A lot of people are asking Mr. Robot what gems to buy, craft, or even sell. We have the answers for every class and spec, along with some pricing info from wowuction.com. Yellow gems are the new King for Mists of Pandaria.

The data I gathered is from the BiS lists on AskMrRobot.com. Obviously, people’s gear and optimizations will fluctuate, since no one has the BiS sets yet 😉 But this gives you an idea of what Mr. Robot suggests for each class.

I tallied up the total gems of each color, so you can get a feel for demand. If a character needs 6 yellow gems, 2 orange and 1 green, that ratio matters for supply / demand.

  • Red – 37
  • Orange – 69
  • Yellow – 106
  • Green – 67
  • Blue – 35
  • Purple – 45

Also, if you use this information to make money on the auction house, remember that most people (including myself) are used to red gems being KING in Cataclysm. So those might make more money in the short term. The price info listed on the tooltips in this article are the averages for all realms. To get pricing for your realm, click on the ‘price it!’ link to go to the page for that gem on wowuction.com.


Death Knights