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Patch 7.2.5 Updates

Wondering what’s updated and what’s still coming for 7.2.5 on our site? I’ve got you covered.

DONE: More class balance changes, for June 27

Patch notes for June 27 changes

Simulator and default stat weights are updated.

DONE: Class balances for Tuesday’s patch (June 20)

Patch notes for Tuesday.

Simulator is updated. The “Live” version of the simulator has those changes.  Default stat weights updated too.

DONE: June 14 Hotfixes post at 2:30 PM PST

Just a handful of hotfixes and they are all for PVP balancing. This won’t affect the simulator or gear rankings (which are all PvE based). So consider this ‘done’ (or more like… ‘addressed’).

DONE: Simulator is updated with 7.2.5 data + June 13 hotfixes.

We will go over all of the details with a fine-tooth comb over the coming days and weeks as things change. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, post it over on our forums.

Rotations will continue to be tweaked as hotfixes come in.

DONE: June 13 Hotfixes from Blizzard

These are updated in the simulator and the gear rankings. You can see all simulation implementations on the wiki and edit them. The wiki is turned into code that runs the simulation, so it’s incredibly verifiable and editable. Here’s an example wiki page for Chain Lightning for Elemental Shaman.

With the caveat that we still want to test and tweak rotations more for T20 and based on hotfixed data. If anything seems odd or you have suggestions, drop by our forums.

DONE: T20, Tomb of Sargeras item rankings, and T19 changes

These are good based on current game data, but as you may have seen, Blizzard is doing another round of class balances this week.

We also have to compare sims to logs to verify everything is working as expected and that rotations are matching what top players do. This is important so we can continue to offer a super-accurate simulator and so you can feel confident in the results.

DONE: Updated stat weights / gearing strategies

The first set of stat weights are live and behave like the ones you’ve been using – defaults based on 1 particular set of talents and gear. As we’ve said in the past, custom stat weights are better for you. You can run a set totally customized to you in the simulator. Instructions here.

However, we know you don’t really want to run custom weights. So we’ll be doing it for you over the next couple of weeks. We’re running “gearing strategies” (way more comprehensive than just stat weights, as they include trinket and legendary rankings too). And we’re doing this for every combination of talents and gear that you might have at some point. So as your talents and gear changes, we have new stat weights & gear rankings for you. Right away, and we’ll automatically adapt with you 🙂

If you want to know more about this awesomeness (and why you really won’t have to run stat weights again), check out this full blog post that explains what this is and how to be a part of it.


Tomb of Sargeras bosses in the simulator

GOROTH: implemented on June 22 – see description here.

Next up: Sassz’ine.

We will do a full comparison of Goroth simulations to logs, allowing us to fine-tune rotations and boss strategies so they match logs. This will also enable us to pre-calculate stat weights for different bosses as well.

Expect things to change here and there, over the next few weeks

The game gets hotfixes and patches, usually several within 2 weeks of following a patch. Class adjustments will be updated on our site right away, and then new stat weights and trinket/legendary rankings will be updated as well.  We will also be comparing our rotations to actual logs and making adjustments so they reflect what top players are actually doing in-game. And lastly, if we find bugs (nooooo!), we’ll fix them, and that might mean the stat weights will change as well.

So hang on to your items until things settle down. You know the usually post-patch drill!

Never run stat weights again

As I mentioned above, we’ll be filling in custom gearing strategies that will adapt as you get new gear or change talents. Fully custom, when you need it, and more complete than any other method. Here’s the full blog post about it.

Any other questions? Ask away!

How to join the Global Network

How do I join the Global Network?

If you’re wondering what the Global Network is, read this more detailed post.

Ready to join? Contributing your computing power is easy and we have a few options so it doesn’t interfere with your gaming (like slow it down, that would be bad!) It also will never interfere with your bandwidth, so it won’t affect streaming Netflix – the data sent back and forth is 10x smaller than a simple image. What we need is your computer’s processing power, not your bandwidth.

There is one exception: If you have a laptop or computer that is prone to overheating when under heavy use, we suggest you do NOT join the Global Network. We appreciate that you want to help, but laptops in particular aren’t good under full, constant CPU use.

If you’re wondering how big of a difference you can make – a big one! Every person counts and my initial goal is to get 500 people connected. I hope you will be one of them, and if you are, take a look at the progress we’re making on this status update post.


If you are familiar with the client already, it’s easy. When you have the client open, press any key to bring up the menu. You’ll see a Global Network option. Select that, and if you want you can set a schedule (jump to step 5 for more details below).

Step 1: Download the client.

Download it here.

If you already have it, make sure version 331 or higher is running. If it isn’t, just run any simulation from the site to force it to update (or download it again, whatever you prefer).

If you are used to the program already, skip to step 5. Continue reading

Global Network Progress

A huge thanks to those of you already signed up. And lots of love goes out to those of you who aren’t but are reading this because you are interested.

I will be posting status updates here, so you can see how big of a difference you are making. I don’t know if it has sunk in yet, but your help will make sure everyone has instant access to the most accurate gear rankings, for free! The results of this ‘stat weight’ project are made available to everyone who visits the site, including free users.

If you’re reading this and wondering what this whole Global Network thing is about, head on over to read about it here. Continue reading

Join the Global Network

Glonet - Custom stat weights

Hi there. So you’ve probably been told at some point in your WoW days to ‘sim your stat weights.’ You might even have recently run a custom setup for yourself.

You probably aren’t doing this because you want to, but because you have to. I mean, the fun part is getting the best gear recommendations so you can spend more time crushing things in game, right?!

