Mr. Robot Heart Cookies

So I decided it was about time that I mailed some tasty treats to Blizzard, you know, for making such a fun game and supporting all of us fan sites. But of course, Mr. Robot insisted on a little prank… he included a fail-bag that had coins instead of cookies.

So I baked 4 dozen of my favorite cookies that are sturdy enough for shipping. Almond and Vanilla Bean sugar cookies with lemon frosting. And mocha-chocolate hazelnut cookies. Of course, I had to take the time to decorate a dozen with Mr. Robot’s face (based on this tutorial). Did you know you can buy edible silver spray frosting? Yep – that’s gray frosting underneath with a coat of silver frosting in a spray can.



And then I took the mini heart shaped cookies and put sets of 4 in about 20 little boxes.



And one of those happened to be a fail bag that Owen got. Sorry Owen! Well, at least it wasn’t as bad of odds as the normal fail bags, lol. Silly robot… if I lose my in-game item because of his practical joke, I’m going to short circuit a few of that robot’s circuits!



Enjoy Blizzard! Hope the cookies were tasty 🙂 And thanks for making such a fun game (and for giving me a legit excuse to make cookies… and eat a few myself… for quality control purposes of course).

Also, I’m on pinterest for those of you who like food as much as me.


  1. That is full of too much awesome! =)

  2. Haha this is so cool!!!!

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