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WoW Classic Gear Optimization

Gear in WoW Classic can be a challenge, but we have several tools to help you out.

  • Best in Bags: find top-performing gear from all of the items in your bags (Classic tutorial)
  • Upgrade Finder: identifies the best places to find better gear (Classic tutorial)
  • Best in Slot: More than a static list, we offer a customizable tool that takes your talents and other preferences into account
  • Worst in Bags: identifies gear you no longer need to keep around, so you can vendor or disenchant it (Tutorial for retail but is the same for Classic)

If you’re new to our website, keep reading for an overview of each of the features, followed by links for the full tutorials.

It’s also worth checking out “Tips to optimize Classic like a pro” – even if you are familiar with our features already. All tanks, healers, Warriors, Mages, and Rogues should definitely read it, as you all have special handling in the Classic optimizer.

Best in Bags: what’s best for me now?

If you’re new to best in bags, it’s a bit like Best in Slot, but using gear that you currently own.

“Back in the day, I built several of the spreadsheets that floated around on Elitist Jerks. Over the years, as the tooling has improved for gearing recommendations (thanks to you all), I’ve become addicted to the Best in Bags functionality. I feel it can be extremely useful in classic – especially if the recommendations change based on player talent choices and chosen roles.”
– Response from our Classic survey

The Best in Bags tool looks at all of the items in your inventory and chooses a best set for you right now. It takes into account your race, talents, and any personal preferences you set.

Mr. Robot does this for all of your specs at once, favoring the best items for your primary spec then optimizing your off specs with the remaining items.

WoW Classic Best in Bags

Click for a larger picture

On the left is this player’s currently equipped gear. On the right are Mr. Robot’s suggestions:

  • Swap out the level 49 cloak for the level 52 which has better (and more) stats
  • Equip the level 52 gloves over the level 59 because the level 52 has better stats, including 9 Spell Power (the level 59 gloves have none). Not something us humans would have likely caught, but that’s what computers are good at.
  • The Riptide Shoes also have more Spell Power than the higher level ones.
  • A trinket swap is also suggested, but this probably comes down to a preference for a daily-use-case for this player.
Locking in your trinkets

Locking in an item turns the lock icon orange.

Speaking of personal preferences like trinkets, you can lock in any item and Mr. Robot will optimize around it. Click on any item in the list to select it and the lock icon will turn orange as shown above with Carrot on a Stick.

This player also probably doesn’t have enchants because they are still farming gear. Best in Bags can accommodate all sorts of personal preferences in the setup step. If this player doesn’t want enchants, they could set the “Enchant Quality” filter to None as shown below. Mr. Robot will keep any enchants you have (removing them would be silly), but he won’t add any new ones.

Enchant and Buff filters for Best in Bags

Once you are happy with your Best in Bags gear recommendations, you can export it to our addon. Get a more in-depth walkthrough for all of these features on Best in Bags tutorial for WoW Classic.

Important note: Warriors, rogues, mages, and all tanks and healer roles should read our Tips to optimize for Classic like a pro. Warriors are handled in a special way because you can tank in almost any ‘spec.’ All tanks get a ‘toughness’ control. Healers get special customizations as well. Rogues and mages are also a bit special.

Upgrade Finder: where can I find better gear?

The feature does exactly what you’re thinking: it tells you where to find upgrades around the vast world of Warcraft. You can search several sources from PvP rewards to crafted items to boss loot from dungeons and raids.

Find upgrades in WoW Classic

Upgrade finder – find best sources for gear upgrades

Below is an example of what results might look like for a search with Onyxia, Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair.

WoW Classic Raid Drops

Sample results gear upgrades from Onyxia, Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair

Get the full Upgrade Finder Tutorial.

WoW Classic Best in Slot Tool

You can find any number of BiS lists for Classic. We have one too, and it is completely customizable.

“Isn’t BiS simple though, there’s just one list?” Glad you asked – yes and no! Yes, a list can be mathematically determined. But what’s best changes as you deviate from the assumptions used to make a static list, for example:

  • What if you have off-meta talents?
  • What if you don’t have all of the raid buffs?
  • What fight length was used to determine the best items?
  • What is BiS for the current phase?

Below are the filters we let you set to generate a BiS list tailored to you. It also automatically takes your talents into account (which you can also change).

BiS list for WoW Classic

Customization options for your BiS list

As you can see, our Best in Slot list isn’t a static list, it’s a tool. Customize it how you want and Mr. Robot will tell you the best gear to get.

Worst in Bags: reclaim some space

Warcraft has added a lot of nice things to help us manage our inventory throughout the expansions. So going back to Classic Warcraft makes inventory management much more important.

