How to Edit Stat Weights

So you want a little help editing Mr. Robot’s default stat weights? No problem! You’ve come to the right place. NOTE: This blog post is FROM THE FUTURE! It’s updated to show screenshots from our new stat weight editor that is releasing early this week (week of May 6, 2013).



First, let’s review what stat weights actually mean.

You probably already know what your best stat is, let’s say it’s Intellect. And you know which secondary stats are good for you, like Haste and Mastery. But you probably don’t know HOW good they are for you. This is where stat weights come in. It’s a way to value one stat relative to another.

For example, if Intellect has a weight of 1 and Haste has a weight of 0.85, then Haste is 15% less valuable than Intellect. If you had to choose between 100 Intellect and 100 Haste, you would now know that 100 Intellect is worth more. How do you know that? Simple math: 100 Intellect multiplied by the stat weight. So 100 Intellect is worth 100 points and 100 Haste is worth 85 points.

These weights are generated by Mr. Robot as well as theorycrafters who use programs that simulate fights and make spreadsheets.This type of math is at the core of Mr. Robot’s calculations. That’s how he knows which gems, enchants and reforges to pick.


What are Soft Caps and Hard Caps (like Haste or Hit)?

So there’s another piece to the puzzle: soft and hard caps. You’re probably very familiar with one of the hard caps: Hit. Everyone loves getting hit-capped, which is 15% for most people (7.5% for others). And the most common soft-cap is Haste (you might have also heard it referred to as a Haste Breakpoint). Let’s look into this some more…

Hard caps are meant to say, “Here’s the cap I need to reach and anything over that is wasted.” So let’s look at hit. Hit might have a very high stat weight, which tells Mr. Robot to do whatever he can to get hit. But once Mr. Robot reaches the hit cap, he’ll move on to the next best stat in your list. This is how all hard caps work – it allows you to put a high weight on that stat, and cut it off at a certain point.


  • Hit (for all classes and specs) – we hard code the cap in for you, so you don’t have to. You can select the level of content you’re doing to change the hit cap (15% for raids, 12% for 5-mans and 5% for PvP).
  • Stamina: tanks have the option to select the preferred level of Stamina (from low to high). ย This is a personal preference. Read the description next to each option to find out it affects Mr. Robot’s optimizations. For example, if you select a “Medium” level of Stamina, he will usually only suggest gems with Stamina in order to meet socket bonuses. He also won’t heavily favor Stamina trinkets with that setting.
  • Crit: we hard code this cap for you as well, at 100% (25% for Frost Mages).

Soft caps are similar to hard caps, but they don’t have a hard cut off. Haste is a good example. Haste has a weight of 0.85 for me until I reach 12.52% Haste. After I reach my ‘Haste Breakpoint’ of 12.52%, it is worth less to me, 0.3 actually. That’s because adding Haste still helps me (unlike hit being worth nothing over 15%), so that’s why we put a soft cap weight of 0.3. Here are the soft caps you’ll run into:


  • Haste (we have another section all about haste) – if gearing towards a Haste breakpoint is relevant to your class/spec, you’ll see a Haste Breakpoint Widget. Click the green “Change Soft Cap” button to choose from a list of Haste Breakpoints.
  • Spirit for Healers: Use this to cap your mana regen rate. So when you stop running out of mana, you can put a soft cap on your Spirit. In my example, I soft capped it at 8215 because that’s how much I have now and that’s a comfortable regen rate for me. I chose 0.2 for the value AFTER I reach the cap, because it’s worth less than my other stats at that point. See the picture below for an example.
  • Hit for Dual Wielders: Dual wielders get full value of hit up to 7.5% and then it’s usually worth less. We put in the soft cap weights for you, but feel free to edit them.

Haste Breakpoints

First of all, we put in the most popular haste breakpoints for classes where it makes a noticeable difference. So you won’t have to edit them if you fall under one of those cases. However, some people like to reach different haste breakpoints, or change them based on the buffs they have in a raid (like excluding the 5% Haste raid buff).

We now have a Haste Breakpoint picker, which shows up if gearing toward a breakpoint is relevant for your class/spec. Here is an explanation of the picker, using my Resto Druid as an example. However, the concepts and layout are the same for all classes.





