Combat Log Preview

Our combat logs are now in open alpha, anyone can check it out by going to NOTE: If you want to make a login for the combat logs, you need to make a NEW, SEPARATE account on We did that in case something goes terribly wrong, it won’t affect your main account 🙂

We’re taking a fresh approach to combat logs. Since Mr. Robot is really good at complicated math, he’s adding a new element to logs that no one else has done: combat analysis. We’re collecting a lot of data on the backend and writing algorithms to asses how people are playing, what works and what doesn’t, then presenting that to users as “actionable” information. We’re working on this tool in 3 phases:

  1. Combat log parsing: This is what you’re familiar with from other combat logs sites – we parse through data and display it in some tables and graphs. We raised the bar a bit and cleaned up a lot of the data, categorized buffs, and relabeled abilities for easy identification (like the mastery procs for many classes). This is all currently live and can be tested out on
  2. Combat log analysis: We analyze each fight FOR you – instead of you digging through tables and data for 15 or 30 minutes, we want to summarize the important information for you. This is no easy feat, but we’re good at the hard stuff. We’re currently working on these algorithms behind the scenes (they aren’t live yet).
  3. Statistical analysis: There’s a lot of logs and a lot of data. No one has aggregated all of this rich data and presented the community with useful, actionable info. We have grand plans for this and we’re collecting all of that data from logs you’re uploading right now! As we collect enough, we’ll have some pretty cool stats to share.

Phase 1: Getting the Basics Right

We wanted to design an interface that is simple, less data dense, and highlights the important things. We also want to make sure navigating through the reports is easy and each report clearly shows what you’re looking at. Check out the video tour.

To follow along in the video, or to see a report in more depth, here are some links:

Give the combat log a try – it’s easy!

Browse logs: it’s easy! Go to Use the tabs at the top to search for rankings, players, guilds, or get a list of your own logs.

Upload a log:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green ‘upload a log’ link in the center of the page (right above the word ‘players’)
  3. Download the client and install it (similar to the curse client, or other similar programs).
  4. After installation, you should be prompted to install the addon if you don’t already have it. If you aren’t prompted, click the ‘addon’ link at the top of the program window and install it.
  5. Go in game and start logging. To browse our options, open our addon (click the AMR icon on the minimap, or type /amr show. One of the options is to ‘automatically log Siege of Orgrimmar. That means you’ll never forget, and it will always log 🙂
  6. When your raid is over, follow the instructions to upload a log.

Questions? Ask & We Will Answer:

  • My login doesn’t work: You need a separate login for the beta servers (it can be the same as your regular AMR account if you want). To do this, go to and create an account. Note it’s the beta subdomain, not ‘www.’
  • Do you support live logging? YES! It’s an option in the client program – you’ll see a place to start a live logging session.
  • Do you have private logs? YES! It’s an option when you upload the log. Once it’s private, you can’t make it public. To share a private log, copy the link and share it with your friends (privately, of course). Private logs will NOT show up in searches.
  • Do I need to make an account? NO! If you do have an account, we can get a list of all of your logs for you with no hassle. But if you don’t want to create an account or login, you can still upload logs. And we’ll still be able to identify your guild and characters for the search feature.
  • Is this free? YES! Everything you see currently will always be free. We want the basic parsing and reports to be accessible to everyone, just like our optimizations always have been too 🙂
  • Will I have to pay to keep my logs for a long time? NO! Other combat log sites in the past have charged to keep logs longer than 2 weeks. We don’t like that! Your logs will be stored for a very, very long time, likely a couple of years.
  • Does everyone in the raid need your addon? NO! Only the person logging actually needs it. However, the person logging collects gear data from everyone else who has our addon installed. The members don’t need to do anything EXCEPT have the addon. We handle all of the data collection behind the scenes, it’s easy as pie 🙂


  1. V. much looking forward to this!

  2. This is gorgeous. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    • It’s almost ready! Can you PM me your email on twitter, or send an email to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com. I need your email to add you to the alpha 🙂

  3. Twitchie (the Gnome Warlock)

    January 27, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Oooo will there be any extra goodies for Premium accounts with the combat log?

