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Combat Logs: RL Screenshots

How many times can I say the alpha is close before it’s here?! ONE MORE TIME! I’m on the final stages of testing. And I’m sending screenshots back of logs I test. Not nearly as fun as playing with the alpha on your own, but we’re VERY CLOSE!

I’ll be posting screenshots as I get to them. If you want to participate I need:

  • A link to your log (raw text file) on dropbox or some other file sharing service
  • The region and realm of the person who made the log
  • A specific boss you’re interested in (I am only doing screenshots from 1 boss at a time)
  • Your character name (so I know who to focus on in the screenshots)



OpenRaid: Challenge Modes

So who’s OCD about completing achievements, getting every pet, mount farming, etc? You and me both, RIGHT?! Well, we’re in for a treat. OpenRaid is hosting a month-long, phased challenge mode completion event. And if that isn’t enough, they’ll have random prize giveaways for participants too.

Phases for Bronze, Silver and Gold

You might be a noob when it comes to challenge modes (/guilty). Or you might be a golden-hero and want to weed out the noobs like me (fine, I didn’t want to play with you anyway!) Well, this phased approach covers these issues and helps train noobs like me to be gold-contenders.

Bronze: April 2 – April 12

Reward: Undaunted title (account wide)
Official events for this phase are not allowed to require any challenge mode experience. However, organizers are allowed to require iLevel 492 with full gems and enchants.

Silver: April 13 – April 19

Reward: Your choice of 4 pandaren phoenix mounts (account wide). Link to achievement.
Official events may require some bronze experience when signing up for these events.

Gold: April 20 – April 30

Reward: A full set of transmog gear! Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior.
Official events are allowed to require full silver experience plus some gold experience for the harder dungeons. And of course fully optimized 492+ gear.

How to Join an Event

If you’re new to openraid, you’ll need to set up an account. It’s a bit of a process, but for a very good reason. You need to add your battletag ID and verify your character. Completing this process allows you to sign up with your character and get connected easily in-game. Here’s a guide to get you started, it’s well worth setting up. And for those of you who love in-depth info and have lots of FAQs, here’s another post to check out.

Once you have an account, head on over to get a list of Challenge Mode events:

No events listed, or not very many? Well, this just launched on April 2, so the events still need to be populated. And if you’re adventurous, set up your OWN event for other people to join (use the hashtag #CM when you post your raids so that they are easily searchable).

Challenge Mode Guides and other random info

A Must Read: WoW insider has a great post that covers the basics to get you started, as well as gold video guides. If you’re new to challenge modes, don’t skip this article. There are a lot of little things that people do in challenge modes, like using invisibility potions.

Other random info:



Combat Log Preview

We’re getting very close to a beta of our combat log analysis tool. We’re taking a fresh approach – we want to make it more inviting to the average person who doesn’t have a math degree. And we also want to provide enough data and analysis that the super hardcore people get what they want out of it too.

The first step was to design an interface that is simpler, less data dense, and highlights the important things. We also want to make sure navigating through the reports is easy, and make sure you always know what you’re looking at.

Top level damage report

Here’s a preview of the top level damage report for a fight. We’re still tweaking a few things, but this is the general idea.SneakPeek_Dmg

Ability breakdown

Once you click on a player, you’ll get more information about each ability: crit %, direct damage vs dot damage, etc. Take a look at the screenshot below. The far left shows how many uses and/or hits & ticks you got out of each ability. The middle section has a bar graph to show the relative damage each ability did. The right set of columns has a few extra numbers that some people are interested in, like crit % and uptime. 



A lot of the value for tanks will come in our ‘performance analysis’ tool. We’ll try to analyze how efficiently you’re using your defensive cooldowns. Are you using them enough? Are you using them at the right time in each fight? We want to add ways to identify how in danger you were of dying – did you get lucky and live, or did you live because ‘you’re doing it right’ ? Here’s a few general things we’ll cover at launch:

  • TMI: We can calculate the TMI, which is a ‘damage smoothness’ metric for tanking, developed by Theck.
  • Damage mitigation: we’re giving you a visual way to see how much damage a tank mitigates with blocks and absorbs.
  • Resource tracking: we’ll be able to show you how efficiently you’re using resources
  • Death analysis (for all characters) will be really badass. More on that in another blog post.



