Shopping List ++

Don’t miss an optimization ever again!

Mr. Robot gives you a shopping list, and then a check list to apply all of the changes. He puts everything on there, including the materials you need for gems and enchants, in case you have a friend who can make them. Try it out, you’ll really like it 🙂

First, you need to load a character and hit optimize. If you don’t click “Optimize,” Mr. Robot doesn’t have any changes for you, so the “Shopping List ++” button won’t be there. Once you click “Optimize,” it will show up!


  1. Hi I love Mr Robot’s Shopping List its great i also use the Export for My Reforging and paste it to an Add-on to instantly reforge in game (this works perfectly). I guess I’d really like to see an integration point for the Shopping List so that i can Take my Mr Robot Shopping list and use it in game rather than having to go back and forth with my browser. Is there an Addons that you could recommend for this, would this be something that you might look to do in the future? I know you can use Trade Skills to pick up the mats for a final item but I’d like to go straight to the Auction house and get the final products

    • You may have stumbled on a super-secret project I’m working on that would export this sort of stuff into the mod. Since it’s super-secret the release date (or it’s existence) cannot be confirmed 😉

  2. Why would Mr. Robot give 2 different shopping lists to the same character…one shopping list on pc and a different shopping list on mac iPad?

    • Are you logged in? If you are logged in, Mr. Robot saves your settings. But if you aren’t logged in, it’s likely you have 2 different setups causing the optimizations to be different.

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