Bag space is more limited in Classic. I need to know what works best so I can toss/sell/DE the rest. ”
-Response from our Classic survey

The Worst in Bags feature is here to help: Mr. Robot identifies items you don’t need so you can safely disenchant or vendor them.

You can customize the aggressiveness of this list with options like “guaranteed to be junk” which finds exact duplicates that you aren’t using, or “very likely junk” which looks for items that are lower iLevel and not ranking well.

Learn more on the Worst in Bags detailed writeup.

Get the AMR Classic Upgrade

You can start using AMR Classic with a free 1-week trial (no credit card required). If you like it, and we hope you do, you can upgrade with the $10 one-time Classic Upgrade payment.


Both Classic and Retail are covered by the same subscription ($12 a year, or $2 a month). So if you are already a subscriber, you just need to make the $10 one-time payment.

The Classic Upgrade lasts a lifetime. This means if you cancel your subscription, if you later re-subscribe, you still have access to Classic. You will not have to pay the $10 Classic Upgrade fee again. Below is a screenshot of how your account’s billing page would look if you had a monthly subscription and paid for the Classic Upgrade.

AMR WoW Classic Billing Page example

I wrote a blog post that talks about the process of making Classic and the decisions behind the pricing for those of you who are curious.

8.3 Corrupted Gear: How it Works & What to Wear

If you are wondering how Corrupted Gear works, the first section explains it. If you’re already familiar, you can skip the first section and get into the details of how Mr. Robot helps you pick the best corruption items.

How corrupted gear works:

Item drops in 8.3 have a chance to be Corrupted with a random bonus effect. For example, you might get an increase to Crit as shown below in purple.

Continue reading

8.2 Patch & Optimizing on AMR

Patch 8.2 has a lot of new items and gearing mechanics. First things first, let’s jump into the current status of optimization on our site.

Current status – Quick overview

Also hop on over to our developer’s forum post to easily track status.

Update on Thursday, June 27.

The remaining special effects for Vision of Perfection are implemented for all classes now, including healers and tanks. The simulator is fully functional for all gear, including raid gear. (With an exception: the special effect for Cursed Lover’s Ring probably won’t be implemented).

Gear rankings (optimizations) are continuing to run and we hope to have the majority of the classes live at the end of the weekend.

Update on Wednesday, June 26.

  • The handful of special effects that weren’t implemented on launch are almost done:
    • Memory of Lucid Dreams works for all classes now
    • Brewmaster Monks and Protection Paladins didn’t have essences added into their rotations on launch but they are now fully implemented.
    • Vision of Perfection needed to be implemented for all specs. Some specs are still outstanding and will be updated tomorrow. It is currently fully implemented for Protection Warrior, Mistweaver Monk, Destruction Warlock, Fury Warrior, and Marksmanship Hunter.
  • Gear rankings (optimizations) will start running in full force overnight. If you are on the glonet, start your clients ūüôā

Status as of Tuesday, June 25, 10 AM PST

  • New gems & enchants: live & will be recommended in optimizations
  • The “Punchcard” trinket is implemented in the simulator, including rotations. The punchcards are ranked in optimizations.
  • New gear: can be browsed in all of our gear lists, but items with special effects are not yet ranked in optimizations. With one exception: the punchcards have initial rankings for the Pocket-Sized Computation Device.
  • Addon is updated and version 77 or higher will be required in order to import/export the essences, punchcard, etc.

Outstanding items as of June 25.

  • Special effects on gear & essences: nearly all effects are implemented in the simulator as of June 25. Nearly every effect is also implemented in the rotations, with a handful being finished up by end of day Tuesday, June 25 (see below). The following effects are still being implemented or added to rotations throughout today.
    • Memory of Lucid Dreams is not yet implemented for Fire & Frost Mages, Retribution & Protection Paladins, Shadow Priest, and Elemental & Enhancement Shamans. Added June 26.
    • Essences need to be added to rotations for Brewmaster and Protection Paladin. Added June 26.
    • Vision of Perfection needs to be added to class rotations. Update on June 26: Fully implemented for Protection Warrior, Mistweaver Monk, Destruction Warlock, Fury Warrior, and Marksmanship Hunter.
    • The special effect on Hyperthread Wristwraps isn’t implemented yet.
    • The special heal effect on Cursed Lover’s Ring is not implemented and probably won’t be in the future.
  • Gear rankings (optimizations) – we are running simulations throughout the week so we can optimize your gear automatically for you. We will update the site each day with the specs that have completed simulations. Keep an eye on the site’s announcements and/or this forum post to find out when your spec is ready.

Note: Initial testing makes it look like a handful of the special effect items are noticeably over (or under) powered. We anticipate balances over the next few weeks, as well as within a few weeks of the dungeon and raid release, as Blizzard gathers real-game data for analysis.