Healers need a lot of love! Of course we’ll cover the basics, like healing, overhealing and absorbs. But we want to go a lot further than that and help you improve healing on your team. We also want to have a little fun with some new things, like our “Near Death Experience” metric that will show which players almost died but were saved (and by whom).

  • Accurately track absorbsWe’ve written special code that tracks them much better, being able to tell exactly what absorbs were used and when.
  • Mana tracking: this allows us to do all sorts of cool things, like help suggest the right amount of spirit, when to use mana regen abilities (like innervate), and so on.
  • Ability uses vs hit/ticks: this is a big one for HoTs like rejuvenate. We will show how many times you actually cast it (far left column), as well as the number of hits/ticks.
  • Healer stat weights: our ultimate goal is to be able to suggest stat weights for healers based on their combat logs. If you use a lot of HoTs you might be best off favoring one stat, vs favoring another stat if you use a lot of your big, direct heal. We will be able to tailor weights to your play style. All with the click of one button :)


Combat logs that integrate gear & item levels

We’ll also have a feature that takes a snapshot of your gear, talents and glyphs that can be uploaded with the logs. This allows us to do all sorts of pretty cool things. For example, we can help you compare your performance to someone with similar gear levels. Or we can quantify how much more damage someone with +5 iLevels in your raid should be doing than you. And the list goes on! We’re very excited for this feature, so stay tuned as we release more information about it.

Combat Log ULTRA Alpha


We enabled an unpublished version of our mod to gather some extra data with your combat logs. We’re trying to make sure it’s gathering data correctly and would love a few testers.

We are looking for any Flex or higher for SoO! 10, 25 and flex are all ok!

  1. Download the mod here  - UPDATED ON DEC 17. (note: while the rest of the mod features should work as normal, it IS an alpha version with the combat logging). Replace your other version of the AMR mod with this one.
  2. Get one other person in your raid to also use that special version of the mod. Why? We want to be able to verify that the character data we are collecting is correct.
  3. When your raid starts, click the start button. It will automatically turn on advanced logging as well.
  4. When you are done, press the stop button, and send us the string as instructed in the addon.
  5. Lastly, zip up your combat log and send it to us (via drop box please!)

Unfortunately, we don’t have an alpha of the site to see your results. But we’re working on that :) The mod will be collecting extra information like gear, talents, etc for each boss fight. We hope to tie that information to the combat logs so we can show DPS trends by iLevel, popular talents for each boss fight, etc.

Lastly, if you haven’t taken our combat log survey yet, give it a go! We’re giving away a Hearthstone beta key AND an annual AMR premium account to a lucky winner who completes the survey. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 16.

Win a Hearthstone Beta Key AND an annual AMR premium account


You may have heard that we’re working on a new project: combat analysis. We have the ‘backbone’ ready and now we’re working on the fun stuff. And that’s where YOU come in! You can help shape the features we build by answering a few questions. And if there is something we didn’t cover, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

And in return, one lucky person will be picked to win a Hearthstone Beta Key on December 16! And there’s a bonus chance listed at the end of the survey as well :)

Take the survey here!

About our Combat Analysis project

We are coming at this from a brand new angle: how can we help people play better? Our answer is to build a tool that analyses how you play. It will be based off combat logs and of course you’ll be able to browse the typical combat log information. However, the big features we’re planning are meant to extract the important data for you – so you can spend less time digging through data and more time playing games.

We are pretty excited to start testing it out and we’ll have a private beta in early 2014. To be notified, follow us on Twitter (@AskMrRobot) or sign up for our blog emails in the mini-navigation bar to the right of this post.


Get Featured by Mr. Robot

Some of you may have noticed that we changed the styling of our homepage and navigation recently. Along with that, we made our promo areas a little snazzier. The promo areas help get fun information in front of users (like blizzcon announcements or links to awesome fan site bloggers), or they promote a feature on our site (both free and premium).

I couple weeks back I asked for character pictures to include in a promo spot I was making. It was a lot of fun so I wanted to do it again! I’d like to make an updated version of the promo below, but for the holidays. So I’d love screenshots in your holiday gear, cute mounts or pets, or your regular gear that is green or red or white.


Other things that might make fun images:

  • A group guild shot (be sure to hide the name plates)
  • Murlocs, amirite?
  • Cute, pretty, scare holiday screenshots around the World of Warcraft - something might catch Mr. Robot’s attention and he’ll demand I use it.

