You’re probably here because you saw Mr. Robot’s new added feature: using an ‘at least’ condition to get to hit caps. Before you check the box to force hit caps, he’s hoping he can change your mind ONE LAST TIME!

Getting exactly to the hit cap doesn’t do anything magical for you. It means you will never miss, but that comes at a cost. It means you give up another stat, like crit, haste or mastery. Mr. Robot asks you: would you rather miss ONCE per boss fight, if you could crit more often… resulting in more DPS?

Here are some stats on missing

Let’s assume you get out 630 attacks on an average boss fight. Mr. Robot gets people to within 0.05% to 0.1% of the hit cap. But let’s say he drops you as low a 0.25% under the hit cap (14.75% for casters and 7.25% for other classes). You have the following chances to miss:

  • A 20% chance to NEVER miss during the boss fight
  • A 32.5% chance to miss ONLY ONCE during the boss fight
  • A 1.6% chance to miss FIVE times during the boss fight
  • A 0.0005% chance to miss TEN time (yes, the 0’s and decimal are right)

Let’s put this into perspective. This means that if you are 0.25% under the hit cap, you have about a 50% chance to never miss or only miss once. So on average, every other boss that you fight, you’ll only miss once, or never at all.

Now Mr. Robot wants to ask, “Do you want to take your 50% chance, and add some damage to it?”

If Mr. Robot can work out the numbers on his own, he might put you slightly under the cap, but he’ll give you more haste, crit, strength, int, or whatever stat your heart desires. This will allow you to hit harder, better, faster, stronger… on every single hit! And you get all of this for a tiny chance to miss more than once, on every other fight.

Worried you’ll miss that one crucial shot, and the raid will wipe?

EDIT: A revised version of this section is coming soon.  This is a very common concern that “hit-cappers” bring up, but it really isn’t a good counter argument.  Mr. Robot is working on a detailed mathy description of why.

But if Hit’s stat weight is higher than my next stat, why would it ever make sense to not be hit capped?

Mr. Robot wants to get you the highest score (which translates into the highest DPS for damagers, damage mitigation for tanks, etc). It’s easy to agree that any hit rating over the cap is wasted. But what isn’t as obvious is that getting exactly to the hit cap isn’t always the best option.

Let’s use an example to understand this better. Let’s say +Hit is your highest weighted stat with a weight of 2. Let’s say Crit has a rating of 1.8 and Mastery 1.2. The thing to focus on in this example is that Crit is much more valuable than Mastery, AND there are a finite number of combinations to get you to an exact number. On to the example: it’s possible that to get you exactly to the hit cap, you’d have to reforge all of your Crit to Hit. BUT!!! Let’s say you can get to within 20 Hit rating of the cap but you preserve all of your Crit, and instead reforge all of your mastery – since Mastery is much less valuable than Crit. Your final score would be higher. Here are some made up numbers as an example:

To get exactly hit capped:
Lose 600 Crit:   -1080
Gain 600 Hit (get exactly to cap): +1200
Total Score change: +120

To get within 20 of hit cap:
Lose 580 Mastery:  -696
Gain 580 Hit (20 below hit cap):  +1160
Total Score change: +464

Ready to give in yet?

Mr. Robot hopes so, because if you do NOT check the box to force the hit cap, he’s free to get you other awesome stats, like crit, haste, or whatever blows your dress up. He wants you to be a dps MACHINE!

But, if you really need to get that hit cap, he’ll let you check that box.  Note that checking the box will often get you slightly over the cap — it’s rare that the perfect combination exists to hit the cap dead-on.  It’s also rare that the dead-on combination is the highest-scoring option that also caps you.  Remember — speed and score are the two most important things to Mr. Robot, and he’ll always try to give you the best of both.