World of Warcraft Patch 5.1 – Valor Upgrades

Patch 5.1 will allow you to upgrade any piece of gear by spending Valor, Conquest, Justice and Honor points. Mr. Robot is working on updating the site to let you play with the upgrades. Until we finish that, have fun browsing Wowdb – they have a great list of upgradeable items.

Also, please note that Blizzard will not have the upgraded items in the armory API right away. Once they do, Mr. Robot will be able to import them with your character.

Thanks to sgtrama on Reddit for making me an updated image :)

Quick facts:

  • You can upgrade items with an iLevel of 458 or higher. Justice/Honor is used to upgrade level 458-463. Valor/Conquest upgrades level 470-516 gear.
  • Items can be upgraded by a total of 8 iLevels. Get a full list of upgradeable items on wowdb.
  • It costs 750 Valor/Conquest to upgrade +4 iLevels, on epic gear. You can upgrade twice for a total of 1500 Valor/Conquest and +8 iLevels.
  • It costs 1500 Justice/Honor to upgrade +8 iLevels. You can only upgrade once.
  • Gems, enchants and reforges are preserved.
  • You do not choose what stats are upgraded, it’s automatic based on the iLevel.
  • Upgrades are non-refundable, so make sure it’s the one you want!
  • A list of non-obvious things than can currently be upgraded – as long as they are iLevel 458 or higher:
    • DMF Trinkets
    • Crafted gear
    • Inscription staves

What will Mr. Robot be doing?!

  • We’re working on updating the UI to let you manually play with different Valor/Conquest/Justice/Honor upgrades. We hope to have that out later this week (next week at the latest). When it’s live, we’ll try to make it obvious… Mr. Robot already made a rainbow-colored blinking, scrolling notification… but we might talk him down from that a bit 😉
  • We are working on a feature that will suggest the best Valor/Conquest/Justice/Honor upgrades for you. We will have that out later this year.

Get more great info from mmo-champion’s 5.1 post.

PS: Thanks to MMO-Champion for having so many screenshots. I used their images to make the ones on this blog post.



  1. So…Yeah, I’m optimizing my character today, and I’m accosted with an EVE Online ad. Accosted, because damnit, I want to play again!

  2. Do you have an ETA on incorporating the new WowDB data into the optimizer, please? I’m itching to start comparing upgrades with buying the minor upgrade Valor items.

    • Soon (TM). We’re working on it every day until it’s finished. We hope by the end of the week – so cross your fingers 🙂 It’s taking extra time because now we have to rank triple the amount of gear in the algorithms. That means we have to make the ranking efficient so we don’t dog the servers.

  3. is there an add on that works well with mr. robot?

  4. In the beginning of the infographics you write “A system to upgrade rare and epic quality PVP and PVE gear”
    Then you write “What can’t be upgraded: Season 12 & 13 PVP gear”.

    Need I say more?

  5. Is there a way to upgrade my item to 4/4? Items dropped in 25man raids are already 2/4 e.g. a ilvl496 drop in 10man is ilvl504 already, and it can be upgraded to 4/4 which is ilvl512, and it seems Mr.Robot doesn’t allow me to do that..

  6. What about for 5.2. I seems my ingame tooltip for the upgraded Malevolent Gladiator’s Spellblade ilvl 478 2/2 is much different than it is on Mr. Robot. Especially pvp power where Mr.R has it as +5138 yet my ingame tooltip has it as +2571. As you can imagine, this really changes how I want to spend my Conq points. Please let us know if this is being worked on – thanks.

    • Can you give me a screenshot of what the stats are in-game? Do the stats on the item in the armory match in-game or our site? We’ve had a few items reported to be different between in-game and the armory – in which case we manually edit the stats. If it’s the same as the armory as it is in-game, we just grab the updated version of the item 🙂

  7. I just purchased this for my husband. I’ve had it for a while, but I have not played in almost a year! What have they done to this site
    ????? Where do you copy and paste the information from your WOW? I do not see anything on the upper right hand side. Who are the voters that said this was easier than updating from WOW?????

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