“What bosses should I spend bonus rolls on?”

We’ve been answering this question for 3 years now and it’s become one of our most popular features!

How to make a decision:

  • The chance you’ll get an upgrade: Mr. Robot factors in the chances of upgrades, including the rare chance to get a warforged, socketed and/or minor stat item. This is all reflected in the Boss Score.
  • The average score of upgrades: some bosses will have 2 HUGE upgrades for you, and 2 very MINOR upgrades. Other bosses will have 4 PRETTY GOOD upgrades. Mr. Robot averages these together to help you decide with the Boss Score.
  • The biggest upgrade score: If you’re looking for that HUGE upgrade, this might be the deciding factor for you. It might require a little restraint if the chance to win it is low, but that’s what the mute button on your mic is for, amirite?!

Pictorial Guide:

Unfortunately, he can’t hack the boss drops yet to guarantee you’ll get something. But he CAN help you optimize the bonus rolls. Let’s take a look at the information you can get in the “Find Upgrades” feature. BonusRolls_DropDownMenu Select the zone where you want to spend your Seals of Tempered Fate (bonus rolls). You can choose LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic. You can also choose some filters on the right. BonusRoll_MenuOptions

Review the information:

Zoopercat (the character in this example), has a gear score of 9,804. So an upgrade of 394 (highest item in normal mode, from Tectus), is about a 3% increase to her score. This helps put the scoring in perspective for each individual character.

BonusRoll_Calc_HMLFR Anyone?

Will you get upgrades from LFR? Mr. Robot can tell you! You might not be spending bonus rolls there, but you can find out if upgrades are available. Go to the upgrade finder, and choose dungeons & raids in the drop down. You’ll get a view like the one below. Zoopercat (the character in this example) has a gear score of 9,102. You can find that on your character page, under the gear list (down by the stats). So a score upgrade of +63 is 0.88%. That means the Warmage’s LEgwraps that drop from Mar’gok are almost a 1% upgrade. That seems worth the 15 minutes it takes to run LFR, right? LFR

Here’s a video I dug up that should help you see it in action!

Try it out!

Load your character on Ask Mr. Robot. You’ll get to try out bonus rolls free for a week. We never ask for a credit card during the trial, because that’s just shady trickery, and we don’t do that! If you like it, you can upgrade for $2 a month, or $12 a year.

Best in Bags

And lastly, once you start winning a bunch of gear and you’re trying to figure out which items are best. Mr. Robot is happy to help with his Best in Bags feature.