Here’s a few questions we can try to answer for you.

Now that all of the flex and LFR wings are open, there’s more content than you probably have time for. Getting enough lesser charms for your bonus rolls seems pretty easy, spending them wisely is the big question this week. And you’re probably swimming in Timeless tokens and might be wondering what to upgrade with your Burden of Eternity. Mr. Robot can help you sort through all of the upgrade possibilities.

Which Flex wings have the best & most upgrades?

Some of you might have the time to run every wing on every difficulty – in that case, carry on! But some of you might only have enough time to run a few things each week. If that’s the case, Mr. Robot can help you prioritize and find out which bosses/wings give you the best upgrades.

First, optimize your character and note your score. This helps you put the upgrade values in context. For example, my score is 57204. So an upgrade worth 570 points is roughly a 1% upgrade.


Click the Find Upgrades button, and select the Flex option in the drop down menu.




Is it worth running any LFR wings? Do they have any worthwhile upgrades?

This is a good question! My restoration druid is iLevel 527. So naturally the iLevel 528 items I can get don’t seem worth it. But it turns out that both LFR wings have items that are just over a 1% increase for me. And the first wing is actually better than the 2nd wing. Now I have to decide if I want to run LFR for a 1% upgrade.

Click the find upgrades button, then select the LFR option in the drop down menu. Here’s what we get for my character:


And look at the score for the Underhold wing, a 3,600 point upgrade, which is over a 6% score increase. Notice that’s a bigger score increase than the other items listed on the FLEX mode picture (except for the Flex mod version of that item, of course). WHOA! Alright, that’s worth running for sure. And if I have spare time, it looks like the first 2 wings might be worth considering for some 1% upgrades.

Which bosses should I spend my bonus rolls on?

Mr. Robot will help you determine the best bosses for your bonus rolls by calculating your chance to win an upgrade and show you the best item you can win for each boss. It may turn out that a later boss in Flex drops a weapon that’s a bigger upgrade than a pair of boot from the first boss in Normal mode. Play with the bonus roll feature on your character, a few things might surprise you!



What should I upgrade with my Burdens of Eternity?

You can thank Mr. Robot’s twitter fans for this one – so many people tweeted asking how to spend their Burdens of Eternity, that we added in a new feature for it 🙂 Here’s what the numbers mean:

  • Chance: This shows the chance you get an upgrade. 100% means all of the random variants are upgrades, whereas 50% would mean half of the possible random variants are downgrades. And 0% means none of the items for that slot are upgrades.
  • Average: This is the average score of all of the possible upgrades for that slot. Downgrades are NOT factored into the average.
  • Top Score: This is the score of the best possible random variant you can get for each slot – and the item listed to the left of that column shows which item that is.




I have a lot of new gear, what should I equip?

This is where Best in Bags comes in. Mr. Robot will dig through your bags and find the best gear for both your main and offspecs. Watch the short video for an explanation, then get more information here.

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