Mr. Robot’s New Site FAQ

Having trouble with the new site? Can’t find your favorite feature and secretly think Mr. Robot removed it to torment you? No need to worry, Mr. Robot is a FRIENDLY robot, and is here to help. First, here’s a site tour if you are not finding the features you want:

Q: I owned the old version of the mobile app, what’s up with this new stuff?
A: Let me redirect you to the mobile FAQ.

Q: I can’t login
A: Try quitting your browser and restarting it. This should fix the problem (make sure you completely quit the entire thing). You shouldn’t have to do that more than once (it’s a one-time thing with the cookie)

Q: The site seems slow, but you said the new design would be faster, is it opposite day?
A: Nope, not opposite day! We just have to wait until the caches are all rebuilt (millions of BiS lists get cached on our server and we had to wipe them with the new launch). If it’s slow for any other reason, we’ll be fixing it asap! Update, on 12/22 1:20 am PST, we launched an update that should make it faster, and our caches are getting nice and built up. 12/23: the site should be very snappy, if it isn’t, post on our forums and let us know.

Q: The page looks broken, I have text overlapping and all sorts of baddies. Why do you do this to me?
A: If you are using IE8, we no longer support that browser 🙁  If you are using a different browser, please let us know so we can look into it. Is Mr. Robot now evil and hates IE8 users? No, he really likes all of you, but he already supports a lot of browsers, smartphones and tablet devices.
–Also, make sure you aren’t zoomed in or out, in your browser, and that you aren’t forcing larger fonts.
–It could also be a font issue with your browser. Read this thread, there are several things to try. Note, if you have noscript, you might be blocking custom web fonts.
–Update, as of 12/22 1:20 am, we now put in LIMITED support for IE8. It should function, but it isn’t pretty and doesn’t have tool tips. At some point in the future we might make it a bit nicer, but we won’t officially be supporting IE8.

Q: How do I create a link to my character now?
A: Once you save your character (requires a free account), we save the character and give you a URL that is shareable. We will be adding the feature back in that changes the URL for your character without having to save a profile.

Q: I can’t find the gear list, did you take it away?
A: Nope, it’s still there, but better! Now, just click on the item name and the list shows up. No more trying to click the “…” button, which btw, was a pain in the ass on a tablet device!

Q: I used to look at the talent build sources on the old site, but I can’t find it now.
A: We’ll put those back up after the holidays. We didn’t have time to get them in the new update.

Q: Where did the export to Reforgerade option go?
A: We didn’t have time to add it into the update, but it will be brought back very soon 🙂 FIXED on 12/22 at 1:20 am.

Q: Some of the filters I use are gone, like exclude archaeology items.
A: We eliminated some of the less-used filters and added in a few that people really wanted. We didn’t keep them all in because we don’t want to overload the user with options. Instead, you can now exclude any item from the gear list (open the gear list, and uncheck the box on the left). We hope that satisfies all users 🙂

Q: I get an error when selecting blacksmithing or a BS related item, does Mr. Robot hate plate wearers?
A: He loves plate wearers, considering he’s made out of metal. There’s a bug that we’re working on fixing asap. Sorry about that!

Q: The shopping list is awesome, but are the enchantment mats wrong?
A: Yes, they are wrong. Sorry about that. We’re working on a fix 🙂 Mr. Robot really doesn’t want your friends to make fun of you when you open the trade window and have the wrong mats 😉 FIXED 12/22 1:20 am PST.


Q: Shaman: My Shaman spirit hard cap is gone! OMG HELP!
A: Yeah, we missed that, it will be in an update later today. Until then, you can manually add in your own spirit caps. Fixed: 12/23, 5am PST.

Q: Shaman: are the stat weights right for Enhancement?
A: Yes the stat weights are right, but the ‘more info’ tip is wrong. We have to update it. However, Mr. Robot will optimize correctly 🙂 Fixed on 12/22, 1:20 am PST

Q: Is the expertise cap broken?
A: Yes, we are fixing it asap! Fixed on 12/22, 1:20 am PST

Q: Tanks: Did you change how avoidance and CTC are handled?
A: We did change some of the stat weights for tanks, but we are going to add in more stat weight presets to cover more choices 🙂  The CTC should be working, but if you think it isn’t, please give us your character realm, name, and what you think isn’t working. Preferably on our forums.NOTE: on 12/22 at 1:20 am we added a new option for CTC users, you can exclude the food/elixir mastery buffs when using CTC.

Q: Tanks: Is the optimizer right for tanks?
A: Actually, it’s a bit off. We’re tweaking the algorithm over the next couple of days. Until then, apply some human brain waves to it, while the Robot optimizes his code. This should be fixed now, if you’re still having trouble, be sure to let us know. (12/23, 5am PST)

Q: Hunters: Mr. Robot is recommending the gnomish x ray scope over flintlocke’s woodchucker, is that right?
A: No, it’s not right, and we’ll fix it right away. Fixed 12/22 at 1:20 am PST.

Q: Healers: Why is Mr. Robot suggesting Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind?
A: Because the damage proc wasn’t categorized as damage only. We’re fixing tthat!

Q: Why is Mr. Robot equipping 2 cogwheels, I thought they were unique equipped?
A: They are, and that’s an error. We’ll fix that soon! Fixed on 12/22 at 1:20 am.

Q: Resto Shaman: Why is Mr. Robot sometimes recommending pieces of the elemental shaman set?
A: If you put a cap on spirit that is easy enough to achieve, Mr. Robot thinks the spirit on the healer set bonus isn’t very good, since it’s so easy to achieve. Which leads him to recommending the elemental pieces. You can raise the spirit cap to adjust his behavior, but we’re wondering… maybe this is the RIGHT way? Read our thread here.


