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We’re  done with the initial gear upgrade features for our site (aka Valor upgrade system)!

12/18 Update: Blizzard Updated their API so we can now automatically pull in your upgraded items. Here’s a quote from Zarhym, “We plan to update the World of Warcraft Armory to reflect changes to items made via the item level upgrade system added in patch 5.1. Our tentative goal is to release this update before the end of the year.”

NOTE!! If you have an item with a random variant, like Greenstone Girdle of the _______. It can’t be upgraded on our site yet, nor will it import from the armory. None of the databases, nor the armory, have the upgraded stats for the random variant items. But we asked Blizzard very nicely, and even tried to bribe them to get it asap.

Cool features:

  • You can upgrade your gear and see how it affects your stats and get new optimizations.
  • Gear can be upgraded in the gear list window. Open the gear list window like you always have: click on an item slot in your gear list.
  • When you upgrade an item in the gear list, Mr. Robot will re-rank it for you on the spot! This will help you make decisions about how good an upgrade is, compared to other items you can get.
  • Need more info on how gear upgrading works in game? We compiled some info for you here.

We’re also working on some more features:

If you cap earn the Valor cap (1000 / week), it would take you 24 weeks (SIX MONTHS!) to upgrade every single item. So it’s important to choose wisely. Mr. Robot is installing a new optimization chip that will do all of the hard work for you… he will TELL you what items you should upgrade. He’ll even let you decide if you want to upgrade just 1 item, or several items (in case you stockpiled some currency).

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  1. Looking forward to the update function and really love the site. Just had a problem. It seems the Relic of niuzao is bugged. It has a passive stamina and a dodge use bonus. For some reason the armory doesnt how the stamina and neither does askmrrobot. For that reason the trinket is undervalued. Any chance of fixing this or adjusting the value manually?

    • We put a fix in an update tonight. You might have to refresh the page (or clear your cache). Let me know if it still has problems.

  2. Manabender@Wyrmrest Accord(US)

    December 3, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    I’ve got a ring named “Fireheart Ring of the Feverflare” and the optimizer isn’t letting me tell it that it’s upgraded. Perhaps it’s incorrectly flagged as “can’t be upgraded”?

    • Hey, good question. We don’t have info on items with random variants. So items that are named “____ of the ____ ” are usually random. None of the databases, or the wow armory, have the upgraded stats for the variants 🙁 As soon as someone has them, we’ll do an update. PS, I updated this blog post to reflect that. We also posted to blizzard about it too (tried to bribe them) Thanks for posting.

  3. Might I make a suggestion?

    For the ‘options’ menu, such as where you exclude expensive enchants, etc.

    You wouldn’t need all of these options, pick the ones you think covers what users will want/use the most:

    – An option to automatically set the upgrade of comparative gear equal to the upgrade level on your gear. This would mean if I have 1x upgrade level, all other items in the list would get 1x upgrade level as a default (but could be adjusted.)

    Reason being I don’t want to ‘forget about’ gear that, when fully upgraded, is better than my current gear when fully upgraded, just because my current gear is more upgraded than a fresh drop.

    – An option to ‘expand’ upgrades. This would have 2-3 listings for every item and would get pretty spammy. You can either do this as an option default to off in the options menu, or have a way to click on an item in the list and ‘expand’ just that one item to list all 2-3 versions of it in the list for comparing.

    Reason being I would personally rather look at and compare all the versions of the item at once instead of clicking arrows and having it jump up and down the list. Similar to how you already have multiple versions of the item listed already, such as for random enchantment items, or LFR/Normal/Heroic/Elite versions. An option to filter which level(s) of upgrade you want to see could work as well with the ‘expand’ function.

    – A ‘what should I spend my valor on’ recommendation. Right now I’m using a simple formula. Relative gearscore difference (or “gain”) divided by valor cost. Whichever gear has the highest gain-per-valor ratio is the next piece I buy (assuming I have the rep to do so, in which case I farm that rep ASAP and spend my valor on the next item in the list in the meantime.) The same formula is used for other currencies such as justice/honor/conquest of course.

    Previous to gear upgrading, this worked fine as a way to know where my valor needs to be spent. Now, the math gets more complicated. Do I want to buy valor pieces or upgrade what I already have? What if something better drops? Should the chance of the gear actually dropping play a role? If the gear that, fully upgraded, has a pretty good drop rate, but I don’t have it yet, should I upgrade what I have and ‘waste’ the valor if the gear drops, or should I save my valor and only upgrade BiS items?