    • Definitely! I will have a separate blog post about that. But the basic idea is we want all of the regular functionality to be free. We want free users to be able to get at all of the data they would want. Then we’ll do extra fancy, cool things on top of that for premium.

      It will be like the optimizer: free people can browse through gear, filter gear, create BiS lists based on filters, etc. Premium users get ‘canned’ lists, bonus roll calculations, etc.

      And this will be rolled into the current premium offer. No extra charges, no price increases. If you’re premium, you get it ALL!

  4. Looks very promising.
    Total damage as number on hover?
    Is it possible to add whitespace as thousand separator?

    • Total damage is shown on the scale toward the top. Did you see that and still want hover? Or did you not see that, and it is satisfactory?

      I ask because we don’t want people to have to RELY on the hover, but we aren’t opposed to putting extra info on hovers.

      • Also, we have thousand separators, commas for now. I forgot to get the updated version in the screenshot.

      • Yes I saw scale. I think it will be hard to draw imaginary line from top scale(or bottom scale if it will be available for large groups) to 9-15th place, and than gues what number is (without clicking on player and switching back).

        I propose hover as thing that didn’t take useful space and if you don’t want – you won’t see this info. But I have to agree this is not very critical info and I just wanted to clarify. 🙂

  5. That’s actually one of the core ideas we have for ‘combat analysis.’ We’ll be testing out our ideas and theories during the beta 🙂

  6. I just want to say thanks for the awesome resource you guys are making AMR to be!

  7. Is your plan for World of Logs, or Recount? I’d love the idea of removing one more in-game addon and recount (or actually Skada) would be tops on my list.

    • The plan is to have analysis on our website (not an in-game addon). We plan to make it so usable, and super understandable that more people look at combat logs. Right now a lot of people’s eyes gloss over, we want to change that 🙂

      We won’t have an in-game damage meter.

      • That will work! Will the current AMR (desktop) client pull the logs from my PC eventually as well? Will support LFR since unfortunately that all I see my toons running for the time being.

        • Yes it will support LFR. We’ll have to do some testing to make sure it’s still very usable since players drop in and out.

          In other news, we will be announcing this later tonight or tomorrow: we are discontinuing support for the current desktop client (95% of people said they like the copy/paste better). Uploading logs will be super simple, and if we want to have them upload via a client, we’ll probably remake the client so it is more usable. (It was our first one, and admittedly needs some usability improvements).

      • I wish we could get an in game addon for for this or maybe offer it for premium accounts. Would you all consider doing that? I would really like an in game addon for this as I am a premium account holder. Thanks I love the new plans keep rocking.

  8. Being able to compare players in terms of item level is very important to my group – i.e., ultimately I want to be able to use the logs to determine if a player is “playing well”, given his gear. No current tool allows for this – we have to rely on an awkward combination of guesses, raidbots epeen comparison system, SimC, and hunting through hundreds of other world of logs reports. Any plans on helping combat this issue?

    • You must be reading Mr. Robot’s combat log notes 🙂 Our in-game mod will collect gear and talents for each player. And we’ll be using that to run some really cool stats. For example, you could start by comparing yourself against another player in the raid. But say that person has 10 iLevels on you – we’ll be able to tell you how much more damage those 10 iLevels should be accounting for, just by aggregating data from everyone’s logs. We can also look at the avg dmg for that spec and iLevel and show where you land on the bell curve.

  9. Question from the addon side of things – currently the only way to start/stop logging is to open the addon all the way, and I’ll confess as I don’t normally log fights I forgot to stop it – is it possible to add a small widget (with a toggle for those who keep screen space to a premium) showing logging on/off?

  10. give it to me now!

  11. ps thank you for your service, it saves me so much time in game im so greatful p.s. give me the new toy !!!