Here’s a list of frequently asked questions:

  • Can Shamans enter a Mastery cap at 50%? No. We looked into this and decided it’s too arbitrary to gear for. Mastery for Resto Shamans will heal a target for more the lower their health is, and less the higher their health is. So the 50% cap came about because of some math that estimated the average amount of Health a target will have during the fight. But since the Health wildly varies, the Mastery cap becomes arbitrary and not very useful.
  • Can Rogues edit the Expertise cap for PvP to be 6%? Not yet, but we are looking into this to see if it’s a viable option.

If you need help using Mr. Robot with SimC, read this guide.

And if you still need help… try asking @AngryOrc1 on twitter. We’re not sure if you’ll get the answer you want, but it’s worth a try.



  1. how come the amount you put for spirit is above 8,000 but the amount in for haste is a decimal less than 1?

    • Haste is put in as the target % you’re trying to reach. for example, if you want to get to 12.5% haste you type in 0.125. Spirit and Stamina caps are the actual amount of that stat that you want.

      If you look at the haste chart at the bottom of this post, you can see why we use haste target %’s. Look at the shamans. There are 8 different haste ratings you need on gear depending on your race, etc. But, they are all trying to reach the same final PERCENT.

      • Thanks for the response.

        Yes, that does make sense now that you explain that the same percentage equals a different amount of rating sometimes.

        Now that it has been explained, I will probably have fewer problems figuring out what to put in which boxes in the future.

        However, I think it is still unintuitive without some visual cue. It is not obvious what goes in the boxes for the two kinds of caps (percentage based and total based).

        Maybe an on-hover tooltip or something similar to your yellow call out box used in the screenshots might help?

        • Yeah, we have this on our list of things to make more user friendly. It could be as simple as adding a % sign to the right of that box. We might even make rating-to-percent conversions. You may notice that a lot of theorycrafts/guides don’t mention the percentage you should be trying to reach. That’s why I made the little calculator tool toward the end of this post – I often times can’t find a % and need to convert ratings myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Hi I am still having an issue with the soft cap for my spirit, I put in 12000 as the soft cap and 0.2 as the hard cap and click optimize. But even so it wishes to reforge all my spirit into crit for my disc priest.
            What I am doing wrong?

          • What is your character name and realm? Right now we include procs from the legendary meta gems and trinkets in the total spirit for that cap. However, those stats are not added into the spirit number on the stats window. We know that’s confusing, so we’re working on a better way to handle / display all of that.

  2. can mr robot auto reforge like reforgenator.. cause i am confused

    • Can you let me know what’s confusing? Mr. Robot highlights the reforges you should make, in green. Then you can go to the reforger and do those reforges ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Any chance you could change the stam hard-cap for tanks into a soft cap? It will always have value, but after a certain point, you may wish to focus on other stats without completely avoiding gaining more stam.

  4. The stats page is broken, My Resto Shaman is trying to “optimize” and I need to reach 12.5% haste, the stats page is telling me I’m already at 16.85% haste and “optimized” will put me at 15.95% haste, BUT in game my haste is currently showing ONLY 11.29% what’s wrong here??? (and yes I made all changes according to the “optimize” page, relogged, updated from armory, etc)

  5. My name is hilanderr from drak’thul. I’m a ret pally and my hit cap should be at 7.5%. Right now Mrrobot has me at 10.86%. I would think it would be telling me to reforge into more useful stats after the 7.5%. I’ve tried to clear my cache, delete and add character back, as well as edit weights. When I edit weights it does nothing and doesn’t tell me to change reforges. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hilanderr, you gear has so much Hit on it, Mr Robot has reduced it as much as he can, but there is no way for you to get under the amount of hit you have now. Literally every piece of gear that has hit is already reforging some of it into something else. You just need some more gear without +hit.

  6. I have the same problem has Jeremy. I use the optimization and my physical crit says 20.97%, yet in game it’s 18.97% now I clicked it to gear and it’s the same in-game but it’s off by 2%. Just an fyi really! Something here is wrong. Krimsonz-Thrall

    • Devon Cooley

      May 8, 2013 at 9:46 pm

      I’m not sure what Jeremy’s exact issue is without his character to view, but yours is due to raid buffs and crit suppression. Raid buff gives +5% crit chance, and crit suppression is -1% crit for every level above you. Bosses are always 3 levels above you, so final crit will be +5% – 3% = +2% crit above what your character sheet says without buffs.

