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Upgrading items with Valor is all about the math – which is Mr. Robot’s specialty. Here’s a few things that affect upgrading, and other things to consider for each ‘factoid.’ Mr. Robot takes all of these things into consideration with his advanced valor upgrading chip.

  • All gear from your bags & bank: As long as you’ve imported your gear in the Best in Bags interface (where you paste text from the addon), Mr. Robot knows what items you own. He’ll rank all of your gear for you, not just the stuff you have equipped.
  • iLevel matters: items with higher iLevels get more stats when you upgrade. Also consider: a lower iLevel with your BEST stats on it might be a better upgrade candidate than a higher iLevel with crappy stats.
  • Slot matters: some item slots have a larger stat budget (like weapons) than other slots. Also consider: a higher iLevel waist (lower stat budget) might be a better upgrade than a lower iLevel head slot (which has a higher stat budget).
  • Trinket effects: Trinket effects usually scale with item level. Mr. Robot knows what effects scale, how they scale, and takes it all into account for you.


Try it with your character now.

If you like it, you can upgrade for the low price of $1 a month (billed annually to keep transaction costs low, which keeps the price low). Three people help Mr. Robot to make his site awesome, so we appreciate each and every person who upgrades. We know you can choose to spend your $12 elsewhere, so choosing to upgrade means a lot to us.

More than just Valor

Try the other options in the “Find Upgrades” feature. There are a lot of fun things Mr. Robot can help you with. Remember, everyone gets a free trial of the premium features, and we NEVER ask for the credit card when using the free trial (that’s just not cool). If you like the features, you can upgrade for $12 / year. Nice and affordable. And as one user told me, “I appreciated the trial of the premium features and the no bullshit approach. Premium is like an amazing frosting on an already mind blowing cake.”


  1. Having nothing but relative rankings for VP upgrades if you’re already at-or-close to hit/exp cap seems like it can be problematic?

    • The idea behind relative ranking is that you’re changing that one piece of gear. Mr. Robot reoptimizes everything else when factoring in your upgrade. So he might reforge hit out of another item – that’s factored into relative scoring of each item. Does that help your concern, or is there an angle I misunderstood?

      • That is my basic concern, because it’s not working that way for me. I’ll post something up in the tech forum.

        • Cool, I’ll keep an eye out for your post on the forums too. Thanks for following up, hearing from users always helps 🙂

  2. Muito Bom !

  3. It’s times like this when I’m glad I paid for my AMR subscription.

  4. I’m not quite understanding why the optimizer would put my 535 head piece behind 27 other pieces of gear for an upgrade (haste/mastery secondaries, so no hijinks with the hit/exp cap), but it gives my 522 chest/gloves very high priority. Any thoughts?

    • Can you give me your character name and realm so I can see what’s going on? Also, are you using default stat weights or custom (I’ll need to know that because it affects ranking)

      • Bamboozlêd @ Illidan (alt code 0234) and i’m using the default stat weights.

        • I think I know what happened. Did you have the Legendary Meta Gem excluded in the options menu? That will mess up the rankings since you have a LMG equipped. Here’s a profile I set up that allows for the LMG. You’ll see the helm is listed as the 3rd best upgrade.

          • I didn’t realize that was a possibility! 🙂 Thank you very much 🙂

          • No problem. This actually made us work on a quick update. We are now going to do a ‘smart check’ – to see if someone has an LMG equipped, we’ll auto-set that filter for users to include the LMG 🙂 We’re always trying to make it more user friendly, thanks for posting!

          • The ‘smart check’ is now live. Thanks to you for bringing up the issue in the first place 🙂

  5. got to say since i subbed i have used to look up pugs , upgrade half my guilds gear , rank our entire guild based on there GS, and improve on our entire raid groups damage mitigation and heals 🙂 thank you for makeing such an awsome help for us and dear god is it cheap best 2 dollars a month spent xD

    • Thanks Druiddread 🙂 It’s awesome to hear from happy users, as well as feedback on the price point. I know it’s common that premium services cost $50-60 a year, but we really wanted to make it affordable, so we put it at $12 per year 🙂

  6. ok, dumb question, where do I upgrade my gear? I’m at the ethereals … reforge? no option to upgrade …

  7. zoopercat you are awesome!!!!!!

