Team Optimizer

Mr. Robot’s Team Optimizer helps you:

  • See how optimized the entire team is, on one screen
  • See how close everyone is to their BiS
  • Check the entire team’s iLevel
  • Rank items for each player, showing the % upgrade
  • When ranking loot, see what item is currently equipped for each player


See the Team Optimizer in Action

Load the Team Optimizer from the main “World of Warcraft” Menu on our site. It’s the 4th option. And get the addon from Curse. TeamOptMenu

Who Needs the Addon?

The loot master, preferrably, so you can use the addon to give loot to people. And anyone who wants to see the rankings in-game, will also need the addon.

Upgrade to premium for $1 a month!

The Team Optimizer loot rankings that Mr. Robot does on his site is a premium feature, and only ONE person on the team needs premium. Once that person ranks loot and sends to to the addon, EVERYONE with the addon (which is free) can see the rankings. Mr. Robot likes sharing, and wants you to share too 🙂 Mr. Robot isn’t trying to become a Billionaire, he’s just trying to make sure the 3 humans working on his site make enough money to pay for servers, play video games, and eat food! One price, $1 a month, for ALL features Premium also gets you:

  • Best in Bags (#1 most loved feature)
  • Upgrade finder
  • Bonus Roll Helper
  • No Ads
  • And of course, the Team Optimizer

If you’re in the moo-d to upgrade (Tauren joke), you can do that here.

(FYI: the optimizer for gems and enchants, and all combat log features are free).
As always, theorycrafters, podcasters and bloggers get premium for free. Just send us your AMR username and a link to your stuff 🙂 It’s the least we can do for all of the hard work you put into the community.

When your raid is done, get the infographics!

Upload your logs to see how your team is doing, with infographics! If players have our addon, we also track their gear, talents and glyphs on each pull. So when people win those items and equip them for the next boss, we track that in all of our data and rankings. Speaking of logs, if you want to know more about how you are scored, we have a guide for you. Don’t worry, there are lots of pictures and not much math! OverheadSmash_Kill


  1. This is awesome! Can’t wait to raid again so I can try this out! Back to rounding up the guildies for some late-night raid!

  2. So I realize this is all a W.I.P. but when someone puts in their roster of people, does the Team Optimizer save that list of players or do we need to input it each time we go to use it?

    • The list is saved to your account and will show the last roster used 🙂

      • I was also afraid of that. Glad to see it saved, but wasn’t obvious that it would in advance.

        • Silly Question, Can i Share the list to the others in the raid? Can envision people kicking up a fuss not being able to see the ranking etc.

          • Right now, we just say it in the voice server. But soon, when we integrate with the addon, we’ll let you bring the ranking results into the raid for everyone to see 🙂

  3. I like that there are lots of pictures. It makes it significantly easier to follow what you’re saying.

    AMR already has many useful tools, the infographics being my favourite, and this seems to be yet another tool that can be very useful, especially for raid leaders.

  4. When ranking the drops, if it is BIS for somebody is it marked that way? If so, I’ve not noticed it yet.

    • No we don’t mark that, but we do mark when set bonuses are made.

      • It would be great to know if a certain item is the BIS (with filters on) to a player. A little BIS icon or something like that on the right side of player name. Will help a lot and prevent some fights between raid members!

  5. This is geat, but how can I take out a loot from the “Rank item” screen plz?

  6. Would love to see this morf into a Master Looter type addon that could be used in game to help the LM distribute loot quickly and to the appropriate raid members

  7. trinket mouseover only shows one of my two equipped trinkets. guess it’s trying to compare to the worse one? the trinket page isn’t up to date, so maybe I’m trying to use it for something that’s not ready yet?

    Trinkets and Weapons are my two biggest concerns at this point, so would be a lot more useful if that part was clearer to use, and more clear about whether it is in usable state or not.

    • The trinket tooltip is comparing to the one in the slot that Mr. Robot wants to change. So yes, the worst one of the 2 slots 🙂

  8. 1) since we are already putting our team in, can you put buffs like ?

    2) can we sort by role (kind ahard to see all the healers and tanks cuz they are mixed in with everyone)?

    3) can you tell us how viable our composition is (e.g. 2 tanks, 2 healers, 10 dps) at our ilvl compare to successful groups? (i.e. do we need to add a healer, remove a dps, what?)

  9. This is a bit offtopic for this post, but as a suggestion, have you considered showing recommended ilevels and wipe %’s for the number of players your raid has?

    Say you have 10-man on Oregorger — at the top of the infographics, you have a recommended ilevel, a %wipes at your ilevel, and a wipes/kill at your ilevel. Can this be modified to show ilevel and raid size? I don’t know if you have enough of a data set for that, nor do I know if there is much of a difference in raid size.

    Also, I’m curious if that recommended ilevel is decided consistently in a statistical manner.

  10. Christopher Kirk

    March 3, 2015 at 1:56 am

    Cant wait to try this our wit my cross realm teams- i typically run 30 man raids and pug to filll – would prefer to gear people who need it- ive been wishing for this feature for years……. when will this hit the addon so we can import the raid

  11. Anyone else getting an error trying to remove someone from their raid list?

  12. Mike Gonnason

    March 3, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    Any plans to specify custom weights per member? or customize BiS lists?