  7. Like the idea, but can’t get it to reforge to the soft cap I select.
    For my affliction warlock I choose the “PvE: Tier 15+” gearing strat,
    then choose a soft haste cap of 9778 and Mr Robot reforges my haste to
    7075. I have plenty of room to reforge to 9778. In fact, if I remove
    the soft haste cap and reforge with the “PvE: Tier 15+” gearing strat,
    it reforges my haste to 11725.

  8. I have a BM hunter I’ve been using Mr Robot happily with for quite some time. The last few weeks (until today, I’ve largely ignored this, not having the gear to even consider trying for it yet), the “BIS” tab shows stuff that’ll bring me to a hit of about 8.3% and exp of about 8.2% – overcapped. So I started looking at it… it wants me to be wearing gear with hit and exp on them. So I started going down the list and telling it, no, I want stuff with crit and haste on it. And then it started telling me to reforge into hit and expertise… so I went down *that* list and told it to reforge into crit and haste. And THEN it told me to gem and enchant for hit and expertise. All the while, having me well over 8% of both stats – i.e., well overcapped. Why is it doing this? All very well for absolute rankings to want stuff with hit and expertise, but once capped, it shouldn’t be trying to reforge/gem/enchant into those stats? My actual gear is overcapped (valor gear and tortos bow ftw!), but Mr Robot seems to be doing what it’s supposed to there – doing its best to remove all the hit and exp it can…

    • Can you give me your character name and realm so I can look at it? Better yet, can you save some of your ‘locks’ (the blue save button) and send me that link? Then I can see those results as well.

      • Knitten on Suramar-EU; I’ve given BIS the option to use stuff from bosses I have a chance of killing (guild is 8/12, which means I let it use stuff up through Dark Animus).

        (assuming I’m doing this link-saving thing right):

        1. left tier pieces and the JinRokh trinket alone; swapped out anything else that had hit or exp on it with an item without either.

        2. started removing the reforges that wanted me to reforge desirable stats into hit or exp. At 3 changes, it had me swap out Durumu’s crit/haste crossbow into Tortos’ hit/exp bow.

        3. after locking every single reforge away from hit and exp, it then gems and enchants (as available) for hit and exp. Note, still over cap.

        I did do a bit of monkeying around with the gems and enchants at this point (didn’t save) to see if it was possible to get close to cap (I was able to get under cap :P), but I wasn’t terribly successful. While I do appreciate that by deliberately choosing gear without hit or exp and by deliberately reforging away from hit and exp, I’ve removed a large amount of the flexibility in how else I can change my stats. However, it seems to me that Mr R doesn’t need to get me so far *over* cap as it did – it could use a few agi/hit gems instead of pure hit gems, for example. I’m using the BIS list to help me figure out what gear to be aiming for; I’m finding the relative rankings under the “My gear” tab to be more useful for this than the “BIS list” which should theoretically get me to the ideal mix of stats. I would have thought?

        Thanks for your attention and quick reply to my post ^^ I do like this tool a lot, and really appreciate the work you’ve put into this site ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Dรคffy Holy Paladin (Stormscale (Horde).

    I’m lost when it comes to this Stats page.

    I have no idea what to put in. Even I have read the instructions/tips.

    I bet I’m not good with this match and stuff ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Those links were perfect, ty! So Mr. Robot is actually right in this case. The thing to look at is the score on the green bars.

    Mr. Robot’s original BiS Score: 195,299
    1. 194,318
    2. 192,891
    3. 193,335

    As for the hit hybrid gems + enchants, I can explain that one. So you only have 1 good blue stat: hit. Some of the blue socket bonuses are worth getting, for example, +120 agility on the legs. In those cases, Mr. Robot uses a blue hybrid gem: hit + agility, which gives you more agility than if you had gone with pure agi gems. There are a couple of enchants where Hit is the best option. So Mr. Robot is using those enchants first, then trying to reforge away from hit (otherwise, the enchant is basically wasted).

