the export to Reforgerade option go?
A: We didn’t have time to add it into the update, but it will be brought back very soon 🙂 FIXED on 12/22 at 1:20 am.

Q: Some of the filters I use are gone, like exclude archaeology items.
A: We eliminated some of the less-used filters and added in a few that people really wanted. We didn’t keep them all in because we don’t want to overload the user with options. Instead, you can now exclude any item from the gear list (open the gear list, and uncheck the box on the left). We hope that satisfies all users 🙂

Q: I get an error when selecting blacksmithing or a BS related item, does Mr. Robot hate plate wearers?
A: He loves plate wearers, considering he’s made out of metal. There’s a bug that we’re working on fixing asap. Sorry about that!

Q: The shopping list is awesome, but are the enchantment mats wrong?
A: Yes, they are wrong. Sorry about that. We’re working on a fix 🙂 Mr. Robot really doesn’t want your friends to make fun of you when you open the trade window and have the wrong mats 😉 FIXED 12/22 1:20 am PST.


Q: Shaman: My Shaman spirit hard cap is gone! OMG HELP!
A: Yeah, we missed that, it will be in an update later today. Until then, you can manually add in your own spirit caps. Fixed: 12/23, 5am PST.

Q: Shaman: are the stat weights right for Enhancement?
A: Yes the stat weights are right, but the ‘more info’ tip is wrong. We have to update it. However, Mr. Robot will optimize correctly 🙂 Fixed on 12/22, 1:20 am PST

Q: Is the expertise cap broken?
A: Yes, we are fixing it asap! Fixed on 12/22, 1:20 am PST

Q: Tanks: Did you change how avoidance and CTC are handled?
A: We did change some of the stat weights for tanks, but we are going to add in more stat weight presets to cover more choices 🙂  The CTC should be working, but if you think it isn’t, please give us your character realm, name, and what you think isn’t working. Preferably on our forums.NOTE: on 12/22 at 1:20 am we added a new option for CTC users, you can exclude the food/elixir mastery buffs when using CTC.

Q: Tanks: Is the optimizer right for tanks?
A: Actually, it’s a bit off. We’re tweaking the algorithm over the next couple of days. Until then, apply some human brain waves to it, while the Robot optimizes his code. This should be fixed now, if you’re still having trouble, be sure to let us know. (12/23, 5am PST)

Q: Hunters: Mr. Robot is recommending the gnomish x ray scope over flintlocke’s woodchucker, is that right?
A: No, it’s not right, and we’ll fix it right away. Fixed 12/22 at 1:20 am PST.

Q: Healers: Why is Mr. Robot suggesting Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind?
A: Because the damage proc wasn’t categorized as damage only. We’re fixing tthat!

Q: Why is Mr. Robot equipping 2 cogwheels, I thought they were unique equipped?
A: They are, and that’s an error. We’ll fix that soon! Fixed on 12/22 at 1:20 am.

Q: Resto Shaman: Why is Mr. Robot sometimes recommending pieces of the elemental shaman set?
A: If you put a cap on spirit that is easy enough to achieve, Mr. Robot thinks the spirit on the healer set bonus isn’t very good, since it’s so easy to achieve. Which leads him to recommending the elemental pieces. You can raise the spirit cap to adjust his behavior, but we’re wondering… maybe this is the RIGHT way? Read our thread here.

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