We’re  done with the initial gear upgrade features for our site (aka Valor upgrade system)!

12/18 Update: Blizzard Updated their API so we can now automatically pull in your upgraded items. Here’s a quote from Zarhym, “We plan to update the World of Warcraft Armory to reflect changes to items made via the item level upgrade system added in patch 5.1. Our tentative goal is to release this update before the end of the year.”

NOTE!! If you have an item with a random variant, like Greenstone Girdle of the _______. It can’t be upgraded on our site yet, nor will it import from the armory. None of the databases, nor the armory, have the upgraded stats for the random variant items. But we asked Blizzard very nicely, and even tried to bribe them to get it asap.

Cool features:

  • You can upgrade your gear and see how it affects your stats and get new optimizations.
  • Gear can be upgraded in the gear list window. Open the gear list window like you always have: click on an item slot in your gear list.
  • When you upgrade an item in the gear list, Mr. Robot will re-rank it for you on the spot! This will help you make decisions about how good an upgrade is, compared to other items you can get.
  • Need more info on how gear upgrading works in game? We compiled some info for you here.

We’re also working on some more features:

If you cap earn the Valor cap (1000 / week), it would take you 24 weeks (SIX MONTHS!) to upgrade every single item. So it’s important to choose wisely. Mr. Robot is installing a new optimization chip that will do all of the hard work for you… he will TELL you what items you should upgrade. He’ll even let you decide if you want to upgrade just 1 item, or several items (in case you stockpiled some currency).

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