    A little more info: at some point, you will get high enough level gear that no matter how much reforging you do, you won’t be able to drop below the hit cap. In that case, Mr. Robot will try to drop as much as possible (unless a hybrid gem still gets you more of a better stat by matching the socket bonus).

    I looked at each gem option on Mr. Robot’s original suggestion. I was able to find one change that increased the score. The hybrid gem on the back gets you +80 agil from the gem and +60 from the bonus. Well… getting +140 there vs a pure 160 gem isn’t as good, assuming the hit is wasted. So I locked in the pure agi gem and got a higher score.

    You might be asking why Mr. Robot didn’t come up with that – well, he was using that gem to get you to the hit cap, but then other things also put you over the cap. It’s worth learning a bit more about optimizations if this sort of thing makes you curious. I actually just explained the process in a blog post yesterday:

    Lastly, I see you are using the T14 weights. Try out the T15 RPPM weights – they might be better for the gear level you have. You can find it in the drop down menu right above your gear list on the left. Here’s a saved profile with that selected:
    I also turned the beta optimizer on for you in that profile ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took me a couple days to get back to you – been working on another character ๐Ÿ™‚

      I guess my question is – why, for example, does Mr Robot recommend Hydra-Head Brooch as the BIS neck, which has hit on it, when the BiS gear list is over hit cap? Why not recommend Necklace of the Hazillosaurus, which is mastery/crit, and will help drop that hit overcap? Same for pretty much the rest of the list – apparently, the heroic scenario hit/crit helm is better than Gaze of Gara’jal haste/crit hat. Why is that? I get that sometimes gemming agi/hit will be better for the socket bonuses – but when I tried to replace some of the hit or expertise items with non-hit/exp items on the BiS list, Mr Robot started trying to get me to add more through the reforge/gem/enchants, and acted generally like my hit/exp cap was over 8% instead of 7.5%. This is only in the BiS tab – on the ‘my gear’ tab, it seems to be working as intended, and I love it.

      And yeah, I have looked at the default vs RPPM optimizing recommendations, and I’ve been trying to decide what to do. I’m getting pretty reasonable performance out of my hunter atm, and I’ve been debating increasing her haste for the reasons you blogged about (I’ve actually been debating it since before you blogged about it), and haven’t actually decided what to do yet ๐Ÿ˜› If I get a chance to raid with her more regularly again, I’ll give it a try; lately I’ve been healing on my shaman a lot cos our guild’s healers have apparently decided to take a break or something, so it’s me healing, or no raid T_T

      Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks for responding. So here’s the way I check to see if Mr. Robot is right:

        I took the original BiS that Mr. Robot suggests, where he has the Hydra-Head Brooch. The score of that set of gear is 192,975.

        I then equipped and lock in the Necklace of the Hazillosauras and check the score: 194,956. It is actually lower.

        Then, I locked everything in and played with the optimizations. I got the hit down by changing some of the reforges and increased the score to 193,230. It still doesn’t beat the original BiS suggestion though!

        Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Does our favorite Robot change the stat weights when the “Rune of Re-Origination” is acquired? I play a WW monk, in which case, mastery absolutely has to be the highest of our secondary stats otherwise, the rune is useless. Also, if the good robot does not do this, is there a page with a little more in depth explanation of the stat weights so I can set this up. To get the most out of the rune, all three secondary stats have to be kind of close to each other and one of us has to make this happen (honestly, since the robot is so incredibly good at it, I REALLY want him to do it).

    • Michael, I have just the thing for you! Check out our beta optimizer, which will balance the RuRo stats for you. There’s a catch, during the beta Mr. Robot assumes Mastery is your best stat when optimizing, which is handy for your case ๐Ÿ™‚

      The stats won’t be perfect, but they will be close to balanced. The idea is to balance stats with score – so he won’t take away from STR or AGI to balance crit/haste (example).

      More about the beta:

  12. 541 IL warlock and it wants me to use 4 expertise gems and an expertise enchant on my gloves??

  13. As an Orc DK, I need 2210 expertise. The current value 7.5% (which is 2550) has a weight value of 6.9. What will be the weight value for 2210? Thanks.

    • I forgot to mention that this is a Frost DK currently swinging an axe, that’s why I need to set expertise to be set properly to 2210.

