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Upload your logs today!

Update: Gruul and Oregorger infographics are live! More bosses coming tomorrow.
This is a one-time delay while we code up each boss. See sample Gruul.

We have a fresh way of helping you kill bosses better! Combat Infographics! The infographics need aggregate data to be meaningful, so upload all of your BRF logs today and this week. The more data we get, the sooner the infographics will be awesome. We’ll be processing the data each night, and getting more bosses live each day. 

Russ Petersen, rewards system designer (items) at BlizzardRuss Petersen, rewards system designer (items) at Blizzard

GRUUL: How’d you do?

We ran Heroic Gruul Tuesday night. Our raid team has an average item level of 666 (spoooky!) and apparently 97% of all attempts end in wipes at that level. So our 22 wipes to kill the boss – turns out to be not so bad 😉

Our team did decent on Shattered: We got 35% extra shatter hits from people standing too close. The median is 62% right now.

But we did really, really bad on avoidable damage while learning the fight. Honestly, we’re learning a fight, and so was everyone else raiding in warcraft Tuesday night. So I thought our avoidable damage would have been average-ish. NOPE! 14% of our damage taken was avoidable, compared to less than 1% for the top performing teams. And for me.. (Zoopercat)… I was at the top of the damage taken charts for Overhead Smash and Cave In.

We all focused on cleaning up our avoidable damage, and look what happened on our kill! We reduced it down to 2% of all damage taken was avoidable. AND I didn’t get hit by any of it!

We also greatly improved our healing from the wipes to the kill. For example, I (Zoopercat) had almost 32k HPS on the kill but averaged only 20k HPS across all attempts.

Did you upload your logs yet? Once you do, you’ll get infographics for Gruul and Oregorger. More bosses will be live each day this week.

OREGORGER: How’d you do?

I wasn’t able to get to Heroic Oregorger Tuesday night, but I did do Normal. At our team’s iLevel, 86% of all attempts end in wipes.

I remember getting rolled over by Oregorger a lot, and honestly I thought I did worse than the report tells me. Our team as a whole did decent on avoidable damage, where 27% of all damage taken was avoidable, a score of 8.3 out of 10.

There’s lots of fun data, check out your own logs 🙂

How to upload your logs:

  1. Get the desktop application here.
  2. Optional: If you want gear data tied to the logs (you should, silly), get the addon here.
    You can  if you want. No need to do ANYTHING else with the addon, other than have it installed.
  3. IN YOUR RAID: you need to start a combat log. You can do this by typing /combat log   in the chat window. OR, use our addon and either check the box that auto-logs (my favorite) or click the ‘start logging’ button. When you are logging, the Mr. Robot addon icon will be green.
  4. After your raid, upload your logs with the desktop application.
    (Start an upload / Fight selection & gear data step)
  5. When you’re done, click the big button to view your logs, or just load your character on our site and the logs will show on the right side.

Then check back Wednesday to see your infographics. Remember, we need at least a day to gather enough data to make the infographics meaningful. This is a one-time waiting period when new bosses come out.

Here’s a quick video about our infographics:

We’re making data available to us raiders that we’ve never had before. It puts everything in context – you think you are doing awesomesauce or terribad on different mechanics… but do you REALLY know what’s good or not? Now you will! We aggregate a lot of data and bring it to life in the infographics.

We also tie in gear information, a unique feature we offer for all of our combat log data and infographics.It’s a pretty handy metric when comparing how you are performing. And long that note, we a history of your logs for nearly forever (for free), so you can see how you’re progressing over time 🙂

Cory Stockton, Lead Game Designer at Blizzard
Cory Stockton, Lead Game Designer at Blizzard


Want even more data?

You can click the ‘data’ tab at the top to get to more informaiton. And for those of you who LIKE digging through it (and don’t fall asleep like I do), we have all of the data you could ever want. Here’s a quick video tutorial on that data.



  1. Hi, We logged our tries the yesterday. And we ended up logging a shitload of tries for some bosses, the infographics data we got here is kinda useless though cause it takes ALL attempts into account.

    The problem is alot of those attempts were borked attempts in one way or another and thus have unrepresentative data. (eg. fail pulls, wipes that took some time before combat ended) I know there is a wipe button in the addon. But this doesn’t help me much as the log is uploaded.

    I’d like to be able to mark some tries as disqualified from the grand sum so that I can present real data on how we did to our raiders, not missed interrupts while just waiting to die etc.

    Another helpful thing would be to be able to clip tries. eg. to be able to show a try as a graph, and clip the data that contributes to the total at a custom point (would allow me to see that ah, 8 people died here and that’s when we called we wipe, ignore all data after this. Or DPS or healing ended here cause we were wiping and mark the point where data would be ignored)

    • One thing you can do is look at the infographics for individual attempts. See at the top the boss drop down? There’s also an attempt picker. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but it might help a bit.

      Regarding future raids, you can macro /amr wipe to a hotkey.

      We don’t let you clip to a timeline though.

  2. I did LFR yesterday, which would be Wednesday, February 5th, 2015. There is nothing to look at under the new log system.

    • LFR shows up under the regular data views, but no infographics. That’s because LFR groups rarely use strategies to kill bosses, so showing how well people performed on various mechanices doesn’t really help.

  3. Help! OX Yosemitie, 10.10.2 will not run silverlight in any browswer I try (firefox, chrome, safari). I did reset the my settings to allow it to download, it says it installed successfully but on the browser page for desktop application it just says….install silverlight…..all browsers closed and restarted. Any ideas out there?

  4. We did Gruul yesterday, (or however you spell his name), and all of our attempts were saved and viewable except for the one where actually downed him. I was clicking the button for “wipe” in the application when I thought of it, but did I do something wrong that might have caused our successful attempt to not be recorded?

