Having trouble with the new site? Can’t find your favorite feature and secretly think Mr. Robot removed it to torment you? No need to worry, Mr. Robot is a FRIENDLY robot, and is here to help. First, here’s a site tour if you are not finding the features you want:

Q: I owned the old version of the mobile app, what’s up with this new stuff?
A: Let me redirect you to the mobile FAQ.

Q: I can’t login
A: Try quitting your browser and restarting it. This should fix the problem (make sure you completely quit the entire thing). You shouldn’t have to do that more than once (it’s a one-time thing with the cookie)

Q: The site seems slow, but you said the new design would be faster, is it opposite day?
A: Nope, not opposite day! We just have to wait until the caches are all rebuilt (millions of BiS lists get cached on our server and we had to wipe them with the new launch). If it’s slow for any other reason, we’ll be fixing it asap! Update, on 12/22 1:20 am PST, we launched an update that should make it faster, and our caches are getting nice and built up. 12/23: the site should be very snappy, if it isn’t, post on our forums and let us know.

Q: The page looks broken, I have text overlapping and all sorts of baddies. Why do you do this to me?
A: If you are using IE8, we no longer support that browser 🙁  If you are using a different browser, please let us know so we can look into it. Is Mr. Robot now evil and hates IE8 users? No, he really likes all of you, but he already supports a lot of browsers, smartphones and tablet devices.
–Also, make sure you aren’t zoomed in or out, in your browser, and that you aren’t forcing larger fonts.
–It could also be a font issue with your browser. Read this thread, there are several things to try. Note, if you have noscript, you might be blocking custom web fonts.
–Update, as of 12/22 1:20 am, we now put in LIMITED support for IE8. It should function, but it isn’t pretty and doesn’t have tool tips. At some point in the future we might make it a bit nicer, but we won’t officially be supporting IE8.

Q: How do I create a link to my character now?
A: Once you save your character (requires a free account), we save the character and give you a URL that is shareable. We will be adding the feature back in that changes the URL for your character without having to save a profile.

Q: I can’t find the gear list, did you take it away?
A: Nope, it’s still there, but better! Now, just click on the item name and the list shows up. No more trying to click the “…” button, which btw, was a pain in the ass on a tablet device!

Q: I used to look at the talent build sources on the old site, but I can’t find it now.
A: We’ll put those back up after the holidays. We didn’t have time to get them in the new update.

Q: Where did the export to Reforgerade option go?
A: We didn’t have time to add it into the update, but it will be brought back very soon 🙂 FIXED on 12/22 at 1:20 am.

Q: Some of the filters I use are gone, like exclude archaeology items.
A: We eliminated some of the less-used filters and added in a few that people really wanted. We didn’t keep them all in because we don’t want to overload the user with options. Instead, you can now exclude any item from the gear list (open the gear list, and uncheck the box on the left). We hope that satisfies all users 🙂

Q: I get an error when selecting blacksmithing or a BS related item, does Mr. Robot hate plate wearers?
A: He loves plate wearers, considering he’s made out of metal. There’s a bug that we’re working on fixing asap. Sorry about that!

Q: The shopping list is awesome, but are the enchantment mats wrong?
A: Yes, they are wrong. Sorry about that. We’re working on a fix 🙂 Mr. Robot really doesn’t want your friends to make fun of you when you open the trade window and have the wrong mats 😉 FIXED 12/22 1:20 am PST.


Q: Shaman: My Shaman spirit hard cap is gone! OMG HELP!
A: Yeah, we missed that, it will be in an update later today. Until then, you can manually add in your own spirit caps. Fixed: 12/23, 5am PST.

Q: Shaman: are the stat weights right for Enhancement?
A: Yes the stat weights are right, but the ‘more info’ tip is wrong. We have to update it. However, Mr. Robot will optimize correctly 🙂 Fixed on 12/22, 1:20 am PST

Q: Is the expertise cap broken?
A: Yes, we are fixing it asap! Fixed on 12/22, 1:20 am PST

Q: Tanks: Did you change how avoidance and CTC are handled?
A: We did change some of the stat weights for tanks, but we are going to add in more stat weight presets to cover more choices 🙂  The CTC should be working, but if you think it isn’t, please give us your character realm, name, and what you think isn’t working. Preferably on our forums.NOTE: on 12/22 at 1:20 am we added a new option for CTC users, you can exclude the food/elixir mastery buffs when using CTC.

Q: Tanks: Is the optimizer right for tanks?
A: Actually, it’s a bit off. We’re tweaking the algorithm over the next couple of days. Until then, apply some human brain waves to it, while the Robot optimizes his code. This should be fixed now, if you’re still having trouble, be sure to let us know. (12/23, 5am PST)

Q: Hunters: Mr. Robot is recommending the gnomish x ray scope over flintlocke’s woodchucker, is that right?
A: No, it’s not right, and we’ll fix it right away. Fixed 12/22 at 1:20 am PST.

Q: Healers: Why is Mr. Robot suggesting Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind?
A: Because the damage proc wasn’t categorized as damage only. We’re fixing tthat!

Q: Why is Mr. Robot equipping 2 cogwheels, I thought they were unique equipped?
A: They are, and that’s an error. We’ll fix that soon! Fixed on 12/22 at 1:20 am.

Q: Resto Shaman: Why is Mr. Robot sometimes recommending pieces of the elemental shaman set?
A: If you put a cap on spirit that is easy enough to achieve, Mr. Robot thinks the spirit on the healer set bonus isn’t very good, since it’s so easy to achieve. Which leads him to recommending the elemental pieces. You can raise the spirit cap to adjust his behavior, but we’re wondering… maybe this is the RIGHT way? Read our thread here.