  1. None of the Stats are correct anymore. Has all my characters going below hit caps and exp caps for crit which does not work! Has druid tank reforging for mastery only now instead dodge, which doesnt work again…..

  2. Why would it have me removing a Helm enchant and NOT putting another one back on, plus dropping me way below expertise cap on a fury warr? plus dodge is the better stat on druid tanks, why would it have me putting all mastery?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:51 am

      @KenLeeper The expertise cap on warriors is broken and we’re fixing that ASAP. Can you give me a character where the helm enchant is behaving like you described? That will help us troubleshoot.

      • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat I just refreshed it after a couple hours and its not doing that anymore for some reason, but it was happening on Ptolemaios on Aggramar. Thank you for your response and help. This site has always been extremely helpful for gear help. Thanks again

  3. i dont have the mobol im useing my computer but every time i load my toons its like al scrambold up i cant read a thing whats relly going on

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:51 am

      @BobbyAmes What browser do you have? If it’s IE8 or an older version of Firefox, you can fix it by updating. Let us know if that works 🙂

  4. “If you are using IE8, we no longer support that browser If you are using a different browser, please let us know so we can look into it.”

    I was thinking about paying for it, not now, I and lots of others will not use IE9, its bloted and slow. and being forced to use it or other browsers is just plain wrong. been fun will keep looking to see if you fix it, tell then Im not paying for it there are other systems, thumbs down. bye.

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:50 am

      @sgg We already support a lot of browsers, smartphones and tablet devices. We aren’t able to keep up with all of them. IE8 in particular is so old that it doesn’t support modern CSS rules, so we cut it off the list. The other browsers are free, and Chrome is very nice and not bloated 🙂 Asking people to switch to a free browser is fair, but we understand some people won’t (or can’t, like a business that locks down computers). If we have time to support IE8 later, we will.

    • @sgg I can only say you need to be thought better if you insist that IE8 is better than IE9. Either use IE9, because it’s a rather modern updated browser or switch to the alternatives that are much better.

  5. You took one of my favorite features away! The export to reforgerade! Can we get that back please? 🙂

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:47 am

      @racvets1 It will be coming back, wooohoo!! We just didn’t have time to get it in the launch, but we’ll have support for it again soon 🙂

  6. Initial thoughts – terrible.

    Won’t use IE8, despite this still being widely used as a browser. Won’t load in Firefox either (I have “downloading” a toon from armory for the past ten minutes.

    Another useful tool broken by an ‘upgrade’.

    • @ronachan It dont even work in IE8. Works great in Firefix just a bit slow but holy hell it is new and a beta version! You all need to learn how to theory craft a bit! Mr Robot is great but damn it is not the bible on reforging :p

  7. Having issues using text is overlapping and im using IE7 everything should have just been left alone this tool is great and i love it but needs to be fixed now

    • @slayer66678 They no longer support anything under IE9. Go download firefox or chrome. It works on them just fine and WTH are you using IE7 still!?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:46 am

      @slayer66678 Synnz is right, we don’t support IE7 or IE8. We support a LOT of browser versions, smartphone devices & OS’s, and tablets. We couldn’t keep up with all of them without hiring someone. And we have about enough money to cover the servers. It doesn’t mean Mr. Robot hates you though, he loves all humans that don’t try to gank him. 🙂 If you use FF, Chrome or IE9 (all free), that will fix the problems 🙂


    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:44 am

      @burningfrost Mr. Robot used it for spare parts to fuel the server 😉 Hahah, really, if you tell us what’s wrong, we will fix it!

  9. You broke a great site and now i will never use it again thank you very the hell mutch

  10. Its a Beta Version damn people give them time to get the bugs worked out. Only issue I seem to have at the moment is the site not saving my changed filters. Working fine for me on Firefox a little slow but nothing to bad.

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:43 am

      @Firkraag The slowness will get better, promise. The site now remembers your settings on a per-character basis, but the old site did it on a per-user basis. The per-character basis is actually better, because you can choose different settings for your alt than your main 🙂 It just requires extra work the first time you use all of the characters though. Pro tip: for characters you use a lot, be sure to SAVE THEM TO YOUR PROFILE. This lets you load them again from any other computer with the saved settings. Otherwise, it’s just a browser cookie that doesn’t transfer to other computers.

  11. I seem to be missing the ability to export of my reforges to for example, Reforgerade. WIl it be in at a later stage or did I miss something?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:41 am

      @Trokko We didn’t get reforgerade support in with the launch, but we’ll be adding it soon 🙂 Sorry about that!

      • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat@Trokko No worries, I’ll just do the old fashion way meanwhile. 🙂

        Awesome job with the new site by the way. Looks, and feels, really great.

  12. Why I need to reforge spirit as Enh shaman?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 12:40 am

      @tashja The spirit hard cap for shamans was an oversight on the relaunch. Edit the stat weights (under the gearing strategy menu), and add a spirit hard cap, usually between 2200 and 2800. We’ll add that back in tonight.

  13. The site is looking good guys. Much more pleasing to the eyes! Can not wait for bug fixes and more features to come out! Liking what I am seeing so far! For all you haters out there! If you think you can sit behind a computer and do something like this then I urge you to do it! They have spent timeless hours on this site on the old version and this new BETA version! You have no respect for someone doing so much damn hard work on something that is free for you that they do not have to give for you for free! This is the only site out there I know that gives you FREE BiS lists and a way to help out your theory crafting! If you need to cry and complain over something that they do as a free service to you then GTFO because you do not deserve to be here!

