New Feature: Stat Weight Sharing

Yesterday we launched a new, handy feature: we let you share and import stat weights directly in the stat weight editor. So if you write a guide, feel free to include our stat weight format. If you tend to help guildies, just post the stat weights in the forums, and let them import it!

1. Click the edit weights button (circled in yellow)


2. Edit your weights and click the share button. Or for importing, click the import button.


3. Copy the weights and paste them in your forums, blog, or anywhere else you want to share them. To import, just paste them in the window.



  1. I’m actually very please with this. Now when I’m tanking on my Prot Warrior, I can share how I am awesome, and get help for my Prot Pally, who is not-so awesome. Thanks!

  2. Are there plans to support multiple custom stat weights?

  3. How do I reset back to the AMR defaults?

  4. How do I reset back to the AMR defaults?

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