    • Each player can set their own custom weights. On the player’s own page, like on an optimization view, there’s a ‘public profile’ button to the far right of their name.

      The custom weights will power the custom BiS 🙂

      • I have tried getting the custom/public profile to work but I am unable to see the custom weights. Raiders have modified weights, and saved. now have custom on the blue drop down. They then click public profile, copy from current. and save. Now in my team optimizer list I see “public profile” but I don’t see their custom weights when I click their names. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  13. I would like to see a rating for a character for the median score that character has gotten on all boss kills. Both for all bosses combined or for any given boss. Perhaps when you choose a specific boss it would show all scores from kills in a list so you can quickly go to those specific kills and see why there’s some outliers like really high or low scores on a kill compared to the average.

    It would make it easier to overview for a guild leader that wants to compare a specific persons kills and help show them why something worked one time or why it didn’t.

    It would also be a really good tool for recruiting to quickly be able to judge a persons strength and weaknesses. At the moment, if you get a new recruit you may get a list of logs he’s in, but when you go to that list he might not be in all attempts of it, which is usual in a pug, and it can be rather hard to find which bosses he was actually taking part of. You have to choose each boss seperately and then click the list of characters to see if he’s in the list.

  14. I want this to be able to be shared between people, so we can see others lists

  15. The Team Optimizer no longer prefers the next 2 or 4 set boni? Yesterday it does but today no longer 🙁

    • What class? Some of the stat weights were updated last night.

      • each token of each class … the tool preferd people without a tier item or people which had the normal mode tier item against people which would have 2 or 4 set boni. Like the example Screenshot below.

  16. This looks really nice, can help take the guess work out of loot council

  17. Adding each item for each boss is quite time consuming.
    For my raid team, I would like to see which bosses we should focus on and which ones we can skip. And quickly know who best to give the item to.
    I suggest adding a check box for each boss so you can add all items from those bosses to the list.

  18. This is pretty cool, been clicking all over it now for about an hour. I agree with some others I’d love to see this made in to something to distribute loot in game and add on to Master Looter.

    Haven’t been able to play with it’s in game feature yet as Im at work right now. But will be doing it when I get home.

    I like that it compares equipped gear with the dropped gear and shows who gets the biggest gains from it. Would there maybe be away to compare a character as a whole rather then just Belt to Belt. To see who gets the biggest boost as a character rather then a slot. Would be nice to see both views is all.

    My only idea 🙂 Otherwise great work 😀

    • We have some in-game looting stuff launching very soon. We’re in the final stretch and have been testing it in our own raids. Should only be a couple of weeks now!

  19. Theresa Bollhagen

    May 12, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Would be great to have this in game!

  20. Instead of importing gear from the armory if they don’t have the addon, why not just pull it from in game? Exorsus Raid Tools keeps all items in the raid inspect. It would be easy to setup a inspect queue that stales old members and gets the gear as INSPECT_READY fires.

    • To pull it from in-game, you need an addon to do it 😉 The website can’t get info from the game itself.

      • so why doesn’t the addon do this? the website does not need to be involved in this at all. i suppose it’s this way so you can charge money for it…

        • The website is involved because the processing to rank the gear is done on our servers. It’s going through up to a few trillion combinations of gear for each character in the raid. Putting that into the addon logic would choke the game.

          • not sure why you think that. this addon handles this sort of ranking just fine: I believe it even uses amr’s stat weights. it shows what each eligible member is wearing and how much of an upgrade/downgrade the dropped item is. there’s no copying/pasting from the game to a web browser to the game. it’s just there.

          • That’s because it ranks each item only based on stat weights. We look at SETS of gear with various gems/enchants. It also takes into account all of the gear you have in your bags too, in case a good item in hiding in there.

            We go through millions to trillions of gear combos per character. It’s much more powerful than just a simple stat-weight ranking. Yes, that can be done in an addon. What we do is much more complicated.

  21. Is there a way to swap specs? I have people who do not use the add on, so when we have a healer DPSing or a DPS healing it is hard to do loot because it is stuck to their OS.

    • Yes. Have them load their character on the site. Then to the right of their name, there is a green text button that says ‘public profile.’ Click that and they can set their main spec, offspec, and any custom weights. The team optimizer will use these settings, regardless of the spec they are in.

  22. We’ve been using the Team Optimiser combined with the AMR addon for a while now and have found it really helpful in distributing our raid loot. Just a few questions and one thing I’d like to change.
    I saw down the page you said it takes into account what gear is in people’s bags. Do we need to do anything in particular for this to work as it seems to ignore non-equipped gear in or raids although I’m not sure
    The thing I’d suggest changing is the options people have to click, Need, Off, Greed or Pass. We found in our raids that these options don’t really work, especially greed which doesn’t really make sense in a guild environment. We have tweaked it that Need is only for BiS, greed for an upgrade, offspec and pass as you’d expect. Would love to see a few more options like in other addons, maybe Bis, Major upgrade, minor Upgrade, Offpec, Greed, Pass

  23. *subscribes* just for giving you guys kudos for a great site.

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