  14. The site is looking good guys. Much more pleasing to the eyes! Can not wait for bug fixes and more features to come out! Liking what I am seeing so far! For all you haters out there! If you think you can sit behind a computer and do something like this then I urge you to do it! They have spent timeless hours on this site on the old version and this new BETA version! You have no respect for someone doing so much damn hard work on something that is free for you that they do not have to give for you for free! This is the only site out there I know that gives you FREE BiS lists and a way to help out your theory crafting! If you need to cry and complain over something that they do as a free service to you then GTFO because you do not deserve to be here!

  15. I love the site and want to thank all the people that have put a lot of time and effort into this. Most of us understand there will be issues that will need ironed out and its close to the holidays. It has helped me a great deal modifying my characters to enhance their dps / healing or even tanking. You all have done a great job here and those that are crying and whining about the new stuff well just shut it and let them fix it and enjoy their holidays like the rest of us will.

    • there is only one thing I really don’t understand is why the site is telling me to use the Dragonshrine Scepter as a off hand weapon for my enhancement shaman? It’s 174 strength 262 stamina 113 crit 118 mastery weapon more attuned for dw frost dk’s and warrior types.

      • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

        December 22, 2011 at 1:23 am

        @Firkraag That might be a bug, we’ll look into it (I’m not a shaman expert, so I can’t comment further until I talk to one of our experts). Also thanks for the kind comments 🙂

  16. Is Parry/Dodge reforging messed up right now? It’s telling me to reforge Dodge to Parry even though Parry’s ahead of Dodge quite a bit. And idealy they’re supposed to be about even for maximum avoidance…

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 2:10 am

      @Adrenal1ne We updated the stat weights to favor avoidance once you reach the cap, but I think it’s confusing a few people. So we’ll post an update that you might like better 🙂

      • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat Well yes, I’m aware of that. But both Dodge and Parry are part of avoidance. I think you mean when we reach the cap, Dodge and Parry are favored over Mastery because beyond the cap mastery is less useful than them considering it only reduces damage by 30%, where as Dodge/Parry reduces the damage by 100% when triggered. I already expect this.

        But what I’m trying to say is Mr. Robot is telling me to reforge all my Dodge to Parry to the point where I’m almost 18% Parry and only a little over 13% Dodge, and that doesn’t make sense. It should actually be hindering how much avoidance I gain from the two stats considering the higher they get the more diminishing returns take away.

        • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

          December 22, 2011 at 2:50 am

          @Adrenal1ne Ah I see! Can you give me your character realm and name? That will help us troubleshoot and see exactly what is going on (and what needs fixing).

        • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat USA – Shu’halo – Trihara

          Thank you. 🙂

  17. I’m “missing” (or rather, noticing it behaving weirdly) from the previous versions.

    With the old website I could load my bear/kitty hybrid druid and I could select the “Hybrid” Gearing Strategy, select all my gear and stuff, then save the profile. Whenever I would have gotten a better piece of gear, I would have just loaded up my profile, hit refresh and everything would stay the same (stats weights, locked gear, my bear/kitty spec selected).

    Now with the new website, it doesn’t matter if I already saved my gearing strategy and prefered spec (kitty form). When I hit the refresh button to reload my gear from the armory, the spec gets changed to bear and the gearing strategy gets changed to the default PvE Tier13 one.

    Could you fix that?

    You can see it in action here:

  18. Love the site great work been using it for a long time now. But in new release Enh Shaman is pretty bugged no exp cap anymore and reforging into spirit as a enhancement got nothing to do with a spirit cap for them.

    • @DD88 They are aware of this and are working on a fix. Your best bet is to add your own stat weight for now.

      • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

        December 22, 2011 at 2:49 am

        @Adrenal1ne@DD88 Thanks Adrenal1ne, wow you’re fast! Yep, this is correct, we’re working on a fix, but if you open up the ‘gearing strategy’ menu, you can add a cap for spirit and exp. 🙂 Sorry about that!

      • Not able to change anything that will adjust that tho but nvm im not in a hurry i will wait on the fix :)@Adrenal1ne

        • I mean that i can’t adjust spirit since its not there as a stat @Adrenal1ne

        • @DD88 On your character page, click the box called “Choose a Gearing Strategy”. Then, in the box called Gearing Strategy, click on “Customize”. And finally, go down to the little box for Spirit or Expertise and edit the stat weight to your liking.

        • As i said i cant adjust spirit there since its not there 😛 @Adrenal1ne

        • @DD88 I see, you’re absolutely right. Spirit seems to be missing from stat weights at the moment.

  19. Will there be the export option for the Reforgerade addon? At this time all I can get is the simcraft export

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 3:32 am

      @Physixus We’re definitely adding that back in. It just didn’t make the cut for the launch if we wanted it out before xmas. It will be added in shortly after the holidays 🙂

  20. Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

    December 22, 2011 at 3:39 am

    Znuff posted a comment that didn’t come through, so I’m reposting it:

    I’m “missing” (or rather, noticing it behaving weirdly) from the previous versions.

    With the old website I could load my bear/kitty hybrid druid and I could select the “Hybrid” Gearing Strategy, select all my gear and stuff, then save the profile. Whenever I would have gotten a better piece of gear, I would have just loaded up my profile, hit refresh and everything would stay the same (stats weights, locked gear, my bear/kitty spec selected).

