So you want a little help editing Mr. Robot’s default stat weights? No problem! You’ve come to the right place. NOTE: This blog post is FROM THE FUTURE! It’s updated to show screenshots from our new stat weight editor that is releasing early this week (week of May 6, 2013).



First, let’s review what stat weights actually mean.

You probably already know what your best stat is, let’s say it’s Intellect. And you know which secondary stats are good for you, like Haste and Mastery. But you probably don’t know HOW good they are for you. This is where stat weights come in. It’s a way to value one stat relative to another.

For example, if Intellect has a weight of 1 and Haste has a weight of 0.85, then Haste is 15% less valuable than Intellect. If you had to choose between 100 Intellect and 100 Haste, you would now know that 100 Intellect is worth more. How do you know that? Simple math: 100 Intellect multiplied by the stat weight. So 100 Intellect is worth 100 points and 100 Haste is worth 85 points.

These weights are generated by Mr. Robot as well as theorycrafters who use programs that simulate fights and make spreadsheets.This type of math is at the core of Mr. Robot’s calculations. That’s how he knows which gems, enchants and reforges to pick.


What are Soft Caps and Hard Caps (like Haste or Hit)?

So there’s another piece to the puzzle: soft and hard caps. You’re probably very familiar with one of the hard caps: Hit. Everyone loves getting hit-capped, which is 15% for most people (7.5% for others). And the most common soft-cap is Haste (you might have also heard it referred to as a Haste Breakpoint). Let’s look into this some more…

Hard caps are meant to say, “Here’s the cap I need to reach and anything over that is wasted.” So let’s look at hit. Hit might have a very high stat weight, which tells Mr. Robot to do whatever he can to get hit. But once Mr. Robot reaches the hit cap, he’ll move on to the next best stat in your list. This is how all hard caps work – it allows you to put a high weight on that stat, and cut it off at a certain point.


  • Hit (for all classes and specs) – we hard code the cap in for you, so you don’t have to. You can select the level of content you’re doing to change the hit cap (15% for raids, 12% for 5-mans and 5% for PvP).
  • Stamina: tanks have the option to select the preferred level of Stamina (from low to high). Β This is a personal preference. Read the description next to each option to find out it affects Mr. Robot’s optimizations. For example, if you select a “Medium” level of Stamina, he will usually only suggest gems with Stamina in order to meet socket bonuses. He also won’t heavily favor Stamina trinkets with that setting.
  • Crit: we hard code this cap for you as well, at 100% (25% for Frost Mages).

Soft caps are similar to hard caps, but they don’t have a hard cut off. Haste is a good example. Haste has a weight of 0.85 for me until I reach 12.52% Haste. After I reach my ‘Haste Breakpoint’ of 12.52%, it is worth less to me, 0.3 actually. That’s because adding Haste still helps me (unlike hit being worth nothing over 15%), so that’s why we put a soft cap weight of 0.3. Here are the soft caps you’ll run into:


  • Haste (we have another section all about haste) – if gearing towards a Haste breakpoint is relevant to your class/spec, you’ll see a Haste Breakpoint Widget. Click the green “Change Soft Cap” button to choose from a list of Haste Breakpoints.
  • Spirit for Healers: Use this to cap your mana regen rate. So when you stop running out of mana, you can put a soft cap on your Spirit. In my example, I soft capped it at 8215 because that’s how much I have now and that’s a comfortable regen rate for me. I chose 0.2 for the value AFTER I reach the cap, because it’s worth less than my other stats at that point. See the picture below for an example.
  • Hit for Dual Wielders: Dual wielders get full value of hit up to 7.5% and then it’s usually worth less. We put in the soft cap weights for you, but feel free to edit them.

Haste Breakpoints

First of all, we put in the most popular haste breakpoints for classes where it makes a noticeable difference. So you won’t have to edit them if you fall under one of those cases. However, some people like to reach different haste breakpoints, or change them based on the buffs they have in a raid (like excluding the 5% Haste raid buff).

We now have a Haste Breakpoint picker, which shows up if gearing toward a breakpoint is relevant for your class/spec. Here is an explanation of the picker, using my Resto Druid as an example. However, the concepts and layout are the same for all classes.





Here’s a list of frequently asked questions:

  • Can Shamans enter a Mastery cap at 50%? No. We looked into this and decided it’s too arbitrary to gear for. Mastery for Resto Shamans will heal a target for more the lower their health is, and less the higher their health is. So the 50% cap came about because of some math that estimated the average amount of Health a target will have during the fight. But since the Health wildly varies, the Mastery cap becomes arbitrary and not very useful.
  • Can Rogues edit the Expertise cap for PvP to be 6%? Not yet, but we are looking into this to see if it’s a viable option.

If you need help using Mr. Robot with SimC, read this guide.

And if you still need help… try asking @AngryOrc1 on twitter. We’re not sure if you’ll get the answer you want, but it’s worth a try.