A note on Special effects – items, essences, etc

Fun fact: 8.2 added as many ‘special effect’ items as the launch of BfA and all previous patches, combined.¬† We’ve been working hard on testing them in-game to make sure we know how every proc works in order to implement them. It’s taken a bit longer than expected because there are just sooo many. Continue reading

Worst in Bags

Worst in Bags WoW Addon - Bank

People don’t like old gear junking up their bags and bank. But it can sometimes be difficult to determine which items can be safely discarded… what if I might need it for an off spec or a different build some day?

Mr. Robot has you covered: Worst in Bags will help you find your junk, and then conveniently dispose of it with our in-game addon. Continue reading

Personal Loot in BfA – A review

Now that we’ve gone a full raid tier without officially having Master Loot, how do people feel about it?

  • How have teams adapted Personal Loot systems to fit their team?
  • What is the popularity of each loot system?
  • Are people happy with their team’s loot system?
  • How do people feel about the iLevel and bonus roll trade restrictions?

Continue reading

Best in Bags – Customize Feature

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to customize Mr. Robot’s Best in Bags gear suggestion, even just a little bit?

Customize Gear

/raises hand

Mr. Robot understands that us humans can be particular about certain things, or prefer something because we¬†like¬†it better (a concept he is still trying to learn).¬†¬†He also knows that the way we play our characters, or the situation we find ourselves in, could mean an alternate gearing strategy ends up more helpful than the original one he found. You get it – you’ve been there.

The latest feature lets you customize the mathematically best solution with things that you might¬†like¬†better. Combining math and feelings isn’t easy, but admittedly, it’s quite useful! Mr. Robot starts with your Best in Bags solution and then offers you alternatives, quantified so you can see the trade-off.

This lets us think of gear not in the terms of one ultimate set, but instead as a cloud of top-performing sets. The idea is to give you the information you need to confidently choose your gear setup.

How To Use It

If you refresh the page and don’t see the feature, it’s because the site is using your cached data. You can force it to update by re-importing your character, or change any setting on the Best in Bags setup screen.

After running Best in Bags to get your optimized gear, you will now see a third tab after the results tab.

Customize Best in Bags - Top tier gear setups

Click on that to see a list of alternate setups that you could use. Each alternate favors a particular Azerite trait, stat, or both.

Alternate options - top tier stat and azerite options

Click on one, and Re-Optimize will light up. Press that to see your new result with those preferences in place. If you have a preference chosen, it will show above your gear table. Customize Best in Bags - top tier gear preference

When you get a bunch of new gear and do Best in Bags again, your preference will be remembered. Mr. Robot will continue to use your preference unless you tell him otherwise or the solution is no longer good enough (your score is too low compared to the original Best in Bags solution).

To clear your preference, click the delete icon next to your preference (as seen in above screenshot). Or go back to the Customize tab, clear your preference, and pick a new one if you’d like.

Top tier gear selections - clear preference

What does tier 1, 2 and 3 mean?

Each alternate setup is assigned a tier.

Tier 1: Nearly equal in value to the best possible set of gear in your bags. You probably won’t be able to notice the difference in-game, so confidently use whichever tier 1 setup you like the best.

Tier 2: You might be able to see/feel a little loss in-game, but it won’t be enough to seriously impact your performance. You could still rank high and raid at the mythic level without compromising your team in any way. Other hard-to-measure factors could still make one of these setups the best for your personal situation.

Tier 3: You will definitely feel a tad weaker with these setups in most cases. You would probably only want to pick one of these if you either really like playing it, or there is something very specific about your team or a boss fight that makes it work better for you.

Why do we use tiers instead of showing you a list with specific scores like… 0.6% worse than the best setup, 1.1% worse than the best setup, etc.? To prevent undo bias against a particular setup. For example, say that one alternate setup is 0.1% worse than the best in bags solution, and another is 0.15% worse. If we put those in order and show those numbers, people are going to tend to pick the highest one. That’s just human nature. But those are so close to each other… nobody can definitively say which would perform better in-game. So we band them together in tiers to eliminate that bias and encourage people to try different setups. The idea is to help you feel confident picking anything within a tier because they are all so close to each other.

Azerite and gem/enchant thresholds

When you have chosen an alternate solution that prefers a specific azerite trait and/or stat, we disable the Best in Bags azerite threshold and gem/enchant threshold options. We do this because gems and enchants are one of the easiest ways to get more of a particular stat, and preferring a particular stat is implicitly saying “get me more of this stat regardless of score.” Same idea with azerite traits: by setting a preference you are saying “put this azerite trait on as many items as you can, regardless of score.”

We’ll keep an eye on this if it ends up not working out that well — it would be pretty complicated to come up with some kind of “threshold” that works in conjunction with these new preferences at the same time, but not impossible.

