Mr. Robot has been scouring the internet and we have all sorts of 5.2 info. And this all factors into deciding what to upgrade to. The best way to make a decision: be informed. So stick with me as I review the changes that will affect your gear. For progress on our 5.2 updates, read this article.


  • Your Normal-Mode Sha-Touched weapon will last you a while – it will be equal to Throne of Thunder LFR weapons. If it’s upgraded it will be better than LFR Throne of Thunder weapons. However, normal mode Throne of Thunder weapons will be better. (Read Sha-touched weapons & the legendary quest line for the math and LFR/Normal/Heroic comparisons)
  • You can get a new legendary meta gem for your helm from the legendary quest (requires iLvl 502).
  • VP upgrading will go away in Patch 5.2. It might come back later. Mr. Robot is working on some features that will help you figure out if you should spend those points to upgrade or not. As always, it will depend on your gear.
  • The new raid drops have the following iLvls: LFR = 502, Normal = 522, Heroic = 535. You gain faction with the Shado-Pan Assault by raiding and can buy iLvl 522 items with VP.
  • Items that drop in the new raid, Throne of Thunder, have a chance to be “Thunderforged” when dropped. Thunderforged items are 6 iLvls higher than normal. Tier pieces cannot be Thunderforged.
  • Quartermasters will sell Blood Spirits for 400 VP.
  • You can use your farm to do “work orders” and level up your reputation

Let’s talk about Sha-Touched Weapons & the Legendary Quest

Here’s what you can get so far in the current content.

Now, here’s how some of the new 5.2 stuff affects your weapon choices:

  • Weapons drop from the new raid bosses. The items levels are 502 (LFR)522 (Normal) and 535 (Heroic). But bosses from Normal and Heroic can also drop a “Thunderforged” version which is 6 iLvls higher. However, it seems that the datamined info you’ll find on the databases don’t have all of the thunderforged weapons listed yet. But Blizzard confirmed that weapons do have Thunderforged versions.
  • You can use the Eye of the Black Prince enchant on the new weapons to get an extra gem slot.
  • You cannot put the legendary gems into the new weapons (Crystallized DreadCrystallized Horror, or Crystallized Terror). They can only go in Sha-Touched weapons.

Let’s dive into this legendary gem thing a bit more, to help us all decide if it’s worth it to spend VP to upgrade the weapon before 5.2 drops.

To asses this, I want to compare each level of a Sha-Touched weapon  to a level 502 (LFR) Throne of Thunder drop, a level 522 (Normal) Throne of Thunder drop, and a Heroic (535) Throne of Thunder drop. Below are the stat differences. As you can see in this example, the Normal Mode Sha-Touched weapon is about equal to the LFR Throne of Thunder. But the VP-Upgraded Normal Sha-Touched weapon is definitely better than the LFR Throne of Thunder. The VP-Upgraded Heroic Sha-Touched is about equal to the Normal mode Throne of Thunder.


If you have a Sha-Touched weapon, it might be worth upgrading it before 5.2 drops. It depends on how lucky you think you’ll be with Normal mode drops.

You can continue the legendary quest line to get legendary meta gems. The gems require an iLvl of 502, which is the new Throne of Thunder LFR iLvl. If you have an iLevel 496 helm right now, upgrading it twice would make it 504, so in theory you could put the meta gem in there. However, I have not been able to confirm that you can put it in an upgraded item (or not).

Let’s talk Valor changes

Here are the changes coming for Valor Points in 5.2:

  • Current valor items will be discounted. 5.0 items (iLvl 489) will cost 50% less and 5.1 items (Shieldwall / Dominance) (iLvl 496) will be discounted by 25%. 
  • New valor rings and cloaks (iLvl 496) will be added that require faction through daily quests and/or PVP (you choose). Alliance can get items from the Kirin Tor Offensive and Horde can get items from the Sunreaver Onslaught. The cloaks (revered) and rings (exalted) appear to be the same for both sides and cost 937 Valor (according to the PTR right now). You can also get iLvl 476 waist items at Honored that cost 300 GOLD (not valor).
  • New valor items (iLvl 522) will be available from the Shadow-Pan Assault faction, which you gain by raiding (LFR, Normal and Heroic). You can buy items at each reputation level, starting at neutral. Neutral = neck (1250) /  Friendly = rings (1250), trinkets (1750), wrists (1250) / Honored = hands (1750), legs (2250), back (1250) / Revered = chest (2250), waist (1750) / Exalted = shoulders (1750).
  • Quartermaster vendors now also sell Blood Spirits for 400 Valor. This makes the iLvl 496 crafted gear easier to get.  You can craft pieces for the hands, which cost 5-6 Blood Spirits (2,000-2,400 Valor). You can also craft items for the chest, which costs 8 Blood Spirits (3,200 Valor).
  • Once 5.2 hits, you will no longer be able to upgrade your gear with VP (or any currency). Blizzard notes that the vendors might come back in a future patch.

New crafted items show up with 5.2

Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring can now make BoE iLvl 522 boots and helmets. They require Haunting Spirits, likely the new version of Blood Spirits.

