Premium user update for 6.0.2 and WoD

First, a HUGE thanks for being a premium member. We really hope you’re enjoying the fun features we’ve built over the past couple of years. And we hope you’ll like the new ones we’re launching in Warlords of Draenor. /thanks from Team Robot -Yellowfive (developer of awesome) -Swol (designer and theorycrafter badass) -Zoopercat (social butterfly)

Update: Oct 22

We are working around the clock, fueled by a little extra caffeine, to get the premium features ready. We’re close… so VERY close.

  • Best in Bags:Β ready on patch day!
  • Upgrade finder: Ready on 10/22: Bonus rolls, burdens of eternity, SoO zone ranked lists, and item upgrades. Ready later tonight (on 10/22): world bosses.
  • Robocouncil: this is getting a huge feature overhaul and will be revamped for Warlords launch or shortly after.

Use Best in Bags on Tuesday!

premium_BiB_lAll of your gear will return to its pre-reforged state. Hit & expertise caps are gone. Stats are squished. Lots has changed. That means much of your equipped gear might not be the best gear anymore, and something hiding in your bags could be better. So your best option to optimize on Tuesday is first run your character through Best in Bags. That will give you a new starting point, and you can equip all of the best gear that you own. After that, feel free to do the regular ol’ optimizing πŸ™‚ Also, if you want to help your non-premium friends, let them know that we will reset everyone’s 1-week free trials on Tuesday. So they can use Best in Bags for the next week πŸ™‚

In case the Armory doesn’t work for your character:

We have a workaround that uses our addon. Make sure you have the latest version from curse OR our website (in the main drop down menu at the top of the page). Then follow the steps on this guide (some screenshots may be out of date, as we updated the addon, but the idea stays the same). NEW! In the past, our armory workaround only worked if your character already had been loaded on our site, and all it needed was updating. NOW you can load ANY character, whether it’s been loaded on our site in the past, or not.

Coming in Warlords of Draenor

Live Loot Ranking! The basic part of this feature will be free. But we have some awesome sauce to pour on it for premium users. It will let you save a list of gear (like a wish list) and send it to the in-game addon. Then, whenever a boss drops loot on your list, Mr. Robot pops up and lets you know you might want to roll. We’re really excited for this feature and hope to have it out with Warlord’s launch. Combat log analytics The basic part of this feature will also be free. In addition, we’re working on some features that will automatically dig through the data for you and pull out what’s interesting to help you improve – which is the special fancy schmancy stuff you get as a premium user. This feature will come later, after we have enough raid data to start analyzing.


  1. Always good to see developmental news! I wonder, is there any way to
    preview the 6.0 UI for AMR? Would be nice to be prepared on patch day!

  2. AMR team always on top of it thanks

  3. Live Loot Ranking!

    Is this just for specific pieces or will we be able to input our stat weights and could ARM tell us what upgrade is the best depending on that in game?

  4. Faster faster, drink more caffeine lol.

    But thanks really, nice to know that AMR is providing the tools to help us decide which loot is beneficial for our spec’s stats.
    Since reforging is now removed, choosing and farming gears is now more important than ever.

  5. I use a bunch of mods to enhance my WOW gaming and after coming back from a couple + years away, I found AMR! This is in the top 3 I really ‘need’ to have – I’m a min/max kind of player, this gives me what I need to customize and plan for gear. Thank you for such a cool add-on!

  6. There’s no Mistweaver Main Spec!

  7. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  8. Will the “avoid expensive enchants” option come back at some point?

  9. Is the Export to addon button currently not working? Nothing happens when i click it.

  10. Great!! So glad to hear you guys are working hard! Thanks for the great add!

  11. I enjoy Premium my only recommendation is to bring back auto gem that feature was pretty awesome and i was disappointed when i saw it gone today

    • Auto-gemming was my favorite feature!! I’m also sad about it’s (temporary) removal. But there is a ton of code and testing to do for auto-gemming, to make sockets match, ensure we don’t destroy gems, etc. It would have taken as much time to support that for this small 3-4 week ‘patch’ window, that we could build a new, cool feature instead (like live loot ranking!!!) in the same amount of time.