    Personally I’m leaning to only upgrading BiS items at which point the ‘which to upgrade first’ question is easily answered by ‘whichever one improves the gearscore the most’ basically since all the upgrades cost the same amount. In the meantime I’ll keep spending valor on valor purchases that are upgrades over current gear, and after all my valor gear is bought and I have leftover valor and I’m reaching the valor cap would I upgrade gear that isn’t BiS. Is this or is this not the best approach to take? Especially keeping in mind that although I valor cap every week, I haven’t done Normal or Heroic raids yet at all (not enough people on my realm) and have done only LFR.

    My character is Thortok of Ner’zhul if you want to use it for examples/comparison.

    • Thanks for this post!! Here’s some info:
      1 – Interesting idea. We try to not show TOO many options to make the program unwieldy for the average user – but we might be able to figure something out.
      2 – Maybe my math sucks today, but if you upgrade every item, they would still rank the same (on a relative scale). However, it could affect BiS due to going over hit caps, etc. We’re working on a solution for that.
      3 – “What to spend valor on” – we’ve got you covered (soon). We’re actually working on a feature to do this for you. I think it will be pretty bad ass! (Mr. Robot made me say that)

      • Using my character (Thortok of Ner’zhul) as an example, I only have two pieces of gear at 463, offhand and 2nd trinket. 2nd trinket when upgraded has a ‘relative’ score of 116.58, whereas offhand when upgraded (for the same price in justice points) has a ‘relative’ score of 62.78.

        Now let’s look at chest. Currently have LFR for Robes of Torn Nightmares. Robe of the Five Sisters, a valor purchase, is slightly better, ‘relative’ score of 39.00. For 2250 valor and such a small ‘relative’ score there’s better valor purchases for me to make first (like the new shieldwall trinket in particular) but we’re using this for an example.

        Let’s say that I upgrade my robes once and want to compare with a level 1 upgrade of the valor chest. Still relative score of 39 or very close to it. And same if both my current chest and a level 2 upgrade of the valor chest, relative score of close to 39.

        However, the ‘cost per valor’ has gone up significantly. If I upgrade my robe twice and THEN buy a valor robe AND upgrade IT twice too, that’s 5250 valor instead of 3750 valor if I buy the robe first and then upgrade it twice.

        However, compare the level one upgrade of the robe: ‘relative’ score compared to the non-upgraded version is 65.20. Compared to a gain of 39 when buying the entire new piece for 2250 valor, paying only 750 valor for a gain of 65.20 is a much better bargain….in the short term. In the long term, NOT spending the valor to upgrade current gear and instead waiting until your gear is ‘best in slot’ before you upgrade it (that way you never have to worry about upgrading more than one piece of gear per slot since you’re only upgrading gear you aren’t going to replace) saves you valor in the long term.

        That’s my opinion anyway. The robot might think differently. =P

  4. I’m going on the short version of 90% of users here: Get the gear, go on AskMrRobot, reforge it, profit! Now, go PUG until we get the next piece of gear, and profit again! No matter if Blizz didn’t update their API (those bastards), as long WE can simulate the condition here. Even those warnings (you reforged me below the cap, whyyy) are irrelevant, ’cause you pulled the right moves for me, everytime. So, I don’t even bother to check any other source (well, eventually I do), and as long you keep going and improving the site as PASSIONATE gamers, we will keep visiting. Best regards,

  5. No upgrades for conquest gear it seems. Is that in the plans?

    • Hmm, I seem to be able to upgrade. Can you save the profile you’re
      looking at and post the URL? Maybe there is a setting causing it
      to happen.

  6. Re: my last post. No upgrades for PvP gear that is upgraded using Conquest Points when PvE is selected.

    • Hmm, I seem to be able to upgrade. Can you save the profile you’re looking at and post the URL? Maybe there is another setting causing it to happen.

  7. everytime i try to load my guy is just sits on the……loading Please wait why it is not loading

  8. great info and very informative, keep up the good work and you need to hook me up with that guy, i really want that shirt 🙂

  9. It seems I can’t get my item dropped in 25man raids upgraded to 4/4.. or am I doing it wrong?

  10. Hello there!

    How about new dagger – “Miniature Winter Veil Tree” from Feast of Winter Veil 2012?
    I buy from AH two daggers, but Mr.Robot can’t recognize it all (cause wowhead also don’t know anything about updated version of dagger).
    When wowhead database will be updated, Mr.Robot will autorecognize this item?

  11. Hello, Does Mr.Robot include “Equip proc stats” on calculating? Thanks for the answer.

  12. Hello,

    When i optimize my Elemental Shaman, it suggest me to Haste->Expertise on my shiled, is this deliberate or some bug, Thank you in advance, really great site!!! my other char suggestions works like a charm, keep up the good work please

    (Dranei Shaman Elemental (Uzayli – Burning Legion), Haste->Expertise suggestion only come up with Challange/Raid mode +3, there is no such thing in Heroic Mode (+2))

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