Combat Logs: Deaths, Resources & The Kitchen Sink

To continue with our mission to make combat logs easier to understand, we’ve ironed out a few more report views. Hopefully this help make the data actionable, so everyone can improve in their raids.



Our goal with the death report is to have you quickly understand what happened, and how to prevent it. The death report starts with a few key metrics:

  • The time it took you to die (measured from the last time you were at 90% health to death)
  • The last time you were healed (did you receive no heals for 2 seconds before death? Or were you healed a split second before death?)

The next most important piece of information is how much total damage you took (from the last time you were at 90%), what ability actually killed you, and how much total healing you received in that time frame.

After that, we want to show any defensive buffs that you used (or were used on you). You can see that I used Barkskin in the example below. But there’s something interesting to note: I went from 90% to death in 4.4 seconds, but Barkskin was only up for 2.2 seconds. That’s because I cast it as I saw my health drop, but then I died.

The last, but not least, we show how much damage you took from each source, and how much healing you received (and from what abilities).


Death Detail View

We hope that most of the information you want is contained the regular death report – we don’t want you spending 30 minutes looking for the info you need. However, sometimes you want to look through death events in greater detail, so we provide a detailed view. And to make it as easy as possible, we give you some filters on the left so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.



We track your mana, rage, energy (and so on) to help you understand how you manage them. Here’s some views for a healer’s mana (top) and a tank’s rage (bottom).



Want to know how well the team interrupted specific abilities? You can get it all with one quick report view:



Along the same lines as interrupts, how well did the team dispell those dreaded debuffs, like Shadow Word: Bane on The Fallen Protectors? We even tell you the average time from debuff application to dispell 🙂



Tooltips are finally here! We wanted to provide extra information so you don’t have to leave the report view if you don’t want to. If you think we left any important information off, let us know!

The player tooltip gives you more information on their gear, which is captured at the start of each boss attempt.


Damage taken tooltips are pretty awesome, if I am allowed to compliment my own site! Take a look at the example below, you’ll see a clear breakdown of damage taken, the blocks and absorbs.


Healing tooltips show a breakdown of healing that was done as absorbs (hi Disc Priests!) and overhealing.


Up Next

We’re currently working on the graphing system and will have that ready for our next alpha update. Stay tuned! To see past feature highlights, check out this blog article.

Want in on the closed alpha? Fill out this form with your email.





  2. Would love to give this a try, using WoL and Warcraft Logs right now. Takes forever to find exactly what you are looking for most of the time. This looks infinitely better! The death log is exactly like Death Note which has always been super handy to explain what is going on when deaths occur. Filled in the form a few minutes ago. Thanks Mr. Robot Crew!

  3. Filled out the form yesterday. I so can’t wait for my invite!:)

  4. Ashford Chapman

    June 25, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Did I miss the invites or will there be more “waves” going out? 🙂

  5. Hm, too bad I did not see the online form. I thought it was sending a pm some time ago. But I never got access by sending the pm. Just filled the form now 😮

    • awesome – sorry about that. We got so many emails and pm’s I couldn’t keep up. For example, the batch this week has another 600 ‘applicants’ !!

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  7. Hey, death report doesn’t look too bad, but have you thought about presenting the information in terms of a timeline? Seems like it would be a lot more useful that way (e.g., when did you take the spike damage, when did healers react, when did you push your cds…)

    • We’re still working on which graphs are useful and which ones aren’t. We might add this one in – it’s still up in the air 🙂

  8. Will there be leader boards like with world of logs and warcraft logs? I know that many people only use other sites for this but is AMR going to be for optimisation only?

  9. Really likes how its coming along. but when is the next round of invites coming i have been singed up for about a month now and i want to start testing it out.

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