Mr. Robot Site Update on 11/29 – Will Be OFFLINE for 1 hour

We have a big update going out tonight that’s needed in preparation for some of the cool new features coming soon. All of our sites (wow, lol, swtor) will be offline for about an hour. We plan to start this update later tonight. (This was delayed from 11/28’s announcement).

UPDATE #1! (Noon, PST, 11/29) Maintenance has been delayed until later tonight (11/29). We delayed this from last night (11/28) because some of the database tables we needed to copy would have taken too long. We are figuring out a faster way to do it, so we don’t take the site down for a long time.

UPDATE #2! (2:25pm PST, 11/29) We figured out a better way to update the tables. The site will still be taken offline late tonight (around midnight), but only for about an hour.

This will be the first time we’ve had to take the site down to do an update! But it’s very necessary. As you know, Mr. Robot is protecting humans from the evil Robot Apocalypse. He’s getting his CPU encased with spidersilk armor to ensure he can withstand a large attack force. His CPU needs to be offline during the installation.

For the World of Warcraft players out there – this update will not include the valor items. But we will have that coming soon (targeting end of the week). We are working on a feature that will let you play with the upgrades to see which one is best. Then let Mr. Robot optimize around it before you even buy it to see how your stats change.




  1. I presume it’s taking a little longer than planned…? By my calculations it’s now 0400 on the West Coast, which means the site’s probably been down for 4 hours?

    • Yep, sorry about that! It went live shortly after your comment… isn’t that how life works? It’s always RIGHT after you ask. ha 😉

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