      Auto-gemming will be back for WoD for sure (that’s much less time consuming). It’s just the complicated logic to match sockets and not waste gems… the priority didn’t make the cut. (We have 1 developer, priorities are big for us).

      Also, a huge thanks for being a premium user. The upgrade finder stuff will be back in less than 1 week πŸ™‚ We’re taking 1 day at a time, heh.

      • totaly +999999 on that one this was one of the best feature for lazy ass like me who use mr robot exactly for that save time and hassle πŸ™‚

  12. Nice work as always. One issue – when in the player overview, if I change my main hand from an one-handed weapon to a staff, it still shows the off-hand. If I then click the off-hand in the list, it throws a “item not in dictionary” error.

    • Obviously, you have 1 hand tied behind your back and are having a hard time fighting that way.

      Can you give me a link to your character on our site? Will help to recreate the issue. TY πŸ™‚

  13. Michichael Folfsunè

    October 14, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    Best in Bag doesn’t work properly. It always selects the legendary weapon (because it thinks it’s 620 – the level 100 rank). Also can’t export.

  14. I login, and choose a character, but it never comes up. Has been acting like this all evening. I can get it to at least show my character if I am NOT logged in, but when I log in, it goes blank. The one instance where it was coming up with my character ( early on in the evening ) it went to the blank state the instant I hit best from bags.

    • This will be fixed later tonight (in a few hours). In the meantime, did you set a spirit cap, by chance? I think that’s causing one of these login-related bugs. For now, remove your spirit cap, and it should load (if that’s the bug affecting it).

      Otherwise, should be fixed in the next few hours πŸ™‚

  15. There is currently lots of bugs with the best in bag option πŸ™ So sad about that!! Hope it’s fixed soon… For example it’s saying I should equip 620 heirloom shield which I don’t have – I only have 569 one..

  16. Martin Stigel Hansen

    October 15, 2014 at 8:24 am

    I seem to not be able to find the filter for Warforged items? is it missing or am i blind?

  17. First I want to say a huge thank you – how did I ever survive before Mr. Robot came into my life?! πŸ˜€ I have noticed something – and please forgive me if this has been asked/answered – but for my toons that have Ghost Iron Dragonling equipped, Mr. Robot is suggesting gems to replace cogwheels. Sadly, that’s unworkable. Thanks again for all your dedication and devotion . . . would buy you a cup of coffee if I could! πŸ˜‰

    • Well, that’s not right!! πŸ™‚ Is this for a regular optimzation or best in bags? What is your character name and realm?

      • One of the toons in this situation is Twocopper-Bladefist … my 90 Draenei shaman. I tried both ways – using both Best in Bags and just the regular optimization. Thanks so much!

        • Thanks! IF you can do me a favor and NOT remove that trinket on twocopper for the next two days (or at least logout with it on, so the armory sees it), that would be great. That way our developer can use your character as a test case πŸ™‚

          • Hi, Zoopercat – sorry about that!!! I’ve re-equipped Twocopper with a Ghost Iron Dragonling and cogs so your developer can play as much, and for as long, as he/she likes! Just let me know when finished πŸ˜‰ Have a great day . . . I really do appreciate everything you all do!

          • Thanks. Bug fixed, you can equip ANyTHING you’d like now πŸ™‚

          • Yay!!! Thanks so much! Have a wonderful and well-deserved weekend — you all are awesome and hope you know you are appreciated!

  18. I can’t see the shopping list in the gear optimiser? If it’s not just me being dumb, is it coming back? Any chance we could aggregate it across a number of characters, other than my main I upgrade my alts once a fortnight or something rather than endlessly retuning every little bit of gear so a big shopping list makes it easier to get right alts crafting ench/gems etc

    • I can’t find the shopping list anymore either, and it’s killing me…

    • We removed it since you can import it to the game now. But enough people made good arguments (like shopping across alts), that we might bring it back (and maybe even improved!)

      • Please could you bring back the shopping list on webpage, I found it useful, especially when jumping on to my alts to grab gems, enchants etc, for the character I was optimising. Now I have to send an in game mail!!!

