What to Upgrade with your Burden of Eternity

Burden of Eternity

Mr. Robot looks at every possible timeless isle piece of gear for each slot and tells you the best ones for your Burden of Eternity. There are a few basics to cover first:

  • You have to apply the Burden of Eternity to the token, not the actual item.
  • When you use a token, you get an item with random spec-appropriate stats on it.
  • Since you don’t know what random variant you will get when applying the Burden of Eternity, Mr. Robot looks at every possible variant you can get. He then compares each one to your current gear, scores them, and shows you some numbers.

What the numbers mean:

  • Chance: This shows the chance you get an upgrade. 100% means all of the random variants are upgrades, whereas 50% would mean half of the possible random variants are downgrades. And 0% means none of the items for that slot are upgrades.
  • Average: This is the average score of all of the possible upgrades for that slot. Downgrades are NOT factored into the average.
  • Top Score: This is the score of the best possible random variant you can get for each slot – and the item listed to the left of that column shows which item that is.


To get started:

Click the purple “Find Upgrades” button. Then select “Burden of Eternity” at the bottom of the drop down menu.


Where to find Burden of Eternity

Simca on MMO-Champion has an amazing guide, complete with a super handy map and coordinates for TomTom macros.





  1. well its impossible to get these, since the nerf ive spent two weeks farming and barely gotten a thing from it…so this is of no use to me =(

    • You can get 2 guaranteed burdens. One from a chest and one from a quest: http://www.wowdb.com/quests/33343-the-archiereus-of-flame

    • Impossible? Seriously? I have upgraded 9 pieces to 535 and 6 of those were done in the last 4 days. Yes, one of them was the guaranteed drop from the chest in the Ordon Sanctuary but the other 5 weren’t. Where did they come from? One of them was a drop from a rare (Bufo I think) and the others were all from opening chests in Kuruku’s Grotto. I go in with 6-9k in Timeless Coins and have had pretty good luck. The other 3 I had was from the same way just after the patch. It is FAR from impossible to get these.

  2. Too bad it was nerfed from the chests and it feels nerfed from the rares also….spent this whole week killing 100+ rares with no luck…only two i’ve gotten were from the quest and chest. and one of those gave me a pure hit cloak….one of two possible worst options and a sidegrade back piece…i hate my luck.

  3. zoopercat, how come the stat priority suddenly changed some days ago? i
    have been reluctant to go ahead with the new setup because it
    considerably lowers down haste and crit for my lock, which im sure will
    hamper my dps. Im pretty sure this new setup is based on new trinkets
    that are coming up, but im nowhere near getting them. Is there a chance
    you can bring back the old traditional pve 5.4: default? thanks.

    • Hey Luc, so over the past couple of weeks there have been a few hotfixes to warlocks by Blizzard. Because of those changes, stat priorities have also changed. We updated our defaults to reflect those changes.

      I know it sucks to have to regem and re-reforge everything, but we want you to be optimal! And keeping up with even the hotfixes allows us to do that 🙂

  4. Robot gave me a 100% chance for an upgrade on a helm, but when I used it I got a downgrade. What am I not understanding?

    • This happened to me, too. I burned two Burdens of Eternity, figuring that even if I didn’t get the “Largest Upgrade” denoted, I still had a 100% chance of getting pants with a better random stat allocation. After using two Burdens, and with three total pairs of legs in my inventory, I then used the “Best in Bags” feature, and AMR determined that the initial set of pants (that I supposedly had a 100% chance of beating) was the best… what am I missing? :/

      • Hi Kip, I think this has something to do with how we rate our gear. I use “absolute” whereas Robot uses “relative” when determining the best upgrade. If you look at your gear using “relative”, Robot’s recommendations make more sense.

      • Hey Cyn and Kipedget,
        What you’ll want to do is use BiS first, to get all of the best gear. THEN use the upgrade finder features.

        The upgrade finder uses relative ranking. That means Mr. Robot will take a possible pair of new legs and equip them, optimize, then see how much the score improves (or goes down). That is the value he shows you. He does this with every item in the list, equipping them one at a time.

        So if you have all of the best gear on, then the relative scoring will be great – it’s truely what changes with 1 upgrade at a time.

        Here’s more info on relative vs absolute scoring: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/2013/02/gear-lists-relative-vs-absolute-ranking/

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