Also, as mentioned in the valor section, you can buy Blood Spirits for 400 valor from the quartermasters to make iLvl 496 crafted gear.

Let’s talk raid drops & bonus rolls

There’s a new mechanic added to Normal and Heroic Throne of Thunder raids: Thunderforged items. Bosses have a chance to drop Thunderforged versions of items, which are 6 iLvls higher. Your bonus rolls also have a chance to reward a Thunderforged item. For a preview of the new raid bosses, click here.

  • Throne of Thunder raid drop iLvls are as follows: LFR (502), Normal (522), Heroic (535). Thunderforged raid drops are Normal (528) and Heroic (541).
  • Here’s a list of Normal mode Thunderforged items (note, as of 2/22 this list has a lot of items. However, WoWDB notes they expect more to show up and they are scanning data daily to pick up any changes. I left the link so you can view it as soon as it’s updated). See why we love WoWDB 🙂
  • Here’s a list of Heroic mode Thunderforged items (note, same as above)
  • Set items do not have Thunderforged versions

Speaking of bonus rolls, there’s a slight change worth knowing about. You can still do dailies to get Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. However, in 5.2 you will turn them in to get Mogu Runes of Fate, which give you bonus rolls in Throne of Thunder raid and the new world bosses (Nalak and Oondasta). Elder Charms of Good Fortune are still available and can still be used in 5.0 content. You will acquire them as drops from mobs in the new outdoor Thundering Isle Zone, instead of from daily quests. This leads me to want to save up my lesser charms and turn them in for Mogu Runes of Fate once the patch drops. I am not 100% sure you can save them and turn them in right away. If someone can confirm or deny, I can update this post 🙂 And just for fun, you should know that the caches you get from bosses that used to contain gold, now contain items. This includes valuable grays (to randomize gold), non-boss-LFR loot, pets, mounts and more.

A few miscellaneous things you might want to know

Farming in 5.2 raises other factions: if you don’t have a lot of reputation with the current factions, you might be able to get it a little faster once 5.2 hits. You’ll be able to get work orders for your farm and gain reputation with Dominance Offensive / Shieldwall, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, August Celsetials, and Klaxxi. When you factor in the discounts on Valor gear for those factions, it could make getting upgrades a bit easier… especially if you aren’t a raider.

Crafted gear: I mentioned it under the valor section, but wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. Quartermasters will sell Blood Spirits for 400 Valor in 5.2. This makes the iLvl 496 crafted gear easier to get.  You can craft pieces for the hands, which cost 5-6 Blood Spirits (2,000-2,400 Valor). You can also craft items for the chest, which costs 8 Blood Spirits (3,200 Valor).

Ease of obtaining items by slot:

Of course, you can always get a lucky drop. But we’re going to assume you get no drops and list how easy it is to get items by each slot, from easiest to hardest (based on my human opinion):

  • Neck: neutral with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522
  • Wrist: friendly with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522
  • Trinkets: friendly with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522
  • Rings: friendly with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522), OR Exalted with Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught (costs 937 VP, iLvl 496)
  • Legs: honored with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 2250 VP, iLvl 522
  • Back: honored with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522) OR Revered with Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught (costs 937 VP, iLvl 496) (source)
  • Hands: honored with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522) OR Crafted with 5-6 Blood Spirits (400 VP per Blood for a total of 2,000-2,400 VP, iLvl 496)
  • Chest: revered with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 2250 VP, iLvl 522) OR Crafted with 8 Blood Spirits (costs 3,200 VP for Bloods, iLvl 496)
  • Waist: revered with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522), OR Honored with Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught (costs 300g, iLvl 476)
  • Shoulder: exalted with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522
  • Weapons: drops only (?)
  • Helm: crafted with Haunting Spirits (iLvl 522) OR you can buy a level 489 for ~1,200 VP with Shado-Pan Revered (current content, but wait for VP price drop)
  • Feet: crafted with Haunting Spirits (iLvl 522) OR you can buy a level 496 for ~1,300 VP with Dominance Offensive Revered (current content, but wait for VP price drop)

Wrapping it all up: How should I spend my Valor?

Mr. Robot is working on adding 5.2 items in so that you can compare your current gear to the upgrades. This will help you decide how to spend your VP. If you wait to spend your VP, just a little bit longer, you can enlist the help of your favorite robot, to make informed decisions.

In the meantime, you can still play with the upgrade finder to see how your current gear can be improved.


Things are changing almost daily and I’m updating this post. As I add stuff in, I’ll track it here so you know what’s changed.

  • 496 Back items added for the Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught for 937 VP (Revered) 2/21/13
  • More thunderforged items are showing up (2/22/13)
  • Added loot link for Nalak (world boss) 2/26/13
  • Added crafted gear section – you can craft iLvl 522 boots and helms with Haunted Spirits 2/26/13
  • Added link to Blizzards new raid boss preview 2/27/12
  • Help gather data with the curse client. If you already have it installed, click here to enable the data collection.

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