Also, if you have a fun promo idea, send it my way. Is there a feature you didn’t know about until recently and you think everyone should know about it? Tell me about it and send me a fun screenshot to go with it. Find a really awesome blogpost about something? Give me the link!


  • To submit: Leave a comment with a link to a picture (or tweet it to @AskMrRobot). Make sure you submit the picture in it’s full size so we get the best resolution possible :)
  • Everyone who submits a screenshot is entered into a drawing to win a premium Ask Mr. Robot account.




Give a Robot Gift


We’ve had a lot of people ask if they can give a premium account to a friend. Warcraft has some super nice people in the community apparently! Anyway, you can now gift a premium account to a friend!

How it works:

  1. Click on your name, it’s orange and at the top of the site.
  2. Choose the Gifting menu option, then buy your gift.
  3. You’ll get a code. Give that code to your friend :)

You can check on the status of the gift code from your account page.


How to redeem a gift code:

  1. Click on your name, it’s orange and at the top of the site.
  2. Choose the Gifting menu option, then select the ‘Redeem a Gift‘ option.
  3. Enter the code from your friend. That’s it, you’re all set!

Nitty gritty details:

TLDR: our goal is be fair and make sure you get full value!

  • Codes don’t expire, so if you have one sitting around for a year, your friend can still redeem it for the full amount of time.
  • The gifted time doesn’t start until it’s redeemed. So if you give your friend an annual pass 1 month from now, they’ll still have 1 full year from the day they redeem it.
  • Gifts do NOT auto-renew. In fact, they can’t be renewed at all. But you can buy another gift code.
  • If someone already has a premium account and they redeem a code, they get extra time added to their account.

Guild-Wide Accounts

We also offer a group discount for guild subscriptions. Right now we offer 12 slots, 30 slots, and higher. We’re going to be adding in more options on the lower end in our next update (in a week or two). It costs $0.83 per person. Get more info here.

Mr. Robot’s Role in the Expansion

So Blizzard announced some pretty big changes! No more hit, expertise, parry or dodge. No more reforging! Gems and enchants are also being simplified. So how do we feel about that over at Team Robot? WE LOVE IT!

What? Doesn’t this mean you’ll be irrelevant, you ask? Actually, it’s the contrary! First of all, the average player had between a few billion and a few quadrillion number of gem, enchant and reforge combinations… that’s getting a little out of control, and much too hard for a human to do. Our algorithm to make sure we guaranteed your optimization is getting very beastly, and it takes a lot of time to maintain.

Now, instead of maintaining a complicated optimization algorithm, we can spend time making much cooler features. And we have a long list of features that we’ve wanted to make for a really long time, that will really impact the WoW community.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Robot currently does:

  1.  Optimize modifications on a given set of gear (gems/enchants/reforges)
  2.  Calculate best-in-slot sets of gear
  3.  Show ranked lists of gear for each slot
  4.  Search your bags and bank and find a best-in-bags set of gear for either main or off spec
  5.  Help you spend your resources and time efficiently by answering specific questions with the upgrade finder, like how to spend valor, or bonus rolls, etc.

So obviously, the first item in the list, optimizing your gems, enchants and reforges, is going to be much, much simpler, and not needed as much (or possibly at all).

But now that gear isn’t as modifiable, picking the right loot will be very important – you know, like back in the days of vanilla! So all of the other features we have, like BiS, ranked gear lists, Best in Bags and the upgrade finder, will be even more useful. And now that the number of combinations will be much, much smaller, it means we can do even more robust things with the other gear features because the simpler algorithm will be lightning fast.

Mr. Robot’s role in the Expansion, Warlords of Draenor:

Mr. Robot will continue to help you choose the right gear. Since choosing the right item will be even more important, we’ll be expanding on both the free and premium features for finding upgrades.

But the new project we’re working on is really exciting. One area that we’ve really wanted to improve for the WoW community is helping you play better. And how on earth do we plan to do that, you ask? Combat logs.

There are great combat log sites out there right now, but we plan to take your combat logs one (or two or three) steps further. We want to provide analysis (more than just raw data) for how you play. And then we want to tie that into various things about your character to provide even more analysis. We’re experimenting with what is possible, and once we have some concrete answers, I’ll share those possibilities with you.

Optimizing the Gear Grind

Mr. Robot’s gears are grinding all day, so naturally he’s an expert on the subject ;) Let’s go over a few of the most common questions we get here at Team Robot HQ:

Bring your optimizations in-game with our new addon

Import your gems, enchants and reforges right to our in-game mod!

