Patch 5.4 Notes – 10 Things to Know


Ask Mr. Robot will have updated 5.4 data Monday night!

# 1 New raid: Siege of Orgrimmar

Item levels are as follows:

  • LFR: 528
  • Flex: 540 (more on flex in #6 of this list)
  • Normal: 553 / Warforged 559
  • Heroic: 566 / Warforged 572
  • ToT (for reference): Normal 522, Heroic 535

Required iLevel to get into Siege of Orgrimmar: 496.
Throne of Thunder’s requirement is still 480.

New bonus roll currency: Warforged seals. These are still a weekly quest, where you turn in 50 lesser charms of good fortune. Make sure you have 50 charms saved up for patch day, so you can get your bonus rolls right away. (And don’t forget, Mr. Robot can help you find the best bosses to spend your bonus rolls on). Mogu Runes of Fate will drop off Timeless Isle mobs, in case you still need those.

Tokens drop from the following bosses:

Release schedule (source):

  • LFR: Wing 1 opens Sept 17, wing 2 on Sept 24, wing 3 on Oct 8, and wing 4 on Oct 22
  • Flex: Wing 1 opens on Sept 10, wing 2 on Sept 17, wing 3 on Oct 1, wing 4 on Oct 15
  • Normal: open day of patch
  • Heroic: open Sept 17 and requires a normal Garrosh kil

The chance to win loot in old raids has been increased, including Throne of Thunder (source).

#2 Valor Upgrades

The valor upgrade vendors will stay around in Patch 5.4. AND you can stockpile your Valor as it will not be reset in 5.4 (stated by Ghostcrawler in a podcast interview on Twizzcast). Let Mr. Robot help you spend that stock piled Valor too – when 5.4 launches, we’ll have all of the new items ready to go!

#3 Legendary Quest

The legendary quest continues and turns your epic iLevel 600 cloak into a legendary cloak. You will also be able to own more than 1 cloak, so your offspec can see some love.

Not caught up yet?! No need to worry. The first 8 bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar will drop all of the tokens you’ll need: sigils, secrets and runestones (source).

The legendary cloaks are intended to be obtained fairly early in the patch. Blizzard stated they want you to be able to use the cape to progress through content, instead of getting it after the content seems easy. For more legendary quest information, visit Perculia’s thorough guide.

Here’s a twist to note: the legendary meta gems will work in the new 5.4 gear. However, the Eye of the Black Prince (extra socket) and the sha-touched gems will not work in the new 5.4 gear. (source)

#4 Timeless Isle Gear & New Currency

You can get BoA iLevel 496 gear on the Timeless Isle (see a list of the timeless token gear on this MMO-Champion news post). You ‘create’ those items from tokens that you get around the area, similar to Battlefield: Barrens armor tokens. You can get these tokens from:

You can turn the 496 gear into 535 gear with a Burden of Eternity. But there’s a catch that’s been reported from people on the PTR. You must upgrade the 496 token with the Burden of Eternity to 535, then turn it into an item. It appears you cannot upgrade an already existing piece of this 496 gear. Where to get Burdens of Eternity:

Get a super detailed guide to the chest locations and macros to find them with TomTom.

476 Weapons/Shields

You can also buy BoP 476 weapons and shields from Mistweaver Ai for 10,000 Timeless Coins for 1H weapons and 20,000 Timeless Coins for 2H weapons.

Where to get Timeless Coins:

They have a chance to drop from mobs and be contained in chests, so you’ll gather them as you run around the Isle. There’s also a bunch of quests that reward a small amount of coins. Here are a few of the repeatable quests with larger reward amounts:

  • Weekly: “Empowering the Hourglass” – A collection quest. Rewards 200 Valor and 1000 Timeless Coins.
  • Weekly: “Strong Enough to Survive” – Kill 5 rare creatures on the Isle. Rewards 1000 Timeless Coins.
  • Weekly: “Celestial Tournament”  – There’s a new pet ‘tournament’ where you have to fight a series of 6 pet trainers without healing in between. Completing the quest rewards 1000 Timeless Coins, 125 Valor, and a Celestial Coin (3 coins buys you fancy pets!!).
  • Daily: “Little Tommy Newcomer” – Daily pet battle. Rewards 500 Timeless Coins.
  • Daily: “A Timeless Question” – You answer a multiple choice question to earn 100 coins.

#5 BoA Epic Weapons & Items

#4 in the list talked about iLevel 496 BoA tokens you can get from the Timeless Isles. You can also get BoA epic weapons from Garrosh Hellscream (end boss of Siege of Orgrimmar). They drop from Flex, Normal and Heroic. However, it’s been noted by Blizzard that the final iLevels are not yet set, so keep that in mind when browsing the items.

List of all of the new BoA items (including the armor from the Timeless Isle).

