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About Team Robot

Peter Coley: Founder and Guy Who Writes Code
Peter was previously a founder at Virtual Chemistry, a biotech software company that supports several major pharmaceutical companies. Over the past 7 years, he’s been the primary software architect, overseeing everything from databases to UI integration.

Mr. Robot met Peter when he was theorycrafting about World of Warcraft and convinced him to be a Founder of Team Robot. Now he manages our growing engineering team while he continues to investigate new technologies to improve our products. He’s moved our hosting to Windows Azure cloud service, used PhoneGap to bring our mobile app to both the Android and iPhone, and written API’s for 3rd parties to build off of our products.

Eric Coley: Founder and Guy Who Makes the UI
Eric is a licensed Architect in the State of Illinois and has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Illinois. He spent almost 6 years working for an architectural firm in downtown Chicago, designing schools, hotels, condos, and anything in between. He is an expert in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the software packages used to implement the concept, such as Autodesk’s Revit Architecture.

Eric and Mr. Robot both like modern, clean, minimalist designs, which is why Mr. Robot recruited him out of architecture and into UI design. Eric also has a background and experience in computer science and web design from his pre-Architect days, so he is no stranger to the technical aspect of creating web sites and mobile applications.

He also teaches Tae Kwon Do to kids in his spare time.

Veronica “Vee” Tegen: CEO & Girl who Helps Mr. Robot Communicate with Humans.  She co-founded and taught the University of Illinois’ inaugural interactive advertising course, and continues to teach students about working at startups. She’s also volunteered at several after-school programs to help high school students make money on the web and speaks at conferences to help teachers incorporate technology in the classroom. She loves helping people.

Mr. Robot likes getting paid to build gaming websites as his day job, so he talked Vee into managing the revenue strategy. Mr. Robot recruited her because of her strong history in gaming and startups… see for yourself:

  • Xfire, later acquired by MTV: Veronica worked with CEO Mike Cassidy, a startup veteran with a talent for success.
  • Slide (a facebook game producer, the company behind SuperPoke!), later acquired by Google: Veronica joined Max Levchin’s team (Co-Founder and CTO of PayPal) to integrate advertising revenue into Facebook game sponsorships.
  • Digg: Veronica joined Digg (founded by Kevin Rose) to lead their ad product strategy for “Digg Ads” – an in-stream ad product.