Burden of Eternity

Mr. Robot looks at every possible timeless isle piece of gear for each slot and tells you the best ones for your Burden of Eternity. There are a few basics to cover first:

  • You have to apply the Burden of Eternity to the token, not the actual item.
  • When you use a token, you get an item with random spec-appropriate stats on it.
  • Since you don’t know what random variant you will get when applying the Burden of Eternity, Mr. Robot looks at every possible variant you can get. He then compares each one to your current gear, scores them, and shows you some numbers.

What the numbers mean:

  • Chance: This shows the chance you get an upgrade. 100% means all of the random variants are upgrades, whereas 50% would mean half of the possible random variants are downgrades. And 0% means none of the items for that slot are upgrades.
  • Average: This is the average score of all of the possible upgrades for that slot. Downgrades are NOT factored into the average.
  • Top Score: This is the score of the best possible random variant you can get for each slot – and the item listed to the left of that column shows which item that is.


To get started:

Click the purple “Find Upgrades” button. Then select “Burden of Eternity” at the bottom of the drop down menu.


Where to find Burden of Eternity

Simca on MMO-Champion has an amazing guide, complete with a super handy map and coordinates for TomTom macros.