#6 Changes to Raids & Realms

  • Flex raiding! If you don’t know what this is, it’s a new mode for raids that let’s you have anywhere between 10 and 25 people (say, 14 friends) and the bosses scale up or down depending on the number of people you have. You can also do these raids with friends on other realms, so be sure to check out OpenRaid (US and EU) and get organized. They have their own lockout, separate from LFR and Normal/Heroic. The gear rewards are better than LFR but not as good as normal. Read Blizzard’s post about flex raiding.
  • Queue for multiple LFR wings! You can now queue for multiple LFR wings at the same time, hopefully this makes your queuing more efficient 🙂
  • Connected realms. NOTE: This will launch shortly after 5.4, not WITH 5.4. Some realms are going to be joined together and act like they are 1 realm. You can join guilds, use chat, and all of the normal things you could do if it was 1 server. One of the things that makes this better than merging realms: everyone gets to keep their character names and guild names, without worrying about duplicates. Here’s more info on the connected realms from Blizzard. I don’t think there is an official list of realms that will be connected yet… if you see it before I do, leave a comment with the link.

#7 World Bosses and their Loot

There are 4 celestial raid bosses, which according to PTR data appear to drop the gloves and legs set token (553 item Level) and 522 level PvP gear. You can find these bosses at the ancient proving grounds in the middle of the Timeless Isle.

And then the special boss, Ordos.

Blizzard explains it well, “We’re taking another look at a hardcore world boss intended for end-game progression raiders. This new world boss, Ordos, provides a few unique challenges. For starters, to even reach Ordos, you must have received the final Legendary cloak from Wrathion on any of your characters. In addition, once the battle has begun, players will not be allowed to enter or leave the Ordon sanctuary where the boss resides.”

#8 New Faction and Changes to Old Faction Costs

New faction: Shaohao. Rewards are sold by Mistweaver Ku and appear to be cosmetic like the Reins of the Heavenly Cloud Serpent or a Harmonious Porcupette.

Changes to old faction costs (from the patch notes):

  • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by the Shado-Pan Assault now have their reputation requirements reduced to Friendly or below, and have their Valor Point cost reduced by 34%. Items that require exalted still require exalted.
  • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by all other Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters no longer have reputation requirements, and will now cost Justice Points instead of Valor.
  • Rare quality (blue) items have their Justice Point cost reduced by 75%.

 # 9 Haste Changes & How It Affects You!

Before 5.4, Haste increased the proc rate of your “RPPM” (real proc-per minute) Trinkets and Legendary Meta Gem. That means, the more Haste you had, the more often it would proc. Well that will no longer be happening in 5.4, for trinkets that already get a benefit from Haste.

For example, Breath of the Hydra gives a bonus to Intellect when it procs. Haste will let you get more casts off while that proc is active, which means more damage , so Blizzard is removing the Haste scaling from its RPPM formula. Horridon’s Last Gasp, on the other hand, just restores mana. The amount of mana doesn’t change based on how much Haste you have, so the Haste scaling on the RPPM will still work on this trinket.

Get a list of the changes.

#10 Class Changes

The patch notes contain all of the nitty-gritty details for each class, so I am not going to review them again. But I did want to share a blog post Blizzard published, that explains WHY they are making the changes they are to each class.

BONUS! Mr. Robot’s Fancy Features & his 5.4 In-Game Mod


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  2. Best quick guide I’ve read for the new content, and love the changes to the site. Hadn’t done a BiB on my off-spec before. With the new dual spec functionality and BiB, I majorly changed the gear I was wearing for off-spec and it seems to have made quite a difference. Congrats on the in-game item!

  3. Line 255….. “Reigns” should be “reins”

  4. Tailors stock up on your windwool! Launch day you will get the new PVP schematic from the new cloth type. You can quickly load the AH with fresh new items or make the ilvl 476 gear for your alt and quickly push them into ToT LFR.

    • If you look in the recipes for 5.4 this is not necessarily the case. All of the new daily “research” recipes are drops from Timeless Isle mobs. If you are unlocky enough you could end up having to wait. 🙂

  5. Exalted Shado-pan Assault shoulders – the 522 ones that’re bought for gold – still require Exalted rep on the PTR btw. Requirements were not reduced with all the other gear.

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  7. What about combat res limit at flex raid ? I coundnt find any info about it

  8. #2 says to stock up VP for new upgrades. Correct me if I am wrong, but its my understanding that there will be NO new VP gear, and no VP/JP reset. Instead all VP gear will now only cost JP with the exception of Shadowpan assault. So its JP you should save, and spend your VP @ the SPA vendor. New gear will be farmed from killing mobs that drop tokens and coins on the timeless isle

    • You can use valor to upgrade your gear (+4 and +8). I can edit the post to clarify that.

