We just released an update today and have another one coming tomorrow.


  • Added a source to items that you get from running scenarios, and a few random world drops
  • Added the faction and reputation for the Valor Point items sources. The sources previously only said “1650 Valor Points.”  Now it will say “1650 Valor Points – Klaxxi (Revered).”
  • Fixed a bug that removed some high level items from gear lists when selecting the LFR gear filter. Items that are obtainable outside of raids (like valor or quests) should be in the LFR lists. (Thanks to @vagdanavich for finding the bug)
  • Fixed a bug that we introduced last night, that broke the simC export. Oops. That’s fixed now.


  • Assuming all goes well, we will be adding in the gear upgrade options (valor point upgrades for your gear). Woohoo! We stated that our goal was the end of the week, and it looks like we just might meet that goal. (If we don’t meet it, I blame myself for jinxing it…)