  12. Random Castagna

    February 2, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Yes, thank you very much ! Robot is the BEST!

  13. Hey guys, great news and love the presentation examples. As a data nerd by profession I was wondering if you maybe add as an option for subscribers a chance to get at the parsed data. I would love to have a crack at putting together something in Tableau Public based on the data.

    • We might provide some ways to get at data. We’ll keep everyone posted with the various options 🙂

      • Hi Tarik, You can record your own combat logs. Simply type /combatlog at the start and end of the raid. The file will appear in your normal WoW directory under the /log folder as combatlog.txt. You may also be able to access existing logs from World of Logs. I didn’t realise Tableau had a public version. Must have a search for that tomorrow at work!

        • If you take a look at the logs you will notice that these are not very useful unless they are “parsed”. Many of the codes need to be mapped etc… Tableau cannot help you with that, you would use something a bit more advanced, Spotfire Cloud maybe, you need the ability to join and map the values to IDs.

    • It’s almost ready! Can you PM me your email on twitter, or send an email to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com. I need your email to add you to the alpha.

  14. Do you need beta testers? More than willing to help out for such worth while functionality.

  15. im just curious, will this be a website base combat log, or will there be an add on available for download?

  16. looking fantastic! thank you. keep up the great work!

  17. One important feature to add is the possibility to parse more than 1 combat log related to same fight. This is crucial in many cases where range is an issue (e.g.: Spoils ecounter in SoS). It will not be easy to rebuild the flow of the fight (even World of Logs mess it up sometimes) but it would be extra useful (especially considering that even Recount fails at this atm).

  18. Can I assume this will provide the same data for Healing?

  19. Gah! It’s like waiting for Christmas or something! Except I don’t know when it’s coming.

  20. This is my goto site, and so glad to see you guys aren’t resting on your laurels. Thanks for the “scientific”, as opposed to the “because I said so”, approach! Really helps to understand WHY things work better certain ways. Math always wins.

  21. Looks great so far, finitions always take very long but it’s important 🙂

  22. Suggestion: add functionality to the AMR addon to control the combat log starting/stopping; a-la Loggerhead.

  23. I find it a bit hard to understand how to use this new tool. I don’t consider myself very smart though :p. Will it help making a diagnostic of an encounter, and how will it help? Making suggestions on a better rotation? Say that i make a duel in Pvp, could it tell me somehow how i could have better used my spells? Sorry for my ignorance! :p. Yo, premium user.

    • We won’t be making a parser for PvP, since you can’t predict what the opponent will do. This will be for PvE. We’ll be able to help you figure out why you died, how efficiently you’re using spells, etc.

  24. i hope you make this an in game add on for prim accounts

    • It won’t be an in-game addon. We’re building a cool way to analyze how you played, which takes a lot of fancy data aggregation, etc. And since you can’t talk to a web server while in warcraft, a lot of the features wouldn’t work.

  25. i love this site, best money i have ever spend in the 5 years im playing

  26. Jaroslav Záruba

    March 15, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Will you try to deal with realm-split encounters? Like building the complete data by combining several logs from given combat?

    • We’ll be able to see what realm all players are from and assign their realm accordingly. Is that what you meant, or were you asking about something else?

      • Jaroslav Záruba

        March 15, 2014 at 11:58 am

        I meant realms as in spirit realm vs. normal realm, where combat log only receives data from people within your current realm (Garajal, Norushen, etc.)
        I have to admit I’m not sure how much demand there is for this. 🙂

  27. Jonathan Scales

    March 17, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Will this also cover pvp format as well are just pve?

  28. This is pretty awesome and will be a welcome upgrade from wow logs or wol.

    • The alpha will be ready this week. If you want to try it out, send an email to feedback – at- askmrrobot dotz com. I just need your email to add you to the alpha.

  29. Please don’t make users require Java in order to parse combat logs. Avoiding Java keeps your users safe from Java’s many security vulnerabilities.