      • We already account for the orc racial. So when we have 7.5%, we’re factoring that in and auto-setting 2210 exp for you on the backend).

  14. hello! I’m a frost mage, and i’m always using Mr Robot to optimize my gear. Today i tried to do it again, but the changes seemed weird. Reforging everything into haste, and totally different gems, to increase haste again. My intellect which is the basic stat, was decreased a lot! is this possible?? What made that change? I didn’t use the optimizer this time and it seems very wrong to me to use it. Any reply would help ๐Ÿ™‚
    thank you very much.

    • What is your character name and realm? what stats were you expected to be higher?

      • Thanks for your fast reply.
        My char name is Deidra on Quel’Thalas realm. It’s not that i expected smth specific, but such reduction on intellect (always basic stat) for haste seemed wrong. That’s why i ask you before i do any change.
        Thank you again! <3

  15. Does Mr. Robot automatically account for the Amplification Buff or do I need to manually set Haste Breakpoints for it?

    • We account for the amp buff when factoring in what gems, enchants, etc to use. For example, if AMP gives you more mastery, we mastery gem gives you MORE than 320, so we account for the extra it would give you.

      Regarding haste breakpoints, we do NOT include the amped haste in the breakpoint. We only count permanent buffs on haste, like the haste raid buff or a racial.

      If you want to hit a breakpoint for WHEN you are amped, you’ll want to use the manual haste breakpoint value in the ‘edit weights’ window.

  16. would be nice if we could create truly customized weights.. for example there is no way to optimize for 3% hit 6% expertise for a PvP warrior with the current weights system

  17. LOVE the stat weight option BUT it has one major issue with it, at least for my liking. A reset button. When I make changes to the default and save them to see the effect I forget what the original DEFAULT stats were and there is no reset button that I can see. Am I blind or is this feature needed still? Great tool either way!

  18. Hey Love the Site and the addon, but I have a small problem. Like I see some others here. What we see in game is different than on the site, for example I have an Arms warrior – with no in game buffs at all the site shows my crit should be over 26% but in game it’s 24.16%. Why is it off by so much? I’m fully enchanted and gemmed and reforged. Is there some setting on the site that is taking something into account that I might of missed? Thank you <3

    • We account for full raid buffs and debuffs. So we take your crit and give you the 5% raid buff, but also attach the 3% boss crit suppression. So that ends up giving you 2% more than your character sheet will show when outside of a raid.

      When you’re raid buffed, you’ll be 3% higher on your character sheet, but once you start fighting a boss with crit suppression, you’ll be right at the level we show ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Perfect. I’ve been using the mod now for the last couple days. I will be submitting my support for this, Thank you and your team for all the work you’ve done.

  19. Paulo S. Sant'Ana

    January 22, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    Is there any way to set Spirit AND Hit/Expertise Stat Weights for Shadow Priests? Because the weights for Spirit and Hit/Exp isn’t the same, so a single value as “Spell Hit” wasn’t optimal, imo. :/

  20. i cannot get hit to 15. even though stat weights are set to 15% mine sits at 17% after optimized, please help! ty

    • Can you save what you’re looking at – click the green save button to the left of your character name. Post the URL that Mr. Robot generates.

  21. im lookin for sum good stat weights for a restro shaman wit a mas n good crit build haste cappin at 18.75 plz help I either get to much of 1 thing or too lil of the other

  22. SO apparently, for a pvp subt rogue, my best secondary stats are mastery>crit>haste yet the add on insists haste>crit>mastery? First of all.. which is correct? Ask Mr Robot or General consensus of WoW PvP subt rogues? Secondly, if mastery is my main secondary stat, how would I need to change the stat weights so they maximize mastery, then crit, then haste (leaving the hit / exp cap unchanged)?

    • The site and addon should match – make sure you have an updated text string from our site (click the ‘export to addon button right above the stast section).

      We focus on PvE and make sure everything is really accurate to help players be competitive. However, the PvP weights aren’t as vetted, mostly because the theorycraft community for PvP is much smaller, and we rarely find public stat weights backed up by data. So if you have a favorite person you follow for PvP, edit the weights:)

  23. Adam Puccino Jr.

    July 16, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    I saved all my stat weights but when i load character they are no where to be found

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