  5. I know I’m being nit picky, but why is the drawing of Gruul have the hook on the wrong hand?

    • When you draw antagonists you usually draw them facing left and you usually draw protagonists facing right (as this is the way we see facing forward and facing towards us). Im assuming they initially drew Gruul the right way round but then when they laid the site out it made more sense to have him on the left and facing into the page so they flipped the image.

      • I can’t believe so much discussion is going into this, lol. We commissioned a super talented artist to draw these. She did an incredible job and wanted to make them look cool. That’s pretty much how this went down 🙂

    • Obviously, a selfie in the mirror.

  6. When using the logging system I noticed insane amounts of FPS drop. Not lag its just every 2-3 seconds my FPS spiked down then right back up and it was super noticeable. Any way to fix this? I honestly prefer your logging system over others because of how the information is presented and I would very much like to continue using it.

    • That’s not really possible. Did you install any other addons or have an update for a game or anything running in the background?

      Were you live logging? If you have a slow internet connection and live log, the upload could take up enough bandwidth to slow down your computer. But this would only happen during upload (not all the time). And it would happen with live logging from any site.

      • I have plenty of addons but none for logging, I only have the Askmrrobot addon for logging installed. Aside from that I have stuff such as ELV UI and Bigwigs with Skada. No lag until I tried logging though and my Internet is fairly reliable being able to Livestream at 1080p with no problems so I don’t think it would be that. Its just as soon as /combatlog is enabled that the lag begins.

        • I have another idea. Look at your log file (in your warcraft folder). How big is it? If it’s near max size, that might slow the computer down. That’s not because of us though – you can just delete the file. Then next time you log, warcraft will create a new one.

          When you upload it to our site, Mr. Robot will auto-archive the file into a sub folder. This clears the regular combat log file so it never gets big and thus doesn’t slow down your computer.

          Does that help?

  7. Most of the people in our raid last night, Saturday, February 7, 2015 said they had pre-pots and were intending to use them. When I checked the Mr. Robot logs, I showed a pitiful amount of people using pre-pots before hitting the boss.

    None of the tanks used them. None of the healers used them. 3/4 of the rest of the raid used them. The tanks said that using the pre-pots didn’t make any sense for them. Most of the healers said the same thing.

    They may be wrong, but in the cases where they say they are not using pre-pots, “on purpose”, can I get this reality to be reflected in our pre-pot stats or are the stats better where they reflect the cold hearted reality of the situation?,be=overview

    • We actually don’t expect healers and tanks to pre-pot- we only count it for DPSers. So your team is correct (at least, in our opinion for 99% of raiders) 🙂

    • Prepotting is a DPS increase for tanks, they should be using Bonus Armor pots. It’s not a HUGE impact like prepotting is for a DPSer, and the survivability of the armor is obviously wasted at the start of the fight.

      But potions are so cheap that it’s silly for tanks not to prepot. Honestly, healers can too. There’s nothing much to heal but that doesn’t mean you can’t DPS.

      Every person dpsing for 15-20 seconds at the start of a fight means that much less chance you’ll have a heartbreaking 1% wipe.

  8. I’m confused. I joined a person in a HM raid yesterday. I was the second person to join. The person I joined is on a different server than I am. AMR was recording my attempts yesterday and I asked it to upload those attempt. It uploaded all but the last attempt. It uploaded 2 of 2. It should have uploaded 3 of 3. I could view the attempts that it did record last night. Today, I can’t see them.

    Am I doing something wrong and what happened to my last attempt?

    • Hmm, that’s odd. Silly question, if you refresh the page, what happens? Can you link me to your character on our site and tell me what raid dates and bosses I should see (the ones in question)?

  9. Is anyone else having issues where reports appear to have the wrong date, one day earlier than actual raid? I have had these problems the last two raids and want to know if there is a way to reset that or if there is a fix.

    • If you upload them all at once, the earliest date is chosen. The best thing is to upload after each raid.

      The other thing you can do: when you go to upload, one of the steps lets you select which fights you want to upload. Select all of the fights for just one day. Upload that. Then do another upload with the remaining fights from the next day.

  10. Can you tell me how calculated the global score in All Attempts? because Is not a average ratings are based, by dps , potions , etc.

  11. Since Healthstones are on the same cooldown as potions, would it be possible to add them in as using a “potion” for the infographics?

    • Healthstones are on the same cooldown as a health tonic (which is different than a health tonic). They do not share cooldowns with potions.

    • Healthstones are on the same cooldown as a health tonic (which is different than a health tonic). They do not share cooldowns with potions.

  12. Combat infographics is great but it’s not precise enough. If you have lots of data you can begin to evaluate the worth of 2p 4p weapon.

    I remember a week where I did Gruul 2 times in 2 days with 2 hunts. My scores were remarkably dissimilar although I distinctly remember having played the same. The biggest difference was having 4p on one and 2p on the other.

    Also you can kiss your score goodbye if you die, even if it’s not your fault.
    Last but not least if feels like healers grading is horribly wrong with abysmal and demotivating scores from healers that are at the very least ok if not good to very good.

  13. Tristan Tompkins

    August 11, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    So i’m trying to upload a combat log for the first time and its telling i have to downloads silverlight but i already have it. Whats the issue here?

  14. Combat logs are starting to aggervate me ive downloaded Silverlight and it still wont let me upload logs how are you supposed to log current logs

  15. How do we upload logs on Windows 10? Chrome says it no longer supports Silverlight and Edge doesn’t work either.

  16. how do i get the desktop application so i can upload my combat log?

  17. How the hell am i supposed to uninstall the old application client???? I cant find it anywhere!!!! Please help!!!!!!!

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