  8. Great tool! Only feature I can’t find is the ability to do “what if” scenarios. For example, if I am exalted with Shadow Pan Assault and want to see how purchasing either of the two shoulder pieces might affect my score, I can’t do that unless I purchase both and add to my inventory. The find upgrade feature does not provide these particular shoulder pieces because they are reputation-based.

    • As long as you don’t have ‘restrict to reputations’ checked you should be able to see the shoulders in the upgrade finder. Then, if you click on them, you can equip it. Then see how your score changes 🙂

  9. I want to find my upgrades in TOT hc but because I have items with valour levels it is a pain. Is there an option to look without having to decrease the item level by hand each time.

  10. now if only it would work with PvP gear

    • You can’t upgrade the new PvP gear, only the old stuff. We have it working for the old stuff.

  11. I’ve tried the addon for the seven day trial, but it won’t let me log in, keeps coming back with an error and nothing in forums about it. So not bothering with the paid

    • Can you tell me what the error is, or give me a screenshot? I can extend your free trial as well – we want you to be able to try it out! Email me your AMR user name (feedback at askmrrobot dot com) – I’ll need that to extend the free trial.

  12. Why doesn’t the load button work on my iPad any more? It hasn’t for a long time, no luck on my android either, and I can’t DL the app, says the link is broken lol

    • You need to go to in your mobile browser. What happens when you press the load button? I’m wondering if you’re blocking the cookie we need to use. If you open your safari settings, you can add us to the whitelist, or even try turning private browsing OFF.

      Let me know if any of those ideas fixes it.

  13. i cannot pay because i don’t have a credit card, when does the paypal or ideal payment comes? Can’t wait

    • Tom, glad you like the features enough to upgrade! We do actually have a paypal option. When you go back to the payment screen, you’ll see a credit card form. At the bottom of that form, look for a text link that says “Don’t have a credit card, click here for more payment options.” That brings you to paypal 🙂

  14. absolutely love your Tools and explanations are clear, concise and complete. I can’t imagine doing the simcrafting on my own anymore.

    you guys rock!

  15. How do I use the Item upgrades tool?
    Especially for the Valor upgrades…
    Can I assume the first item on the list, is the item that would benefit the most to use a valor upgrade?
    And what about those dots in the colums ‘+ilvl’ & ‘+gem’?

    • Yes, the item at the top is the best. There is a score next to it as well (the score is the stat weights * the stats on the item).

      The green dots are showing if you have that ‘thing’ on the item already. Like if there is a green dot in the gem column, it means you have a gem slot on that item.

  16. Something doesn’t look right…

  17. So nothing I’ve equipped is showing up on the list, even when I check the “Exclude from Rankings” option…

    • Try refreshing the page, in case something was cached. If it still is a problem, can you post a screen shot?

      • I’m having the same issue. All of my items that I have equipped show as equipped and fully upgraded, so I can’t choose or see which items it suggests I upgrade next.

        • In the upgrade finder, it shows the upgraded version of each item. The score to the right shows the difference between your regular item and the upgraded item. The list is also in order from best upgrade to worst.

  18. Upgrade items with the most stats first. And maybe weapons firstest.

  19. Rather strange to be seeing years-old comments in this blog entry, but anyway…

    AMR tells me that upgrading my Stone of the Wilds would be the best use of my Valor. This would be true, except… only Stone of the Elements can be upgraded. Any stage 5 and lower alchemy trinkets can’t be.

    • Sorry for the old comments, I can try to hide them. I just updated the valor post from the past and republished it.

      I’ll take a look at the trinket and get it updated tomorrow.

  20. too bad the armory is broken right now.

  21. It takes 2 weeks to upgrade all our gear fully, is this really necessary?

  22. It’s saying that valor upgrades are negative (red) upgrades for me. I haven’t set a cap on the stats on those pieces, so I’m not sure what’s going on… tried to skim the post but haven’t seen anything about that. Any help? I love AMR but this is confusing me, haha.

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