    • Christmas is almost here, Can you PM me your email on twitter, or send an email to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com. I need your email to add you to the alpha 🙂

    • Nullabillity

      May 1, 2014 at 6:27 pm

      I’m a bit late, but this is just absolutely and completely incorrect, fed by an ignorant meme.

      The thing is that you have to separate between three different ‘Javas’. Java Applets (Java applications that run inside your browser), Java JRE (the Java that runs desktop applications), and Java Web Start (browser integration to launch regular Java applications easier).

      The problem is that the ancient and bug-ridden Applets (which should not be used anymore, and are basically an older kind of Flash) have given the rest of Java a bad reputation, despite that all of the ‘Java bugs’ you constantly hear about are purely about Applets. The problem is that Applets can run automatically from your browser (or used to, anyway), which requires them to be ran inside a sandbox, which can naturally have holes. Thus, the meme of “Uninstall Java, it’s bad for your security” became a thing. However, the issues affecting Applets don’t apply to running the JRE manually, since those applications behave exactly like normal applications (no sandbox at all, with programs treated accordingly). Modern browsers actually block Applets by default nowadays, so there isn’t really any reason not to have Java installed anymore.

      • Sorry, but you’re wrong. The problem wasn’t ancient and bug-ridden applets because the security issues with Java were issues with JRE itself. Having a Java plugin in your browser just makes it much easier to exploit said vulnerability in the JRE since an attacker can simply embed a exploit in a webpage.

        If you were correct, Oracle wouldn’t be fixing many security holes that could be exploited in the browser by patching the JRE. Make no mistake, those browser plugins are just hosting a JRE instance inside the browser, it’s not like it’s a completely separate runtime implementation.

        Strictly speaking, from a security perspective having software on your computer that you’re not using increases the attack surface area of your computer. So, going from having 1 app that uses Java down to 0 apps that use Java makes your computer more secure if you uninstall Java while you’re at it. That’s basic software security 101.

        Besides, on most PCs there is no good reason to run Java. Not many desktop applications in common use today require it. In fact, I don’t have the JRE on any of my PCs. I don’t use the other WoW log parsers “out there” because they run Java, and I’m not going to install the JRE just for one log parsing app that I’d rarely use.

        Java isn’t even a great dev environment anymore, if you want to write first-class apps. It’s like they (Sun) stopped trying to be competitive when, in v1.5 they implemented generics using type erasure. What a horrible decision.

        So, in summary, Java may be “write once, run anywhere”, but everywhere it goes it’ll be a 2nd class citizen, especially where it competes against native apps. So, my message to the AskMrRobot people: let the other WoW log parsers be the 2nd class citizens – go native and be the best.

        On the plus side, I like what Oracle’s doing these days when they go after Google for using Java. It’s a good message: “Use Java and we’ll take you to court”. Keep it up Larry Ellison!

        • Nullabillity

          May 2, 2014 at 4:04 am

          You’re right in that the JRE is shared between Applets and desktop. However, the security issues lie in trying to have it safely run untrusted code, not in the JRE itself.

          I’d rather have it be a ‘2nd class citizen’ than something that doesn’t run at all.

          > Java isn’t even a great dev environment anymore

          Clearly you haven’t tried Scala. 😛

          • > Clearly you haven’t tried Scala. 😛

            Scala also suffers with generics implemented by type erasure, and it has this problem because of the way that the JVM was designed. Any language that uses the JVM suffers from the same issues, you can’t fix it at the language level.

            If Scala was implemented on top of Mono (for example) it probably wouldn’t have this deficiency because the Mono runtime understands generics instead of only knowing about boxed objects.

            > I’d rather have it be a ‘2nd class citizen’ than something that doesn’t run at all.

            Sure, but most cross platform apps are able to run *and* be a 1st class citizen, very few are written in something like Java. I’m advocating that AMR to build first class client apps. As users, why would we want anything else?

