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Guild subscription

The guild premium plan is simple: it buys premium for a group of people at a discounted price.

People in a guild subscription get the same features as people on a personal premium account – there are no extra features that guild subs get over personal subs.

What you need to know: as a guild-sub owner

How do I add and remove members from the guild subscription?

When you sign up for a guild account, you get a ‘secret code.’ You give that code to your friends and they use it when joining your guild subscription.

  • Anyone can create a guild subscription (you don’t have to be the guild master in-game).
  • Anyone can join your guild sub (they don’t have to be in your guild). However, only people who don’t already have a premium account can join.
  • You will be billed once a month.

You can remove members from the guild management interface as well. If you do this, you might want to generate a new secret code so they don’t rejoin. Current users who used the old code and were already a part of the subscription don’t have to do anything, nothing about their status changes.

What group sizes do you offer?
We have a few options. The cost per person is the same for each package – we want you to pick the size that is right for you.

  • 6 slots for $5 a month
  • It goes up from there – the discount is always the same (so you get the same discount for a small group as you do for a large group)
  • Packs of +10, so 40, 50, 60, slots and so on. Up to 100.
  • If you need more than 100, contact us.

What if my guild grows or shrinks, can I change the plan?
Yes! You can change the plan at any time from the guild management page. If you increase the guild size you will be charged the prorated difference right away. If you decrease the guild size, you will be credited the prorated difference.

Who pays for the subscription?
One person signs up for the guild subscription, and that person is ultimately responsible for the payments each month. However, guild members can make one-time donations to contribute to the cost. This means that the guild subscription owner’s credit card might be charged for less than the full amount if there have been donations. It is also possible that the credit card is not charged at all in any given month if there have been enough donations.

How do donations work?
The guild members can donate from their guild management page. They can pay with a credit card or through Paypal, and each donation is a one-time payment. They are not recurring payments. The donations are applied to the cost of the guild subscription automatically.

How does billing work?
The first payment is paid in full by the guild owner (minus any unused portions from a personal plan, see below). Then any future bills will use donated funds first and charge your credit card any amount that is not covered by donations. Here’s a few examples using a $10 a month guild subscription plan:

  • If you have $8 in donations, your card will be charged $2 for the current bill.
  • If you have $14 in donations, the current bill will deduct $10 from the donated funds, leaving $4 for the following month. Your credit card would not be charged for the current monthly bill.
  • If you have $50 in donations, your next 5 month’s of bills will deduct from that donation pool and your card will not be charged for those 5 months.

You can always check on how much your next bill will be at the top of your guild management page.

What if I already have a premium account?
If you have a monthly or annual subscription, we apply the remainder of your balance to the guild subscription cost. For example, if you paid for an annual subscription 5 months ago, you’ve used up 5 month’s worth of value, which is $5. That means we apply the remainder ($7) to your guild subscription cost for the first payment. Likewise if you have a monthly plan and you’re half way thru the month, you’ve used up $1 out of the $2 cost. So we would apply $1 to the initial cost of your subscription.

Can I cancel?
Of course, but Mr. Robot will be a sad panda if you do 🙁  You can cancel the subscription from the guild management page. The short story: everyone still gets what was paid for, even when you cancel. We credit any remaining time to each member of the guild at the time of cancellation, as personal accounts.


If you have any questions, contact us.