What if I told you that you might never have to sim your own stat weights again?

Would you even believe me that it is possible?

It is possible. It really, truly is. But… (you knew there was a ‘but’ didn’t you?).  But… we need you to join the ‘Global Network’ to make this happen.

What is the Global Network?

It’s a collection of computing power from people just like you, that we utilize when you aren’t using your computer. If you’ve ever heard of SETI@home, which uses idle computers to search for aliens, it’s like that.

But instead of searching for aliens, we’re searching for the best sets of gear for each character. Aliens might be more exciting (or more terrifying depending on what movies you watch)… but they are reaalllly far away. Finding gear is something you can enjoy today.

We’ve been using it for the past tier – labeled “Adaptive Gearing Strategies” on our UI (instead of ‘stat weights’). And now, we’re running them for Antorus, as I type this!

Continue reading

Gearing to rank on Krosus

I’ve written a couple articles for Blizzard Watch on ranking for Krosus – one for ranged and one coming soon for melee.

To squeeze out that extra DPS, you’ll want to pick gear specifically for that fight. For every 1% you increase your DPS, you can expect to move up 1 – 2 % in the rankings.

One extreme example is for dual wielders: Krosus has a bug (at least I assume it is), where you can’t miss on him. Normally when you are forced to hit a boss from the front, the boss mechanics that make him dodge or block your hits is turned off. But you can still miss in those cases. However, it looks like the ability to miss was also turned off, meaning you never miss a single hit on him.

In a few quick tests on some dual-wielders, I found most of them get a 2-4% increase in damage when gearing specifically for this bug, compared to gearing for a regular version where you still have a chance to miss.

So ‘regular’ gear advice isn’t going to optimize for doing the most damage under the specific Krosus scenario. So  I have an option for you to gear specifically for this.

Step 1: Decide on the right boss script variation

Continue reading

How to pick the best gear

There are a lot of ways to find your best gear – and that can be confusing. You are left wondering which way is best. Let’s see if I can help shed some light on that.

First, I want to identify why picking out gear seems so hard… or at least, why you can feel so uncertain about your choices.

You see, when you try to make combinations of all of the gear you own, it adds up to millions, or billions, or quintillions of combinations.

Number of warcraft gear combinations for best in bags

Wow, that’s a lot of combinations. Obviously, a human can’t be expected to pick out the single best set. No wonder so many  of us are unsure of what to wear. It’s not due to a lack of effort or intelligence, there are just too darn many combos!

Maybe now you’re thinking, hey, let’s sim it all! Computers are smart and faster than humans. And that sounds like a great idea… except… even a super fast computer that sims 1 setup per second would take ‘forever.’

Let’s look at this problem from a computer’s perspective: Continue reading

Simulation guide: Krosus

I showed earlier that our Krosus model matches real-life logs from top Warcraft players. That makes these simulations incredibly useful because the advice you get is based on real situations. Below is a guide to help you simulate different scenarios to see how it impacts your DPS. You can also take the scenario closest to how you play and generate stat weights from that.

Step 1: Load your character into the simulator

Click this link to go to the simulator. Load your character from the armory, or the addon import.

Step 2: Review your character setup

The left side of the simulator page is all about your character. Click the plus signs to expand sections, like talents. Click on gear in the list to select different gear, relics, or enchants.

How to sim Krosus Continue reading

Havoc – Keep it Simple.

In this article, I am going to show that a very simple Havoc rotation is also the optimal rotation. I decided to do this after looking at the current default SimC APL, which I feel is unnecessarily complex for a spec that has a very simple action priority.

The first step is showing how to effectively compare simulations to combat logs, and make sure that we can make a simulation that matches what players are doing. Second, I will compare the same simulations in AMR and SimC and highlight some differences between the two simulation models. Third, I will compare the actual rotations and show that you can achieve practically identical results with two very different-looking rotations.

Continue reading

Krosus simulations match real combat logs

Before 7.2 came out, I wanted to share some examples of tests I do to make sure our simulator is accurate. This is the kind of testing we will continue to do after 7.2 launches and again with Tomb of Sargeras.

Meanwhile, for Nighthold, you might have seen that we have actual NH bosses in the simulator, which takes theorycraft and gearing advice to the next level. Why? In past expansions, advice has been based on generic fights that don’t exist in the game.

Generic fight sims limit the ability to optimize rotations, compare trinkets, relics or talent choices. You’re missing a big piece of the puzzle – the actual fight. So when we built our simulator, we set out to recreate the actual bosses and have the whole simulator (rotations and bosses) match combat logs from top players.

I wanted to determine if we were able to simulate so accurately, that we matched logs.

TLDR: YES! I started with DPS and reviewed dozens of logs for each spec on Krosus and share a few examples below. There are some special notes for a handful of specs, so be sure to read the specifics for the class(es) you play. If you have questions, head over to this thread on our forums. Continue reading

Krosus script setup in Ask Mr. Robot

Click here to start a simulation

Why the Krosus script matters:

The Krosus script models the fight very closely when executing the fight well.  It’s helpful to use because you can see how the mechanics affect your DPS.

For example, during bridge breaks, melee are out of range for 6 seconds, which can lower your DPS by 15-40k over the course of the fight, compared to a target dummy or ‘patchwerk’ style fight where you dps and never have to move.

This type of setup allows you to more closely model the game, which generates better stat weights, gear recommendations, and makes comparing talents (etc) more realistic. Continue reading

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