    Now with the new website, it doesn’t matter if I already saved my gearing strategy and prefered spec (kitty form). When I hit the refresh button to reload my gear from the armory, the spec gets changed to bear and the gearing strategy gets changed to the default PvE Tier13 one.

    Could you fix that?

    You can see it in action here:

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 3:46 am

      So, that’s a tricky one. It’s hard to decide WHAT should happen on the reload. Does it reload everything, everything you locked, all of your settings, everything from the armory? We decided nope. In the end, we had it reload everything it fetches from the armory, which happens to include your spec. Now, changing the spec complicates things a bit… if we reload your toon from the armory and fetch a new spec, the gearing strategy you had needs to update because kitty stats don’t work with a bear spec. So, this is a smart thing (for 99% of users, who would get confused if the stat weights didn’t reset).

      Now, I see what you’re trying to do, and it’s not an uncommon thing. But, to be totally honest, we’ll probably leave it that way (for now). We want to build a feature that handles dual-specs more elegantly, so we’ll work the functionality you’re looking for, into that feature 🙂 YAY!

      Until then, a not-so-convenient work around would be to log out in kitty spec, go to Mr. Robot and click ‘reload.’ Then save it again. Then log out in bear and load a new profile (do not click reload on the kitty). Then save that one. Now, you can play with either saved profile as much as you want, until your gear changes again.

      • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat I’m actually trying to play as a Hybrid Cat/Bear spec that shares the exact same talents, just changing the active form (it’s quite common for off-tanks to play with the same spec and save the raid if the tank dies, and he just goes in bear form from his normal kitty form). Refreshing the char probably detects a few mandatory Bear talents and decides “ok, this guy is in a tanking spec!”.

        So basically the proposed workaround can not really work in my case.

        Now, how I see it working for saved profiles is some kind of server-side workaround like: “ok, we detected this guy’s talents as bear/tanking, but his chosen gearing profile/strategy is «DruidFeralCat_Ot», we should keep his spec as saved in the profile and not the detected one!».

        • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

          December 22, 2011 at 5:32 am

          @Znuff Ahhh, i see. So Yellowfive raids exactly as you describe on his druid. I’ll have him stop by to give some useful advice 🙂

  21. I’m in the same boat as i think so many others out there who refuse to DL IE9, why you ask? cos its crap maybe. I use IE8 it does everything i need it to do. I think expecting people to get it just for one site is highly arrogant. That said, would you kindly point me in the direction of a site similar to yours that actually supports those who dont follow trends for the sake of it. Just sayin’.

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 5:31 am

      @Kat1985 If you don’t like IE9, it’s not a problem. Firefox and Chrome are also very good (a lot of people REALLY like Chrome, give it a shot!) We don’t expect that everyone will update their browser, however, we can’t support every browser on the market 🙁 We just don’t have the time or resources. If we could, we would, and if we find time in the future, maybe we will add it back in.

      We already support a lot of browsers, smartphones and tablet devices. We even optimized the site for tablets this go-around, so that you don’t even need a mobile app for the site to function nicely.

      I’d be happy to recommend other programs, but no one else does what we do. Chardev helps build profiles, but that is no longer supported (which is sad, we liked that program). We love SimC, but that simulates a fight more than optimizing gear. There are a few reforge sites, but they only do reforges and nothing else, so that isn’t very useful. Upgrading to a new browser, or a different browser is a free activity, so I don’t think it’s asking too much at all. And it isn’t out of arrogance, if that was the case, we’d just support one browser / version 😉

      • i just dont see why i should have to change my internet browser for one site, and no i will not use chrome or firefox. Perhaps you should have considered your audiences ability to use the site before implementing new features.

    • @Kat1985 Well, you’re the ignorant one, I guess. IE8 has a long standing history of security bugs and rendering issues with content.

      IE9 is quite faster and lighter than IE8. Also IE8 is 6 years old. Considering how fast the technology moves, that’s like grandma-age by now.

      The web has advanced A LOT in these years, and without shooting down support for old browsers (like Firefox 2.x, Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8), it can’t advance too much.

      So give another browser a try. It’s like swapping household appliances – can be hard to let go, but once you realize what the new tech can do for you, you’ll love it.

      It’s not arrogance. It’s how the technology moves on.

  22. Just a quick question.. I’m a shadow priest and I have been using your guys’ gear optimizer for a while now and was wondering did you change the formulas or something for the gems? Previously I was matching gems to get the socket bonus and now it wants all red gems, except for the one burning shadowspirit diamond and ignoring socket bonuses. Is this a glitch or what is going on?

  23. why is the new website not letting me regster? can anyone help me with this issue please and thank you

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 6:20 am

      @kittycat30 If you’ve ganked Mr. Robot in game, he may have placed a ban on your IP. However, if that’s not the case, we’ll need more info to troubleshoot. Are you using a computer or mobile device? And what browser? What is happening (or not happening) when you try to register?

      • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat I use a laptop and my webrower I use is firefox

        • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

          December 22, 2011 at 6:49 am

          @kittycat30 Which version of firefox? To find out, look for a help > about firefox menu. Click on it and it will tell you the version.

          Also, what happens? Can you not type in the boxes? Does it ‘hang’ when you click the register button? Does the button do nothing at all?

  24. am having trouble with my combat rogue it telling me to reforge all my expertise to mastery like if i was a assassination rogue HELPPPP

  25. new site looks good, recommending more mastery when my hit is way under cap isn’t tho. old site worked fine. seems to me its reading crit instead of hit, for me at least.

  26. As an Arcane Mage each time I add a new item and ask Mr Robot, it wants to chante all my specs from Master to Crit and then back again……….