          • Nullabillity

            May 2, 2014 at 8:43 am

            > Scala suffers from type erasure

            Yes, but it’s greatly mitigated because of TypeTags and Manifests, which are generated by the compiler and contain the metadata that erasure strips away. It’s not perfect, but it works.

            > Sure, but most cross platform apps are able to run *and* be a 1st class citizen

            That dilutes the development process and takes time away from actual features. You’re trading slightly better L&F for the stuff that matters. Either that, or as seems to be realistic right now, where the only Linux support at all is through patched Wine. And really, Java doesn’t look that terrible nowadays anyway.

          • > Yes, but it’s greatly mitigated because of TypeTags and Manifests,

            Type erasure hurts more than the ability to use reflection, it hurts performance. Boxing and unboxing a int is much slower than using a “native” int.

            My point is that when you write something in Java, the developer gets some benefits, but those benefits are paid for by the user experience. There are languages (like C# on the CLR or Mono) which still have all the developer benefits while still retaining important capabilities like a proper generics implementation. They’re faster and feel more “native”. Still not as good as a native, non-garbage-collected app.

            > However, the security issues lie in trying to have it safely run untrusted code, not in the JRE itself.

            In other words, the JRE is insecure so you need to keep it shielded from code that could potentially be “bad”, since the JRE sandbox is rather porous.

            > Java doesn’t look that terrible nowadays anyway.

            Java! It doesn’t look that terrible nowadays! It’s still slow and insecure though.

            As a user if I have a choice between a native and a Java app, I’ll take the native app. I think most people feel the same way, and that’s why you see almost zero Java apps on the desktop.

            Scala + JVM only looks fast when you compare it to languages like Ruby that are absolutely terrible when it comes to performance. Benchmarking against languages like Ruby is the special olympics of benchmarks.

          • Nullabillity

            May 2, 2014 at 1:24 pm

            > Boxing and unboxing an int is much slower than using a “native” int.

            The @specialized will generate unboxed code paths for primitive types for you.

            > There are languages (like C# on the CLR or Mono) which still have all the developer benefits while still retaining important capabilities like a proper generics implementation.

            Sadly, .NET also completely manages to screw up cross-platform compatibility, usually putting it somewhere between “unusable” and “bad”, depending on how little the developer cares about it.

            > Still not as good as a native, non-garbage-collected app.

            That’s assuming that the native version isn’t full of memory leaks. :p

            > In other words, the JRE is insecure so you need to keep it shielded from code that could potentially be “bad”, since the JRE sandbox is rather porous.

            Absolutely, but at worst it’s the same situation as you have with native code.

            > As a user if I have a choice between a native and a Java app, I’ll take the native app. I think most people feel the same way, and that’s why you see almost zero Java apps on the desktop.

            I’d venture a guess that 95% of users couldn’t care less, 4% would be happy that it actually runs on their system without Wine for once, and 1% would be bringing up moot points for why it used to suck.

          • If what you say is true, then Java should be a great way to write client apps. Why do you think Java has completely failed in this department? Both Mac OS X and Windows users prefer native apps.

  30. Im still waiting for global cooldown breakdown. To see what what abilities they used on every global cooldown…when they renewed dots etc…It would really help my Boomkin.

  31. I’m a UI designer and see a lot of potential here. I definitely like the simplistic style you guys go for but I definitely think there’s a lot of room for improvement while still sticking to the core theme you guys have gone with. If I were to make a mockup of something, would you guys at least look at it? I’d probably just upload an html file to my server, but I could just do a screenshot if it’s easier. I’ve already made a few just out of boredom and they look *really* slick.

    • Would love to see it!! As you may imagine, there are a ton of things that we consider when building the UI, like how navigation will work, can we expand, etc etc etc. Would looove to see what you have 🙂

  32. I just bought a year subscription based on this feature, looking forward to it very much!

    • While I thank you a ton for upgrading, the main combat log features will be free. If you want, I can refund your purchase, but if you want to keep it, there are a ton of cool features 🙂

    • The alpha will be ready this week. If you want to try it out, send an email to feedback – at- askmrrobot dotz com. I just need your email to add you to the alpha!

