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Mr. Robot is constantly criticized by a vocal minority of players for recommending gear setups that leave players a little bit under the hit or expertise cap.  His human minions have made countless forum posts that explain the math behind why this is still an optimal solution… But a lot of folks just don’t care!

People are very emotional about the hit cap. They don’t want to miss… EVER. Even the chance to miss one time in a boss fight is UNACCEPTABLE. It doesn’t matter if you will do a little less damage most of the time, it doesn’t matter if the chance you will miss at a time that matters are almost zero… it just CAN’T HAPPEN. That would be a Terrible Event.

Mr. Robot has studied human psychology and is trying to understand why there is this group of players who require a 100% chance to hit. To do this, he started watching a lot of TV to gain insight on the human mind. One of the constant themes in our media is sex, so, Mr. Robot correctly deduced that sex is important to most people, particularly (but not limited to) men. He watched a lot of porn, too, but that is for another article.

He noticed that most people have sex for fun, not because they want more humans. It is common to use birth control to avoid creating another human during sex. Birth control is not 100% effective… there is always a small chance that the woman could get pregnant anyway! But… almost all humans still have (or want to have) sex more often than when they want to make more humans. People who want to have a 100% chance to not make more humans only have one choice: don’t have sex.

Mr. Robot has therefore deduced that all people who require a 100% chance to hit must also require a 100% chance to not create more humans during sex. Using this data, he is now able to estimate the number of players who never have sex. To help him with finding these numbers, he simply looks at the web traffic for wowreforge.com, since getting exactly to the hit cap is the main reason people use that website instead of Mr. Robot’s.

In order to accommodate the nosex communities, Mr. Robot is going to add an option to his website to force an “at least” condition on the hit cap. He is sorry if he has made these groups of people feel discriminated against up to this point.


  1. I’m in a 10-man raid that usually doesn’t have anyone else on boss dispels, and Blizzard saw fit to give tranquilizing shot a fairly high focus cost that keeps me from spamming it. Therefore, if that tranq shot does miss, the raid will most likely wipe. In my situation, it’s my responsibility to the raid to sacrifice a small (VERY small, I’ve run the numbers) amount of DPS to make 100% sure that I can do my job.

    ‘Course I never use Mr. Robot anyway, because your stat weights for hunters have never worked and I have my BiS list worked out within a few days of a tier dropping. Oh, and a reforge addon that has always put me between 8.00% and 8.04% hit cap no matter WHAT my gear configuration. So I guess this doesn’t apply to me anyway.

  2. THAT is the funniest story ever. I know it is very hard for those same people who are stuck at 7.8% to reforge something else. MATH IS HARD!!! I mean I don’t have time to click the reforge button one more time. I have internet dragons to kill. Big time stuff. SO I am glad for this new option since I know some people dont have the brain capacity of being able to think for themselves. I do love Askmrrobot. I use it all the time and I force all my raiders through it at least once. I will kick people if they dont follow it and say “Their numbers are wrong!!!” and pull 10k DPS in T12 gear. It happens more then you think.

    ASK MR ROBOT Rules. Good job everyone there. I bought it for my phone and wish you guys the best.

  3. Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

    October 13, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    @MarioTarandek Glad you liked it 🙂

    @Jezriyah I can’t think of a boss fight that requires a dispel… maybe Cho’gall to dispell that mind control? Anyway, most people who make this hit argument have no valid reasons. If you don’t have other people in the fight that can dispell, then you probably have a valid reason! As for the stat weights, they are very, very well researched. I’m not sure what kind of hunter you are, but here’s a link to the marksman weights explanations. And, we’re integrated with femaledwarf, so you can always export weights from that program directly into Mr. Robot 🙂 http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/specs/huntermarksmanship

    • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat Thank you for the polite and classy reply. I specifically had trouble early in Cata running as Survival because of the 757 haste sweet spot — it took quite a lot of finagling for me to make it treat that cap the way I wanted it to, and every other hunter I’ve known who used AMR said it gave them trouble. I’ll admit I haven’t tried it since switching BM, so I’ll give it another shot.

      • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

        October 13, 2011 at 9:29 pm

        @Jezriyah We redid a lot of the weights with the new patch, so I encourage you to check it out again. And femaledwarf has a fantastic program that will generate weights for you, then you click a button and those weights pre-populate right into Mr. Robot’s tool. Easy peasy. Let me know if you like it this time around. We are always updating the site 🙂

        • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat Yeah, I just ran myself through just now and saw a… 3 DPS increase. XD So not enough to be worth spending that money on gems and reforges, unfortunately, but it actually did work out as a gain! I hereby rescind my snarky last paragraph of my original comment.

        • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

          October 13, 2011 at 10:12 pm

          @Jezriyah Haha, consider it wiped from Mr. Robot’s memory 🙂

  4. There are times where being slightly over the hit cap is a good thing. However, this only occurs when hit is a lot more valuable than other secondary stats (as it is with Elemental, being over twice the value of haste or mastery). I wrote a short blog entry explaining why this is so http://www.totemspot.com/vb/entry.php?b=6

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