  27. When selecting generic Druid profiles, they’ll immediately show weapons that aren’t BiS as being BiS. It’s not much work clicking on the real BiS weapon, but it seems to affect other things like the relics, at least for Moonkin. I’ll select T12 for Moonkin and it’ll show a non-BiS staff and a healing relic. It also shows no tier set pieces and all 397 vendor pieces.

  28. Hey please management team, make a option to choose the brazilian servers please, like nemesis and azralon

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 22, 2011 at 9:32 pm

      @myst If you can find your character on the armory and give me the link, we’ll see if we’re able to access it. I know the azralon servers aren’t on the armory yet, but some of the other ones are.

  29. My server… US Mannoroth can’t be found apparently 🙁

  30. Ok Shaman Resto is wrong.. a hast rating of 916 for 4.1 – 4.2 is required.. and an update for 4.3 requires Stat PrioritySituation916(780) haste > mastery This priority is fairly often promoted in guides and is for high mastery. 2005 (1858) haste > rest This aims for the second breakpoint of Riptide 2 HoT. 916(780) haste > crit is for people the rarely fall below health(chain Heal).mastery = crit Purew tank.. differnt styles so give some options

  31. Mr Robot is currently telling me on My enhance shaman to Reforge into spirit,im assuming it means hit, cause there is no hit on the gear,, Also it is reforging me away from Exp, i am more then capped on my oh because of the Axe +3 exp but right on 26 for my main hand mace can you tell me whether something is up. Arienass Thaurissan Horde is the toon

  32. Ok this is insane. Mr. Robot is telling me that on my hunter, well for all my character that is, that I have to put gems in slots that I already have those very same correct gems. It is also telling me to reforge when I already have the correct reforging on my equipment. Why did you have to break what was not broken? My husband characters are also having the same problem. Gems and reforging is already correct however Mr. Robot is not reflecting this!

  33. ChristopherLynch

    December 23, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Ha! I just spent a fortune re-reforging my gear to almost all “dodge”, now it’s telling me I need to re-re-reforge into “mastery.” Is this accurate?

    Name: Gorrym

    Realm: Runetotem

    Race: Worgen

    Class: Feral Bear Tank

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 23, 2011 at 4:21 am

      @ChristopherLynch We’re tweaking the tanking logic over the next few days. If you don’t want mastery for now, you can lower the stat weight value. Hang in there just another day or two and it will be tip top shape 🙂

      • ChristopherLynch

        December 23, 2011 at 5:04 am

        @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat@ChristopherLynch Thank you very much. I’ll continue with what I’ve already been doing & come back in a few days to see what’s been going on. Thank you.

  34. Well to be honest they have made this WAY too difficult now. Used to be you came on and optimized. Put in gems, enchants, and reforged what was suggested and done. Now you have to putz around instead of playing the game. The suggested gems cost a fortune I am not willing to pay for if you don’t have the best in slots.

  35. Kessik from RavenholdtMr.Robot is showing me to reforge mastery on my second ring to expertise although I’m already capped

  36. Looks like the expertise cap while using “Glyph of Seal of Truth” for Retribution Paladns isnt working. Old version supported that 🙂 (that glyph gives +10 epertise, so almost every ret is using it).

  37. on my stuff it says do not reforge does that mean remove the reforge on that gear?

  38. I cant load my char… Dont know why

    Serwer Blade`s Edge (EU)

    Nick Kwidon

  39. Bug… Frost dk Darkwanderer Tanaris. Its telling me to remove my strength enchant from head…It doesnt want one at all

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 23, 2011 at 7:48 pm

      @diablo4372 I see it with the enchant just fine. Can you try again, be sure to refresh the page. We did an update in the wee hours of the morning that may have fixed it.

  40. I’m trying to find where to load my character but when I click on gear optimizer it just doesn’t load the next part

  41. When I’m looking at bear druid (PVE: T12 or lower preset), it’s telling me to reforge everything to mastery, although dodge is nearly twice as valued according to the weightings (0.98 vs. 0.57). There’s no soft cap on dodge if I edit the weightings for the preset, so it’s not just that I’m over that cap and therefore it isn’t valued anymore. Toon is Babydan on Alleria server. Thanks.

  42. I’d just like to start by saying that you have no idea how frustrating it is to see a perfectly good and WORKING website get completely removed in exchange for a beta chock full of bugs. I realize from all your glowing forum replies that your team is just super excited about what you’ve done, but really, you have soured my opinion of the site from minute one launching the way you did.

    As for a few of those annoying bugs, one, nothing is saved in the browser cookie anymore. You load a character, make a change, go out, and it’s completely gone when you come back to that character. The only way to keep anything now is to sign up for your site and save it to your account. Oh, and the save icon being on the opposite side of the screen from the box that says “Load or Save a Character” had me lose changes again because I was stupid enough to click on the character name instead of hunting around for an icon. Really intuitive design there.

    Then there’s the broken gem system, where anything you had on the armory will be downgraded by the gem filter during optimization. If you have epic gems already and select for it not to socket epic gems in anything, instead of keeping those and not putting epic gems on new gear, the site strips out the epic gems and replaces them with rares.

    But the thing that may make me stop using the site even more so than the obnoxious layout is the color scheme. It hurts to look at your site, and my eyes aren’t bad. The dark background is hard to read text on, and the alternating vastly contrasting brightness of the bars between items make it even more difficult. I’m sure your designers thought it would be awesome to go all Cataclysm black and gray and orange, but the bottom line is, your site is now significantly less usable for anyone who has trouble reading light text on a dark background. I don’t need to see a dragon better in the background. I’m not here to see Blizzard’s art. I’m here to look at a list of gear, and now you’ve made every effort to send me back to Rawr or some other considerably more difficult to rank gear with alternatives. Please, consider creating a white backed style sheet for the site.