  33. Will this service include the ability to anonymise the statistics? Some guilds don’t want their logs publically viewable, so the ability to disguise guild name/character names would be nice to facilitate posting links in public. 🙂

    • We have a mechanism to allow for an individual to make their data private. It won’t be in the alpha, but we do have it on the list 🙂

  34. Gabe Lachance

    April 6, 2014 at 4:09 am

    seems very much like recount

  35. Carlos Contreras Peinado

    April 8, 2014 at 5:28 am

    I’d love testing it!!!!

  36. I’m really lookign forward to this feature. When will the combat logs be available on the website for testing?

    • The alpha will be ready this week. If you want to try it out, send an email to feedback – at- askmrrobot dotz com. I just need your email to add you to the alpha.

  37. The alpha will be ready this week. If you want to try it out, send an email to feedback – at- askmrrobot dotz com. I just need your email to add you to the alpha 🙂

  38. Looking forward to trying this out! Thanks for all the goodies so far and the log parser will be a nice bonus.

  39. How can i get added to the Alpha test list?

  40. I’m looking forward to this, not that WOL is bad as it has proven useful
    in helping guildies when they ask for help and seeing how trial raiders
    do (found a warlock who never used his darksoul CD ^_^ ). But from what
    I’ve seen of this so far it looks much more visual and thus I am
    assuming it will be easier and quicker to find information. I’m
    particularly liking the tank mitigated damage part and the ilvl

    I’m looking forward to the beta (assuming premium
    subscribers might get a chance to be in there) and I am looking forward
    to seeing how well I compare against some other shadow priests in
    normal/HC raiding. Keep up the good work.

  41. Is combat log doing active testing. I would like to join in if so.

    • Send an email to feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com. I need your email address to set you up for the alpha 🙂

  42. Chris Rhynearson

    May 22, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Totally interested in becoming a Alpha/Beta Tester for this, and seeing what the Premium Features of this will be 🙂

  43. Updates updates upates! Also, been premium for a while (id have it no other way). I’d love to test in any capacity you need testers.

  44. I’m loving the log feature.
    Any chance to be parte of the alpha/beta?

  45. I have to say my item score is only 510 and I do not care what icyveins says… I must not be doing something right as I am always the lowest healer on recount… but I am always out of mana…. Combat log could be something I could surely use!

  46. emailed my address to get into the alpha… it all sounds so awesome, and much more what i’m looking for than what current reports offer (based on what i was hearing on the Convert To Raid podcast)

  47. Sorry I’m late but I just heard about this on the CTR podcast. This looks great! I hope this will encourage more people in my raid to use or at least look at logs. Can’t wait to try it.

  48. im interested in helping out,, let me know if i can be of some service, ty and keep up the great work.

  49. just sent an email. I can’t wait to get in on helping out. I’ve run logs for years for guildies and recruitment purposes, but never found a lot of value for myself without a lot of tedious digging that may or may not have yielded the information i was looking for to begin with.

  50. If you still need Beta Testers I’m interested.

  51. How do I upload the combat logs? I see the message in game when it starts to log and stops, but no idea what I should do next. I know it’s in alpha, do I need something else?

    • The email we sent you should have the instructions, you need to download and install the client program. The email has a link to that.

  52. Still bo, alpha/beta inv 🙁

    But will wait patiently 🙂

  53. Being able to compare by ilvl is fantastic! This is what other sites are missing! Good stuff. It’s so hard to compare your performance using sites like raidbots, when every person is in Heroic gear while you are in Normal gear.

  54. Signed up for alpha, would love to give it a test. Doing 4 nights a week of heroic raiding (14/14 on one account, 10/14 on another). Would love to see where this goes especially with my spec 🙂 meow!