      • That’s my ignorance, I wasn’t thinking in terms of upgrading gear, just buying it. Funny since I just read a blue earlier today explaining upgrades may be the fastest/easiest way to boost GS for the new content. (490 if I recall to enter the new raids)

  9. You guys are just too cool. Seriously.

  10. I love the new look of mr robot. However i’m very disappointed when it says it has run calculations to make sure its numbers are accurate. I always want my hit at 15% because even though mr robot says its unimportant to have the extra .02% I strongly disagree. that could mean missing a chaos bolt crit for 500k and that is not unimportant. I set the hit to 15% and after all reforges and gemmed and enchanted as it said it got me to 14.99% so it costed me another 300g to reforge on my own since mrrobot couldn’t calculate correctly. I have always defended Mr robot since everyone that I raid with told me they stopped using Mr robot because it gemmed and reforged them horribly resulting in actual dps loss at times. Could you please work out the bugs so that there is no issue with something as small as making sure hit cap is reached.

    • David, you can have Mr. Robot force the hit cap. Open the stat weight editor and check the box that says ‘enable at least mode.’

  11. IS there anyway you guys could add a feature for telling which upgrades are better from a vendor such as the shado-pan etc. or perhaps direct me to a place on the website where you have that if possible thanks in advance.

    • You can use the ‘currency’ option in the ‘find upgrades’ menu (purple button). Note however, that once 5.4 hits, all of those valor items will cost justice instead, and valor will be used for upgrading.

  12. Adam Thomas Beyer

    September 4, 2013 at 11:58 am

    I personally want a feature that will allow Mr. Robot not to use pieces I have in use with another spec. No not use it but not change the gems reforges etc just not to use the piece altogether if it is already in use.

    • Mr. Robot already does this with best in bags. Make sure you set the main spec correctly (blue switch on the left side of the little ‘action’ bar under your name).

      BiB works like this: Mr. Robot finds the best items for your main spec first, and locks in the gems, enchants and reforges. Then we finds the best gear for your offspec, and if he reuses any of the main-spec items, he KEEPS the main spec gems, enchants and reforges.

      • Adam Thomas Beyer

        January 19, 2014 at 1:16 am

        Not so! I want it to completely ignore pieces used on my main set. I do not mean do not change reforge enchant I mean completely do not consider it as an option. Do not use it at all in my off set!

  13. I love

    • Tyson! Me too – but it was hard to fit in the layout. Now you’ll see the numbers (and percents) under each button. But the pretty bar graph is gone 🙁 So much stuff to put on the page, so little space!!!

  14. I haven’t seen the answer to this yet. I know that in 5.4 you can buy a second 600 epic cloak for off spec from the Black Prince QM, but can you also convert that into a second legendary cloak? I am asking because I may have to be switching roles in my raid group, and if you can only get one fully legendary cloak (with the proc power), I want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks!

  15. Stephen Saunders

    September 6, 2013 at 5:49 am

    I just now read this. What an amazingly informative page!

  16. Good Golly MS Molly! Been a sleep at the big wheel again. Did not renew tell now. This is outstanding. Esp. for someone as lazy as me. 🙂

  17. the new addon sounds really good. no more having to manually do it because reforgelite always said something different

  18. When are we have 5.4 optimisations go into AMR “optimise” options?

  19. As all the loot tables have been published from SOO, why not have upgrade the askmrrobot yet, so we can prepare ourselves of what to seek first?

    • We have to update more than just the item data. To make the site useful, we need updated stat weights, set bonus estimates, trinket proc estimates, filters for gear (like adding in where they come from) and a whole slew of other things 😉

  20. It is showing different reforges and gems for when I switch between best in bag and optimized on the same gear what gives? Really annoying love this site but wow crazy on that part.

    • Which score is higher, and do you get ‘guaranteed optimal’ in the stats section of your optimization?

      So here’s the catch. Just to pick the right gems, enchants and reforges, there are several hundred billion to some quintillion number of combinations. Now throw in 2-3 items for each slot and you’re in the bazillions.

      Can you email me the lua file you’re using? And save your character to a profile (green save button to the left of your name) and send me that url.

      feedback -at- askmrrobot dott com.

  21. anyone thinks its weird that yu lon is dps for the legendary cloak and red crane is healing? while in tot 11th boss, its the other way around, im asking because I want the red wings transmog since it matches perfectly. and I never heal sooo… oh and woll you be able to transmog the cape into another legendary cape? probably not right? 😛

    • Almost everywhere else in the game Chi-ji represents healing. It was actually pretty weird for Yu’lon to be the healing celestial in ToT.

  22. Brilliant guide folks. (You must all be bushed after researching all this info!!!) Keep up the good work…. PLEASE 🙂

  23. Maybe I’m missing something, but there doesn’t seem to be an option in the “Find an Upgrade” tool to see how/when to use bonus rolls for the Celestials on the Timeless Isle. Is that coming?

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