How It Works

Here are some details about how we choose the alternatives to show you, and how it picks the specific gear that it does for each alternative.

How do we pick setups?

Say that you have 1 billion possible combinations of gear in your bags (pretty typical for someone who raids and does Mythic+ a decent amount). You might assume that we suggest alternate setups like this:

  1. Score all 1 billion combinations of gear
  2. Put them in order from best to worst
  3. Show you the top 30 or so setups

We do not do it like this.

Why not? Because the top 30 setups will usually be very small variations of each other. For example, the #2 setup would probably be the #1 setup with your wrist slot swapped out for an item that is the same item level with the same stats but in slightly different amounts. That’s not very interesting, and furthermore, those two setups would be so close in value that calling one of them #1 and the other #2 is kind of silly. You could use either one and never tell the difference in-game, both from a performance perspective (meters) and a gameplay perspective (how it feels to you).

Our goal is to show you about 30 significantly different ways to gear — setups that favor different azerite powers to the extent that your gear allows, heavily favor particular stats to the extent that your gear allows, or a combination of the two. This gives you way more interesting choices than 30 slight variations of one set of gear.

How do we pick the gear in each setup?

To understand this, first we need to understand how Best in Bags picks the main setup. The approach is simple in concept (but quite difficult to execute):

  1. Generate a ton of simulation data ahead of time (we sim everything for you, so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself)
  2. Do a bunch of fancy statistics to turn the simulation data into a thing that can quickly and accurately score any combination of talents, stats, azerite, trinkets, etc.
  3. Run an optimization algorithm on your gear to find the one highest-scoring setup from the billions or trillions available to you

So now we want to find alternatives to the highest-scoring setup. Each of the alternatives represents a “preference” in the optimizer for a specific azerite trait, a specific stat, or both. This gets tricky because the optimizer can no longer rely on “highest score” alone — we have introduced some fairly complex constraints.

Without getting bogged down in the computer programmer details of it: we find the highest-scoring set of gear that favors the preferred azerite trait and/or stat without being dumb. By “being dumb” I mean that we won’t put on an azerite item that is 60 item levels lower just to pick up an azerite trait. We use some heuristics to keep it reasonable. Same idea with stats — if your only ring with your favored stat is significantly lower item level than your best one, we won’t use it.

There is no single “right” answer for these rules of thumb — you are making a trade off between score and how much of the trait/stat you want to get. “Score” is a pretty objective measure. “How much I like Critical Strike” though… can’t really be measured objectively. That said, we think that we’re using a pretty reasonable threshold. If you see any cases where you feel it should be going more or less aggressively for your preferences, please tell us!

There Can Be More Than One

Besides being super convenient, a major goal with this customization feature is to dispel the myth that there is only one way to gear in World of Warcraft. This is a topic that warrants a longer discussion, but here’s the short version: for most specs, you could heavily favor completely different stats, or use completely different azerite powers, and still perform at the highest level — both on paper and in the real game. This has been proven both in-game (via combat logs, etc.) and out of the game (via simulators, calculations, etc.).

It is challenging to present multiple choices to people in a clear way, and in a way that quantifies just how much damage/healing/toughness you might be trading off to get your preferences. But it is a challenge that we think is important to tackle. The game is just more fun if you have more choices, and can confidently make those choices.

Get Ready for ULDIR – for FREE!!

Mr. Robot wants to make sure you are ready for Uldir and help evaluate all of the new drops you’ll be getting. So he’s making all of his premium features free¬†Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Sept 3-5, 2018.

When we say free, it’s simple & fair. You get to use every premium¬†feature without ever entering a credit card.

You will need an account so we can save settings (which is necessary for some of the features), but we will never email you marketing stuff. Ever. Not even after the free stuff is over.

Continue reading

BfA updates for Ask Mr. Robot

We have some exciting updates and new features launching on Monday. If you have any questions for feedback, visit this forum thread.

One trend stands out in our BfA site: all gear and stat recommendations are based on simulations we do for you ahead of time, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Continue reading

Stat Analysis – automatic “stat weights”

I put “stat weights” in quotes, because there’s a lot more to stats than just a simple set of weights. Stats¬†seem¬†simple, but they are actually quite complex if you want to “min-max.”

Stats are complicated because… Continue reading

Join the GloNet for BfA

If you’ve ever wished you didn’t have to run ‘stat weights’ every time you changed talents or gear, you’re reading the right article.

We’ve been doing it for you throughout most of Legion. That’s what our “Adaptive Gearing Strategies” do – they use simulation data that’s customized to your character. That’s possible because we’ve already simulated the required talent and gear setups for you, ahead of time. Continue reading

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