    And on a side note, your forum authentication is completely busted. Ten minutes and three requests for a new authentication mail with absolutely nothing showing up. Was a captcha, color question, AND authentication mail really necessary just to sign up for a forum? With no e-mail that I could find anywhere on the site to voice my concerns, and no way to get on the forum, I had to post here. I hope someone is actually reading and legitimately taking feedback into account, rather than drinking their own kool-aid over the “success” of the redesign.

    • @HawkEyeTS Dear HawkEye, you are not alone.

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 24, 2011 at 7:01 am

      @HawkEyeTS Hawkeye, if you’d be just a teeny bit patient, you’d notice major improvements. And thanks for citing specific examples, that’s helpful for us to decide what to work on, and in what priority. We are not above admitting when things need changing, that’s why we did the redesign in the first place. It’s not FUN spending time redesigning a site, that takes a lot of work, when we’d rather be playing games 😉 But we had a lot of user feedback about the old site, and this redesign incorporates that. Sure an update like this is pretty major, but we decided to just RIP the bandaid off instead of doing it slowly. Change is a necessary part of progress… sure some of the things we’re doing (like the HTML5 apps) are a bit ahead of the curve, but why not take advantage of the best technology has to offer 🙂

      We also had users confused about the armory / optimized ‘links’ on the new site, and they suggested putting in tabs. We did that… 48 hours after launch. That’s damn fast! And accommodating too. I’d rather be playing video games than adding tabs on the site. But we take our users seriously, so we spent time doing that. We’ve changed several things within 48 hours of the launch based on feedback, and we will continue to improve on it.

      Just because you dont’ like something, doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t like it. We actually had a majority of people prefer a black background, and it also works better on tablets (which are great gaming companions, btw). If you can’t read light text on a dark background, how do you play video games? It’s possible at some point in the future we offer a toggle for light / dark versions of the site.

      The gems should be fixed with our last update. If they aren’t, please post your character name, realm and specifics so we can locate the problem. We are also working on saving characters better, like I said, we’re making improvements every day 🙂

      The forum is a hosted package by a 3rd party company. It’s broken like that before, and perhaps we switch someday, but then everyone’s accounts would get wiped, so we are very reluctant to do that 🙁 It’s one of the reasons we installed the livefyre comments and a blog, and we’re on twitter and facebook 😉 We want to make sure users can get to us!

      • @Vee Tegen / ZoopercatThank you for making it exceedingly clear that you don’t care about anyone using the site who has difficulty with the color scheme you’ve dumped on us. I guess “at some point” I’ll consider being one of your users again when your web design team decides they’re ready to design for everyone rather than just a certain crowd of people. I’m not surprised you’re sticking to your tablet design priorities since the mobile site users are paying you $12 a year, but it saddens me none the less to have to stop using an otherwise useful site. And the crack about how I can still play games? Not every game designer picks the hard to view color combinations and layout your team did. They want me to play their games.

        • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

          December 25, 2011 at 4:49 am


          Actually, you’re mistaken about our motivations for the tablet. The new site is designed specifically to work on the tablet without ever needing to purchase the app. You know when you open a gear list and it looks long, and there is no scroll bar? That’s on purpose, because the scroll bars don’t work well at all on tablets. Remember the “…” buttons you used to use to open the gear list? Those were annoying to use on the tablet… and now they are gone.

          We believe that tablets are a great companion to gaming… the screens are big enough and they are more powerful than phones. So, as part of our business strategy, we wanted our site to be used as a companion while players are actively playing the game. And the fairest way to do that, is make the website useable for all tablet owners without having to pay us. And the website is better to use on a tablet than the app is now.

          As for the black background… wowhead is on a black bg, and their forums are dark bgs, and so on… so the wow community should be able to at least handle a black bg, even if it isn’t a preference.

        • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat WoWHead does not have a black background for the information that matters. They also do not drastically alternate colors in a list of items. Blizzard’s official forums are now brown with a complementary shade of yellow for the font. Make all the excuses for your design team’s choices you want. I would just find legitimate examples before I start using them as ammunition against criticism. Your site was considerably more clean and convenient in comparison to the competition, and now it’s not. I’ve said my piece and it’s obvious I’m just going to have to return to my old alternatives.

      • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat@HawkEyeTS

        u seem a little hostile about the negative items being pointed out i agree with hawkeye and this site really bites and im sure with attitudes like urs more will find different sites too use as far as tabs go who cares majority are desk top users get a clue before u screw up a perfectly good site that u could have add too as needed

  43. Spell Hit Rating Hard Cap for all Warlock specs seems to be set to 0.06 instead of 0.17 and this number can’t be changed on the user end.

    Was looking at the generic warlock profiles instead of my specific toon since the US Armory is having issues and I can’t load my toons.

  44. Lovely. After trying every solution listed here, the gear optimizer will not load my character. The best part is finally an error box popped up, with a message that said, perhaps my issue could be fixed by the suggestion it offered in the Error Message. What’s classic is this is what it was: “Error Message:error” That helps me none whatsoever. I know it’s an error!!!! Thus I cannot get my character to load, and I hope the issue is fixed soon. I won’t give up hope…yet, even though the old setup never gave me any problems. It is to be expected, but right now after all the wasted time, the ole saying is ringing in my head, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken…”

  45. I stand corrected. Earlier the one thing I did not do in regards to my previous comment, was check the wow armory to see if it was down for maintenance. I did that a few minutes ago; It’s down. Ugh. ;-/ I apologize to you Mr. Robot!! Please forgive my ignorance!! I did read about you going out during maintenance, etc.,. only it was after I put my foot in my mouth. A hasty and lame mistake I can admit this, so I apologize for posting a complaint that I take back!! (…at least until the maintenance is complete).