  55. Still need beta testers? I’d like to lend a hand in getting this thing out to the public

  56. premium user logs daily and plays all classes if you need more for testing add me

  57. have actually applied a couple of times now and heard nothing back … have you closed the closed alpha ? 🙂

  58. Very much looking forward to this tool! I like a good tool. .. wait….

  59. Random Citizen

    July 3, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    Mr. Robot for President!

  60. do we have a date of when this is probably gonna come out?looks very promising:)

  61. Hey, do you still need beta testers by any chance ? 🙂

  62. Very much looking forward to your Combat Log, looks amazing!! Can’t wait!!

  63. when this is released will it just automaticly start when we enter a raid/instance or will we have to manually start it ?

  64. salman ali alhaji

    July 14, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    saw that you in need of Rshaman logs , I would like to help since I log 25 HC weekly
    and you would get alot of others data aswell

  65. Looking forward to test this feature.

  66. Has this project been scrapped? It’s been in closed alpha forever now >.>

    • Nope, still around 🙂 We’ve decided to keep it closed for quite a bit longer so we can test out cool features. We don’t want to go open beta until we know we won’t have to wipe people’s data.

  67. I so want this addon…..Looks awsome..:)

  68. Do you still need testers? 🙂

  69. I’d love to help out with the Alpha or Beta. Currently running 10H and 25H with my guild

  70. Jaroslav Záruba

    August 2, 2014 at 9:09 am

    I’m not sure this is correct but I heard rumors about WoL being kinda not-exactly-updated. Do you have any plans of taking over its role in the WoW world?

  71. Jaroslav Záruba

    August 2, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    Can someone upload a YouTube review of the alpha version?

  72. Would appreciate access, too! Also Premium User 🙂

  73. This is going to be unbelievably cool and useful. Thanks, so much, for all the great work you do for us to help us enjoy WoW! Can’t wait to help you test…

  74. Jaroslav Záruba

    September 9, 2014 at 1:54 am

    Seems like a bit of cooperation from Blizz would help here, some raid buffs are missing from the logs. I do understand that is because they simply are not mentioned in the log within particular fight, but still… Maybe if Blizz added some “onCombatStart: event that would allow you to make a snapshot of not only gear but also all buffs present on each player…?

  75. I would be interested in the ability to compare players side by side so that it can be used as a guide to improve each others skills, so far everything that is in the logs are great. they show the best and worst of the raid. and with enough digging and comparing you can see everything that went right and wrong.Maybe the date could be exported to a spreadsheet or something ?

    • We have a lot of cool things planned for comparing gear 🙂 We’ll have it in WoD so stay tuned, it should be pretty cool!

  76. I wish that you didn’t require Silverlight to upload logs. It’s a horrible tech (same as Flash) and no modern website should require its use. Use open Internet standards instead which most decent browsers (except IE) support without bloated and dangerous plugins. Flash, Java and Silverlight are things I have banned from all my computers and as such I wouldn’t be able to use AMR combat logs.

    • It appears they utilize features related to local filesystem which require user interacion when being handled by HTML5… I kinda agree tho.

  77. Awesome! Can’t wait to use it 🙂

  78. How do i find my log :/ at work PC now

  79. I am playing with the german WoW-client, raiding LFR Throne of Thunder, and the client tells me “No relevant fights found.”

    • Can you register on our forums (separate registration than our site, sorry). And post your amr username and a link to the logs? Our technical people will see what’s going on 🙂

  80. how can I get the client pls for your combat log reports?

    • It will be back once we re-launch the combat logs. Until then, if you are using our addon and collecting combat data, it will all be stored. Then when you get the client, you can upload all of them.

  81. I can’t get to the beta subdomain, constantly redirects to and tells me the combat logs aren’t available yet.

    Edit: damn, I thought this was a recent blog post for some reason…

  82. No problem. They are down while we update them. hope to launch them in a week.

  83. No problem. They are down while we update them. hope to launch them in a week.

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