Hey, as always, Mr. Robot wants to help you during patch time! The first thing I’m doing when the servers are up: buying my 522 Necklace from the Shado-Pan Assault. Here’s more info!


  • Reputation required: Neutral with the Shado-Pan Assault. You will start at neutral on patch day.
  • Cost: 1250 Valor
  • Where: buy it from the Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster on the Isle of Thunder, Teng of the Flying Daggers. He’s inside the cave.
  • Any requirements? As far as PTR reports say – you just need to interact with the Quartermaster to discover the rep, and you’re good to go!! Watch Marmots 5.2 survival guide, queued up to the Necklace information.
  • As always, Mr. Robot will tell you how big of an upgrade items are in the item lists and the upgrade finder. You can try it free for a week (we do NOT ask for your credit card to start the free trial, we don’t want to ‘trick’ you into signing up!). And if you like the features enough, you can upgrade for $12 a year – that’s right, for an average of $1 a month you get all sorts of badass features 🙂


Other Shado-Pan Assault information:

Have a resource to share? Or a tip for patch day activities? Leave a comment! Thank you @duncanrobertson and @devolore for you help answering my questions on Twitter.