  • View your shopping list
  • Automatically search the auction house for the gems and enchants you need
  • Automatically reforge your gear with the click of one button
  • COMING SOON! Automatically gem your gear! That’s right, Mr. Robot will gem your gear for you (but only if you push the button… you can still do it manually if you’d like). If you’d like to test it out in our beta, download the beta mod here.
  • Send your shopping list to a friend or an alt via guild chat, whispers or even in-game mail

Which bosses should I spend my bonus rolls on?


We’ve all been there.. 2 weeks of rolls (or more!) and all we see are failbags. The rage is setting in… Well, Mr. Robot can help make sure that when you DO win, you’re maximizing the use of that roll. I mean… what if you win and it’s a DOWNGRADE? I know the answer to that… a rage bender, with desks being over turned, computers being thrown out the window… it’s not pretty.

So make sure you know what you’re getting into with each roll. Mr. Robot will tell you the chance you’ll win an upgrade (and how many items from each boss are downgrades).  It may turn out that a later boss in Flex drops a weapon that’s a bigger upgrade than a pair of boot from an earlier boss in Normal mode. Or maybe it’s worth saving a bonus roll to get a set item, regardless of it being normal or flex (or even LFR depending on your gear level). Play with the bonus roll feature on your character, a few things might surprise you!

First, optimize your character and note your score. This helps you put the upgrade values in context. For example, my score is 57204. So an upgrade worth 570 points is roughly a 1% upgrade.




Which Flex wings have the best & most upgrades?

Some of you might have the time to run every wing on every difficulty – in that case, carry on! But some of you might only have enough time to run a few things each week. If that’s the case, Mr. Robot can help you prioritize and find out which bosses/wings give you the best upgrades.

Click the Find Upgrades button, and select the Flex option in the drop down menu.





Is it worth running any LFR wings? Do they have any worthwhile upgrades?

This is a good question! When patch 5.4 first hit, my restoration druid was iLevel 527. So naturally the iLevel 528 items I could get from LFR didn’t seem worth it. But it turns out that both LFR wings had items that were just over a 1% increase for me.So it was up to me to decide if I wanted to LFR for a chance at 1% upgrades. Now my gear is high enough that I’d only run LFR if I really, really wanted to complete some set bonuses.

Click the find upgrades button, then select the LFR option in the drop down menu. Here’s what we get for my iLevel 528 character:


And look at the score for the next wing 3, with a 3,600 point upgrade (over a 6% score increase). WHOA! Alright, that’s worth running for sure. And if I have spare time, it looks like the first 2 wings are also worth it if.

What should I upgrade with my Burdens of Eternity?

You can thank Mr. Robot’s twitter fans for this one – so many people tweeted asking how to spend their Burdens of Eternity, that we added in a new feature for it :) Here’s what the numbers mean:

  • Chance: This shows the chance you get an upgrade. 100% means all of the random variants are upgrades, whereas 50% would mean half of the possible random variants are downgrades. And 0% means none of the items for that slot are upgrades.
  • Average: This is the average score of all of the possible upgrades for that slot. Downgrades are NOT factored into the average.
  • Top Score: This is the score of the best possible random variant you can get for each slot – and the item listed to the left of that column shows which item that is.




I have a lot of new gear, what should I equip?

This is where Best in Bags comes in. Mr. Robot will dig through your bags and find the best gear for both your main and offspecs. And off spec sets are worth noting here: Mr. Robot will juggle gear around to make sure your main spec is in tip-top shape, and then focus on the offspec with leftover gear and ‘locked in’ main spec gear (locked in means he won’t change the gems/enchants/reforges from your main spec version). Watch the short video for an explanation, then get more information here.

Beta Test: Auto-Gemming

Thanks to all of our testers – we’ve released auto-gemming to the world! Get it on Curse.

Beta test contest has ended.

  1. Download the beta version of the mod. If you’re new to the mod, read this post.
  2. Take a screenshot of your shopping list and gem tabs in the mod.
  3. Click ‘auto-gem’ on the gem tab. If it worked, tell us. If it didn’t take a screenshot of the gem tab.
  4. Post all of your screenshots in a comment on this post.

We’re asking for human volunteers to test it out. Make sure you have enough gems or gold that any gemming errors won’t ruin your day!