Using RoboCouncil to Gear Up for Throne of Thunder

So my 10 man raid team got to a bit of a slow start. We’re currently working on Garalon in Heart of Fear. We want to get into Throne of Thunder as soon as we can, because who doesn’t like new content?! There are no restrictions to get into normal mode Throne of Thunder, but the suggested gear level is 490. Also, for what it’s worth you need to have iLevel 480+ to get into ToT LFR.

My raid team wants to gear up as fast as possible so we are tough enough to run Throne of Thunder. We’re using RoboCouncilΒ to help us fast track our gear upgrades – we want to assign each drop as efficiently as possible. Mr. Robot looks at everyone in your raid group and ranks boss drops for each person. He even tells you if an item makes or breaks set bonuses – he’s very helpful! And of course, he can help you assign Throne of Thunder drops too πŸ™‚



He then tells you how big of an upgrade it is for each player. Then YOU can decide – if it’s twice as big of an upgrade for player A than player B, do you want Player A to have it? For our group, we’re giving the biggest upgrades to people, since it helps our the raid team as a whole.

You’ll notice that it’s often the case that a lot of items are upgrades for each player. But there are usually trade offs. For example, if a tanking ring drops, it’s an upgrade for both of our tanks, but almost twice as big for Tank A. There’s a helm that’s also an upgrade for both tanks, but it’s twice as big for Tank B. Great – we’ll make sure to properly assign loot based on what drops.

RC1_RankedLoot_HelmPlate RC1_RankedLoot_RingTank


But what if you have someone on your team who is really undergeared and doesn’t farm for upgrades like everyone else? Giving them all of the upgrades can cause Drraaaaaamma. Well, Mr. Robot can help you figure out if that is what’s going on. You may have noticed the “Armory Score” column – that shows how close each person is to the BiS set. This is determined by the filters at the top of RoboCouncil, so be sure to select the appropriate raid levels for your group.



Try RoboCouncil today!


It’s a premium feature, but everyone gets to try it free for a week (and we do NOT ask for your credit card during the trial… we aren’t interested in tricking you!). If you like it, you can upgrade right now for $12 a year. We wanted to make it very affordable for everyone πŸ™‚



  1. Does this function for 25 mans?

  2. This looks really interesting, while I am not using loot council for my raids this will allow me to better set up per-boss rotations of people. Thanks, will surely use it!

    • Glad you like it. I use it all the time, even when running with pick up groups. It’s nice to just see how big of an upgrade items are for each person, so I know if I should roll or not.

  3. Hey Zoopercat, Hey AskMrRobot Team
    Today upgraded to Premium, and what shoud i say.. it’s absolute phanomenal *thumbsup*
    LootCouncil makes my life as a raid leader a lot easier.
    But i have a wish for the future..
    For me as a german, playing wow on a german client, it’s sometimes a little bit difficult to translate the items, gems or entchant names. So it were a lot of easier if i can choose the Language. Not for the interface, the tipps or the blog only for the items, gems and so on…
    Maybe in the future πŸ˜‰

  4. Dear Askmrrobot team I purchased Robo-council about 2 months ago and was working fine til MoP hit. Now everytime I try and use it it spams me with error.

  5. Can robo council please have more than 25 people?!?! It would be nice to list my whole raid roster then select deselect who is in the actual fight as opposed to having to delete and load raiders between fights. Without that feature it’s almost not worth using for a 25 man guild with a big roster.

    • That’s on our list of things to update. It’s a long list, but it is there. I agree, it would be nice to go over the cap.

  6. When checking out who gets the most benefit from a piece using robocouncil, I sometimes find it shows a bigger benefit for one toon, however, when clicking on the “item List” button on the right, it sometimes shows a bigger upgrade for the other player. For example… Player A shows a 4% upgrade, and player B shows a 2% upgrade… then when clicking on the Item icon it might show a 500 point upgrade for player A… and a 1200 point upgrade for player B. Am I missing something? Are these numbers only looking at BiS numbers compared to Relative ranking?

  7. Can I customize the stats priority for each character? It keeps ranking my Discipline on top of everyone else if the item has any signs of Mastery (and no crit sometimes)… It should do the total opposite of it. On the Roster Edit page it has 2 “Default Builds” for disc priests. Wth is “default”, by the way? In the value of each option it says PriestDiscipline_Hps, _Mastery and _Haste, which isn’t saying muchoption it

    • You can look at the stat weight priority on a character’s page (go to the edit stat weight menu). There are 3 options for disc priests, one that favors crit, another mastery and another haste.

      Then in robocouncil, you can select the set of weights each person is using so their gear is ranked properly.

      Note, that if someone is using custom weights, it won’t be reflected in robocouncil. But we are currently working on some improvements to the tool so stay tuned πŸ™‚

      • Yeh – The problem is with the custom settings. 3~4 raid members are usng custom settings, mainly healers for the Spirit Cap (or monks with the crit > int build). Eg. Anything above 14k is overkill for my Disc priest because of the meta gem, I think spirit is really a playstyle and personal thing.
        We’ll have to wait for custom settings on each char to be implemented then, sadlly ):

        Thanks for the fast answer!

        • Yeah, we agree. And we’re doing a big overhaul to robocouncil (working on it right now)! It won’t be ready for a little while, but it’s coming!

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