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      December 25, 2011 at 4:39 am

      @JalexMr. Robot says it’s ok… he’s in a happy holiday winter wonderland and feeling good about humans. He also allows each human 3 mistakes (2 of which can be foot-in-mouth errors) per month. IF you exceed your allottment, he expects cookies in the mail. OR love letters.

  46. Over the couple of days and have been re gemming 3 times, because your site keeps changing, I am a pve protection warrior, and at first it was mastery, then dodge, now parry, is this a bug and if it is is it fixed, I dont feel like spending another 20k gold on epic gems to find out I am gonna gem spirit in a couple of days.

  47. I am a PvE Protection Warrior and over the couple of days Ask Mr. Robot, have told me to gem three different things, and I trusted it blindly, cause I had experienced Mr. Robot was always right anyways so why even think about it. At first it told me to gem for Mastery then Dodge and now Parry, that’s about 50k gold on my server, so I am back to gemming myself. But I would really love to know when it would be safe to follow Ask Mr. Robots advice on gemming again?

    And I have also noticed the BiS list is a bit off, and I am wondering when that’s going to be fixed as well

    • @RNorskov I have the same thing happen on my druid tank (US: Boulderfist: Kutasei). It told me to re-gem and reforge everything from agility and dodge to agility and mastery. It keeps switching back and forth. I have the setting set the same every time (PvE:Tier 13, Gear Level: Tier 13 with no heroic gear.) And when I switch back and forth from the PvE: Default build to the PvE: Tier 13, there is no changes. It’s very frustrating having to deal with Mr. Robot telling me to re-gem and reforge almost every time I check.



    A Circuit-Melting Error Has OccurredPlease review the error message below to see if it helps you.If you need further assistance, post in our technical support forum.Error Message:error Unknown

    I know its hard work building a site, and no offense, but at least the old one worked, hell I cant even look at my toons now, ANY of them. I hope you get it fixed, I rely HEAVILY on the all knowing ROBOT.



  49. google chrome, stuck on “loading, please wait”. Is this common?

    • @Meept Glad to see I am not the only one with this problem 🙁 It was working fine yesterday then last night and today its been stuck.

      • @Meept Just wanted to make a note, I installed the newest firefox thinking it was chrome but its doing the same thing on firefox as well. I refuse to use IE its too full of security holes and bugs so I have no idea if IE works fine or not.

        • @SamanthaKeller@Meept

          Apparantly the site must be down. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and even as a last ditch effort IE. Same result in all browsers, with all my toons.

          Nazgrel / Catamal or Vartak or Mathert or Tarlin, etc.

        • @Tarlin@SamanthaKeller@Meept Thanks 🙂 I hope it is just down for repairs or something and will come back soon. I am glad to know its not Chrome.

        • I appreciate the replies. Thanks for making me feel less empty, alone and soulless.

  50. The “Always use feast/cauldron” option shows up on my gear list whether I check or uncheck the option, I’d rather see what my stats are without trying to figure out around the flask/food buffs.

  51. Looks like the WoW Armory is down which is why Mr. Robot is erroring out

    • @RobertTron Odd, I’m getting access to some toons, but not others… Cobble on Lightbringer EU comes up fine, but Tylar (same server) won’t load. No prizes which toon I really need right now. 🙁

  52. BM Hunter fully optimized with 4.79% hit instead of 8%

    Crit to high

    Default Stats Crit>Haste>Mastery not Crit>Mastery>Haste

    No Spell Penetration PVP build, screwed up gems/enchants/reforging

    A costly waste of gemming and enchanting overall

  53. make a flexible system for setting mastery / hit / crit / dodge / parry / expertise

    thank you

    Sorry for my bad english)

  54. I like the new site so it took me a few days to notice but i can’t find the ability to change stat weights for ourselves. Has this been removed or am I just missing it? Is it coming back? For the most part i left it alone and it worked. But on my Prot Warrior I loved a little more hit rating. I have always kept around 5% and it greatly helps my agro and for a bonus I get about triple the Dps.

  55. Please make Spell Hit ‘Hard Cap’ editable. Not the static 17.

  56. reforging for caster who have from spirit 100% hit ,is really bad.i am really smiling when robot tell me i have reforge spirit to hit for my hit cap really lool

  57. Mr. Robot seems confused on the crit and haste rating conversions… it’s telling me that 160 crit rating will give me 17.65% crit, but my paper doll says 11.52%, and it says 1070 haste rating is 17.19% haste, but at 1150 haste rating, I only have 12.25% haste. Palurien on Alleria. It’s also suggesting the spirit proc enchants for cloak (tailor) and weapon, but the int procs are stronger, even if int and spi are equally weighted (and int > spi).

  58. Please make mastery / hit / crit / dodge / parry / expertise soft/hard cap editable

  59. Is it possible to take away the raidbuff 5% haste when i do the optimize.

    Im playing Mage and want to set my Haste Softcap to 1845 but when i click optimize it will change the it.

    So is it possible to take the “buff” away?

