Valor Upgrades

Mr. Robot will help you answer the following questions…

  • What should I spend valor points on? He’ll tell you if you should buy items, upgrade items, and which items to upgrade.
  • What 5 man should I run? Mr. Robot will let you know which 5-mans have the most upgrades, as well as which ones have the biggest upgrades.
  • What raid should I run? Mr. Robot will share his best secrets for LFR, Normal, and Heroic raids. He’ll tell you which raids & bosses drop the most upgrades and the biggest upgrades.


  1. does this mean that the new features are going live soon?!?!?!!? /excited

    • Yep! In just a couple hours, assuming nothing blows up. We’re taking the beta down right now to set the real stuff live!

  2. Using the “My Gear” upgrade system, a single (4-point) upgrade to the Kri’tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm (i483) results in a reported +1018.05 score improvement and a double (8-point) upgrade results in a +2111.11 score improvement. Wonerful results by any standard. However, using the new features “Find Upgrades” –> “What is the best way to spend my… ” –> “Valor Points” reveals a reported score increase for the same upgrades of +859.20 and +1738.62, respectively. Still quite handsome, but disturbingly different. What gives?

    • What is your character realm/name? They SHOULD show the same thing, so if they are not, we need to troubleshoot and look for a bug. Your character will help 🙂

    • I don’t see the score difference you’re seeing. One thing to check, are you using “Relative Ranking” on the regular optimizer? When you open the gear window, at the top there are 2 options, absolute and relative. The “Fund Upgrades” feature always uses relative, so to match, the optimizer would need to use relative as well.

  3. I checked Find Upgrades, and asked which LFR raids have the most upgrades for my warlock. The answer was obviously Terrace, but what struck me as odd is that it told me I can upgrade 12 slots in TOES, with the largest upgrade being Lo’shan (when I already have LFR Lo’shan, upgraded twice). When I go to “View All”, it takes me to “What are the best drops I can get in…” “Terrace of Endless Spring”, but it’s the normal version TOES, both going by the listed drops (which are 496s) and in the drop-down menu.

    My character is Gerrod, on Silver Hand US.

    • Thanks for letting us know. We found a bug with TOES, where the normal and LFR items are not being restricted right. We’ll be doing an update tonight. If it still doesn’t work tomorrow, let me know – it’s possible there is something else wrong.

  4. Using the Find Upgrades feature, and selecting ToES, it seems to be showing the gear using the Normal mode item levels, not the LFR item levels. ie. the 496 2H Axe from Sha of Fear.

    • Yep – fixing that tonight. Sorry about that. Poor TOES, it’s the only one affected. It just needs some FINGERS to go with it and not feel lonely. (was that joke too bad? it was… wasn’t it).

  5. can’t see new features and it’s telling me to use a dps trink for tanking

  6. also, pally tank, control haste and it’s telling me to use my healing shield

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