  19. Is there a way to prioritize 4 piece T16 bonus for best in bags?

  20. Hi there. The update looks great and all but the “Export to Addon” is still not working. It will pop up the window needed to copy and paste to the addon, but when i do that it seems something is not translating properly across into the game, because nothing is computing properly in-game. None of the items i have in on my BiB list are appearing and all the tabs look as follows:

    Last import: ?
    These optimizations are for: ?

    You have X gems to optimize (and then a bunch of blank slots)

    Test Slot (and this repeats all the way down)

    Shopping List:
    The whole thing is empty

    Its also importing oddly for my Priest, bringing items i already have equipped and saying i need them to be equipped.

    Unless I’m the only one doing something wrong with the steps (which I’ve checked and double checked), I’m hoping for some help.

    Thanks so much!

  21. i cant choosw my char why is that im getting error

  22. The in-game summary shows that I need 15 gems, and the Gems tab matches that. However, the Shopping List tab says, “YOUR SHOPPING IS ALL DONE!”… Also, in the website it looks like my weapon needs a new gem, but that doesn’t show in-game at all.
    For what it’s worth, I too would like to see the shopping list on the website for alt use.

  23. Any idea of when Mr Robot will start working properly, for days he has been telling me that my timeless island trinkets are better than 575 trinkets and today he told me I should replace my shoulders with legs πŸ™

    • We’re working through bug fixes. Can you post the import string you’re using for best in bags?

      • $7;Turalyon;Acrimonious;Cor Tenebrae;2;1;90;13:300,7:600,14:270,1:600;2;.s1;2;2311110;58623,34,650,2,4024,2;.s2;1;1311310;58629,678,25,3998;.q2;99179s3u505x4624y0e4805;10s10u0x-66y49e64;1s1u0x423y-406;1s7u0x26y-43e-45;3059s15u0x-49e-402;46s14u0;1497s12u0;1437s16u0x49e-575;35s13u0;20s11u0x43;29s8u0x-65e582;452s2u0;3s5u0x39y-83z0e-9;14s6u0x44y-44z44;3s9u0e-9;.r;1269:7,1337:6,1341:6,1375:0,1387:7,1376:4,1435:5,1388:0,1270:6;.inv;2901;3055;992;16551;545e3370;1943;3921;8439;285e0;29;2;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;413;1;1;1;1;1;1580;275;6;1;1;1;3;1019;1;13055;1;1;9367;18504f104;1f104;3f109;3658;0;1;3;14;630;3;0;1373;1226;65;1;3522;2164;65u465x4635e0;3561u40x-54y0e1062;415u0x31y10z-10e-13;77;560;156;1364;484u0x0e5;449;47;26;907;60u0;3u0e-13;2u0e0;2u-12x-5e18;38u-2;1u0;42u14x18e-1061;13u0x407y-385;39u0x-62e1061;2u0x62e0;12u-14;53u14x3e-582;37;0;0;0;419x-25y21;883u-14;475u14;7u0;1u0x-24y-15z0e573;16u0x40y-55z55;2u0e-5;9u0x-25y-15e390;2u-14x5y-20e-2;63;6644u0b449;260u0b0;170u0b0b-1$

  24. First of all, thanks for the hard work and a great add-on! Best in bags appears to be broken for my warrior however. It is telling me to replace my timeless isle chest and waist with 378 pieces I have in my bank for xmog. The import string I am using follows:

    $8;Frostwolf;Lindwick;Lost Prophets;4;1;90;13:600,7:600,15:1,12:505,14:600,5:600;2;.s1;34;2103320;58098,257,4972,4837,26208,21574;.s2;33;2233120;58098,5227,2,31045,21574,31023;.q2;83740s13;59s11;4368s12u445;6423s17e4444;2s16u20e0;7197s5f465u26x4592e-25;1s15f371u0e5;1s10f370u0e7;1s6f344u0x226;1s1f397u0x-161y161;1s7f461u0x-208e392;1s2f365u0;1s3f364u0e-20;1s8f344u0e-374;2s9f364u0e-14;1890s14u0;.r;1269:3,1337:3,1341:3,1375:0,1387:4,1376:3,1435:3,1388:0,1270:5;.inv;3419;3416;1;112;3086;1;1;609;6218;1;2990;961;1913;596;8455;666;847;528;180;683;2;141;1;1;2183;3761;2382;1;1;1;893;681;89;1041;137;351;374;77;162;35;55;27;42;74;30;17;0;0;0;469;99;620x3637y-95e3818;15;5x-249y0e14;2x239e-601;2x-239e580;662;3235;1;13552;1;1;1;1;3354;1806x722y0e291;265;1;2;2;296;1187x0e100;11x-21;12;9x0y21;4677x888y3z-7;3261;1419f122e244;257;2070;2008;671;0;425e547;734;1;21;672u445;14u0;56;386u6;6u0;284;353;6;2564;2404u14;425;6223f346u26e-571;1f366u0e447;7f364u0;53f486u0x-79e-449;3f350u0x0;1f379u0x-153y-52;3f346u0e385;1f368u0e-376;2f368u0e-17;22f405u0x38e412;1807u0;287$

    • I can reproduce this. We’re looking into it.

      • Turns out, those items ARE better. Barely, but they are, mostly due to the extra socket bonuses allowing you to get extra crit.

        Now, they are so close that if you don’t want to swap them to avoid flaming, Mr. Robot will understand. Even though it IS better, he knows how aggro people can be πŸ˜‰

  25. Will the option to show what boss drops the loot on the best in slot list be coming back? I know it will be in-game soon but it would be nice to see on mobile or without having to log in πŸ™‚

  26. The main feature as a premium user I am waiting on and love is the find upgrade feature. nd since it should be back tonight or tomorrow I am really happy. Thanks AskMrRobot team.

  27. Hi all! I’m having difficulty with the rings I’m getting from the Headless Horseman. This is happening on several of my toons as the HH ring is a higher ilvl than my Timeless rings. I export the data from the addon to the website, optimize, then go back to the addon to import – but what I get is “Warning: Please check your character before proceeding. Finger One is empty.” Here is the string from the website that I’m bringing over to the addon (interestingly the website correctly shows the HH ring equipped as well as my Blasted Lands ring):

    $12;Bladefist;Twocopper;Silver Daggers;2;1;90;8:600,2:600;1;.s1;27;3331220;55443,4,1,7,92328,5;.q1;101838s6f354u491x4650c0;1s9f348u0e4416;1s10f357u0e17;1s8f355u0e-5;1s1f387u0x6y-6c42;1s7f472u1x-28c1e394;1s3f353u-1e-18;1s5f470u1x-28c3e-385;1841s13u-1;2238s17u1e25;0s16u0e0;11440s11u-491b573;1397s12;5s2;5s15e-20;5s14$g4650767004814,4650,458520 _Mastery_83143,76700,76634@g46567688414 _Agility_, 3% Crit Effect@g4622766714622,455610 _Haste_, 10 _Mastery_76671,76605@g4594766434594,452710 _CriticalStrike_, 10 _Mastery_76643,76577@e44167470510439112 _Agility_74248=3@e44337472210442013 _Mastery_74250=3@e4428747171044099 _Agility_, Run Speed74247=2@e48228376412238719 _Agility_, 11 _CriticalStrike_72163=1,76061=1@e48048300712119315 _Agility_, 5 _CriticalStrike_39354=1,79255=3@e4419747081043955 All Stats74249=2,74250=3@e444474726104434Dancing Steel74249=12,74248=10@e44247471310440412 _CriticalStrike_74250=1@e265838910279543 _Haste_, 10 _CriticalStrike_22450=2,22449=4@e410052777742476 _CriticalStrike_52722=5

    Of course this could be operator error, but any/all assistance is gratefully accepted – As always, thanks so much for the great work! πŸ™‚

    • Can you give me the text string you paste INTO the website? I can use that to try and do some testing.