  60. I’ve been using your site to optimize my protection paladin (Milkdeez on Area 52 Horde) for quite some time. According to MrRobot, he is not reaching the block cap of ~102.41%. Rather, he is reaching about 98% block cap, then going randomly into parry and dodge, at an unequal amount. Also, MrRobot is instructing me to stack stamina prior to reaching the block cap as well. I have tried the CTC option, 5man/raid, adjusting the stat weights. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong here? Thanks so much!

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      January 3, 2012 at 7:37 pm

      @mbiskup We’re doing a little more work on the tank optimizer, that we’ll launch tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned, this change should get you to the CTC cap 🙂

  61. i loved old site hate this one it does not work properly and load times are slow whats up tried reloading my toon and it does not pick up new gear why do people always fix things that are not broke more steps neede to get toons loaded

  62. i can not log in to the technical forums on mr robot it sez ny user name does not exsist but yet i can log in to mr robot Hmmmm?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      January 3, 2012 at 7:36 pm

      @zarnq Hey Zarnq, the forums require a separate login, so you’ll have to make another one. It’s less than ideal, I know. We’re trying to figure out a way to have them share logins, without wiping all of the existing forum account info. As for your other question, can you give me your character name and realm? Also, what new piece of gear are you expecting to see? I’ll look into it.

  63. well its phraarii on stormreaver it was the 384 shoulders from lfr finder they are on her but reload will not pu that item so i cannot use optimizer to do what i need to do

  64. just checked and there are there now does this new program take longer to retrieve info as before it was instant just seems take long time to load info now but guess if it was a perfect world we would have nothing to complain about lol

  65. Is it possible to take away the raidbuff 5% haste when i do the optimize.

    Im playing Mage and want to set my Haste Softcap to 1845 but when i click optimize it will change the it.

    So is it possible to take the “buff” away?

    Can u plz anwser this?

  66. I am unable to change the Gearing Strategy. It stays as PVP despite attempts to change and save it.

  67. Why is stamina gem becoming a priority that mastery gem for my paladin tank?

  68. Why is Stamina gem becoming a priority for my paladin tank than Mastery gem?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      January 6, 2012 at 1:59 am

      @Xcruciatus We’re actually doing an update soon (hopefully tomorrow) that will fix tanks. Right now, some tanks aren’t getting CTC capped and we know they want to. So the update will change that 🙂

      • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

        January 7, 2012 at 9:53 pm

        @Xcruciatus We updated the pally tank optimization. There might be a gem bug or two that we’re fixing tonight. Let me know if you like the results better.

  69. Any particular reason why Hand of Morchok is better than Souldrinker? One cannot select Souldrinker from the manual list. I understand the Hand of Morchok has the mastery, but Souldrinker has the Drain Life proc that procs….a lot. Would it be possible to add this to the manual list? Thanks so much.

  70. I got a question…any particular reason why when I click optimize, it won’t optimize anymore [leaving the gear ungemmed and without enchants and so on] and saying that I’m fully optimized?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      January 7, 2012 at 9:49 pm

      @JesusSuburbia There’s a bug for some cases that we introduced in an update last night 🙁 Hang in there, we’ll be fixing it later tonight! Sorry about that.

  71. Why did you guys Change this? O man easy to use so lets change it?? I suppose that makes sence to some. I’m sorry to be negative but this is out of control. If I wanted to figure out proper stat weights and caps etc. I would in no way shape or form come to web sight to do so. So why would i have to do so to use mr. robot to gear my toon? what happend to the BUTTON I PVP>>>> OR THE BUTTON I DO NOT PVP…sounds SO dumb yet SO easy I really was going to pay for Mr. Robots services but after seeing what they have done i cant in good mind do so. Sorry to see what you have done to your site as far as useability goes but hey it sure does look sexy!!

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      January 7, 2012 at 9:53 pm

      @Craygot We changed the UI to be more intuitive and allow for more features to be added in. If you spend a couple of days getting used to the new layout, I bet you’ll like it. And if there are parts you still don’t like, let us know, we’re updating it all the time based on user feedback. You can still select PVP options under the ‘set options and filters’ menu. Here’s a walkthrough of the new site that shows you where a lot of the old features are:

      • @Vee Tegen / Zoopercat@Craygot

        Thanks for the reply zooper..again i really do NOT want to Bad talk Mr. Robot, it is the only gear optomizer ive ever seen that Worked! Unfortunatly I must say Worked…I just dont seenm to understand why if something worked so well why it had to change, not the site upgrades they are great but the opimizer was just fine. Good luck i hope you all get things back to where you were!

  72. Hi guys. I’m trying to use this site to optimise the gear on my Shad Priest and it’s been great until right now.

    The reforges it is telling me to do are setting my Spell Hit to approx 18% instead of 17% even though the target stats on the right hand side are saying approx 17%. Basically, I can’t use this site at the moment for my reforging which is disappointing. Not sure if its a background setting on your side or an error on my behalf but some feedback would be great.


  73. How can I recover my user name I thought it was my email but not and it was not included in the email when I signed up?

    • Vee Tegen / Zoopercat

      January 28, 2012 at 1:02 am

      @JStafford I totally missed this one. I hope you got it straightened out. If not, the email is case sensitive (which we’ll be changing). If you email me your user name I can look up the email. I’m so sorry I missed this one! email: feedback@ (you know the rest).

  74. I am a level 85 death knight and when I get on MR. Robot there are 4 specs, Blood, 2h Frost, unholy and dw frost. My question is what is DW Frost?

  75. Thank you JStafford now I feel like Homer Simpson with a Big DOH! LOL. but i would ask isnt 2 H frost be dual wield also?

  76. Nice sharing this post and the update..I really appreciate it..

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