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It’s that time of the expansion where you know most of the boss fights pretty well. And you spend your time trying to get that perfect set of gear and maximizing your damage (or healing or tanking) output.

And what’s the best way to get better at your class? For me, I like to find someone who’s better than me and see what they are doing differently. This used to be quite hard to do well… you’d go to the top ranked player list, click on someone and see what they were doing. But what if they have the 4pc set bonus, an overpowered trinket, or the legendary ring? OR maybve they might have different talent choices than you to synergize with their gear. Or maybe they killed the boss in only 3 minutes and your team takes 5. You’ve been there… it’s hard to get a good comparison like that.

Optimized Compare Tool

So we solved this problem with a super comprehensive comparison tool earlier this year. I’ve been using it a lot lately! Here’s a few key things Mr. Robot does for you:

  • Finds you players to compare to, automatically (or a specific log if you want that too!)
  • Finds fights with a similar length AND normalizes the data (more on that later)
  • Finds players with similar gear iLevels AND same set bonuses, legendary progress, and trinket levels.
  • Compares gear, talents, glyphs and stats for you

 Finding the Right Player

Go to one of your logs and select the character you want to help improve. Then click the “Comparison” tab to start up Mr. Robot’s player-improvement algorithm. Remember, he will try to find players with similar item levels, same set bonuses, same tier of trinkets, and a similar fight length.



Comparing Differences & Normalization

Once Mr. Robot helps you find the right player to compare you to, he’ll show you all of the differences is a super-handy, side-by-side comparison. AND he normalizes the data for you.

What exactly IS normalization? Well, let’s say your fight is 240 seconds long (4 minutes). And the player you are comparing to killed the boss in 4:24 (264 seconds). Their fight was 10% longer, so they would be able to use 10% more of each ability (roughly speaking). Mr. Robot normalizes the fight length differences for you in the “Delta” column so that it’s a fair comparison.


Compare Gear, Talents, Glyphs, and Stats

Maybe someone is doing more damage because they chose different talents? Maybe they are favoring Mastery instead of Haste. Find that out in the gear comparison view. And be sure to have Mr. Robot’s addon installed so your raid leader (or whoever is logging) can collect the exact gear, talents, and glyphs you have at the start of every pull! You don’t have to be the one logging, you just need the addon installed and the logger’s addon will do the rest.


4-Minute Video Tutorial

Get started now!

Find your logs by loading your character on the site, or browse for any player here.

Warlords of Draenor: Pre-Raid BiS

Mr. Robot is excited to help you find your pre-raid BiS gear! All you have to do is go to the BiS view, then edit the filters. Below is one example of pre-raid filters.


I’ll go through the filters, starting at the top left, and going down through each of the 4 columns.

  • Target Level: this affects things like the boss debuffs, like crit. Set it to +2 (5-man dungeon)
  • Raid Gear: uncheck both of these options
  • World Bosses: if you’re doing them, check those boxes.
  • Legendary Quest Progress: you can get the 680 ring without ever stepping foot in a raid. So it’s best to get that, pronto!
  • Default Item Enhancements: this tells Mr. Robot if you want him to assume extra gem sockets, etc. Note that starting with 5man heroics, you can start to get extra gem sockets, warforged gear and minor stats.
  • Apexis Crystal Items: check any of the boxes you are ready to afford
  • PvP Threshold: set this to none
  • Crafted Threshold:  You can choose the level of crafted gear you have access to or can afford off the AH. Remember that you can upgrade the gear as well.
  • Mission Gear Threshold: missions start rewarding 615 gear when you (and/or your followers) reach level 100.These rewards can get higher, so as you start seeing those missions, you can adjust this option.
  • BoE gear: These are items you can buy off the AH. It is NOT restricted to items that drop out of Highmaul or Blackrock foundry (it’s just there for item level reference).
  • Thriftiness: up to you!
  • Min / Max Item level: no need to adjust these since the other filters will take care of it. But you can if you’d like.
  • Other Items: The heroic daily dungeon rewards decent gear if you’d like to check that box. The rewards you get are random.

Best in Bags:

As you are trying to get your BiS set ready, remember to use Best in Bags. Since you won’t likely get every piece on your pre-raid BiS before you start raiding, Mr. Robot will help you pick out the best items that you DO have 🙂



Best in Slot & PvP Gear

You might be wondering why PvP gear is being suggested for BiS. Especially since you may have set the “PvP gear” filter to “None.” The answer has to do with the “World boss items” filter (yellow highlight below).


With the recent patch (5.4.7), some new higher level PvP gear was added in. It’s item level 550. And the world bosses have a chance to drop it, just like the old PvP gear. The reason it’s changed is that the new PvP gear is a higher item level than the old stuff.

Since the new PvP items are higher item level, they are now being chosen for Best in Slot in some cases. For example, if you filter the list to only include LFR gear (528) and world boss drops, it is very likely that the 550 PvP gear is better than the 528 LFR gear, as well as some of the flex gear (540).

But I set the PVP filter to none, I don’t want PvP gear!

The filters are a way to tell Mr. Robot what activities you are doing. Setting the PvP filter to ‘none’ is saying, “Hey Mr. Robot, I don’t PvP. So don’t suggest any gear that I’d have to get by PvPing.” So Mr. Robot listens and takes all PvP gear from PvP sources off his list.

Now, let’s say you also set the World boss filter to “Ordos and lower.” You are saying to Mr. Robot, “I kill Ordos and all of the other world bosses.” So Mr. Robot makes sure to include all items dropped by Ordos, the celestials, etc in your gear lists and BiS lists.

Now, the new 550 PvP gear drops from the World bosses, so you will see it in your gear lists and BiS lists. That’s because since it can drop from an activity you’re willing to do, Mr. Robot wants to make sure he ranks that gear for you. And depending on your other activities, it can be the best option. For example, if you do LFR raiding (528 gear) and the world bosses, a lot of the 550 PvP gear will be better. It can also be the case that some of the new 550 PvP gear is better than your 540 flex gear.

But aren’t those PvP stats taking away from my other good stats?

NOPE! PvP stats are all added on to gear, without taking away from your other primary and secondary stats. They are a bonus. So you are not sacrificing Haste for PvP power.


If you think something is still wrong, leave a comment. Make sure you save what you’re looking at – click the green save button to the left of your character name, and post the URL that Mr. Robot generates for you.

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