      • Sure! Here you go:

        $12;Bladefist;Twocopper;Silver Daggers;2;1;90;12:29,8:600,2:600,15:23;1;.s1;27;3331220;55443,4,1,7,92328,5;.q1;101838s6f354u491x4650;1s9f348u0e4416;1s10f357u0e17;1s8f355u0e-1775;1s1f387u0x6y-6;1s7f472u1x-28e2164;1s3f353u-1e-18;1s5f470u1x-28e-385;1841s13u-1;2238s17u1e25;0s16u0e0;11440s11b573;1397s12;5s2;5s15e-344;5s14;.r;1269:5,1337:4,1341:5,1375:0,1387:4,1376:3,1435:3,1388:0,1270:4;.inv;6256;692;8898;17308;138;3719;6144;18872e3822;23555;987;3246;65;5565;12;6813;0;1;0;0;1;0;0;1;0;0;0;1;1;0;43;5;0;0;3607;6394$

        Thanks so much and have a great day – I’m going to leave this toon equipped exactly the way it currently is so test away!

  28. Just incase nobody else says so, you are all doing a great job and I personally really appreciate this tool more everyday. I want to thank you all for the hard work and let you know I’m a robot for life kind of wow player! Keep those updates coming!

  29. I am trying to use AMR to upgrade a character and can’t find where to import in game any more. It’s loaded but no sign of it on the little mini map in top right hand corner. Don’t know where it’s gone? Thanks.

    • Type /amr show in the chat log to bring it up. You can also try turning off all other mods to see if it loads on the minimap – another mod might be conflicting with it.

      • For some reason, typing /AMR show won’t even let me press return … so that’s not working. There’s not much else on the mini map – just message board, omen and coords … will try without them and see. Thanks.

  30. Im not sure if I missed the info elsewhere, but I cant find it. I am wondering why in the item upgrade section there is nothing for the new 5man UBRS? is this being worked on?? Thanks πŸ™‚

  31. Hi! Sorry if this has already been asked, but will Upgrade finder give you suggestions for Crafting like it did before? Thanks for all the hard work!!

  32. I seem to get an error when trying to use my export ingame.
    This is what i use:
    $13;EU;Aszune;JernjΓ¦ger;Havenisserne;12;1;90;2:615,4:600;1;.s1;8;1122110;56829,4,1069,61508,54,7282;.q1;87474s16e4699;14364s6f348u491x4647c0;1s9f346u0e-283;1s10f357u0e17;1s8f353u0e-5;1s1f378u0x9y-9c42;1s7f474u0x-15c1e394;1s3f348u0e-18;1s5f470u0x-45c3e-385;73s12f354u0;1768s14u0;13678s11u-490b573;1402s2;5s15e5;5s13$g4647766974818,4647,458220 _CriticalStrike_83146,76697,76631@g46567688414 _Agility_, 3% Crit Effect@g4632766814632,456610 _Haste_, 10 _CriticalStrike_76681,76615@g4587766364817,4587,452020 _CriticalStrike_83144,76636,76570@g4609766584609,45435 _Agility_, 10 _CriticalStrike_76658,76592@g4631766804631,45655 _Agility_, 10 _CriticalStrike_76680,76614@e469977529109086Blastington’s72096=27,76131=2,76061=1@e44167470510439112 _Agility_74248=3@e44337472210442013 _Mastery_74250=3@e4428747171044099 _Agility_, Run Speed74247=2@e48228376412238719 _Agility_, 11 _CriticalStrike_72163=1,76061=1@e48048300712119315 _Agility_, 5 _CriticalStrike_39354=1,79255=3@e4419747081043955 All Stats74249=2,74250=3@e44247471310440412 _CriticalStrike_74250=1@e470077531109093Mirror Scope72096=12,76133=2

    The error I get is:
    The data string is for Aszune (EU), but you are Jernjæger (Aszune)!

  33. I don’t see how to view both the standard and the warforged versions in the gear list. If this has gone, any chance of bringing it back?

  34. How come when I optimize my helm it says that my legendary gem is not optimal and that the old (for warrior) str and 3% crit gem is better? also for my prot spec its tellin me that skeers blood soaked tal and fable feathr of jin kun is better that…an evil eye of galakras that’s mythic? something isn’t right? Im lost mr Robot

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